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Published on 03/17/2009 at Tue Mar 17 17:42.
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Bus Cook ( photo)

Bus Cook ( photo)

Don Banks has a terrific article on discussing the storied history of Jay Cutler‘s agent Bus Cook. After destroying the relationships that veteran QB’s Steve McNair and Brett Favre had with their former teams, Cooks appears to be the mastermind behind the current fiasco facing the Broncos. Take a look:

“Bus has a pattern here with this sort of thing,” one veteran NFL general manager told me Monday afternoon. “And he’s been successful with it before. What you have here is an agent trying to dictate the position of an entire franchise. He sees an opportunity, because he knows [the Broncos] are vulnerable to pressure. They’ve got a new, 32-year-old head coach [Josh McDaniels], a new young general manager [Brian Xanders], and an owner in Pat Bowlen who has only recently re-engaged in the decision-making of his team.

“Bus is turning up the heat because he knows there has been a tremendous amount of change going on there in Denver. He’s trying to break the organization, break the ownership, now that it’s just Bowlen and these two young guys. There are new people in Denver and they exposed themselves with the dabbling they did [in trade talks], and now they’ve got an agent trying to make it as miserable as he can for them. He’s creating some pressure through the media, and trying to see how strong these three are going to be. Will they sit there and be able to take the heat? Something like this can bring an organization to its knees.”

Indeed, the Broncos organization has been brought to its knees. Three months ago we had a Pro Bowl quarterback and a Hall of Fame coach. Now we have a royal, royal mess. This GM is right – Bus Cook has played the antagonist in this and plenty other messes.

That being said, I still expect better of the men tasked with leading this team.

Thanks for the tip dee!

Cooking up trouble: Cutler’s agent has shaky history with QB clients [Sports Illustrated]

  • (dee)

    Thanks Kyle!

    I’m glad that you decided to post it, so all sides can be shown in this mess.

  • juice

    I’ve heard it said before – so this isn’t an original thought – just an agreement:

    I’d much prefer Drew Rosenhaus – at least when there is drama, Drew is the one holding his neck out there to be hated and leveraged… With Bus he puts the players neck out there and sneaks around through the media. Be a man. Look at how bad he made Favre look last year – and Jay this year.

  • (dee)

    I hate the fact that every time I go to espn I see Jay Cutlers face, that’s another factor on why I’m being to dislike him. Bus Cook has been in the background far too long and its good is beginning to expose him for the snake he is.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Nice. Glad to attach a face to the reptile. Cutler has a great opportunity to show some character here and reign in this creep. After all, as Juice correctly pointed out, this guy put his players necks on the block, not his.
    “I’m being to dislike him”
    Is this your accent coming through? lol

  • http://no tom cee

    give cutler his bottle and send him to bed

  • Brian

    Bus Cook knows when to squeeze?!!!! Wait, I can squeeze my butt cheeks together and make another Bus Cook!!!!!

  • broncobobmeridian

    i say if you trade cutler, ya send to the Lions, or any team that has no chance of sucess for the next 5 plus years. Or, we dont trade him and if he still acts like a baby, start Sims and let the baby ride the pine until his contract comes up.

  • Josh Temple

    ” Now we have a royal, royal mess.” Hey, leave poor Eddie out of this…

  • T-Money

    There are only two soultions to this problem.

    1. Culter wont go anywhere for anything less than 2 1st round draft picks and a player (most likely a QB) and that team would be looking at around a $20.5 million hit to their salary cap.

    2. Cutler stays

  • steve W

    Amazing how one man can ruin a young kids career.

  • Dakota Fan

    I think I have the full picture of Bus Cook. It just confirms to me that he’s an as*hole.

    I did see something today on the ESPN website that made me realize how ridiculous this whole situation is- Herm Edwards and Trent Dilfer did a role play of a potential sit down conversation between McD and Cutler to patch things up. It will make you laugh, trust me.

  • jchase8410

    If I have t read Cutler is a big baby one more time, I’m going to flip out. If you don’t like his actions, fine…say something original. All he is doing is trying to get his. I can’t hold that against a guy. Its not like he is stealing money, like the white collar criminals who stole our investment money. (or the guy who stole my iPhone at the gym last night [asshole!!!])

  • Dakota Fan

    Dude, they stole your iPhone? That’s harsh.

    I understand Cutler is just trying to get his, but with a couple more seasons, a few more Pro Bowls and some playoff victories (which you know are coming eventually), he’s going to be the richest player in NFL history anyhow. Why is he worried about not getting his?

    Just curious.

  • Jaiu

    Don’t hate the Playa, hate the…agent..?

  • Horvil Tiki

    hey guy where is cutsper he in nashville this is wierd. why he in nashville all day. Come back cutper, dont be crazy why you want to go to crappy team. First shanhan gone now the cutsper I wonder if the bwlen would throw shanhan into wastes if he knowed this. They was second in leage offence why have to make so many change guy.

  • OC Bronco

    Horvil- I agree. Jay needs to get to Denver and work this out! Bowlen can’t be happy but I doubt he is second guessing his decision to fire Shanahan and hire McDaniels. One thing I respect about our team’s owner is that he is loyal to his head coach and I believe as does he that this philosophy properly aligns the mindset of the team.

  • Jordan C

    This may have already been mentioned, bit Bill Williamson is reporting that Scheffler actually did show up to the Monday meeting. Good for him. Too bad we’ll probably still trade him.

    It’s been mentioned before, but I could see him dropping some pounds and becoming a receiver. Maybe.

  • (dee)

    Another Bus Cook article this one from FoxSports ….

    “Cook has forever claimed that he couldn’t reason with Favre and protect him from himself. That’s why Favre landed with the Jets and not with Jon Gruden and the Bucs. I always thought a wise, old agent like Cook would have pulled those strings a little better than he did.

    But give Cook credit. He’s been pulling the strings nicely for Cutler. Everyone should know that Cutler has wanted out of Denver ever since Mike Shanahan was fired and quarterback coach Jeremy Bates left for USC shortly afterward.

    Before McDaniels and the Broncos pursued a failed trade for Matt Cassel,

    Cook had already been begging to get his client out. Denver told him no from the beginning. But somehow Cook has been able — how hilarious is this? — to paint Cutler as some victim in the cruel world of NFL trade talk.

    At the moment, the Broncos seem to be losing the PR war.”

    This is pretty much the nail in the Cook-Cutler Coffin, McD haters probably won’t see the truth though, they’ll probably say its McD’s fault.

  • mikebirty

    and that explains why cutler spent the face to face meeting shouting “show me the money”

  • kerry

    um i have to interject, you are HALF correct about three months ago. yes had a Pro Bowl QB, hall of fame coach?? NOT!!!

  • Jordan A

    Bus Cook wants his a$$ beat