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Published on 03/23/2009 at Mon Mar 23 11:38.
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Josh McDaniels (Reuters photo)

Josh McDaniels (Reuters photo)

Josh McDaniels will appear in an interview on the NFL Network’s Total Access Monday to address the ongoing Jay Cutler trade situation. During the interview, McDaniels urges Cutler to “keep the line of communication open,” and tells the world that the young QB is “our quarterback.”

Total Access airs at 7pm ET/5pm MT on the NFL Network and is simulcast on Sirius NFL Radio.

I can’t wait to hear this interview. We know McD will discuss the current situation with Cutler, but maybe McDaniels will even shed some light on how the Matt Cassel trade talks went down and where the Broncos go from here. I know already I agree on one point — Cutler, your boss just asked you to call him in front of millions of people. The ball’s in your court. Pick up the phone.

  • gaco7951

    I hope Cutler makes a decision soon I guess will know by today. I heard that McDaniels is making a decision on The NFL network today.

  • alm034

    Slightly off topic…is there some other file picture for Josh McDaniels that can be used? He looks like an Enzite commercial in that one.

  • Joe

    This i good news. I will continue to say that Cutler will be a bronco next year. That is what I have been saying this whole time. And this interview sounds like McDaniel’s laying down his foot and fixing what he did wrong. There is hope for this team now, for next season. Pair up Josh and Jay, as well as some of our new offensive wepons and our whole new defense, we can get places. Such as, the playoffs..

  • pwsbronco

    OK Jay, it is now up to you. Pick up the phone or better yet get on a flight and put this all behind us. Time to get on board and learn the new offense and go kick some butt….

  • broncobilly32

    McD…dude, easy with the sh*t eating grin. Cutler, quit being a “cut-hole.” Now, you two girls sit down and talk this out. Then, get on the field and win!

  • Andy

    Anyone see the article on the Jets interest in Cut?

  • Stav

    I saw the Jet article, old news here in Jersey. They’ve fallen head over heels for Cutler ever since all this happened. I’ve heard a few radio hosts say the Jets should do whatever is necessary to get him to NY. The only way that can happen is in a three way trade and that’s only after McD & Cutler officially agree to disagree (on everything). I think McD is doing the right thing here, Cook/Cutler took this situation to the public to force management’s hand, that’s all McD is doing. “Call me up Jay, let’s bang this shit out together.” Will Jay call? Who knows, but he should as now he’ll look like the complete ass if he rebuffs this attempt to work this crap out.

  • TD30isMVP

    Jay wanted to hear that he is “our guy” from the coach, how about in front of millions of people? The coach just did what he wanted now Jay can relax.

  • AtomicLeo

    Man don’t you get it? He’s a lying sack of garbage and anything he says about trading for Cassel wil be CYA time. If anything it’ll just drive a wedge further into the relationship.

    It’s done. Cook just called Bolwen a liar last. You can’t have a guy on your team call you a liar and then forgive and forget. It’s over. Trade him and move on.

  • champ2203

    the problem I have is we really don’t know what was said in that meeting that they had the first time(not the confrence call, the face to face) Mc D obviously said something in the first 20min that pissed Jay off enough to leave and ask for a trade. Just because now he’s doing an interview telling Jay to keep the lines of communication open doesn’t really mean he’s a good guy now. If your boss had you behind closed doors and said some shit that made you want to quit then has a meeting and tells everyone else hey I don’t know why this guy wants to leave I keep trying to talk to him about it. All this does is make Jay the bad guy if he doesn’t meet with him and talk this out. All we really know is Jay has always been upfront with the media and said whats on his mind, and we also know that McDaniels has already lied about the Cassel trade rumors befor finally coming out with the truth 3 weeks later. I think this whole interview is just a chess move to not be the bad guy.

  • Chris

    I don’t know if this is the entire interview, but one is posted on right now:

  • Katch22


    Thanks for that, made me feel ten times better! I hope Jay responds in the same way.

  • champ2203

    Chris good post i just went and checked that out. I’m confused more now than ever. How can one dude sit on camera and tell the world that his and jays relationship can be worked out and theres no doubt it can be worked out, and the other feels behind closed doors he was so disrespected that he wants a trade? WTF


    Nice. Way to get on all that people! Hopefully, this moves forward and gets resolved. He’s extended the olive branch, and take a positive first step. Come on Jay, let’s wrap it up!

  • Ian Henson

    ***Fist Pump!*** =)

  • Nicole

    I had an opportunity to read a piece of the transcript from the interview- after he said he was the qb there wasn’t any desire to say that any trade attempt would be off the table. in fact, it sounded like an interview that Mangini gave with the Jets. I sense that it was a pr move and he doesn’t want to lower Cutler’s stock value. I don’t think that Cutler will be calling any time soon. I think that he may have stated that he’s the guy because there isn’t anyone else. It was simply a generic NE interview.


    Half hearted or not Josh has clearly put the ball on Jays side of the court. Now we can only hope that Jay leaves Short Bus Cook home and talks to Josh. Ill respect you even more Jay if you step up and lead our team.

  • (dee)

    Mcdaniels came out and said what needed to be said, and now people believe its a PR move or its not geniuine. I dont think Mcdaniels can win in this.

    First everyone says all he needs to say “Jay you’re my QB” , then he says it and its a PR move. Unbelievable.

    Instead of acknowledging McD is trying to work to a resolution, lets take 2 steps back and say he isn’t geniune and its all PR. Bus Cook is lovin it.

  • Richard

    THe balls in Cutlers court, He wanted some reassurance, and the nfl interview IS that vehicle. If he doesn’t respond, or worse, goes public with an attack on the Broncos, send his ass to Detroit.

  • BroncoLover4Life

    After watching NFL Total Access in it’s entirety I have to agree with Jamie Dukes and Marshall Faulk on this one. McDaniels is a snake! He is a no brain new england prick who thinks he can come into Denver swinging his dick with no one to answer to.

    Bottom line: I want Jay to stay more than anything but if I was him I sure wouldn’t want to work for this arrogant a-hole.

    Cutler is way too smart to believe anything Joshy McDoofus said.

    I hope the Broncos can move on without Jay and still win some games and make a run to the playoffs. I wish Jay the best of luck and I will root for him no matter where he goes (unless he somehow ends up within the devision!)

  • jchase8410


    We finally agree! I atchef the interview, and I watched McD’s facial expressions very closely. I honestly believe that he wants Jay to step up and lead this team. He said Jay is or QB…present tense…Jay is our QB, period. That is what Jay has wanted all along..your move Cutler…

  • Nicole

    This is a business and deals have to be done. Yes, he now knows that there aren’t any viable options and yes they do employ pr positions. Yes, I want Jay to stay your qb but that’s what it sounded like. I always wondered why he didn’t say it 3 weeks ago. It doesn’t make people phony or unbelievable because of the interpretation that they got from it even the people on the show seemed to think that he sounded a little off. To his credit, he isn’t accustomed to doing heavy interviews and he was rusty, but he simply does interviews the way BB does: no frills and be a little evasive. That’s how they have been taught. To his credit, he states that he wants to work it out- do we really know the truth? No and we may never will, but hopefully he’ll learn from it. Now will it bring an end? Yes, one way or another. Yes, it was trademark business evasive-but now that it was done through the media-it’s now time to do it face to face. Text messages don’t work (even though it was a nice thought) if a face meeting is to occur, then do what has to be done. Yes, you can proclaim you want him shipped off to Detroit, but are you prepared to sit and wait for the next big thing- that could take a decade (trust me you don’t want to do that). You can be angry at Cutler right now, but you’ll miss him more than you think. There’s zero satisfaction when you’re paying 6 qbs for one job. Fuel the plane, put one of them on it and send them to the other one. Alot of teams have done it and they’re not any different. Media=out. Mcdaniels gave the only needed interview, now forget about us and get to the issue of meeting. Remeber: you’re mad at Jay today, don’t be crazy and let him go because you’ll need him tomorrow.

  • jchase8410

    Achef??? Watched*

  • Richard

    I just read a piece on CBS4. Seems Jay can’t text Josh, has misplace Bowlen’s phone number, but can find the time in his busy day to talk to Vic Lombardi? WTF!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I’ve been waiting to be on the same page with folks like Dee, we’re all Broncos fans (most of us anyway)… Dammit Jay, take the gesture at face value and come in. Time to show the world. One way or the other.
    Go Broncos. Fingers crossed. Gawd I’m so ready to be past this and start really getting excited about the upcoming season!

  • (dee)

    Thank you WB and Jchase,

    I’ve always been in support of McD , it was never about pick a side. All I wanted was a resolution, and I still will say either Cutler comes in and works it out with McD, or he doesnt and I will not blink in trading him. Its nothing personal, we are a team and we need everyone to be buy in, in seems Cutler is still not ready to do so. I hope he changes his mind.

  • (dee)

    I want a team united, hopefully Jay comes in and we put this past us. If Jay has a great season with the Broncos he gets his contract and all the love he wants. McD bent a little bit, now Jay has to bend… this can still work. Please stop the McD bashing, the guy is trying. Stop the Cutler bashing… I think he was hurt, but then got terrible advice. These two need to work together and hopefully sooner than later we have a TEAM.

  • Nicole

    I don’t recall anywhere in the blog that I posted on the current issue that I bashed him. I actually work in sports management and we use the same evasive ways when doing business. You simply say enough to keep the client interested. I don’t consider that bashing, but if you think that it is I apologize for that. But, be careful with your blink on Cutler… making the move too soon can be damaging.

  • Nicole

    I don’t think that Cutler had a response to the interview by mcdaniels because he may need time to digest all of it. People,
    that’s a good thing-in a way maybe he’s saying that he is reconsidering his options. Not saying anything is great!

  • (dee)


    I wasn’t directing anything at you, please forgive me if I made it seem that way. I havent posted here in a couple of days because I wanted to get away from the situation but “some” stuff I’ve read here and other websites about comments people have made on the situation really has annoyed me, alot of the stuff you have written I actually enjoy, I dont always agree but it is always well thought out and I cannot the say the same of myself all the time lol.

    As to the other part about trading, at this point my frustration level is at the limit. We cannot hold up the franchise if Cutler chooses to sit out. He needs to come in and start working with the team. The longer we have no #1 quarterback participating in OTA’s and in camp, I believe the more damage this team incurs.

  • kerry


    so what was McDaniels supposed to do?? get on his hands and knees and cry and beg for Cutler to be his QB? was he supposed to say through pure tears that a trade absolutely would never happen?? yes, no? talk about twisting an interview. are you Mike Klis from the Denver Post? the master of twisting the issue?

    yes its on Cutler now. McDaniels actually seemed genuine about him wanting Cutler. of course some have to post that “Oh he is lying and just saying that because there isnt anyone else and he didnt go out of his was to say a trade wouldnt happen” lets just take it as it is now. McDaniels spoke and didnt have to say a damn word to anyone about all of this. he stepped up, addressed the issue, (although not as much as some think they are entitled to) and stated he wanted Cutler as the QB. its on Cutler now. i read on the DP that Cutler has stated he will attend the mandatory camps in April. so until then nothing will happen.

  • jchase8410

    Know I live in a fairy-tale world…Maybe Jay is not saying anything in response because he ison a plane back to Denver. LOL, I truely hope that This ends with A handshake and “thug-hug” and Jay under center this year.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Kerry? Shhh.
    JM actually DID have to say some damn thing! It’s his job to save!
    Now Jay has to DO something. BEFORE the mandatory camps would be a good gesture on his part, eh? Be a leader Jay.

  • jchase8410

    I really need this job interview to go my way so I can divert my attention from this mess. As it stands, I have way too much time on my hands. If I get hired, I won’t have to join a blogger’s anonymous group.

  • olen

    Can’t anyone see Cook totally in both of Jay’s ears and being the puppet master so that he can make more commission .

  • T-Money: Link Ambassador

    Here is the link. Not sure if this is the same as Chris’ but nonetheless:

    I have to say that I gained a lot of respect for JMcD. I always knew that the media blew this way out of proportion but I think that he has done a good job at acknowledging that his screwed up. You could see it in his body language and the words that he regrets what happened. I haven’t read any of the comments above so sorry if this is reiterated. so… Hell Ya! It’s your move JAY!

  • T-Money: Link Ambassador


    You’re right on the money. Enough said. F the Bus

  • OC Bronco
  • WhidbeyBronco

    he seemed a bit weaselly to me actually. Didn’t he? Sorry folks, I really want to stay positive… but this guy’s our coach, huh? I’m scared. If he were my boss… his demeanor, his age…
    ok still have hope though

  • ssc

    i’m with nicole and whidbeybronco: i’m glad mcd made the effort, but he’s weaselly and evasive. he thinks he’s being clever and wannabe-belichick, but he just comes across slimy. i wouldn’t trust him either. it’s unfortunate, because when you see clips of him with the pats, he seems like he has a good rapport with the players. hopefully he learns quickly to stop being a posturing d*bag and just be honest and passionate.

  • Richard

    Has it occourred to anyone that Josh looked uncomfortable because he has stage fright? The guy was an anomoyous OC before this job, and was pretty uncomfortable at his introductory press conference An interview on the topic of the Cutler problem could’nt make him feel any better about the press and the limelight that goes with being HC. Give him a break! How many of us would be at ease after the level of craziness that this story has generated? And, by the way, Shanny wasn’t perfect with the press, neither was Phillips, Reeves, Miller or Ramsey, and all of them were a lot older than Josh is now.

  • ssc

    @richard: i suppose his facial expressions, smirk, and darting eyes could be nervousness, but providing evasive answers has nothing to do with discomfort. i assume he’s smart, so he knows everyone was looking for a strong statement about cutler’s future with the broncos. sticking strictly to the facts (cutler’s our QB at this very moment, but who knows about the future?) isn’t helpful. would it have killed him to say something more, along the lines of “we’re committed to cutler and barring unforeseen circumstances, we think of him as our franchise QB for the next decade”? everyone KNOWS the future is unknowable. everyone KNOWS if cutler doesn’t work out or if the broncs get a spectacular trade offer that things can change. there’s no point in dancing that dance when he can instead try to heal the relationship with a more conciliatory approach. i still think jay is being the bigger headcase, but mcd is being pointlessly noncommittal to the franchise superstar. we get it mcd, no player is above the team, but be human, show some love, give some props.

  • BroncoLover4Life

    PR moves by NE slime balls don’t impress me nor do they make me believe that somehow the situation is magically fixed.

    Joshy McDoofus was simply saying what had to be said. There was nothing noble done by Micky D here.

    Take it at face value; he said the same things he’s been saying to reporters since the trade talk was first leaked. This time he just said it on national television. But in any case it can’t hurt the situation.

    I really hope Jay comes to his senses.

  • Ian Henson

    I haven’t done hostage negotiations in awhile, but he kept looking to his left; If I remember correctly the left portion of your brain is where one would locate memory as opposed to creativity…

    Not that it means anything, but I’m agreeing with Richard. Guy’s got media training, but probably was nervous.

  • trevor

    I am shocked that this is where my team has gone since getting rid of the master coach (shanny)now this new punk has nearly driven our best player and our leader into another jersey. pat has totally lost it and is starting to look like al davis. i for one think that mcdaniels was the worst move in broncos history and am backing jay all the way and really hope he stay a bronco

  • Nicole

    I am finally able to respond to your post that you sent me. First,of all when I based my conclusion on his interview it came from my sports management experience and there is one thing that we learn fast- keep your lips moving, say alot, but don’t say too much. He actually used that technique, but the problem was he wasn’t very convincing at pulling it off. The stuff of interest didn’t take very long- in fact, had he said that to Jay we wouldn’t be here. Mcdaniels may be a coach, but his business side has kicked in and he went into damage control just like we do when we want to save a deal. He opened with the hook line of “he’s our qb” in order to make sure that Cutler would here it -well why would he need to tell all of us if he had already told him. From my view, he may not say it in exact words but he realized that he blew this thing and is trying to fix it. if he does have a communication with Jay why did he need to tell us? Simple: look world I’m trying. Basically, the heat is on and with an entire team watching he had to do something to get Cutler to speak via text message- even to holding the jersey with his name on it. He is performing damage control- because had he felt firm in his stance, there would be no need to tell the world he’s our qb- Jay would already know that.
    On the other issue, Jay is not holding a team hostage-your front office is due to their inability to try to correct the problem early on and put out the flames, instead what we got was the assumption that I am above everything and I don’t have to say anything-wrong! That’s why Josh is talking to Jay through the media. In effect, it’s the I better do something. Jay simply stood his ground and he was right for doing it because even in sport you will finally have to admit something. No, Jay is not above his team, but he completes the team. You’re not going anywhere without him because if you could, he would’ve been traded. Bottom line Mcdaniels is doing what has to be done- when all else fails silently admit the mistake and come out swinging.

    All of this could’ve been avoided had someone intervened with good old fashioned common sense.