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Published on 03/24/2009 at Tue Mar 24 11:06.
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The title of this article is music to the ears of all Denver fans around the globe. According the Denver Post, Mike Nolan has had held personal work outs with Brian Orakpo, Brian Cushing, Malcolm Jenkins, Maryland corner Kevin Barnes (wonderlic of 41), and Cincinnati defensive end Connor Barwin. The article continues to state that Denver is high on Everette Brown, Aaron Maybin, and Tyson Jackson.

There hasn’t been much buzz about Nolan in the media this offseason, and he hasn’t really spoken publicly either. Nolan is obviously staying out of the limelight and getting all of his work done without making a big deal out of it (something he needs to teach Josh McDaniels). With so many draft picks in Denver’s arsenal, the Cutler fiasco, and Tony Scheffler on the trading block it will no doubt be a very interesting draft day to say the least.

What do you think Bronco nation? Which one of these guys is worth the 12th overall pick, or even a pick at all?

  • CJ

    Mike Nolan should want more youth on the defense. With denver going out signing all these sharp veterens it would be a great opportunity for a young talented athlete on the defensive side of the ball for a change

  • jvill

    “Nolan is obviously staying out of the limelight and getting all of his work done without making a big deal out of it (something he needs to teach Josh McDaniels). ”

    As the 32-year old head coach of the Broncos, how does one keep a low profile, exactly?


    I’d love to see a guy who could be at the point of attack. Brown, Orakpo, or hopefully Raji could set a good foundation in a 3-4. I’ve seen a ton of people predicting a LB for us at 12, but the D-Line is where it starts. I think sending a 2nd round pick to Arizona for Gabe Watson would still be a good move – 6’3″ – 323 lb – 25 yr old Nose tackles that play a 3-4 don’t grow on trees! If Raji’s there, we have our foundation. Let’s build a championship!

  • mikebirty

    “nolan wants defense in the draft.” And on tomorrow’s episode of stating the obvious “buzz cook likes money.”

  • KMA

    AHH Defensive talk, finally!! If only it had been this way all off season!
    I would LOVE Orakpo if available at 12, or even a move up to get him. Dude is a monster! I agree with CJ younger front line help to work hard and learn form the nice crop of Vets we signed can make for a very productive DEFENSE ( I just love saying it)

  • Richard

    Orakpo maybe, depends on his injury history and whether he can take an NLF season type beating. Jackson will go to the dolts at 16 if we don’t take him, but his combine and work outs have been less than stellar. I would still move down a little and take English and get an extra second.

    mikebirty good point on the obvious thing, funny.

    As a wild hair thought, how about Sheffler and a 5th for Gabe Watson? think Arizona might consider that? Watson would certainly solve the NT position with Fields as backup.

  • Candide

    After McD trades Jay C to the Jets, gets their 1st and 3rd round this year and their 1st round next year, McD and Nolan should have plenty of draft ammo to rebuild the defense once and for (a long time). Welcome to Chris Simms our new starting QB!!!

  • ryan mcbroncofan

    candide – you are losin it. stop drinking from the sink.

    we absolutely NEED a NT. if you have no one in the middle to get shit done then the 3-4 is totally effed in the a.

    let us pray to the bronco gods for b.j. raji to fall to 12… or mcdaniels will grow a pair and trade up. either way

  • Mr.East

    Haha mikebirty, you’re always full of witt.

  • champ2203


    well a 32 year old head coach can stay out of the limelight by not doing what josh mcdaniels has done so far. Thats exactly how you do it. He could be 23 yrs old it makes no difference. make some free agent signings to address key issues, work on the playbook, work with the players and coaches and don’t dismantle the only part of the team that was any good. Simple.

  • Mr.East


    Yeah just like champ said… simple. We all can do it!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Is Watson said to be available?


    Yes: The Cardinals extended a second-round tender ($1.545 million) to restricted free agent NT Gabe Watson.
    Watson played extensively in 2008, but never passed Bryan Robinson on the depth chart. With few inspiring 3-4 nose tackles in this year’s draft, Watson could draw some interest. He’d cost a second-round pick and a contract.

  • the decider13

    Raji is a must have player…I would definately support a trade up to get him if they don’t think that he will be available. If he gets snatched up…Tyson Jackson, Everette and Malcolm are all worth the 12 pick. Maybin might be ok, he seems like a great pass rusher. Barwin would be fine in the 3rd.

  • kerry

    ok Raji has to be the pick. if not him then Tyson Jackson in the first and Ron Brace in the second. and seriously people please do some research about Aaron Maybin. the guy is a one year wonder and his playing weight is 234 pounds. he will get mauled by a bigger O-linemen. if we want a light weight fast guy to rush the QB, we already have Jarvis Moss and Wesley Woodyard. Maybin is a bum and his stock is slipping drastically. the pick has to be Raji or Jackson. McDaniels stated on the DP today that he wants bigger D-linemen. not small guys like Maybin.

  • myerda00

    I love young players on the DL. Rotate two or three if need be. I do not like giving up a #2 for a bu (Gabe Watson). Ron Brace (BC) should be there at #48. I also think that Chris Baker (Hampton) will be there at #78. Also there are NT’s that could develope. Here is my list:
    Oghobaase(Duke)- 6-6, 310 pounds. His body fat is very low, that’s muscle and size. A run stuffer if there ever was one.
    Scott(Clemson) 6-4 315 a giant who works his butt off.
    Abdallah(Ohio) Big, fast, great numbers.
    Dixon(Miami) A beast in the center of the line, weighs 328; 6-3.

  • myerda00

    Speaking of the Wonderlic score of 41 for Mr. Barnes. This guy is very exceptional because 50 is the max.
    McDaniels and Xanders always talks about smart players and they seem to use the Wonderlic score.
    Early mock’s had Denver taking Rey Maualuga but none since the combine, probably due to him not being in shape and his very low Wonderlic score.

  • Tom9798

    JRODZ . . .at blog #3 . . . ryan mcbroncofan . . . at blog #8 . . . .
    JRODZ . . . you are right on and if I could combine with ryan you have both closed it . . . . ryan . . . your comment . . “candide – you are losin it. stop drinking from the sink.” . . . . sent me laughing to the Library . . . . T

  • Tom9798

    I’m going to throw a curve ball here . . . . stay with me until I’m done . . . I want nothing more than Cutler to stay with the Bronco’s . . . but let’s hypothetically say that it is not going to happen . . . .

    Rationale: . . . Jay asked to be traded . . . it has been a hundred years since Jay has responded . . . . he is not working out with his team-mates in off-season . . . he is not learning the new offensive system . . . he does not answer Pat Bowlen’s phone calls . . .

    Now if you did not answer your boss’s phone calls . . . maybe your boss would call you an “unhappy camper.” . . . . or maybe he’d trade you . . .

    McD has put on the three-ring-circus for the media with the jersey and all but he is not feeling the love . . . no kidding . . .

    You want this settled before the draft. Period. if you’re going to trade Jay . . . there is only one team to trade him to . . . and you don’t need his permission . . . that is Detroit. .

    Rationale: . . . Detroit has the 1st, and 20th in the first round . . . and the 1st (33) in the second round . . .

    The Bronco’s trade Cutler, Scheffler, and Stokley to the Lions for the 1st, 20th and 33rd . . . now the Lion’s offense has just improved 200%. . . Bus Cook is thrilled and he will convince Jay that he is thrilled also . . . they will turn around an 0-16 team to a contender . . . Miami did it last year . . . an abstract plus is that Jay is in the NFC . . .

    That gives the Bronco’s the 1st, 12th, 20th, and 33rd draft picks . . . I’ll bet you’re starting to salivate now . . . but it get’s better . . .

    You offer the Ram’s Ryan Harris at tackle and the 12th and 20th draft pick, two first rounders, for their number 2 draft pick . . . .

    Now the Bronco’s have the 1st, 2nd, and 33rd pick . . .

    To answer the obvious . . . I’d give the ball to Chris Simms . . . I know he’s not Cutler . . . but he’s with his teammates in offseason . . . he’s learning the new offense . . . he wants to be the first father and son to win a superbowl . . . need any more motivation? . . . he could be the plug-and-play QB that McD wants and he is already there . . . with a ton of offensive weapons . . .

    Who would you pick? . . . . Ragi? . . Orakpo? . . . Jackson? . . . Curry? . . . you really could build our defense for the future . . .

    Obviously the Bronco’s could throw the whole draft into another realm of reality . . . .

    What do you think? . . . I’ll paste this onto the other blogs to get some reaction . . . no hippy lettuce or left-handed smokes here . . . just Fat Tire and Hornitos . . . T

  • Jack Jones

    I honestly couldn’t agree more with Nolan. I think 4 of Denver’s top 5 most crucial position needs this year come on the defensive side of the ball. When is the last time the Broncos had a great pass-rusher? I feel like they need to remedy that gap immediately.

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