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Published on 03/18/2009 at Wed Mar 18 13:28.
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Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler tearing apart the Broncos.  (Drew Litton,
Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler tearing apart the Broncos. (Drew Litton,

There are plenty of conflicting reports out there – the latest, from John Czarnecki of, indicates that Jay Cutler and his agent Bus Cook did indeed request a trade after Mike Shanahan was fired, long before any Matt Cassel trade talks began.

It’s frustrating as a fan because you develop an opinion based on what you believe to be true, only to have new information come out that can alter that opinion to a certain degree. It makes me wish I could get these four doofuses in a room, shove some magic truth serum down their throats/hook them up to a polygraph test/put them in a room with Jack Bauer and get some straight answers!

So there’s your hypothetical situation, Broncos fans. You can ask any one of these gentlemen – Cutler, McDaniels, Bowlen or Cook – one question, and you’re guaranteed to get a straight answer. One man. One question. What would you ask, and how would that help you develop an idea of what the Broncos should do from here?

Mine would be pretty simple. I’d ask Cutler, straight up, “Did you ever ask to be traded from the Broncos before the Cassel trade rumors were leaked?” I could draw my conclusions from there.

We want to hear from you Broncos fans! What question are you dying to ask, and to whom? Shoot them off in the comments.

  • http://yahoo WVU

    Pat White is the “TRUTH”!

  • Nicole

    Update! I was reading on another sports page and so far at the meeting the broncos are holding strong to their stance of not trading Cutler. I think maybe they see that it’s in their best interest to keep him. I know that none of you want to wait around again for the next big thing-let’s keep what you have and go forward. Since alot of you say that Jay needs to step up-well so does Josh and prove that he can hold things together. This is a qb driven league and this can teach both of them something in the long run. In fact, everyone who has followed this case will learn something from it. Bronco management has an opportunity to show us that they did what was needed to be done. Jay will be at mandatory and that’s the opportunity for Josh. Don’t blow this- you can fix it and you will learn that you will be more effective in dealing with trade fallouts. A trade won’t teach him anything it will only allow him to escape from it. I really believe that Jay will suit up for you and that really makes me happy! The Cowboys and the Broncos will square off this year and with Cutler and Romo under center- the sky is the limit! I’M MORE EXCITED FOR THE BRONCO NATION THAN EVER BEFORE YOU WLL KEEP YOUR QB! SORRY FOR THE CRACK ON DEION GUYS- I GUESS HE WASN’T HERE LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE. CUTLER’S A KEEPER.


  • http://yahoo WVUFAN!

    Pat White would be a wonderful addition to our offense! He is a proven winner,team player,leader and has a great attitude. Not only can he throw the ball he will take it to the house! Defense, If you blitz he will make you PAY! See ya! Will he pass or will he go?Don’t get it mixed up. I’m also a Jay Cutler fan. Coach, Jay Cutler can and will take us to many Super Bowls! Jay if you were upset about losing coach Mike S so was the bronco nation. He was a Great coach! I understand that our team was injured last year and that it was very unfortunate. You have an oppurtunity to step up and lead not only your teammates but also the bronco nation all over the world! What you did last year was too easy! What you do now in this situation will change your life forever! There will always be doubters no matter what career you have in life. On the other hand there are also people that believe in you too. I’m a believer! So listen up here is the solution:
    1. Pat Bowlen show Jay that you believe in him and structure his contract pay him what he deserves. He did make it to the PRO BOWL on an INJURED team. He almost took us to the playoffs by throwing for over 4,000 yds.

    2. Coach McD: Apologize about the way you handled this situation. I know you feel it may have been alot easier to bring in someone who knew your offense. We can tell by the new additions to the team. Jay Cutler has the potential to be a future Hall of Fame QB! He makes good decisions and he is a smart guy. “Give Jay the keys along with a playbook mixedwith some wild cat O featuring Patrick White with a dash of 3-4 D, you be the GPS and take us to the Super Bowl! I know you know the directions!

    3. Jay Cutler, End this mess! Tell Mr. Bowlen that you are ready to lead the way! All you need is more gas money, you got a team that will provide the horse power a GPS that knows how to get to the Super Bowl and a nation of hungary fans that want a trophy more than anyone else on this planet!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Nicole, you’re one of the folks I always read. It’s like reading my thoughts sometimes. Go Broncos! (If you can’t tell, I grew up a Cowboy fan. Morton, Reeves, Waters, Dorsett & then ME, going to Denver… Made me a Denver fan many years ago but in the NFC …yep How bout them boys? 77 was the nearest thing to a perfect Superbowl but since Jerry fired Landry like he did… I’d have the Broncs winning a close one. Ah, I could die happy) Well, there is my family’s security and that bit with the twins I haven’t had yet but the Another Broncos Championship over the Boys… Close to Perfect.

    I really think Cutler will play for Josh. Especially if Detroit has their man!

    Now. Who will be catching the ball? What news on the Beast?

  • T-Money: Link Ambassador

    I haven’t seen anything yet. Since it didn’t really blow up and the NFL launched it’s “investigation” a while ago, I’d bet that it’s still to early to tell, but safe that it’s not as big of a deal as it originally looked.

  • T-Money: Link Ambassador

    I also heard that Josh McD is going did a one on one with Scott Hansen, as soon as i find the like I’ll post it.

  • Nicole

    I’m so glad that you enjoy my posts! I know that you can appreciate how important it is to keep that all important qb! An article that I just read stated that it will be Smith- now the money? I don’t know, but that’s a good thing. I believe that the broncos have to retain because the other article that I have read seems to state that Josh doesn’t want to start over and they want EQUAL TALENT/NOT JUST DRAFT PICKS. Well, there’s no equal talent available so that leaves Jay. I don’t think alot of people realize just how far you can set a franchise back with the wrong qb and I think that’s why they are working so hard tokeep him. Now, on to Cowboy news: the word on the street is that one of the reasons Jerry went to the owner’s meeting was to try to land Julius Peppers (he has stated that he wants to play for the cowboys). Look for Jones to be shrewd and get it done. Terrence Newman did indeed call out Romo about his woman and said that he needed to concentrate more on his game! Word circulating the streets is that this is Romo’s make or break year- there may be a new qb in town if he fails again- not T.O., no excuses.
    Looks like Shanahan is on schedule- tickets have gone up! The receivers this year are Roy Williams (we used our #1 pick on him) Patrick Crayton. My guess is that Jones will pick up another receiver, even though he said he wouldn’t. There’s still a buzz here about Cutler,we still believe that Jones is in it- he loves names!

    Game Prediction: At least 100 points may be scored. Too much fuel in their tanks! I still believe that Jay’s a keeper and apparently so does Josh.

  • Tom9798

    Interesting blog from the meeting this weekend . . . .

  • Tom9798
  • Nicole

    Those were great blogs and thanks for the links. This can be fixed and apparently the broncos really think so at this point. I can’t believe it finally took them this long to realize that there isn’t any other good option- they need this guy! I feel that they will work it out. If they get this meeting set-up, I feel that Mcdaniels knows that he has to get it right this time-use the right words…do whatever has to be done just get it done. I think it has finally occured to him that this can cause his entire regime to backfire. HE NEEDS THIS GUY AND SO DOES THE BRONCO NATION! I WANT MY BRONCO-COWBOY SHOOTOUT-GO CUTLER AND ROMO!

  • Nicole

    Hansen spoke to Mcdaniels and he proclaimed- “HE’S OUR QUARTERBACK!” YES!!!!

  • T-Money: Link Ambassador
  • Spider

    To Cutler-Do you REALLY think Mac was sincere in his

    statement that you are the Bronco’s quarterback?