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Published on 03/17/2009 at Tue Mar 17 08:54.
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Tony Scheffler

Bus Cook is in Buffalo according to PFT, and there’s a lot of speculation of the nature of his trip. Some believe that it’s a Jay Cutler for Trent Edwards deal, and some believe it’s about Tony Scheffler. I would go with the latter. The Bills are in a desperate need for a tight end and they could shell out for Tony. Scheffler does not have a big role in Josh McDaniels’ offense. That’s just part of the game. There is no reason for Denver to pay Scheffler who will not excel to his potential, even though it almost feels like they currently do. The draft is the best way to build a team and having an abundance of picks this year will be a great start to improving a team for hopefully years to come. Let’s hope that McDaniels brought over some of that New England draft magic.

In my opinion Scheffler will be gone before we know it and it’s a smart move. The real question is what will Denver recieve for a Scheffler trade? Cross your fingers for a second rounder.

UPDATED: According to the Buffalo News Cook was not in Buffalo on Monday, he was at his office in Mississippi. (Ian.)

  • Richard

    THe bloggers in Buffalo seen to think hes worth a third. I would think hes worth the second that it cost us to draft him. Buffalo is as good a place as any. Sheff won’t come back to haunt us, not with his foot problems and other infirmities.

  • CJ

    I agree 100% Tony wont fit in the system. A second rounder would be great for Tony. But i still believe we need to try one more time to negotiate with Jay.

  • ssc

    would be pretty entertaining to see TO’s romo-witten drama replayed by sending cutler and scheffler there. yes, i’m starting to get bitter and petty about cutler.

  • (dee)

    A second rounder is what I’ve always wanted for Tony …. Bus may have been there to iron out a new contract for Tony? … I dont think either Cutler or Tony will come back to haunt us, not after we win the Superbowl …. (yes I said that)

  • Jordan C

    I’m with Richard about Scheffler. The guy was injured way, way too much. Based on that alone, the Bills would be psycho to give up a 2. Maybe I’m just being a skeptic, but I see a 4 as closer to reality. I wish Scheff all the best and the rising Bills would be a great place to go.

    Cook can talk to them about Cutler all he wants, but I believe McD when he’s says that they’re not giving up on Cutler, yet.

    (dee) – I’m as hopeful as the next Bronco fan, but I’m not expecting a SB run until at least 2010, even with Cutler under center.

  • (dee)

    Jordan C

    I will guarantee you this, we will be in the playoff’s this year. Whether that it is with Cutler or not , I like the direction this team is going and believe we will be in the playoffs. It’s not blind faith, its seeing what management has done so far and seeing what the other teams in the afc west have done.

    The Dolphins got in with Chad Pennington, I still do not believe our season hinges on Jay Cutler.

    Keep the faith, GO BRONCOS …Playoffs in 09 , Cutler get on board, or get the hell out.

  • Ian Henson

    I love that our 2006 draft is basically worthless now, even without Shanahan.

  • Ian Henson

    My best guess is that Scheffler is worth a fourth to sixth-round draft pick for Buffalo. I’m guessing a sixth. I said it when, “Sources close to the situation,” revealed seemingly out of nowhere that Scheffler was being shopped, who the hell wants this guy? Yeah he’s awesome, for the five games that he’s healthy.

    I am going to miss him if he’s gone though.

  • Kyle

    His value is more than a fifth round pick, Ian. He’s healthy 10+ games per year, productive, and young. We won’t get a second round pick though – the Chiefs just got Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel for a second round pick. My guess is a third, possibly a fourth.

    That being said, the agent has absolutely no obligation to be there to complete a trade. This seems much more likely to be a contract situation with one of his guys in Buffalo, or possibly a draft workout in western New York with one of his clients. My guess? Nothing to see here…

  • NathanH

    Kyle- That would make the most sense, except he has no clients on the Bills.

  • Ian Henson


    You said it yourself, you have a 8 figure quarterback and a great linebacker (who was an All Pro in 2007), together they’re worth a second round. Randy Moss was worth a fourth. I don’t know, maybe Buffalo is dumb enough, but I stick by my sixth-round guess =)

  • jcampb72

    Scheff is one of the best tight ends when healthy, that being said I think a 3rd is the most we are going to get from him.

  • Jordan C

    (dee) – While I do recognize that once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen, saying that they’ll get into the playoffs verses “they’ll win the Super Bowl” are slightly different.

    I think that I’m with you on them getting to the playoffs next year. Although, (and I hate to be a downer, but…) I do have this weird and unfortunate feeling that the Bronco’s chances in 2009 may be hinging on Shawn Merriman’s ability to bounce back from surgery as much as the moves that are made by the team. You have to admit that the Chargers were a completely different team without him.

  • (dee)

    Bus Cook is a snake, why do you think he’s there Kyle? Jay Cutler to Buffalo rumors have already started.

  • Jordan C

    *Especially if Cutler goes.

  • Jordan C

    Jay Cutler to (pick a team) rumors are floating everywhere.

  • (dee)

    Jordan C

    The San Diego argument is a good one, however even with him I wasnt as afraid of them last year, I was more afraid of Jay throwing costly interceptions at the wrong time against them or our crappy defense. I think San Diego has had their time in the sun…we will make the playoffs this year, I dont think McD is thinking about winning 6 games this season and seeing how 2010 will be, McD wants to win right now and believes WE CAN WIN right now … thats why I like him and his badass attitude.

  • Steven

    I’d be shocked to see us get more then a 5th for Scheffler. But we have to let him go for whatever we can get, he’s not a good fit.

    As for Cutler, I finally saw someone post a trade partner that intrigues me.

    Washington. The Redskins would of course get Cutler, and I’d have to believe Washington’s 1st rounder(13) would be involved…plus Jason Campbell, who might not be the best fit for the system but has good football IQ and could be a short term answer. Add in a 3rd rounder(or future 1 or 2) and I say go for it.

  • NathanH

    Jason Campell wouldn’t work in Mc’ds system i don’t think.

    I’ve heard Peppers + Delhomme for Cutler. Don’t know how much i care for it. Our D could see a serious improvement next year with the additions of Peppers and Dawkins + a healthy Bly.

  • Richard

    Campbell won’t do. The deadskins might have other players that fit though, and we seen to have the ability to get them to make good trades for us.

  • Rob Bronco

    Not a chance that Cutler goes to Buffalo. They don’t have anything we want, and Edwards is not even close to Cutler in terms of talent. Cutler is staying. I seriously doubt that the Broncos are going to trade him because there is nothing out there to trade for. I’m over this whole thing already. Let’s just move on to the draft and get the offseason workouts started.

  • broncoNM

    If the bills offer a 2nd or 3rd for scheff the broncos should take it and never look back. I think a 4th would be realistic. The broncos should still take it.

  • Jordan C

    It’s very interesting to me that Walter, over at, has the Broncos draft as such:

    1. Tyson Jackson
    2. Ron Brace
    3. Victor Harris
    4. Jasper Brinkley

    I think that I really like this, as long as Harris actually drops this far and as long as Moss and Doom work out on the ends.

  • Jordan C

    (dee) – I really hope that you’re right.

    On the flip-side of the Merriman issue, he hasn’t faced our pro bowl caliber (if not official) left tackle yet. Forgot all about him. I’m not worried about Gimpy any more.

  • Dakota Fan

    Who cares where Bus Cook is, as long as he’s nowhere near Denver.

    Do the Broncos have any other players who are clients of his? I’m wary of sports agents in the first place, but this guy makes them all look like angels.

    Oops- I wrote on another strand last night that I don’t care anymore, as long as this thing gets settled soon. Since I check my Broncos websites once an hour wondering if there’s been any change, I guess I do care.

  • Jordan A

    Never going to happen…..all this BS makes me sick. Its going to end up like the Chad Johnson situation and Cutler is staying in Denver

  • Jordan C

    With this reply as evidence, Dakota Fan, maybe we should form a support group. Or is this it? This website, I mean. Talking about something while being in it makes my head hurt on multiple levels.

  • fischdog

    they all suck compared to Jay Cutler that is the bottomline.

    we will be looking for a guy like Jay Cutler the next 5 drafts!

  • NathanH

    There’s a rumor of a 3 team deal on bleacherreport thats VERY interesting.

    Washington Recieves:
    Jay Cutler, Tony Scheffler, + Denver’s 5th

    Cleveland Recieves:
    Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley + 3rd round pick from Washington

    Denver Recieves:
    Brady Quinn + Laron Landry.

    Landry is a great young SS. Him, Dawkins, and Champ in the secondary would be very scary if Moss and Dum can put on the rush.

  • Kyle

    Take a closer look and that trade makes no sense for any of the parties involved.

    I think Quinn-Rogers from Cleveland is the best case scenario at this point. Other than Cutler staying, naturally.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    first of all Washington can’t afford cutler so blow that one up

  • Kawike

    I think we’re in the same boat Dakota Fan. I do that too.

  • (dee)

    This is all we need to know about Bus Cook, this is a must read and I hope BroncoTalk staff with make it into a topic of its own.

  • (dee)

    Jay Cutler is all grown up and he knows how to get paid…. this exerpt from the Don Banks article above….

    Some NFL sources I talked to believe Cook’s ultimate goal in getting Cutler out of Denver is really more about landing him a new contract with a new team. Cutler has three years remaining on his relatively low-paying $48-million, six-year rookie deal, signed in 2006 after Denver traded the 15th and 68th picks to St. Louis to nab him at No. 11. He likely wouldn’t be in line for a contract extension from the Broncos until 2011.

    “My feeling is this is all about a contract,” said the veteran NFL general manager. “He’s got three years left, and that’s a lifetime in this league. I think it’s being orchestrated for money, and to get rid of the last three years of that deal. Either he gets traded and wants a new five-year deal from his new team as part of a trade, or it’s about trying to get the Broncos to show how committed they are to him, by giving him a long-term deal.

    “I’m curious to see which way it goes. But it’s getting uglier by the day. The agent and the player are saying other things, like Cutler can’t trust McDaniels and he’s not comfortable with the new regime, but I think it comes back to the contract. I know this much: It’s all going downhill like a snowball at this point.”

  • (dee)

    Also this …

    “Bus has a pattern here with this sort of thing,” one veteran NFL general manager told me Monday afternoon. “And he’s been successful with it before. What you have here is an agent trying to dictate the position of an entire franchise. He sees an opportunity, because he knows [the Broncos] are vulnerable to pressure. They’ve got a new, 32-year-old head coach [Josh McDaniels], a new young general manager [Brian Xander], and an owner in Pat Bowlen who has only recently re-engaged in the decision-making of his team.

    “Bus is turning up the heat because he knows there has been a tremendous amount of change going on there in Denver. He’s trying to break the organization, break the ownership, now that it’s just Bowlen and these two young guys. There are new people in Denver and they exposed themselves with the dabbling they did [in trade talks], and now they’ve got an agent trying to make it as miserable as he can for them. He’s creating some pressure through the media, and trying to see how strong these three are going to be. Will they sit there and be able to take the heat? Something like this can bring an organization to its knees.”

  • (dee)

    Dont crack McD … do whats best for the Denver Broncos, I’m glad people like Don Banks are showing both sides of the story! I firmly stand in support of McD and this organization…

  • DC

    Bus is a snake no doubt about that, but its a business. Thats what you pay agents for, to get the best deals. McD fkd up and now they are taking advantage of the situation. If anyone’s to blame its McD.

  • (dee)


    I dont blame McD for entertaining offers at all, Bus has spun that into something more, and Cutler being hurt is BS at this point. I dont blame my coach to listening to any offer that he feels will make this team better.

  • (dee)


    Also you mentioned its a business, and you pay your Coach to listen to anything that he believes will make the team better. It works both ways thats why you can’t assign blame to only 1 person.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    doesn’t the gm on this team handle personnel decisions?
    Shanny doesn’t work here any more, right?

  • Tom9798

    Mr. East . . . I posted this blog a week ago . . . and my worst fear is becoming more real . . .

    “There is the possibility that Jay Cutler decided in his heart that he no longer wanted to be part of the Bronco organization when Shannahan was fired . . . period.

    He was extremely unhappy with Pat Bowlen and felt betrayed that this man could have fired his coach . . .

    He did not know McD or Xanders at the time . . . and it didn’t matter . . . after they came on the scene . . . his decision clarified . . .

    He has not answered Pat Bowlen’s phone calls for one reason . . . he does not like Pat Bowlen and no longer wants to work for the man.”

    In two different blogs . . . I also intimated that Jay will end up in Tampa Bay . . . which is were Bus Cook wanted him in the first place . . . and probably would have gone down . . . if Belichick hadn’t decided to twist the stiletto in McD’s back and trade Cassel to K.C. . . . leaving the Broncos to take it on the face . . . and Jay still not wanting to play for Pat Bowlen . . . regardless who the coach was . . .

    If you have time . . . read this post from Tampa Bay . . . .

  • Tom9798

    Mr. East . . . as a sidenote . . . .

    What Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler had was special! . . . what Jeremy Bates and Jay Cutler had was special! . . . . these three people put in the 15 hour days getting Jay to the probowl . . . .

    They were the impetus of the offense . . . . it truly is a shame that there was not this type of chemistry on the defensive side of the ball . . . it cost Shanny his job . . . Jeremy recognized it and went to USC . . . and Jay was left to hoping the new regime had that kind of devotion and trust . . . yeah right . . .

    McD can only hope in his tenure to ever build that type of relationship . . . . but I do not think it will be with Jay Cutler . . .

    he wanted Cassel . . . understandably . . . he was his clay to mold with . . . now he will have to wash his hands and find a new mold . . .

  • jcampb72

    Dee, how is trading for a worse qb making the team better. Wanting Cassel is a sign of lazyness from the coach. I don’t mind that he wants to win now but Cutler is a better QB hands down.

  • (dee)


    Obviously you have a different opinion than the coach, thats fine. I only support his desire to make the trade if HE BELIEVES it will help this team win now. I may not agree with stuff he does in the future, but on this one I do. Plus he didnt trade him, only listened to offers.. too many people are hung up on that he tried to trade him, if he really wanted to than the deal would already be done.

  • jcampb72

    You agree with the trying to trade cutler for cassel? wow. Why try to fix something that aint broke? The d needs help not the O. Not scoring enough had a lot to do with field position, which is the D and ST fault. With his super play calling ability he could make the 2nd ranked O number 1 overall, right? The last thing that needed to be changed was cutler, thats all im saying.

  • Brian

    I never would have thought that I put Jay Cutler in the same boat as Eddie Kennison…. quit, all I can say is that the Broncos will be around far longer than anything Jay does elsewhere. Lets get what we can for him, make the defense stronger through the draft. As I recall even Bubby Brister looked fantastic behind a good Broncos offence. SALUTE