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Published on 04/01/2009 at Wed Apr 01 12:05.
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Jay Cutler wants out

Jay Cutler wants out

News just in! Pat Bowlen is not happy with Jay Cutler. Sorry for the picture, it was just too hilarious not to put up, no matter what your opinion is. So now where will this vexed quarterback land? Well this is the NFL so there are a slew of theories. According to Yahoo Sports, nine teams are interested in Cutler.

Several league personnel sources confirmed to Yahoo! Sports that at least six teams are expected to be seriously involved in trade talks: the New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns. The Jacksonville Jaguars have also shown interest, while the Minnesota Vikings actually pulled the plug on trade negotiations for Cutler back in February.

That’s just eight teams right there, the article further reports that the Redskins are in the market for Cutler as well. Many of you will think, “they’re content because Jason Campbell is their passer.” The article explains, that Jim Zorn and Dan ‘Money Bags’ Synder went out to visit USC players Mark Sanchez and  Brian Cushing, but they were possibly more interested in Sanchez. Synder may stop at nothing to make Jay Cuter a skin, and there has been unofficial reports of Synder meeting with Mike Shanahan.  I don’t feel as this trade will be a viable option for Denver because they won’t want Jason Campbell. Denver must have a replacement quarterback unless they feel like Chris Simms can do the job.

Trade Scenarios

Keep in mind that all of these scenarios are just that. The accuracy or validity of this article cannot be verified because we are an unofficial Denver Broncos Blog and News Site. Therefore if this article provokes any feelings of malcontent you should just remember that it’s a blog and people are bouncing around ideas and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, except Kerry. Just kidding Kerry, you know we all love you, I even gave you a tag.

  • Jay Cutler for Brady Quinn, 1st-2nd rounder, or Shaun Rogers.

    Anyone interested in a Brady Quinn? This trade would sent Cutler to Cleveland and Quinn to Denver along with put off defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. If Cleveland wants to hold on to the gargantuan that is Rogers then they will have to replace him with a draft pick as high as first rounder and as low as a second. Josh McDaniels cannot afford to accept a 2010 draft pick, the term ‘next season’ should not be in his vocabulary.

  • Jay Cutler for 1st and 20th overall in 2009 Draft.

    This is a gutsy trade. The first overall pick and the 20th overall pick for Jay Cutler. From here Denver will wield 3 first rounders, this means they have the capability to draft Matt Stafford, Tyson Jackson, and a outside linebacker like Larry English or Aaron Maybin. That is just one of several possibilities. Take into account trading one or more of those first rounders and Denver could land B.J. Raji, Aaron Curry, or heck really anyone with those kind of picks. The two main problems with this reside in trusting a rookie quarterback, really just rookie players, and the kind of money it would take to sign multiple first round guys, especially if two are taken in the top 12.

  • Jay Cutler for Trent Edwards, 11th overall, and 2nd-4th rounder.
    Jay Cutler & Tony Scheffler for Trent Edwards, Donte Whitner, or 1st-2nders.

    If Denver sends Jay Cutler to upstate New York you should expect seeing Trent Edwards another player, or some draft picks en-route to the Mile High city. Many analysts deem Edwards as one of the most underrated passers in the league. This 25 year old is 6’4, 231 pounds, and plays mostly from the pocket like a New England style quarterback. Edwards has never had a dynamic receiver to throw to and just like Cutler is on a team with a porous defense. Also, Edwards’ left tackle “Pro-Bowler” Jason Peters gave up 11.5 sacks, the most in the NFL last season. With all that being said it’s still hard to say that Trent Edwards is the kind of guy you’d want as your guy replacing Jay Cutler. Josh McDaniels has had a lot experience up against Edwards so that could play into effect. Buffalo is in serious need of a tight end and a package deal of Cutler and Tony Scheffler could reel in some good draft picks or players such as Donte Whitner. Whitner is a great up and coming safety in this league.

  • Jay Cutler for Jason Campbell, 13th overall, plus a second and third rounder.
    Jay Cutler for Jason Campbell and LaRon Landry.

    It is no secret that Dan Synder loves to spend his money. Synder loves to make the Redskins the New York Yankees of the NFL. This trade would have to involve Cutler for Jampbell and many picks. I wrote previously that there has been some unconfirmed and unofficial reports (rumors is the real word) that Shanahan has had meetings with Synder and if it’s true they’re probably not talking about golf. This trade will be very hard for the Redskins to pull off, they will have somehow provide a good quarterback with draft picks, or LaRon Landry and draft picks. I just don’t see this happening, Landry is hands down one of the best safeties in the game and both Landry and Jampbell would be way too much for Washington to give up. I wouldn’t put it past good old ‘Money Bags’ Synder to do what he does best, spend a fortune on hyped up players who critics call overrated.

The wildcard in all of these trade scenarios is Chris Simms. If McDaniels feels like Simms can handle the starting job, then we will see a completely different kind of trade. That’s all I have for today. There are more teams to analyze but a man has got to get to work.

Now it’s time for you Bronco Nation. Where do you think Cutler will land? What are the prospects from other teams? It’s your turn to make the decision.

  • jchase8410

    I wonder what Jay meant by, “that’s not me.” I happen to think that Jay is trying to pass the blame, but to whom? Is it McD? Maybe Bus Cook? I really want to know what the hell is going on here!!!

  • OC Bronco

    They are trying to save Jay’s reputation. And it’s a feeble attempt. The only one who has zero reason to lie – Pat Bowlen. He may be to blame for getting involved too late but he most certainly hasn’t lied about anything. Bus Cook and Cutler are acting like idiots.

  • Stav

    Here we go:

    Cutler, Scheffler, and our third rd #79 pick to Detroit for the #1, #20, and either their #33 or #65 (probably their #65), that’s alot high picks people.

    Call the Rams, tell them you’ll select Stafford, and trade them his rights for them to select Curry – straight up, don’t tell me Bulger is their future. Or just tell them who they want at #1 and we’ll pick him and trade the rights for their #2 to guarantee we get Curry and don’t have to give him the #1 money.

    Call Cleveland, Cincinnati – offer them the #12 and #65 for their #5 or #6. See if they bite, and if they do: BJ Raji, if not:

    Call Jacksonville and offer them the #12 and the #65 for their #8 – BJ Raji or Sanchez (YES I SAID IT, SANCHEZ), whose ever available, but Raji over Sanchez of course.

    And I’ll say it dammit, if Sanchez is there at #20, you take him. He won’t get past the 49ers at 10 regardless of Alex Smith, but if he does he could drop easily based on team needs to #17.

    Just remember, with this scenario, there is an immediate upgrade to the D-line and we’ve got our MLB for the next 10 yrs. #20 is an offensive pick in this plan.

  • Richard M

    If i were denver i would trade Cutler to the Lions and pick Mark Sanchez and try and get Ray Malaluga. Then ask for another 1st or 2nd round pick. done deal. Mark could end up being and awsome QB.

  • MileHigh55

    Actually if we all sit back and look at starting QB’s just how many of them were 1st round picks. We don’t need a QB in the first round or in a trade if McD is as good as he thinks he is he can find a diamond in the ruff and pull another Cassell out of the draft to work with and train him his way
    Stafford or Sanchez they both should be gone before the 12th pick. Denver should just suck it up and send the CryBaby away for as many picks as they can get with no players in return. Build our Broncos back up with the draft , we brought in some solid guys ( however I am still scratching my bald head on the RB pickups ) .

    Denver trades Cutler to Detroit for the 20th , 33rd pick this year and Detroits 2nd rd pick next year plus they swap there third round picks this year. Denver picks 15th in round 3 , Detroit has the 1st pick and the 18th pick , they would swap the 1st pick for the 15th pick .

    Denver would have value at the 12th spot and if they choose to can move down a few more spots and can a 2nd or maybe a 3rd pick with the move .

    But then again what do we know .

  • PatsR18*andDONEwithoutCHEATING

    Nice Pic.

    I’m from the state of Indiana, diehard Colts fan and even I think Jay Cutler is being a cry baby about this whole thing.

  • Chris

    I just heard on AM570 here in Los Angeles, Chris Myers is reporting that the Skin’s are in the lead with trade takes for Cutler. David Klis at the Denver Post is reporting something similar. ( I just hope we don’t get Campbell.

  • champ2203

    everyone makes mistakes and dawkins made one by thinking this was a good orginization.Truth is it used to be. Guess it’s not his fault though how could he have guessed that Xanders, Mc D and Bowlen would make denver the cluster F@*K joke of the league less than 1 day after he signed. They need to ask him now how he feels leaving McNabb for Chris Simms. LOL

  • champ2203

    Chris I agree campbell is garbage. It’s funny how as fans we watch Cutler leave and we’re supposed to be happy with the BS QB’s that have been mentioned as possibilities to come to us in return. Doesn’t anyone see that If the team giving them to us is so willing to give them away they must SUCK in the first place. Am I the only one that sees this? Am I taking crazy pills?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stav

    No way to Washington. They only have the 13th pick and that’s it basically. No, you go to Detroit or St. Louis for a trade.

  • MileHigh55

    The only Washington gets Cutler is there will be a 3 team deal and Campbell wont be coming here .
    Or Washington is willing to give up there 1st round this year a stud defensive player and there 1st or 2nd round next year.

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  • jchase8410

    Kyle Orton and a first rounder in 2009 and a first rounder in 2010 for Jay Cutler and our third rounder in 09…Kyle Orton??? LAME!!!!

  • champ2203

    hey does anyone know if they have a Bearstalk? If they do see ya there.

  • jcampb72

    I bet the bears win the super bowl before we do. But, Kyle Orton is a system QB, and with the 1st round picks we should be building for years to come.

  • stav

    #18 this year, their #1 next year, and the bears third rounder this year.

  • Oliver

    I can’t believe how much Pat Bowlen and McDaniels have messed this up. I have been a Broncos fan for years and am left wondering who there is to cheer for. People complain that Cutler was whining, but would you want to play for a team that didn’t want you. Especially when you’re as good as Cutler is? I think this shows McDaniel’s age and inexperience. What was Pat thinking?

  • BM

    cutler traded to bears for orton 1st round 3rd round n 1st round next year

  • MileHigh55

    This is a good deal for Denver , when Orton was healthy behind a really bad Bears O Line he has as good as any one. Not Orton will battle Simms to start plus we get the Bears 1st round pick 18th and one of there 3rd rounders hopefully the earlier pick and we give up a 5th rd , have 2 so who cares. 2 first rounders next year this is good for Broncoland.

  • BearBroncos

    This is a brilliant move for the Broncos. Will get 2 first round picks (12 and 18) and two 3rd round picks with 2 1sr round picks next year. They will have a solid QB to replace Cutler. Not as strong but solid. They will have a strong running game with the Train and Hillis. Now, if they could get Holt this team could win the division.

    BTW, the frafts will shore up the ddefense

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