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Published on 03/23/2009 at Mon Mar 23 08:22.
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Jay Cutler (AP Photo)

Jay Cutler (AP Photo)

The latest from the ongoing Jay Cutler saga comes from the NFL Owner’s Meetings in Dana Point, California, and it’s good news for Broncos fans. Word on the street – brought to you by’s Peter King – is that the Broncos plan on sitting on Cutler and hoping this whole thing blows over.

“Say you’re the Broncos, and Tampa Bay offers you two ones [two first-round picks] plus [second-year quarterback] Josh Johnson for Cutler,” one NFC coach told me. “Denver makes the deal and picks a quarterback with one of the ones. You’ve traded the best young quarterback in football for two guys who might have a chance, but might be washouts too. Denver’s problem is they could never get fair value for him.”

He speaks to a few other people about Cutler and comes to this conclusion:

With agent Bus Cook on record as saying Cutler will report to mandatory mini-camps and training camp, why trade the guy, there’s certainly no reason to do anything fast … even if that means you don’t have a definitive answer on Cutler by draft day.

While I applaud the new Broncos management for being patient and not jumping to action, there has to be a solution to this problem at some point. The Broncos and Cutler have to make nice for this season (and beyond) to be a success. Here’s hoping cooler heads prevail, on both ends.

  • kerry

    Josh McDaniels did an exclusive interview on NFL Network monday morning and stated that “Cutler is the QB of the Denver Broncos and we need to keep the lines of communication open” the whole interview can be seen on NFL Total Access monday night.

  • Richard

    The solution to the problem is simple: $$$$$$$$ from Bowlens pocket to Cooks.

  • Andpark

    You have to hope that there is no reason Cutler would want to play in Detroit. If all Jay wants is a long term contract and huge payday then do it. I can’t think of another QB in the league that deserves it more. The longer this goes on the more and more likely Jay will stay. Everybody just drink a beer and chill. Here is to hoping week 1 we are not starting Simms.

  • Andy

    Anyone else want Shanny back after all this?

  • Josh Temple

    I have a gut feeling if we get through this week of owner’s meetings without a trade, Jay will be the starting QB in Denver this season.

  • Nicole

    I’m so happy for you! Jay’s the guy and Josh knows it- they worked overtime and came to their senses. I’m so jealous that I won’t be at Invesco to watch Cutler and Romo in person. You guys/gals have shown the world that you can handle high end drama and come out swinging! I prefer Jack Daniels after all this mile high drama!

  • Katch22

    I think you hit it right on the head Josh. If he isn’t traded by the middle of this week then he won’t be traded at all. ALSO I know this sounds far fetched but one of my buddies knows some freinds of Cushings and says when Nolan ran him in his person workout he told him that he was more than likely going to become a Bronco come April. Take it for what it’s worth anyway………

  • mikebirty

    i’m taking the view that the more we ignore it and pretend it isn’t a problem the more likely it’ll be a good solution.

  • kerry

    oh my god will you stop with the whole “anyone want shanny back” Bullshit!! he isnt coming back and even if he did we all know what would happen, Jay would be happy but the defense would still be filled with bums who cant tackle and undersized, overpaid D-linemen who cant touch the opposing QB. id rather have McDaniels (who i cant stand right now) then a guy whos ego is so inflated that he thinks he can win with all offense and no defense. (See last ten years)

    i knew the second any trouble was happening in Dove Valley all the shannylovers would start crying out for thier lord Shanahan. GET OVER IT!!

  • scottey

    I was just watching my old game films, and looking at the Pat’s game. I can see why on the surface Cassel was the hot commodity. 1.)he played against our so called defense. I am telling you Payton mannings wife would have looked good. 2.) Cutler threw a bunch of weird interceptions. But on further review, he smacked the throwing hand on the first play and couldn’t seem to overcome that. I am hoping that McDaniel’s looked at some different tape and saw some of the throws that were made this last year and went “oops, I almost screwed the pooch on that one!”
    Just watch a couple of games on the NFL network and look at what we could lose, bonehead mistakes and all. This kid can be great, both characters in this drama, need a little humble pie, and work through it. You never know, we may all look at this in 10 years and 5 SB championships, and shay, “shew”

  • ssc

    interesting tidbit about cushing, katch22. but with what pick? too early to take with the broncs #1 and gone by the #2. he’s also not filling a big need at (pass-rushing) OLB, right?

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  • Richard

    Andy You must be OUT OF YOUR MIND. You bet, lets go back to being an 8-8 team at best, with a defense that would be unfavorably compared to swiss cheese. And while we’re at it lets bring back Slowik, I’m sure with another year of work we could have the 33rd ranked D in a 32 team league. McD has improved the D side of the ball before we’ve even had a draft. Cutler will eventually grow up, especially when he realizes his choices are; Play for the Broncos and probably make the playoffs, get traded to Detroit or Cleveland and suck the rest of his career, or sit out and still have 3 years remaining on his contract.

  • Kyle

    kerry I complete disagree with your take on Shanny. He repeatedly traded offensive players to try and fix the defense – Champ Bailey, Dre Bly, the Browncos. The entire 2007 draft but one player was dedicated to the draft. To say he ignored the defense because he was too proud is just plain wrong.

    Now obviously a lot of those moves didn’t pan out. Not trying to stir up “bring back shanny” arguments, but to say he didn’t try to win is wrong.

  • Mr.East

    McDaniels says “He’s our Quarterback.” Is he for real or just driving the price up?

    Tune in at 7 on the NFLN.

  • RustyBronco

    You all make good points. McDanilles is new and has to make himself known as the boss, not that I agree with the way he is doing it, but hopefully jay will be the leader he canbe and our D gets better with McD

  • Richard

    Kyle Shanny traded for D players, yes, but they were always afterthoughts. Especially the Browncos move. The cupboard was bare,so, holy shit, I gotta do something. There was NO, system in place for developing D players even after 14 seasons. D was ALWAYS the second class citizen of the team. As long as they were average(at best) they were ignored.

  • jchase8410

    Here’s another decent article…

  • Katch22


    Maybe if Raji is gone at twelve we trade down a couple of picks? Like I said that was all by somebody who heard it from somebody…..

  • Andy

    I don’t necessarily want Shanny back… just didnt think there would be these kinda problems. Anyway, Im glad to have McD and very happy to have Nolan. I wasnt/didnt want to start a campaign for Shanny to come back.

  • ryan mcbroncofan

    it was reported that we had personal workouts for cushing and orakpo.
    if we dont go with the absolute freak from texas (if he is still available) then i will perform samurai suicide on myself

  • sabrina

    I want Shanny, Jeremy, Jay and all the best Broncos days back……but I would like to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! GO BRONCOS!!!GO AND PLEASE STAY JAY!!!!

  • Stav

    Why is anyone even bothering to mention Shanahan and Bates anymore? Those days are looooonnnnnggggg gone. Deal with it. This is our staff for better or worse, and I’m starting to think that McD is going to make this work with Cutler, if not, we know that we’ll be seeing atleast another 1st round pick this year and another 2nd round pick, along with a starting QB. I agree on the Orakpo comment, if he’s there you take him, BUT not over Raji if he’s available. Personally, I don’t think that there’s anyway Orakpo drops to 12, I can’t even see Raji falling to 12 either. Take the best defensive player available at #12 regardless of position, common sense pick.

  • John T Redskin

    Lets hope for Denver’s sake that yal keep gay Cutler this season. This is the only thing certain yal have going for you. The offensive just started picking up with him. The defensive sucks! But the redskins would be glad to take him and yal can have jason campbell Bhoes

  • Nicole

    I was reading an interesting article on espn and they interviewed a coach, gm, and player. It is great reading so I encourage you to take a look for yourself. Also, I came across some interesting info on SFG (49ers web). The paper there is reporting that they believe that Pat Bowlen is overruling Mcdaniels and is forcing him to make nice with Cutler-how about that!