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Published on 03/13/2009 at Fri Mar 13 01:23.
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UPDATE: Jenkins ran a 4.47 low and a 4.52 high at his pro day and his private workout is moved to the middle of next week, per I’m certain the two are unrelated. Denver will still be the first to get a crack at Jenkins.

According to Ohio State cornerback Malcolm Jenkins’ first private workout will be with the Denver Broncos next Friday some time in the middle of next week. Also according to an interview Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji said he also has a private workout with Denver on Friday March 20th. According to PFT Connecticut’s running back Donald Brown will have his own workout come March 24th, the day before his pro day. Brown would be the second running back to workout for the Broncos. Small christian college Liberty’s Rashad Jennings worked out for Denver just last Sunday, March 8th.

The Draft is a little over a month away, it is good to see Denver checking out the top prospects available within their reach, that being Raji and Jenkins. It is no surprise to anyone if Raji falls the Broncos would be foolish not to select him. Now the prospect of Jenkins as a first rounder for Denver would make a statement. Perhaps Mike Nolan isn’t exactly planning for an antique secondary after all. McDaniels giving Brown and Jennings a workout causes some intrigue as well. All in all this is a smart move regardless of the level of interest. It’s good to see the front office is on the ball with this.

Here’s a quick synopsis of these players.


  • Name: Malcolm Jenkins
  • School: Ohio State
  • Standing: Senior
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 204 (Combine)
  • Pro Day 40: 4.47
  • Round: Top 20 overall
  • Pros: Malcolm Jenkins has amazing size for a corner. Jenkins is the 2008 Jim Thorpe Award Winner, which puts him in the same company as Deion Sanders, Charles Woodson, Antoine Windfield, Roy Williams, Terrance Newman, Carlos Rodgers, Michael Huff, Aaron Ross, and Antoine Cason. Thats a pretty good list of company to be in the same sentence with. Jenkins is known for his great instincts and leadership shown during game time. Here’s some highlights and his combine footage.
  • Cons: The big question about Jenkins is his ability to play corner in the NFL with his linear speed. Jenkins was clocked at a 4.55 at the combine. UPDATE: Jenkins ran a 4.47 at his pro day which is closer to the speed teams want out of him.The instincts Jenkins possesses may allow him to keep with top receivers but his speed could leave him behind and better suited at free safety. Jenkins said in an interview with NFL Network at the combine that he wasn’t sure he was going to run the 40 at his pro day, which I believe is ill advised. Hopefully the nation will see a 40 around 4.5 or lower.


  • Name: B.J. Raji
  • School: Boston College
  • Standing: Senior
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 331 (Pro Day)
  • Combine 40: 5.13
  • Round: Top 12 overall
  • Pros: This Boston College manbeast eats up blocks like no other. Raji is very good at not over pursuing and returning to the ball. Seriously, if you don’t believe me check it here and here. Here’s his combine footage.
  • Cons: Raji has encountered some maturity problems, which include being academically ineligible the 2007 season and he was also ejected from a game in 2006 due to throwing a punch. However, Raji has rebounded to a problem free 2008 season and has been impressing scouts not only with his skills but his personality as well. His weight has been fluctuating a few pounds here and there but he stated that it is just due to his hectic schedule and when things calm down he’ll be back on routine. Here is his interview with the NFL Network.


  • Name: Donald Brown
  • School: Connecticut
  • Standing: Junior
  • Height: 5’10
  • Weight: 210 (Combine)
  • Combine 40: 4.51
  • Round: 1-2
  • Pros: Donald Brown put up huge numbers at Connecticut through the years, totaling 3,800 yards in 3 seasons and 2,083 of those yards came this last season alone. Brown is a very patient back which would benefit him behind Denver’s offensive line. Also, Brown has great vision and just like Terrell Davis Brown is great at getting his shoulders square to the line of scrimmage. Drafting Brown is an interesting situation because he is way to entirely high for 12 and will be gone by 48. If Denver wants to land Brown some type of trade will have to be initiated. Here is his combine footage.
  • Cons: Some analysts have asked why Brown didn’t beat last years’ starter Andre Dixon. Brown’s ability to run the ball north to south is also questionable. Durability and ball security have come into question as well. Brown has been recommended to gain some weight to deal with a full time workload in the NFL.


  • Name: Rashad Jennings
  • School: Liberty
  • Standing: Junior
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight: 231 (Pro Day)
  • Pro Day 40: 4.52
  • Round: 4-5
  • Pros: Jennings has been labeled a ‘work horse’ style back. Jennings isn’t the fastest back out there but he is quite fast for his size. A true north to south runner, Jennings will run you right over. Jennings is extremely productive, he has totaled 4,051 yards and 42 touchdowns in his career. In every single game of 2008 Jennings played he tallied at least 100 all purpose yards, only one game where he did not rush for 100 yards, but he ran for 56 and caught for 54. Jennings will most likely be available in the later rounds and Denver has an abundance of those picks. Here is his combine footage and a highlight reel.
  • Cons: Jennings is from the Division I-AA, has never really played against any big namers, and possibly the hardest opposing team was Coastal Carolina. Since Jennings doesn’t have great speed he will be caught by some linebackers and most safeties. Jennings also had problems Pittsburgh before transferring to Liberty.

What do you think Bronco Nation? Should Denver add to the crowded running back situation via this year’s draft? What about Jenkins and Raji? Could the draft be any freakin’ farther away!? Air it out! Also, keep a look out for my updated mock draft to be released soon.

  • Ralphie

    Re: Jennings — “possibly the hardest opposing team was Coastal Carolina. ”


    You have GOT to be kidding me. Do you have any idea of how BAD Coastal Carolina has been the past few years? Jennings played tougher opponents while at Liberty, and MUCH tougher during his freshman year at Pitt — you DID know he went there, right? PLEASE tell me you did SOME homework on the guy. Listing Coastal as a tough opponent makes me wonder.

  • NathanH

    I think Quinn and the 5th would be amazing value. Quinn could develop real nicely under McDaniels, and with the 5th, we could nab Raji, and then I’d definatly trade down with the 12th to nab some more 2nds.

  • Richard

    (dee) Kerry NathanH Be careful, making anti Cutler statements on this board could leave you open to Ad Hominum attack. Not that I would advocate it, but there are alternatives. Should “he who can not be named” decline to show up Monday, its nice to know there are alternatives that aren’t horrible. It just takes a little creative thinking, unless of course, you happen to be a fair weather idiot, whatever that is?

  • Hansen

    That comment is very funny actually. I agree with you, it is bruised, but at least the cleat didnt get caught inside.

    I have to agree, this whole thing is now getting old. If he is gone, so be it. I admit I am excited about what we get in return. Depending on the number of picks we potentially could get, this episode could be a step back setting up a foundation for several steps forward.

  • broncoNM

    Just curious… Has there been actual reports of Cleveland being interested in a trade or is this just a scenerio thats being tossed around on this thread?

  • Josh

    Ah sh#* Denver Post just reported that Cutler put his house on the market. No joke.

  • T-Money

    Tell me something I don’t already know.

  • Bleading O&B

    Ok first I gotta say this I love Cutler and really want him to stay… It is career suicide if he goes to the lions

    If he does want out let him go for a bunch of pick two #1s or a #1 and two #2

    Then we go out and sign Mike Vick Are defense could be amazing with all those picks and who doesnt love watching Vick play…

    Does anyone love or hate this Idea

  • Richard

    Bleading O&B Mike Vick NO! Brady Quinn from Cleveland YES. You have the right idea, if Cutler can’t figure out that he’s better off here than in Detroit, then lets make the most of the decision he’s forcing the Broncos to make. Lemonade anyone?

  • NathanH

    Vick could never survive in McDaniels system.

    Lets stop talking about Cutler.

    Malcolm Jenkins really helped himself out at his pro day. I think his future in the league is at corner despite the talk of him being a saftey prospect. He has great leadership and his man coverage is very solid.

  • Mr.East


    You’re right this a draft article. Jenkins has great instincts and I wouldn’t angry at all if Denver selects him at 12, given Raji isn’t still available. Bringing Donald Brown in is a very interesting move, its not saying Denver is going to select him, but they are interested.

  • 5280

    Only an idiot would take a phone call regarding a Cassel for Cutler trade. And hey, you don’t see ME venting to the media. (visualize one of those stupid smiley face emoticons right here). I’m more than a little ticked at both sides.

  • 5280

    Only an idiot would take a phone call regarding a Cassel for Cutler trade. And hey, you don’t see ME venting to the media. (visualize one of those stupid smiley face emoticons right here). I’m more than a little ticked at both sides.

  • 5280

    There’s an echo in here.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I wasn’t the topic changer (Richard – may I call you Dick?)but I’m happy to get off the TIRED QB topic. Besides we’re set there.

    The more I look at our draft options, unless we could get Raji at #12 (we’ve already rejected the offers to trade up) highly highly unlikely… I wonder, does anybody have any insight as to who’d like to trade up to our spot? Glancing over East’s mock draft (really the best one out there) I’m pretty comfortable with any of the next six or seven available players and a good 2nd rounder.

  • Tom9798

    Hansen . . . . I chose your #29 blog as the best I read . . . I needed some levity, humor and a damned good laugh!

    JordanC . . . definitely agree with Pat White . . . If Jay decides to sit under the palapa with a left-handed smoke until they trade him . . .I’d let Pat start, let him run, let him throw . . . has Bronco written all over him . . . maybe Chris Simms will learn from him . . . . and I agree with Tyson Jackson and Kyle Moore . . . a little attitude . . . .

    Mr. East . . . . absolutlely loved your comment on choosing Chris Simms . . . that his father Phil might have to lay off the negative slant while announcing Bronco games . . . great insight!

  • T-Money

    Here’s a good little tid-bit about LT and the thought of Denver, and Rich Eisen on the Cutler Situation…

    It’s just another opinion people. Gotta look at all the sides.

  • (dee)

    According to the Denverpost’s Mike Klis…Cutler will report to Monday’s team meeting with McD. Hurray? I dont think I care anymore.

  • (dee)


    I am anything but a fair weather fan, I loved this team when Griese was the quarterback… I thought Plummer was amazing even though he has his bad jack moments….

    but… “he who can not be named” is acting like a bitch , and I’m not into bitches…

  • (dee)

    *bad jake

  • inrodwetrust

    I have had enough of the “Jays of our lives” so in real news, it looks like we signed an offensive Lineman Scott Young, originally drafted by the eagles but he is coming from the browns. This guys is an athlete that was just 2 reps shy of the 225 pound bench press record at the combine with 43. He has very little playing time to base an opinion of, but he looks ok on paper: Height: 6-4 Weight: 312 Age: 27

  • ryan

    So now that we have established that Jay Cutler is, selling his house, a baby, hiding behind Bus, has a bruised vagina, and is Jeff George II, maybe we can get back to talking about the draft.

    As we make the switch to the 3-4 I would love to see us get a hybrid LB/DE guy. Orakpo would be nice but will probably be off the board. E Brown would also be nice but he might be gone. I think Maybin was a bit of a dud, speed wise, at the combine. I still the R. Malaluga would be a nice speed rusher in the mold of James Harrision in a 3-4. It might be too high but I think we should find a way to go after Larry English, who has shown versatility and could drop into coverage and rush the passer.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Bad Dee.
    Griese was great (especially when he beat the Raiders with a dislocated shoulder. Loved his last win in college over Leaf and company with his Dad commentating. Awesome. He had half the team against him and hurt himself falling down the stairs drunk…

    I’m from Phx, watched Jake come back against Ohio State with one shoe on (only to lose it when his D let em walk down the field for a last second score) I also remember him assaulting two women at the Devil House (Tempe meat market) He was still kicking at the women as security dragged him off. Loved his interception-free streak with us and could have predicted the moment he broke it! Ouch. If Shanny would have trusted him against Pittsburgh, we’d have either gone to the Superbowl or gone down in flames … wish he had the shot at it tho. I bet the Tampa fans are calling him a bitch! It’s just business tho Jake!

    He who can’t be named (Harry Potter? nice!) sure is bad, huh? I’m thinking direct the bitch comment to the mirror.

    Meanwhile, we signed a guard eh? That’s twelve Linemen I think, I wonder if we’ll draft another center in the late rounds? We’re really setting up some competition at nearly every position, I like it! Can’t wait for the draft! Unless we can land a future (potential) star at CB or Safety, I really hope we take the best Nose Guard type lineman available.

    It’s going to take time for all these new players to gel. Looks like another rebuilding year. One can hope though.

  • ryan

    Oh few more things.

    1. Seems like Jennings out of Liberty is a poor mans Torian, yet it might be the other way around since Torian can’t stay healthy. I know that Jennings ran a 4.6 does anyone know what Torian ran in the 40?

    2. With Marshall possibly being out a good chunk of the season, I would like to see us use a mid round pick on Collie out of BYU, looks like a clone of David Anderson, who Houston decided to keep. Or we could look at Ramses Barden who at 6’6 230 lbs. and pretty good hands seems pretty tempting.

  • kerry

    ok whoever thinks Michael Vick should be the QB here is a retard. plain and simple. Vick is a bum and has never won anything except first prize in a dogfighting contest. and all these guys that are being brought in for private workouts make me yawn except Raji. Jenkins is too slow to be an NFL CB, Brown is NOWHERE near deserving of a first round grade let alone the 12th overall pick. oh and neither is Rashad Jennings. but its so nice that we are bringing in defensive backs when McDickless already signed Dawkins, Goodman and Hill. and we already have Williams, Bailey and Barrett in the secondary. oh did i forget to mention anyone who wants Michael Vick is a retard?? that seriously is the stupidest idea in the history of football. well maybe second stupidest to Reeves wanting Tommy Maddox over John Elway.

  • Richard

    (dee) I’m sure you’re a loyal fan, the barb was not pointed at you.

  • Richard

    kerry do you think Tyson Jackson would be the guy at 12 or would you rather trade down? I agree on Jenkins, I think he’s a smokescreen. No reason to address DB when the cupboard is bare at DE.

  • Mr.East


    Once again you read the article, bash all the comments you disagree with and only take out of it what you want.At least you’re consistent.

    Are you seriously implying that Denver would spend their 12th pick on Brown or Jennings? Are they only allowed to work out top 15 picks all of the sudden?

    Malcolm Jenkins ran a 4.47 so what? Nate Clements ran much slower than that. Is Jenkins not at least deserving of a workout? If you don’t think so then that explains why you aren’t scouting for any team. Yeah we don’t need to look at any defensive backs because of all the youthful guys you mentioned. The Vikings had Chester Taylor a 1,400 rusher and they drafted Peterson. That was a stupid move wasn’t it?

    Seriously think more instead of getting that rush of slamming people and posting your half thought up opinions.

  • (dee)

    Rchard – thanks for the clarification.


    – The bitch coment remains, I refuse to believe he is hurt, other than the bruised…. . I think he simply wants out , hey there is nothing wrong with that , just dont be a bitch about it .

    Thats it I’m going to talk about the situation anymore … I’ve said my piece, back to the draft …

    I can see them taking Jenkins, but I think it would be a mistake. I guess it depends on how much he impresses at the private workour and also whether he warms to the idea of playing safety. McD has said he wants players that can perform well in several different roles.

  • (dee)


    Seahawks deal Peterson to Lions for Cory Redding ….
    source – Peter King

    Now that Seattle has a DT would they still draft Raji? or maybe go for an OT…. Raji will fall but then most likely be taken by Cincy or GB. Mr East does this in any way affect our drafting strategy? I think it most a little.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    sorry, I’ll zip it too. Feel dumb for going on about it…

    Jenkins… really NOT loving him at #12!! #20? Maybe if we get a good 2nd to move there. I want raw speed at CB. Or size with good speed… how is 6′ “amazing size for a corner”?

    Draft some prospects in the later rounds, DL in the early rounds and let Champ actually cover receivers this year.

  • (dee)

    I think Mcd could really want him Jenkins to make the switch to FS since there isn’t any elite FS in the draft now that Mays chose to stay in school… good for him, bad for us.

    Jenkins would be able to learn from Champ and Dawkins, not bad I say. I think somehow Gm X will try to get another 2nd or 3rd. If someone is dumb enough to pay high for Scheffler we might be in business. How about the Eagles? I dont think they’ve resigned LJ Smith

  • (dee)

    Just a hunch, if Detroit doesnt take a QB or Curry .. do they move down from 1 to 5 and draft Raji? and in the process accumulate more picks?

    Actually its the Lions so what am I thinking?…Nevermind

  • T-Money


    I wouldn’t be surprised if you they didn’t take a QB. In fact a lot of the newer Mock Drafts agree with you.

  • (dee)


    I realize about skipping the QB, but would they pass up on Curry? to get Raji? Now that Redding is gone.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I was trying to get some info about the Seahawks, fan takes, rumors and such… weak sites. Thanks to the powers that be here for this most excellent place for us to obsess over our team!

  • T-Money


    I doubt it, but like you said. We are talking about the Detroit Lions

  • Joe

    Denver Post is reporting that Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, said that Cutler will “mostly Likely” attend the meeting in Denver on Monday. So all this shit will blow over.

  • kerry


    yes i think Tyson Jackson would be a great pick at 12. in fact thats who i predict denver will select if Raji isnt available. a trade down could also be in order because Ron Brace could be a damn good NT to be selected around the 20-28 range. it all starts up front with the D-line and Jackson or Brace or if at all possible, both, would be a great way to start. i could see a trade down to a lower pick in the 17- 20 range and selecting Jackson while getting another 3rd rounder, then packaging our 2nd one of our 3rd’s and maybe a 5th to move back into the first round to select Ron Brace.

    but Jenkins is a huge reach at 12, Vontae Davis is a more pure and fundamentally sound CB then Jenkins and isnt slated to go higher then 15. with all the moves Mcdumbass has made it all points to D-line being addressed first and foremost.

  • kerry

    Mr East:

    right on cue you start whining about what i post. and of course you cry about anyone who doesnt give you immense praise or even remote agreement for the articles you post. last time i checked i dont have agree with or even like anything anyone posts. you think everything you post is just gonna be agreed with or even liked?? NO!!!

  • T-Money


    Why are you the only one that brings all the personal attacks out. You are entitled to your own opinion… so is everybody else. Here’s a news flash…you are incredibly hypercritical. You bash East about bashing you. “you think everything you post is just gonna be agreed with or even liked?? NO!!!”… I could say the same for you.

  • Mr.East


    I wouldn’t whine about what you write if it wasn’t so half thought out. You bashed on someone for saying Vick should be the QB… what a waste of time. I never said you had to agree with me, there again you had to take out of what I wrote to make it what you want it to be.

    Dear god at least have a comeback about football instead of “me getting immense praise.” I could care less what you or many others think, I write what I write as a hobby not an ego booster.

    Next time try to have a little bit about football in there, seeing how this is what the site is for.

  • T-Money

    You just go served!