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Published on 04/02/2009 at Thu Apr 02 20:38.
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Former Texans GM Charley Casserly speaks on the NFL Network as to which team he thinks got the better end of the Cutler trade.  Although we hauled in a “treasure trove of draft picks” to use Trent Dilfer’s term  (Dilfer loves the move for the Broncos by the way) Casserly cetainly makes it sound like the Bears got what they wanted for what they were willing to spend.

  • Josh Temple

    Thanks for the video link Dee!

  • Anthony33

    Who got the better deal? No answer to that question for at least a couple of years. Short turn. obviously the Bears. What the Bronx do with those (2) #1’s and the 3rd this year will determine the long term winner.

    I’d like to see them package something together this year and try to get Curry and then add Jackson or Curry and Raji (he could fall to 18 after what came out today on him). Package their choices next year to get a McCoy or one of the other 3 good QB’s coming out.

  • Andpark

    Something smells funny about this Orton pick up, I understand all the great #1 picks but for the QB genius McD is supposed to be getting Orton seems odd. Does McD know something we all don’t? I hope so, I can’t imagine he sees a Tom Brady in Orton so I think something is up and this is not the end of the story.

    Did the Bears just want to get rid of him? His contract is up at the end of this next year. We don’t have a lot invested in Orton at all, see what he does then we can dump him.

    I am just now putting whatever trust I have in McD that he knows his shit.

  • NeckBeard

    I have been watching Kyle Orton highlights for about an hour. He has excellent touch and vision. He is not even close in arm speed but his calm demeanor is a nice change. I honestly think in two years this could be a wise trade if we draft well. Consider how many times Jay was sacked and how often he will be on is back now in Chicago. We still have the most important item. O-LINE

    Lets go get some D-Line

  • jcampb72

    It remands to be see. If we draft good, the us. If we draft bad then them.

  • Elway Era

    M Vick?

  • Justin

    I was watching some things on the nfl network and the analysts there are convinced that we are gonnna use both our first rounds plus more to move up in the draft to select mark sanchez at around the number 5 slot. I think this would be a terrible idea when our immediate qb question is solved and our defense hasn’t improved over the past few weeks during this debacle. I say we use our 1st rounds next year to get our franchise qb to groom, preferably Colt McCoy who has probably one of the best football names ever.

  • NathanH

    It all depends on the on the draft. And Colt McCoy is painfull overrated.

    For now, I’ll say us, as we shouldn’t be able to f this up too much.

  • roshon2411

    Well I say the Bears just became the second best team in the NFC today, behind the Giants, and the Broncos moved down to the 4th Worst in the AFC(Bengals, Browns, Raiders) . This obviously gives McDaniels a pass for this year and potentially next year. However, year three is where will know how this trade works out. McDaniels best bet, trade down, and get as many draft picks for this year and next. Because he needs to find a couple of studs. If he trades up to get Sanchez or Stafford, not only will they live in the Shadow of Elway but they will live in the Shadow of Cutler, and no one can live up to that pressure.

  • Paterade

    I was hoping they would trade him to 49ers so i could be a 49ers fan. Good luck finding another franchise QB Mcdouchebag. Do you really think that Elway, Manning, Bradshaw, Brady and Marino aren’t complete babies? This is a nightmare. Shanahan in 2010.

  • mikebirty

    mcd picks quarterbacks like shany picked running backs. Zone blocking brought high performance from low picks. I’m hoping for laurinaitis at 18. And Raji at 12, once he gets to denver marcus thomas will take him under his wing and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble.

  • jcampb72

    yeah like marcus thomas is a saint.

  • mikebirty

    Jcampb – that was a joke.

    ‘But they liked Kyle Orton and that was part of it.’ from the Bears GM. Looks like McD has a QB he likes. As long as the guy can hand the ball off to Hillis.

  • jcampb72

    I know, now that I think about it Moreno would be an awesome compliment to hillis. That would help orton big time.

  • steve

    call me crazy, but i want our draft order to be sanchez, maualuga, brace as 1,1,2

  • Glenn S.

    i still can’t believe
    all this
    no jay
    who are we???

  • DaBroncos

    DaBears got the best deal—–Josh McDumbAss better hope and pray that Jay Cutler has a horrible season and McDumbAss has a great season—if that doesn’t happen then DaBroncos got the better deal because McDumbAss will be out as a coach!!!!!!!! Want fries with that!!!

  • flbronc

    the thing that is being overlooked in the video here is that chicago surley got a good starting qb but they gave away their best chances to build around him. chicago has no offensive line- sure they just signed pace (but if he was good why did the rams of all people cut him). chicago gave up 29 sacks last year as opposed to denvers 12. they also dont have any wide recievers worth a snot. forte is pretty good in the running game so he’s got that going for him. but without a lot of firepwer in the draft how do they fix their holes? is ron turner really a good fit for cutler? more so than mcdaniels?

    last year, chicagos main problems were not necessarily their qb. why plug a hole thats not really leaking and at the same time give away the ability to fix the ones that are?

  • (dee)

    The Broncos will be fine, they won this deal period. The Bears still suck on offense and if anyone thinks their not, you havent been paying attention.

    The draft picks allow us to rebuild, we never rebuilt under Shanny. The time is now, however I still believe we can win, Orton is serviceable and is not the pain Cutler was and still is. Goodluck Chicago fans , I hope you will love him when he punches Devin Hester in the head for dropping a pass , or when he yells at his line for letting him get sacked …. or when you know he throws his first 3 interception game of the year (it will happen, as Denver fans we became use to it and ignored it)

  • (dee)


    Its because Chicago is stupid… for anyone that believes they’ll make the superbowl with Cutler with their old defense and crap offense…. Please give me some of what you’re smoking.

  • alm034

    Jay Cutler puts up big yardage numbers, but I also have images of some eye-searingly bad interceptions at critical points in games still lingering. I think the bounty of draft picks plus a steady-handed QB is well worth it for a talented but hot-hold QB.

  • alm034

    *hot-cold, excuse me.

  • (dee)

    A good article by Peter King, basically saying Cutler was full of shit. And also saying that he is worse off in Chicago than in Denver. If you think about it rationally he is right , but most of those who hate Mcd/Bowlen right now wont.

    Mike Ditka doesn’t sound too happy about Cutler on the Bears… Ditka is a no BS coach, he’d probably beat the crap out of Cutler for his whining.–Ditka-reacts-to-Cutler-trade.html

    CBS Clark Judge doesnt believe Cutler is a fit in Chicago

    and so on … I can’t wait to hear the press conference later today


    Goodbye Cutler … will you finally get a haircut now? Come to think of it Jake … ahh I mean Kyle Orton needs some trimming of his own.

  • flbronc

    i wish bill fat boy williamson would get off the denver desperately needs a qb kick. we got an nfl starter in the trade. are there better talents than orton out there- sure nobody is going to argue that. was he the worst starting qb out there? no way. i think our situation on defense is more desparate there bill. we were the worst in the league there, so come off your soapbox about the qb… we’re ok there for now.

  • Dave

    Its not either/or. It might work out for both teams.

  • mikebirty

    spot on flbronc. I don’t think anyone will be doing cartwheels over orton and there are probably better players. BUT with a defense with only one potential stand out in the front 7 (dj) who cares who the quarterback is? Draft some superstars on d that way orton only has to find 22 points to win.

  • flbronc

    the bottom line is that orton can throw for 20 tds next year with our new system and better recievers. between arrington and buckhalter, and a healthy hillis- our run game should be able to find 5 more on the ground (bringing our total from 15 to 20). now we’re scoring at the same level we were last year. fix the defense.

  • soxbigdog

    The real answer probably wont come for another few years, it will depend on how the Broncos use the draft picks, how well Cutler does in Chicago… and if Orton can at least guide them to respectabiliy…

  • william

    well one foot has droped i am waiting for the other one, the offence just droped from #12 to who know were. as far as running the ball i feel that the zone blocking that we are use to seeing is gone under mcd. what now is he going to take us from the #29 d to last whos next champ, dj, hillis or maybe royal.

  • MIAbronco

    i think orton will be a pleasent suprise, remember, you dont need to be a superstar (let alone a college starter) to be successful in his system.

    will everyone please get off of mauluega,the guy will be a bust and i agree with kerry, there is no chance he becomes a bronco.

    one of my sleeper picks is hakeem nicks possibly in a trade up in the second round. because i feel that marshalls antics will warrent this a need.

  • broncoNM

    McD will have no shortage of pressure but this is not the end of the broncos. Orton is NO cutler…that is clear. But neckbeard is right… look at some highlights of Orton his arm strength is suspect but he can manage a game with good vision and decision making. He fits into McD’s offense and he will buy into the system. McD’s offense is about taking calculated shots down field but opening up the defense with dinks & dunks. A rocket arm stud QB is not required in this offense. Andpark points out that Orton has 1 yr on his contract so if he doesnt workout we draft a QB next yr Or use a draft pick to aquire another QB that McD hand picks for his system. Dont get me wrong im not sold on Orton but he has experience and we have a great O line & receivers. I dont think we should draft a QB in the early rounds. NO sanchez or freeman or stafford. Get the best available Defensive players at 12 and 18. Our offense will not be flashy but with McD and McCoy orton can manage the game. Obviously this whole deal hinges on the draft… We have 4 first round picks in 2 yrs. Great teams are built through the draft and we can get a HUGE head start. If we can draft a solid defensive base this team could have balance and will be built for a long run. I was a huge fan of cutler but this divorce happened and atleast we got tools to build a nice young core for years to come. Our schedule is brutal next yr anyway. We would be rebuilding either way. Our defense is horrible… we can build a strong defense with a consistant offense. It’ll take a couple years but this trade had great value for us assuming we draft correctly. For what ever reason cutler is out but the broncos have a great opportunity to build for the future. The bears got a good young QB but they over paid so both teams will probably make out alright.

  • Broncoireland

    there was no real reason for Orton to be in the deal apart from McD really thinking he can do a job with him- he was serviceable with horrible receivers and a run first offence in chicago- if mcd can do with Cassel, he can do something with Orton- McD doesn’t want a superstar qb, he wants one to run the system- its the system thats the star, not the qb running it. No way is he drafting a qb with one of the 1st rounders, if he does he really is mcdumbass- my 2 picks with the firsts would be raji(if available, if not then Jackson) and maualuga or cushing, i be happy with either of em

  • Broncoireland

    oh, its fairly obivious that our 5th rounder was for Orton otherwise the deal would have 2 1st rounders and a 3rd for Cutler- i say orton is the QB opening day- not saying i like it but il reserve judgement until there has actually been a game played- il throw him enough rope- its up to him if the hangs himself or not

  • mikebirty

    oh and here’s another option.
    Are the Broncos better off with Orton or Cassel?

    Certainly if the deal with Cassel and Tampa was to flip 1sts this year then deal wise the Broncos are so much better off. And also, I believe, they now have a better Quaterback than the one season wonder.

  • william

    sorry i ment #2 offence

  • Eric in Vegas

    I understand the idea of looking for a QB who can execute the “system”, and I think that’s obviously what McDaniels is doing. If it’s not Orton, he’ll find someone else who can.

    But I have a problem with this: namely, didn’t the Patriots/Spread offense hit its NFL peak in 2007? When the Pats used it to go 16-0? Much like the West Coast Offense was unstoppable its first few years under Joe Montana and Bill Walsh, after a few years and a few copycat teams adopting the system, it came down to earth and became just like the Pro offense or any other style out there. Successful yet, but no longer elite. I fear this happening with McDaniels’s beloved system, regardless of who the QB is. Look at the most recent example of this trend with the Wildcat last year. Miami had great success for a few weeks, but then other teams got it on tape and starting either copying it or scheming to stop it, and it became average.

    So, by eliminating where the Broncos offensive personnel has had success (zone blocking running and a gunslinger running the offense) and replacing it with a strategy on the decline in its effectiveness (as opposed to being cutting edge), I think we’re taking a big step backwards.

  • Joe

    Wow guys, things just keep getting better and better. So we didn’t trade for Brady Quinn because Bus Cook told the Browns that Jay would not attend any workouts or anything for the Browns if traded there. Thats what killed that deal. I hate Bus Cook. So Jay gets shipped to his favorite team while growing up, Is probably going to get a gigantic contract, Bus Cook f***s over Denver twice by getting Jay traded and making it so we can’t get Quinn, Raji fails a drug test at the combine, Marshall will likely get a 4-8 game suspension, we’re stuck with Orton, we have argueably the hardest schedule in the NFL, and did I mention we have Kyle Orton now? Wow. One hell of an offseason.

    Heres where I found the info about the Quinn deal.,CST-SPT-bear03.article

  • ssc

    not sure why i’m not seeing this math published, but for others who were wondering about the relative value of the 5th rounder swap to a 3rd rounder (per the draft value chart):

    3rd round #84 = 170 pts
    5th round #140 = 36 pts
    difference = 134 pts = b/w 91st and 92nd pick (late 3rd round)

    so net trade, per the draft value chart if you believe in it, is roughly cutler for two 1sts, a late third, and orton.

  • SuperfanDB

    Everyone has to quit kidding themselves about this team being “close” at the end of last year. Why was our offense raked so high, because we had to throw 50 times a game.
    A couple of free agents away on defense, are you freaking nuts. Our best player on defense has seen his best years, sorry Champ you are still a great player.
    This team needed a major, and I mean major, overhaul. The difference between Denver and a team like Detroit is that we realized that one player could never make that much difference. However 4 players can really shape the future. 10 can create something special.
    Look at the winners of recent Superbowls. Pittsburg, NYG, NE,….heck go back as far as you want. Respectable offense, really good defense. Shanny didn’t get it anymore but the new Bronco leadership does.
    Move on, enjoy watching Culter get smoked in Chicago, and support Orton.

  • roshon2411


    You make another good point…”last year, chicagos main problems were not necessarily their qb. why plug a hole thats not really leaking…” Except you reasoning should be used for Denver. Why get a rid of a quarterback that wasn’t the problem, hell, why change an offense that was 2nd in yards? But compared to 4,526 yards, 25 tds, 18 ints, Olson’s 2,972 yards, 18 tds, and 12 ints look sweet. It’s alright, Olson learned alot when he was third string behind Sexy Rexy and Brian Griese.

  • Rebecca Mann

    As a loyal Denver Bronco fan since the mid 1980’s I am appalled by all of the controversy surrounding the team since Josh McDaniels was named the head coach. I completely disagree with Mike Shanahan being fired and don’t blame Jay Cutler for deciding to leave the team. When Josh puts up the stats and proves himself as a first year head coach then he and Bowlen can make big changes. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken. Right now the Broncos are under poor coaching and even worse ownership. We have already been in a rebuilding decade, honestly I don’t think we are ready to wait out another one. The only solution to all of these issues are to ask John Elway to coach our beloved team back to health.

    Pissed off and discouraged in MT,

  • flbronc

    our qb became a leak…. he was not mentally prepared to come back and play for this team. without pointing fingers or blame that is the long and short of it. by dealing him we will be able to improve the team- not necessarily the qb position- but the team.

    your stat comparison should note that orton only played in 15 games and cutler played in 16. with that 16th game he would have hit the magical 3000 yd mark for qb’s. the telling thing is that they are about 6 points away form each other in qb rating… thats not much. neithers is great at 86 (cut) and 79.6 (orton).

    the difference in the trade is we had to trade our qb… we really didnt have a choice the way things went down. chicago didnt. they mortgaged their immediate future to get a qb, they were a bit shortsighted in that cutler was good because of a great offensive line (we gave up 12 sacks to chicagos 29) and phenominal reciving corp (chicago plays with hester and lloyd).

  • roshon2411

    first off the QB became a leak after tried to trade him. As for the “magical 3000 yd mark” that hasn’t been the magical number since the west coast offense came into play. Even so, Orton was still 1500 yards away with one less game played. As for the QB rating, which i find to be a rediculous stat,(Elway career QB rating 79.9) neither one was great but that 6 pt difference puts Cutler in the middle of QB’s and Orton’s is at the bottom. Of all QB’s to start at least 13 games, only JaMarcus Russell and Marc Bulger had a worse rating. So for anyone to say Orton had a good year last year, they’re only kidding themselves. The line was awesome last year and I do agree Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal look like the real deal. However, the line was only good last year, the year before they gave up 32 sacks. So Cutler’s played behind a line like the one in Chicago before and I bet the recievers numbers in Chicago go up while Marshall and Royal’s go down. I know he was a rookie, as was Cutler, but remember in 2006 Brandon Marshall played in 15 games. He played 5 games with Cutler, 14 receptions, while he played 10 games with Plummer and only had 6 receptions. Culter made Marshall the go to guy. I’m sure he still will be but remember Cutler became who he is because of Marshall and Marshall was able to become who he was because of Cutler. Orton never mad anyone else better in Chicago.

  • flbronc

    orton had a running game there too, so didnt have to rely on 40 throws a game. i dont think that marshal and royal will drop too much… the ones who will will the the tight ends… i fully expect orton to be in the 3500-3700 yard range this year- and an increase in the overall team rushing total. i agree that he never made anyone better, he didnt have much in the way of talent at all to work with. conversely, marshall made cutler look good a lot. he would make some rediculous grabs (royal and sheff too).

  • roshon2411

    Marshall also made some ridiculous drops too. My expectation is for Simms to start with the contract that he received and if Denver gets a QB in the draft, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut Orton. I think he’s a backup plan in case the right QB doesn’t fall to them. My hope is for Josh Freeman or Rhett Bomar after their first round picks but sounds like Sanchez might be the guy their looking at.

  • flbronc

    good point about the drops. i’d still give the edge to orton over simms- i’m not sure that the contract is going to mean much… remember we gave him that contract with the intention of him being the backup.

  • roshon2411

    well thats what we thought, but between Bus Cooks’, Cutlers’, and McDaniels lies, he might have been brought in to be the starter. Other than maybe George O’Leary, I don’t think there has been a worse start as a Head Coach. But the draft should be real exciting now. They should move it to Denver. It would be like Giants Fan’s and Jets Fans. Only pro-Cutler, pro-McDaniels.

  • Hunter

    Broncos are not drafting a QB in the first round or they wouldn’t got Orten. They will go defense with there first three picks. They will draft a QB 3rd round or later.
    12- Puff, puff pass Raji or DE Jackson from LSU
    18- USC MLB Maualuga or OSU Laurinatis

    3 QB’s- Curtis Painter from Purdue made for this offense played in shotgun not talked about as much, Nate Davis Ball State athletic and can make the throws. Rhett Bomar Sam Houston State tons of talent just makes stupid decisions off the field, one of these guys will be our starting QB in 2010 or 2011.
    -Orten and Painter played in a similiar offense at Purdue under coach Tiller.

    Thanks Cutler for the extra picks! Crybaby is gone and we will get 3 defensive starters from the 2009 draft and our future QB! I think we will be better than everyone thinks! Go Broncos and let’s get back to the “Orange Crush days!”

  • BroncoinVA9986

    I am sick of those who swear Denver needs another quarterback….you cannot win without defense period…didn’t you guys learn anything from Jay cutler…..Throwing 4500 yards don’t mean shit if you don’t win….straight defense….Kyle and Josh Mcd have my faith

  • BM

    i really hope we don’t draft a qb this year i’m not a big fan of either of them in the first (stafford sanchez) and kyle orton started the year off pretty well and he really hasn’t had a year coming into a starter i was a big fan of him in his rookie year and was calling for him to start for a while when they had the whole grossman griese phase… plus he will have a wayyy better O line orton was sacked 27 times last year compared to cutlers 11? and ortons receivers were laughable marty booker? rasheed davis? devin hester? sure devin hester is fast and can spin around really well but he isn’t a great receiver… if mcdaniel could turn cassell into what he is lets hope he can turn kyle into that too! then we wouldn’t need to spend our next 4 first rounders on a qb and all Defense… but thats all hoping that kyle orton works out i have faith in him!