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Published on 03/25/2009 at Wed Mar 25 11:28.
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Marcus Thomas

Marcus Thomas

Finally the fans have been addressed publicly about the Nose Tackle position. The Denver Post quotes head coach Josh McDaniels has stated clearly that there is no obvious starter and it will be an ongoing process.

“We’re going to try multiple people there. It will be interesting,” McDaniels said. “We’re kind of excited to see who can or who couldn’t and what we need to do with those guys. I think they all present different problems in their own right.”

The Broncos have picked up a few different players to fill this position but no standout has emerged yet. Former San Francisco 49er Ronald Fields has plenty of experience but only as a backup last season. J’Vonne Parker is huge at 6’4, and 325 pounds but he has bounced around four different teams, not exactly screaming “start me!” The article also states that Marcus Thomas could some reps at the spot as well as practice squader Matthias Askew.

“We want them to be big,” McDaniels said. “One of the things, I’ve said it since I arrived in Denver, is we want to be tough, physical, and I think that’s going to start up front on both sides of the ball. We’re looking to add size and versatility, and we want to be able to stop the run.”

Since the only player that is over 315 pounds is J’Vonne Parker, the draft will most likely access this need more. Keep your fingers crossed for B.J. Raji!


Hybrid Outside Linebackers

McDaniels also went on the discuss the versatility Elvis Dumervil and Darrell Reid will show this upcoming season.

“We really like a lot of the abilities players like Elvis have because they’re not always a clean matchup for someone on the other side of the ball,” McDaniels said. “He’s going to do both. He’s going to have his hand on the ground some, and he’s going to stand up some.”

From what has been said not only in this article but in the past, it seems like the defensive will be versatile. This means that it will be something like a 3-4 hybrid. Neither the head coach or defensive coordinator have said that the defense will be a 3-4 or a 4-3, but McDaniels has said that they will be “aggressive” and they will adapt from week to week. My guess is that it will be mainly a 3-4 that will run a 4-3 package when necessary.

“I think it’s really important that we see where we finish this spring, and head into training camp in terms of our personnel,” McDaniels said. “I don’t think we can really sit there today and say, ‘That looks perfect.’ 

Even despite the Jay Cutler controversy, McDaniels remains focused.

  • Hansen

    Please, please dont ever mention trading one of our young O-lineman again. That damages my nerves. As we all know it starts with the lines, and we have a good O-line – leave it alone.

  • broncobobmeridian

    Dee- He stands a better chance of mowing 2000 yards a year LOL

  • BM

    i think if raji is there we should take him…. but there is a d end i think that could be gotten in the second round who is also HUGE and powerful jarron gilbert…. youtube him you can see him jump out of a pool with no hands

  • Tom9798

    Great responses from everyone . . . Robtink242 and NathanH . . . good points made . . .

    Broncoholic . . . . I do not want to see Cutler leave . . . the hypothetical scenario I proposed in blog #40 was the most Defense oriented – draft rich one I could imagine . . .

    slanted that way because I miss the Orange Crush defense . . . the one where it was unacceptable for any team to score more than 17 points . . . the one with attitude . . .

    I was at Mile High stadium the day that Dennis Smith ran full speed for 20 yds. And hit Kansas City running back Christian Okoye at the line so hard that they heard the hit at Elitch’s . . . the whole stadium said, “ooooohhhh” at the same time . . .

    I miss that bell-ringing “just try it” attitude . . . and I still get sick to my stomach when I think about the 52 points S.D. painted on us to go to the playoffs with an 8-8 record.

    Like I said . . . I do not want Cutler to leave . . . and if there truly is no scenario that makes sense . . . there seems to be only one logical answer to have Cutler back in the sandbox playing with the other kids . . . Pay him the money now! . . . 10 years . . . 130 million . . . no trade clause . . . the career deal . . .

    This is what he is waiting for . . .

    Telling Jay “you’re just like everybody else and can be traded at anytime,” . . . is not my idea of pouring some sugar on the situation . . . obviously . . . he is not like everybody else . . . or any combination of draft picks . . . or any trade combo to another team . . .

    Time for Pat Bowlen to “man up” and make the camper happy . . . . then go watch some film of when we had a real Defense and go do something about it . . .

  • Anthony33

    Tom 9798

    FYI…It was Atwater the tatooed Okoye, the smiling assasin.

    Where did you get your information on Cutler agreeing to meet one on one? Have not seen that anywhere, but curious as hell.

  • mikebirty

    i saw someone mention gilbert, he’s the one who can do a standing jump from the pool isn’t he? I stumbled upon that this morning after i woke up at stupid o’clock.

    I’d take him in the second. he can do that while marcus thomas back flips. With the clowns that played defense last year the team could just become a travelling circus.

  • (dee)

    Anthoy33… just a theory , and could be a result of my head pounding from a hangover BUT…

    KERRY = Jay Cutler? Too unbelievable not to be true lol

  • AKscott


    “Cutler is receptive to talking personally with McDaniels. ”

    -not some earth shaking headline, instead just an odd statement that wasnt really further elaborated on. I saw it there, and one other article, that i now cant find.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Off the subject, has anybody noticed Comcast nixing NFLNetwork as of May 1st What up!!

  • MIAbronco

    I’m a D-1 collegiate javelin thrower, and i attempted the pool jump out of a 3.5 foot pool and it wasnt too difficult for me, and i do a 50″ box jump. now i am in no way an nfl prospect, so to draft a guy just off of his abiloity to jump out of a pool or his big numbers in lifts is not the way to do it.

  • NathanH

    MIAbronco, that is very impressive, but are you 6’6 280lbs?

  • WhidbeyBronco


  • MIAbronco

    sadly no, 6′ 2″ 215

  • Tom9798

    Anthony33 . . . Thanks . . . I aged myself on that one . . . T

  • mikebirty

    yeah but I can’t swim so anything involving water and pools impresses me.

  • Anthony33

    No problem. Easy mistake as Dennis Smith applied more than his fair share of slobberknockers to opposing receivers and running backs.

    Man, how I long for a safety to be albe to do that again. Hope Dawkins has some gas left in the thank for the next 2 years.

    AK Scott
    Thanks for the link. You’re right, the article never really went into any detail and no follow up since. Maybe they quietly worked this thing out.

  • NathanH

    Oh he does Anthony.

    That is Brian Dawkins from just last season’s play. Looks to me like a hell of a lot better then anyone on our 08 defense.

    The thing about adding a guy like Dawkins too, is that it’s kind of like getting Ray Lewis at this point of his career. The skills aren’t all pro like they once were, but their leadership is unmeasurable.

    B-Dawk is such a good player still because not entirely because of his skills, but more so for the fact that he demands respect and effort from his defense. When the old and young guys alike take the field with him next year, he won’t allow any of them to take a play off, ever. That is invaluable, and he’s one maybe a handful of players in the league that can walk on to a D and change the entire attitude. I’m very thankful to have him, even if it is only for a season or too.

    The more I think about it, if Delmas is there in the 2nd I’d love to snag him. He has intensity and is widely considered the standout leader of his college team. A year under Dawkins could fine tune his play and hopefully give him an edge mentally.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Dennis Smith!! Yeah we miss him as much as Atwater. Who remembers D Smith playing along side Ronnie Lott at USC? WOW!!

  • champ2203

    We need some new Broncos news.” Mc Daniels wants them big” I’m sure he does but what does that have to do with football?

  • kerry


    that is a magical trade offer. Scheffler wont fetch 2nd round status because he hasnt played a full season. Selvin Yound would fetch ham sandwich status in a trade . we could MAYBE get a 4th rounder for them both. and the Denver Post is where i read about the Cutler response. Also Rotoworld had a piece on it.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Yeah i read the vague comment too… I don’t believe it.
    I wish it. But if it were true, sources close to the story would have blabbed!

  • robtink242 It’s title the meeting for all you guys looking for information on the Cutler McDaniels future meeting.

  • Tom9798

    NathanH . . . great comments on Dawkins . . . his leadership will be unmeasurable . . . T

  • champ2203

    I checked out the video and I just wanted to make sure they weren’t just saying that “IF” they agreed to meet thats how it would go. Maybe i’m just being guarded cause I’m really hoping this one on one face to face meeting go’s down. I’m kinda pumped if it’s for real. Thanks for the post

  • Mac Miller

    Mr. East you have valuable information i really appreciate. i constantly am let down by the DP and obviously doesnt tell me what i want to know other than players numbers. Thanks bro!

  • Mac Miller

    and thank you to all the other dedicated fans putting their two cents in. i like this website a lot.

  • Mac Miller

    I really like the idea of obtaining a higher second round pick to lock up brace if raji isnt available. if we do strike gold and get him at 12 i’ll be very happy with a krueger from utah or laurinitis.

    we have a lot of depth at linebacker with a lot of potential in the 3-4 woodyard getting some safety looks and holding down the middle in depth necessary situations. boss could excel tremendously and we all have our fingers crossed for moss gets his shit together. i think dumerville will finally be recognized as a premier pass rusher if he adapts well which seems easy to believe if youve watched him the last 3 years.

    Im really excited about the running game as well. turner dennison and mcd meshing two effective schemes (zone and gap blockin) with a lot of depth at the position will be good. it wont be pretty and we wont have the glamorous TD type but it will win games in tough situations and keep our questionable D off the field.

  • Mac Miller

    i also fantasize of a trade with philly bringing mcnabb and the 21 first pick to denver for cutler and our second or third if we could get away with it.

    In which case we possibly pick up raji, or tyson with 12, and with the 21st maybe come up on a slip like mualuga, jenkins, or maybe even throw beanie or brace in the mix haha. i wish i could be a GM for an offseason and see what i could maneuver.

  • Mac Miller

    if we absolutely have to trade cutler that is.

    i pray mcd starts suckin him off a little bit. hes suchs a thug QB.

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