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Published on 03/17/2009 at Tue Mar 17 21:26.
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I had a friend named Luke who I will probably never talk to again; we were watching a game and at 6:40 he said something pretty prolific,

“A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher.”


That’s been going through my head more than a few times since this team started coming apart at the seams. Who is the pupil? Who is the teacher? Who is training and who is learning, what has been learned and who is teaching?

Is it– was it Mike Shanahan? Dan Reeves? George Seifert, Bill Walsh? Bill Belichick? Josh McDaniels?

Or was it Jake Plummer?

Did Jay Cutler pull a page from the Plummer playbook and doom himself to moving back to Tennessee to marry a Vol’s cheerleader and take up flip-cup as his sport of choice?

You really want to go that road Cutler? I guarantee that you’re heading to 0-16 Detroit, in my younger days I would have done that trade out of spite: The number one pick in the 2009 draft, a six-pack and a blueberry snow cone… Easy.

Here’s the thing Jeremy Bates was let go because McDaniels is the rich man’s Jeremy Bates. McDaniels donned the Denver D and stated, “En signa vinces,” in this sign we conquer. He’s not about to let the new him step on his toes during some random meeting. If Bates was so prolific what is he doing coaching the next USC quarterback who will choke once he catches a break in the NFL? Why didn’t Belichick call him up for the vacant job in New England? Or anyone in the NFL call him up for that matter?

Use your head Cutler, before you make yourself look like Icarus. I’m not blaming Bus Cook, Cutler graduated from Vanderbilt, he’s gotta be a smart guy. Cook’s ruined every career that he’s gotten a hold of, check the track record, what’s done in the dark will come to light. I’ve never run to press with any of the horrible things that I’ve heard about Cutler personally. However, let’s just put it this way, he’s a dick.

You know what though? There are a lot of people like that in the league who are, so being such a dick, why is he acting like a man-child, a grown baby? Here’s the thing about managers and agents, they are employees of the people that they work with. They get 10-15% of what you make as their client, it’s their job to get you the next deal. Cutler obviously needs a manager, someone to tell him first you go along, then you get along.

Jay Cutler being sacked by a Navy linebacker in 2004.

Jay Cutler being sacked by a Navy linebacker in 2004.

Jay Cutler:

Starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,  Denver Broncos.

Denver will do what is right: sit on Cutler for the next three-years of his contract. Honor those contract bonuses (if he chooses to play, he’ll have bonuses/contract elevators of ten-million dollars in 2010 and then fourteen-million dollars in 2011). If that’s not good enough, not fair enough… Then let Cutler sit out, force him to pay back his bonuses and the Broncos can collect mountains of fines. Either way he’s yours for three more years.

Love is blind, but we haven’t been blinded just yet by the heir. He’s going to have to do better than 25 and 24. Yes, you can say that he needed a defense, but Peyton Manning didn’t. And Tom Brady went 17-0 by simply outscoring the opposing teams offense… Under McDaniels guidance. Cutler couldn’t do that, under Shanahan… Or under Bates.

And a final note to Mr. Cook, you know the difference between a roster bonus of 10-million and 14-million by next season and a new contract that allows for 16-million over the next three seasons? Well, I’ll let the math majors tell it. That 15% won’t be much to you though, do your best to salvage your career, before you have scouts refusing your clients and let that reputation leak to any potentials. It would be really horrible if the NFL were to be made aware of a couple of conversations that took place between your office and players who had yet to declare for the draft.

  • Danh

    Great post! I really starting to hate Cutler. So your friend Luke, is his dad Darth?

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Really? Manning could do it without a defense?

    Woody has some great statistics:

    In games where the defense allowed 30 or more points:

    Elway: 6-31
    Manning: 6-30
    Cutler: 3-12

    When he has played more than a half, and the Broncos have permitted fewer than 30 points, Cutler’s record is 14-7.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Honestly I’m getting tired of people holding up a win loss record like the quarterback is the only player on the team and saying “Clearly it’s Cutler’s fault.”

  • jcampb72

    I know, it pisses me off too.

  • Broncnyc

    It’s not Cutler’s fault that the Broncos are losing, he is the reason we won as many games as we did. But obviously he isn’t good enough to act like a child and a dick and everyone just grin and bear it. Bus Cook said himself that Cutler wanted a trade because McDaniels would not guarantee he would never be traded. You can’t make an honest promise like that, it would be foolish for the Broncos to claim it. Cutler has been my fave player in football these last couple years and I love him, I just bought an authentic #6 jersey this past season, but enough is enough. I was starting to question his judgement in his overreaction to idiot Philip Rivers slights on him and now this is just confirming it all. I was very excited to what Cutler could do under McDaniels but its not worth further ripping the team apart. I pray that Jay does some growing up and we can get on with trying to win a Super Bowl but if he doesn’t, we just have to move forward without him.

  • Kurtis

    Yeah, F*** Bus Cook!! I love Cutler, but he’s really pissing me off, grow up!! Get rid of your agent, he is clearly causing all of the problems. They need to just sit down and get it worked out and Cutler just needs to go out and do his job. Denver better not get rid of him, he’s playing in Denver or nowhere at all!!

  • Ian Henson


    That’s really why I think that McDaniels is insisting on meeting Cutler in person. Once that happens, all will be fine.

  • FTCBroncoFan

    Cutler is sure to take a big boy pill very soon either when the Broncos tell him tough luck, you’re staying, or when he’s released and the other franchises all know how little dedication he really has. I won’t feel bad for him either way, but to tell you the truth, I hope the Broncos keep him and he gets over himself, then turns out a great season.

  • (dee)

    Amen Ian, great article.

    I hate the fact the people say look at the defense, the bottom line is that in our last 3 games Carolina, Buffalo, and San Diego … Cutler was not good….IF we can’t outscore Buffalo how good was BATES?

    We couldnt beat Buffalo, We couldnt beat KC in KC…. FOR the record Buffalo put 50 points on KC in KC … Cutler was not the savior. Too often we our defense would get turnovers, Cutler would give it right back.

  • (dee)

    Another Bus Cook article this one from FoxSports ….

    “Cook has forever claimed that he couldn’t reason with Favre and protect him from himself. That’s why Favre landed with the Jets and not with Jon Gruden and the Bucs. I always thought a wise, old agent like Cook would have pulled those strings a little better than he did.

    But give Cook credit. He’s been pulling the strings nicely for Cutler. Everyone should know that Cutler has wanted out of Denver ever since Mike Shanahan was fired and quarterback coach Jeremy Bates left for USC shortly afterward.

    Before McDaniels and the Broncos pursued a failed trade for Matt Cassel,

    Cook had already been begging to get his client out. Denver told him no from the beginning. But somehow Cook has been able — how hilarious is this? — to paint Cutler as some victim in the cruel world of NFL trade talk.

    At the moment, the Broncos seem to be losing the PR war.”

    This is pretty much the nail in the Cook-Cutler Coffin, McD haters probably won’t see the truth though, they’ll probably say its McD’s fault.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Sad article. Go away with that sh!t.

    Dee, you’re right, Cutler’s not the savior, just the best QB we’ve seen in a long time. I’ve always disliked Bates, our offense really was starting to stink last year and Jay with it. We were poorly coached (and I love Shanny) and riddled with injuries.

    Cutler isn’t the answer but he certainly isn’t the problem!

  • jcampb72

    Our Defense was horrible, I think we tied the record for the LEAST amount of turnovers in franchise history. Was it cutlers fault SD scored 50+ on us the final He did come up short vs buffalo, and carolina just outplayed us. As far as Divisonal games go there always tuffer, yes even if there against shitty teams(jokeland, queefs). One last point of the evening, Defense wins championships ladies.
    p.s.-best denverpost article I’ve read in a very long time.

  • jchase8410

    Does anyone care that 13 of 18 int’s thrown by cutler came when playing from behind? When playing with a lead, he manages the game very well. Playin from behind, with no running game to speak of, and a defense that gives up points on every possession, forces Jay to try to make plays. Sometimes those plays worked out, sometimes they didn’t.
    The Buffalo game…jay did throw an ill advised int in the redzone late in the game, then drove the team back to the same spot, and threw a beautiful pass that could have won the game…anyone remember what happened? Stokely couldn’t hang on!
    I agree 100% if Jay isn’t the answer, he sure as hell wasn’t the problem.

  • Jordan C

    First, I’m a Cutler fan. I also happen to be McDaniels fan. Those two don’t seem to go together these days…

    Now, maybe this isn’t a big deal, but one thing that has always, always bugged me about Cutler is that you never see/saw him smile while playing the game of football. At least I never did. I’m sure that he did occasionally, but the guy could hardly muster one during cheerful press conferences. Am I reading too much into that, or is it an relevant piece of his overall attitude?

    Lastly, I hate Philip Rivers, but at least you know the guy is having some fun out there. I don’t expect to see Jamarcus Russell ever smile while playing for the Sea Monster. I didn’t really pay attention to the KC QB rotation.

  • Jordan C

    jcampb72 –

    You’re right, that was a really good article. Everyone developing ulcers over this should read it – including Broncos brass (who now must have 43 ulcers amongst them).

  • CleveMan

    – Bronco Nation –
    Cleveland radio station WKNR just broke that Bus Cook flew in late last evening, and a three-team deal will be made official sometime tomorrow. Their radio person stated as follows…

    Cutler to Chicago
    Orton to Cleveland
    Quinn to Denver

    Broncos get Browns 1st Round….5th overall…
    Browns get Broncos 1st Round…12th overall…
    Broncos get Bears 1st Round…18th overall…

    Not sure if they’ve announced this in Denver yet, but I thought I’d pass it along to you guys…Go Broncos!!

  • Gary R.

    Hey There:

    First-time caller (having never before tripped through the daisies on your site).

    I really liked what Ian Henson wrote, but if you’re going to quote THE MAN– who used to represent what dogs and football now do in contemporary-society, in terms of uniting red-and-blue-state America in admiration– please use quote marks.

    “Go tell that long tongue liar.
    Go and tell that midnight rider.
    Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter.
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down.
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down.

    Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand.
    Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man.
    But as sure as God made black and white.
    What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light.”

    -From The Man In Black: Johnny Cash “God’s Gonna Cut Hu Down.” (sp?)

    Alright then. NOW your site is bookmark-worthy.

    Go Broncos.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    I think I’ll just re-post a comment made by OJKING to the Mark Klis article on replacing Cutler.

    I think hearing from a fan that dates back to the 60’s and has seen this team struggle to find a quality QB much longer than just our recent post-Elway hunt is worth listening to…

    “The QB issue:
    Seems to me that we need some perspective here. Keep in mind, until Charley Johnson/Craig Morton, the Broncos were constantly suggesting that, “if we could only get a QB, then we could contend.” And to say CJ and CM were great QB’s is a reminder that a 7-7 season for the Broncos was a “winning season” prior to 1976. Heavens, with Dan Reeves wasting the first 7 years of Elway by forcing his system on Elway’s skill set – which sounds like McDaniel’s approach to current personnel (particularly as regards Cutler), we didn’t see the rise of a dependable QB, who fans could believe in for the season, until the late 80???s-early 90’s. To someone who watched his first Bronco game in Bears Stadium in 1960, 30 years of waiting was consuming. To treat Cutler’s possible departure as, “who cares?” is to forget that wasteland of 30 years and to pander to Disney-esque dream that if we clap hard enough, a franchise QB will appear. Mention the sure-bet QB’s over the past few years and see how many are now that solid choice (Carson Palmer, Matt Leinhart, Kyle Boller, John David Booty, Brady Quinn, and, oh yeah, Vince Young). And you keep beating that dead horse, Matt Cassel. Less starting experience, no experience building any bonds with current Broncos, etc. But to some, QB???s are as interchangeable and parts in a Henry Ford production line. And to those I would remind McDaniels and Bowlen, you may own the team, but the fans are who pay the bills. Fail to be loyal to a team and it may come to bite you back.”

  • robert

    i think that jay took it to far he is making a big deal out of nothing

  • Richard

    The only statistic that matters in this situation is 14.5mill to 1.038 million. That would be 1.038 mill for Cutlers base salary, 14.5 mill for Matt Cassell in KC. Lets see Buzz Crook’s 15% of 14.5 million is 2,175,000. Nice payday if all you have to do is sour the relationship between a new head coach and a less than hands on owner, and a phone call or two to Pork Chop Williams at ESPN( our good friends) and a dwarf wannabe sportscaster at channel 4.

  • Richard

    Cleveman I find that trade rumor hard to believe, I grew up in Chicago and Jerry Angelo wouldn’t make that deal unless the McKaskys approved it, and they have proven to be as bad an ownership as Bill Bidwell’s( except last season of course) Cardinals ( an ex Chicago team). I can’t see the Bears giving ANY QB a big payday.

  • Ian Henson

    Such great comments, I’ll try to address everything through out the day…

    (dee)- thanks for the love and for posting the article.

    I don’t hate Cutler, I really enjoy him as our quarterback. The game against San Diego (week two) has become one of my favorite Bronco memories, he was the cause of it.

    At the end of the day though, it’s just entertainment, a sport designed to amuse cave men and keep the boys busy in between wars. I just feel like that needs to be put into perspective.

    Here’s an interesting article, Jabar Gaffney says that McDaniels is exactly like Bill Belichick:

  • Mr.East

    Earl, that stat is useless. What’s the statistic for when the opposing team scores 50+ points? It doesn’t matter.

    The stat that does matter is how many teams the QBs defense gave up 30 or more points in ratio to years playing, or in Mannings case the year he won the Super Bowl.

    Manning was 3-1 when the Colts gave up 4 or more touchdowns in 2006 including the AFC Championship.

    I know 4 games isn’t a whole lot of compared to a 19 game stretch, but when the time came for Manning to put up points for his failed defense he only failed himself once that year. That’s why he truimphed over the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Manning was down 21-6 at the half. Manning came back scoring 32 points in the second half agains the team that had his number. Jay Cutler hasn’t done anything like that.

    I know the defense was atrocious, but in his most important game of his life, against his rival Cutler threw 49 passes for 319 yards, 2 for picks, and only 1 for a touchdown. Thats very symbolic of the Denver offense, very underperforming for the yards they put up. Don’t use the run game as a cop out either. Tatum Bell performed adimrably well with 2 tds and 88 yards of 8 carries. The point is that Denver abanoned the run being down by so much. Cutler couldn’t handle the load. Yes Marshall dropped a TD pass, but one more touchdown wouldn’t of done anything.

    In a game like that Cutler needed to come back after the half and come out swining. Give the defense something to fight for.

  • Mr.East

    By the way Ian, this is definitely one of your finer works.

  • Ian Henson

    Thanks East- you must be new to the site though =P Just kidding.

    I agreed to what you had to say about the statistic, I deleted one of my comments from earlier. I harbor the same feelings as Horvil Tiki for Woody Paige, he’s a good man…

  • Socal Den Fan

    Jchase I don’t buy that for 1 min. He kept making the same mistake instead of making a smart check down to the Rb he went for the deep play with double and sometime tripled covered guy hoping to make a big play . Granted that is something that could be fixed but if youre behind you have to be smart and not reckless with ball.The difference between cutler and all the other great QB is they made the plays when it counted and cutler has not, will he learn ? someday I hope it’s soon until then he will never be considered to be a top QB.

  • Nicole

    Social Den fan,
    You made some great points about cutler- in fact they sound just like the mistakes that TROY AIKMAN MADE WITH THE COWBOYS (I live in Texas and witnessed it all!). He is in the process of learning to control them so you don’t through them away because of it. They work through it because it normally takes a couple of years to make the pro transition. Be careful of what you wish for because he only has 3 years left on the deal and he can bolt off the other team if he chooses to. He can come back to HAUNT you for years to come, he’ll only be 28 years old. It is in Denver’s best interest to call his bluff and get him to work. You’ll thank yourselves later on!

  • Jason

    Socal Den Fan,

    Also, if a defense allows 30+ points to be scored it generally means the offense couldn’t convert 3rd downs or was turning it over.

    We have between now and draft day (likely closer to draft day) to see if something is going to happen. Likely nothing if not by/on draft day.

  • TD30isMVP

    The ONE thing I admire about the Patriots is that no matter who they lose to injury or free agency they still were highly competetive, they had a great sense of TEAM (wide receiver playing DB) and put nobody above the team. We NEED that here again and as much as I like Cutler it would seem McDaniels is bringing that here as well and Cutler (with all his talent) might not be as good for us as a less talented team oriented QB would. I love Cutler but if he is poisen in the locker room (going forward) then we will be better off with someone else.

  • TD30isMVP

    ooops…I meant Poison.

  • Jordan C

    (dee) –

    I was thinking about the Broncos and their chances at the playoffs/SB for 2009. I was assuming that with a new system, it would take the team a year or two to gel. While I still think that that is the case, based on the really tough schedule, I will grant you that if the Broncos are able to beat enough of their extra-divisional opponents to make the playoffs, then they will have proven to me that they’ve got as good a shot as anybody to make a run at the Super Bowl.

    So I guess what I’m saying is that I expect the Broncos to either miss the playoffs next year or to be a serious Super Bowl contender. There’s no middle ground for this team in 2009.

  • Richard

    Jordan C With all the BS over “he who can’t be named”, I think we do much better than the McD bashers think. Even if we are without you know who we still play competitively on offense. D has nowhere to go but up, and I figure we go 4-2 in the division, and 5-5 out. Should be enough in the AFC worst to get into the playoffs. Should we sneak in an unexpected win somewhere, we go 10-6.

  • Kyle

    Let me paint a really, really unpretty picture.

    We can’t stop the run.
    We can’t stop the pass.
    We can sorta run the ball.
    Without Jay Cutler…
    We can’t throw the ball.

    I’m not convinced the defense will be improved because we’re looking at a transition year into a new scheme. I was willing to deal with the honeymoon season. But McD’s decisions… geez… I’m fed up with the McBroncos already.

  • Jordan C

    Deep down, I was really hoping that Denver would not become Patriots West. I don’t think that I’m going to get my wish.

    I’m still willing to be patient, though. I’m not giving up on them, yet.

  • Mr.East

    Jordan C,

    Hoping Denver will not be like the Patriots West is like hoping the 1994 Broncos would not be the AFC 49ers when Shanahan took over. The 49ers just won a Super Bowl, their system worked. McDaniels system worked too. Why hate on success?

  • Katch22

    $20 bucks Cutler stays. No trade sounds good enough for us to let him go! I’m so happy Cook is finaly getting his named turned to mud for a change!!!

  • Jordan C

    MIIster EEEast –

    Do you really have to ask? Is winning worth you’re team’s/fans’ souls? Wait – don’t answer that.

  • jcampb72

    East, I don’t know why you keep going back to peyton. He’s a special guy. One of the best QB’s to ever play the game. The guy seems like he created the audible and can read most defenses with his eyes closed. Cutler is no peyton manning. But when he won peyton was in his like 6 year, not sure exactly, but I know it wasn’t his third year. Give cutty some time, the dudes like 25 years old. What peyton did is extremely rare. Look back 10 years and his team was the only team with a soft D, but even they had playmakers and caught fire when they hit the playoffs.

  • Jordan C

    A Broncos/Star Wars allegory is starting to emerge in my head –

    Belichek – The Emperor fools the general public and trains his pupil…
    McDaniels – Darth Vader is otherwise successful, but fails to bring his most important apprentice on board…
    Cutler – Luke Skywalker doesn’t buy his potential mentor’s bullshit, after he was educated by his seasoned and successful master…
    Shanahan – Yoda is in exile…
    Plummer – Obi Was is also in exile…

    And somehow Bus Cook is Jar Jar.

  • Jordan C

    *Obi Wan

  • T-Money

    Here are a few videos that I’m sure everybody has watched but they all make for some sense. Rod Woodsen is actually fairly descent in all of these:

    As this continues to drag out, I have a growing feeling that no one can afford cutler’s price tag which is designed by McD. I don’t know if he’s going to go.

  • OC Bronco

    I’m sick and tired of everyone talking about giving up on the team because our coach stood up to a player who is quite clearly the biggest baby in the NFL. I understand that there are reasons to be upset with the franchise…. ie fire sale on the best players to save money and not caring about the fans but this is NOT the case here.

    McDaniel’s hasn’t flown to TN because he is too busy signing free agents and preparing our team. He wants Cutler at Dove Valley more than anyone on this blog but he can’t just relent. You think the players would be motivated by a bitch for a coach? Is that what some of you really want?

    This negativity about the organization is ridiculous whether you think McDaniel’s has handled this properly or not. Go root for the Steelers or whoever you think has the best shot to win the ‘Bowl next year fair weather fans!

  • Richard

    Jordan C We have been on the Patriots west road since McD was hired.
    Would you rather have another 8-8 season with a Horrible D( another season with Slowik), or a 10-6 playoff season?

    PS Our souls were bought and paid for when we became Bronco Fans. Except for me, of course, I’m Agnostic.


    Great read, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I actually am starting to respect McD. I saw the video of Jabar G. stating that he is like Belicheck with the “no one is above the team” attitude and I think Denver could benefit from this mindset.

  • Jordan C

    You guys are turning me into kerry. I’m not being that negative – well, not yet. Just because I have conflicted feelings about the new coach and some his reckless decisions (and the prima donna QB), doesn’t make me a fair-weather fan. It means I actually care, but I’m willing to look at the situation fairly.

    If believing that you’re team is going to win the Super Bowl every year is the definition of a “true fan”, then I’m out. I hope for the Super Bowl every year and I expect it when it makes sense.

    I’m discouraged about the team now, because I had tons of hope when McD was hired and he started off with all the right FA moves.

    I was a proponent of McD and Nolan within a few days of Shanahan getting fired and I said as much on this site. That’s why, with all this BS, I along with many others, are a bit disappointed in general.

    I’m beginning to think that with Cutler’s salary of just over $1 mil this year, the team will stick him on the bench, hold out or not, until he changes his tune. Cutler will want to play too much to stick out the year. If not, then trade him. I don’t think that the value of a 26 year old pro bowl QB will be much lower than a 25 year old QB. If, by this time next year, Cutler is still pouting, get something else for him and draft Sam Bradford.

    I still like my analogy. And I still hate Belichek.

  • Jordan C

    Richard –

    I would rather have had Shanahan start realizing that he’s a head coach and not a god or a GM. If he’d have hired a real defensive coordinator and let the personnel department do their jobs by getting real defensive players, the team would have been in the best situation. But he didn’t, so we’re moving on.

  • kerry

    jordan C:

    told you what would happen if you ever agreed with me or spoke out against this team even though its in total chaos with no end in sight. the fact if the matter is that this team, even with Cutler in this upcoming year, may only win 6-8 games anyway due to the tough schedule, new coaches, new defense and offensive scheme and Mcdaniels poaching of the team chemistry. most keep going on and on about Cutler like he is gonna win us the division this year when in fact this year is a total rebuilding year regardless if he is here or not.

    but this is how it will shape up, Cutler and McDaniels eventually have a meeting without the agent present and things get hashed out, if not, Cutler gets traded on draft day. im betting he gets traded draft day with our 12 pick to Cleveland and we end up with Brady Quinn and the number 5 overall pick.

  • Richard

    kerry the changes you list are definitely going to take work to overcome, but, we’ll still be a top ten offense, there’s just too much talent to drop too far especially with a proven system that works. The defense will improve from horrific to at least fair, and as an optimist I think top 20. That gets us 4-2 in the division, and I believe 5-5 out. The division was won with an 8-8 record, and San Die-ego plays the same teams we do. 9-7 minimum.

  • Moose

    I love how everyone is now jumping ship from being on Cutler’s side! Since all this started on the second day of free agency I have been one of the fw behind the Broncos all the way. Now as we here more and more coming out about Cutler and his ass agents behavior in all this now everyone is getting behind the Broncos, as they should. I love this article because it plainly states the truth….Cutler is a dick! I have heard for the last two years that very few on his own team like him and isn’t it important to have your team respect you at least. And isn’t it funny how no one on this team is backing Cutler up? Goes to show the real nature of kid petulance! Who cares how the Broncos handled the original trade stuff, Cutler and his agent overreacted looking to get an upper hand and now that has blown up in their faces. Good riddance Jay you could have been a star here but now you will be another player to waste his talent because your ego is to big and your agent is only looking out for himself!

  • rcsodak

    Sirius NFL Radio had MEvans from “The Fan” and Krieger from the Post, and asked them if Cutler would be Denver’s QB this fall.

    Part of me says “vanish him the depths of hell”….while another part of me doesn’t want him to end up being a thorn in Denver’s side for the next 10+years on another team.