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Published on 03/16/2009 at Mon Mar 16 11:27.
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Jay Cutler (Getty Images)

Jay Cutler (Getty Images)

Jay Cutler has requested a trade. Somebody pinch me, I think I’ve died and gone to hell.

Who’s to blame? Woody Paige makes a lot of great points in his latest piece for the Denver Post, none more so than this: there’s plenty of blame to go around. Owner, coach, player and agent all share the blame in this massive disaster in Denver. And in the end, everyone loses.

But Josh McDaniels has shown that he is grossly under-prepared to manage a professional football franchise. Blame the agent all you want; he was doing his job. Both player and agent will come out much richer for it.

If only McDaniels had done his. McDaniels’ job includes preparing for agent-player-drama and dousing the flames before the smoke even starts. Cutler’s agent Bus Cook took this silly putty of a rookie coach in his hands and twisted him, turned him, and shaped him into a Rocky Mountain punchline. Then he left the Denver Broncos with the mess.

McDaniels should have seen this coming. The fans did. He had every opportunity to make it right.

And all it took was four little words: “Jay, you’re my guy.”

The coach couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say those words. His foolish pride wouldn’t let him. He was more concerned with sending a message that he – and let’s not joke that it’s Pat Bowlen – runs the show.

This is the show you want to pride yourself in running, Josh McDaniels?

Now the Broncos are faced with a no-win situation. There is no way Jay Cutler is a Bronco on opening day 2009. Even if the Broncos sit on Cutler and ignore his trade request, the rift is too great and the risk along with it for the Broncos to take their chances with #6 this season. If things go south – and who doesn’t believe they would – McD would have to bench Jay-C, his stock would fall, and the Broncos would be left trading him for much less

No, Cutler will be traded. There’s no escaping that now. And while everyone has played a part in this ridiculous drama, it was McDaniels’ job to fix it. He failed. The Broncos – and more so, the fans – will pay the price. We’ll start over in 2010 with a new coach and have to refresh this franchise. The pieces were in place to win now — now it’s a rebuilding process that will take at least two or three seasons.

And the Broncos are left looking for the next John Elway again.

Josh McDaniels: Dead Man Walking.

Who is most to blame for the Jay Cutler trade situation?

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  • ryan

    Yup winning means your better period. Lets follow this logic.

    1. Will Perdue is better than Karl Malone

    2. Steve Kerr is Better than John Stockon

    3. Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino and Jim Kelly

    This Makes Tons of Sense So Lets Keep Going…

    4. Bret Boone is better than Ken Griffey Jr.

    5. Chad Pennington, Kerry Collins, and TARVARIS JACKSON are better than Jay Cutler because they made it to the playoffs.

    Yup, that kind of thinking is really worth sharing with the world.

  • champ2203

    ryan and kyle agreed 100%

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    My point is before you go on a mission to become the highest paid QB in history than you might want to have gone to the playoffs first.

  • ryan

    No that was not your point, read your comment again.

  • juice

    I think this is regime change… I think the main reason that Shannahan was fired is because his personnel decisions. He put too much value in the players he drafted, the players that were his!

    And this has obviously crept into the mindsets of the players… they they’ve already proven they belong because they got drafted or signed here! It just seems complacent to me…

    I know that in my job, when I got a new boss, I had to adapt to the way he wanted things… I didn’t just sit around and say, “you can’t hire new people, the old boss hired us, and we did just fine before you.”

    I love that McD is going to make this a team first team!

    I think this is more a reflection of Jay’s character: he’d rather be paid on potential than have to prove he’s worth the money.

  • rcsodak

    After reading your “opine” on blaming the entire fiasco on McD, and following it up with ” Who is most to blame for the Jay Cutler trade situation?”, there IS only one possible answer. Way to look like CNN/USA Today pollsters. :rollseyes:

    Here’s how I see it:
    Cutler asked to be traded after he lost his two BFF. McD took him to task and attempted to bring in THE qb that he raised from a pup and won 11 games with. Bellychuck outed his pupil, knowing the rukus it’d bring. Now Cutler is crying like a baby, that he feels “disrespected”. Plus, he’s pissed that his backup is making more in base salary than he is. Cutler wants to go somewhere that he can get a new contract and signing bonus, instead of PROVING he’s worth what he’s already received. In my opinion, he’s still got some proving to do. In the last 4 games, when denver NEEDED to win just one more game, he went 0-4, and threw 4td’s/5int’s, defense be damned! That is not worthy of a new contract.
    He has said he’ll not attend any ‘non-mandatory’ meetings, but will the mandatory. Guess we’ll see.

  • Bronco-fangal

    Here are my 2 cents – Cutler could have used this as an opportunity to start leading this team. This shows his selfish youth and immaturity! What did Cook acheive for Farve? Nothing! He wont have near the integrity leaving the league like he could have – so Cutler has the same advisor – oh NO!!! Have the two guys McKid and BabyJay, go out for a beer – it can be worked out. Like Mecklenberg says – its about the DENVER BRONCOS, not the Cutlers and the MARSHALLS – grow up boys (Million dollar babies – rather).

  • urway2hot2hold

    i agree there is a lot of blame to go around, i do blame everyone involved-everyone acted immature and unprofessional. i do put most of the blame on Josh McDanields though. he hasn’t even coached his first game and he’s trying to take away our franchise, trying to take away the one thing Denver has truly had to believe in since John Elway and the worst part is, he won’t stop lying about it. i believe that if Josh McDaniles was straight up with Cutler and the media in the beginning this wouldn’t still be an issue. Cutler was our man before McDaniels was. i stand behind Jay Cutler.

  • WhidbeyBronco