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Published on 03/12/2009 at Thu Mar 12 08:48.
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Styg50 over at our Bronco blog counterpart, Mile High Report has an excellent theory writeup detailing how Bus Cook (Jay Cutler’s Agent) could be behind this recent fiasco along with very plausible motives.  Interesting pieces of history on Cook’s QBs in this article as well.  I’ll leave you with a section off of Styg’s article, but I highly recommend the full read.

Jay Cutler Saga

This one has only just begun, but make no mistake, Bus Cook is after something, and he will use Cutler and the Broncos to get it.  It could barely be avoided when it was about Bus, Favre and the Packers.  Now it is about us, and we won’t get away from it anytime soon.  Before the Shanahan firing, Cook was sure that Cutler was going to get the largest contract in NFL history in 2010.  But with the advent of McXanders, and the Broncos new cap-friendly cash plans, that contract isn’t realistic.  For the Broncos.

  • NathanH

    I think he’s behind it. But he’s doing his job, be it sleazy, and I’m not one to knock the hustle. I just hope he realizes what he could do to Jay’s career. Is it worth the money if you’re playing for the Lions?

  • The Sports Guru

    While it is going to be popular sentiment to say that Cook is merely doing his job, the fact remains he uses these types of public drama over and over again, as talked about in the story.

    There are ways to go about doing things and Bus Cook seems to take this route, trying to drive a wedge between the Broncos and Jay Cutler by using the emotion of the fans. That is what is bush league to me.

    Thanks for the link, guys!

  • mikebirty

    is bus cook behind this? Yes.
    Next question.


    I hate that guy, he is a sleeze bag. We should name him Bus Madoff Cook, he will do anything for the $$. Cutler is too good for that guy and I hope that Jay is not in this just for the money.

  • Stav

    we could all jam up his website e-mail if we go here and just let him know how much of a douchebag he is for attempting to ruin our team:,com_contact/task,view/contact_id,1/Itemid,3/

    Obviously Cutler is going to get paid, but to orchestrate something like this, what a scumbag.

  • OnePissedBroncoFan

    It is the job of any good agent to get your guy the best contract that he can…duh! I don’t know why people are wanting to blame the agent the total cluster that McDaniels create. I don’t think the agent had anything to do having McDaniels start negotiations with the Pats for Cassel (who is by far a no where near the caliber of a QB as Cutler)…that was all McDaniel’s doing!! STOP trying to deflect the blame for the person who is really responsible for this mess!!

    Lets get one thing clear…McDaniels F’d it up and the situation at hand is exclusively his fault. Cutler is the best chance at a Franchise QB the Broncos have had since Elway left and what does the new coach do but attempt to trade him away for a less capable QB. I mean jeez what the hell are you thinking McDaniels…GOD I could just scream!!!

    The one thing the Broncos had going for them was thier QB position. That was the one position that needed no help!! The defense needed much help being one of the lowest in the NFL last season…so FIX that!! Also, the RB situation, jeez they are all broken…one after another…ya think you might need to fix that as well?!?!?! FIX the stuff that needs to be fixed and leave the sh*t that work alone!!

    I was very awestruck when the Broncos let Shannahan go at the end of the season and thought it was a big mistake. Now with the antics of this so called new head coach I am now more than ever convinced that it was a HUGE mistake to let him go!!

    I am and always will be a Boncos fan!! But Bowlen should seriously consider the hiring/firing of McDaniels to save what is left of his team!! And I am not the only one that thinks this way. There are several articles out there, written by people with more credibility than myself, that express this idea as well!!

    God (if there is one) save the Broncos….

  • T-Money

    “Here’s another guy that I want to hit over the head with a pic axe and leave him bleeding under the moonlight…” ~George Carlin

  • Broncofan4life

    This thing is getting out of hand.
    Coach McDaniels, we have a quarterback that three fourths of the league is salivating over. Sure, he’s 25 and a bit full of himself, but he has the potential to mature and be great.
    I know you’re afraid of setting a bad precedent, but it wouldn’t kill you to placate his ego a bit here.
    Get on the next plane to Nashville, book yourself a nice room, and GO FIND JAY CUTLER! Buy him a couple of beers, talk to him man to man and fix this thing!! No agents, no press, just two guys talking. You do this, and your stock as head coach and leader will go up, and we can get all get back to thinking about next season.

  • Socal Den Fan

    I’m getting very tired of this sh*t!! Jay needs to be a man sometimes sh*t happens move on and play football. Jay needs to do his talking on the field show what he can do in this system and that this team deep into the playoffs.You want that fat payday earn that money Jay.I have always been a fan of jay since draft day so I believe he can take us to the top he needs to take control of this big problem and come in work his ass off and get better. The broncos will not deny him the big pay day if he earns it. The broncos and jay need to stop their bitching and just play football and win some games.

  • Anthony

    I knew from the beginning that Bus Cook was brainwashing Jay. This guy is fucking scum, look how he ruined the relationship between the Packers and Brett Favre, the guy is a piece of shit, period.

  • Pete

    I am with Anthony 100%.
    From day 2 I said “his agent is behind this to get him a record contract, cause the Broncos will have to show their loyalty through a huge payday”…. looks like I was right.
    Bus Cook is scum. Hopefully this backfires on him and Cutler fires his ass and then hires someone with integrity to get his next deal, and takes a page from people like Tom Brady (who I HATE) and takes less than market value, that way the team can sign players they need to help the team succeed.

  • Jim

    Lawyers and Agents (usually the same), should be a lesser crime to get rid of them. Like a speeding ticket less.

  • broncoNM

    Lets say that GMX/McD are crazy/dumb enough to trade Cutler to Det/Minn/TB etc. for a 1st and 2nd rd draft pick OR 1st, 3rd, 4th draft pick. Could we even afford to sign 2 first round draft picks along with the other slew of draft picks we already have? That seems like alot of money and not enough cap space. Im not sure how it all works but it seems it would be hard to pay so many early round high dollar rookies? Along with the fact that we would be without a franchise QB which we would eventually have to find and pay. Seems alot easier to pay Jay hand him the ball and tell him to go play. I could be way off…just wondering.

  • Andpark

    I agree, lets pay Cutler and just been done with it. If that’s what this is all about for Jay then do it. I am seeing a lot of poor leadership from McD and this would at least patch things up a little bit.

    I am going to cry for a week if Simms plays even a minute of Bronco football let alone start this season. Please, pretty please give Jay a huge check and long term contract and have this be over.

  • OnePissedBroncoFan

    I think Cutler has already done his talking on the field. He had an awesome year and made it to the Pro Bowl…that is a lot of talk!! He out performed Cassel and yet they were eager to trade him away for Cassel…WTF?? Think about what Cutler did…for the last half of the season he lead the Broncos almost into the playoffs with NO running game because all the backs were injured!!

    I don’t know much about this agent of Cutler’s, however, that is neither here nor there. The issue at hand is solely due to the actions of McDaniels seeking a trade for Cutler in the first place!! I am sure that you can argue that the agent was trying to get way too much money for Cutler, but do you honestly think they were going to be able to pay Cassel peanuts?!?!

  • Dakota fan

    Broncofan4life- I agree that’s what McD should do (go to Jay’s place), but pro athletes don’t take a leak without their agent holding their member for them…

    Sorry for being so crude, but remember the story of when Lombardi (Vince not Vic) traded Jim Ringo because he refused to deal with Ringo’s agent? I’d say times have changed a bit since then.

    I read the story on Mile High Report about Bus Cook. I knew that most sports agents were pretty slick, but I had forgotten Brett Favre’s antics, because who gives a crap about Brett Favre? Such will be the attitude if Jay Cutler keeps this guy as an agent.

  • Panamanian Bronco

    I think we should kick both of them, Jay C. and MacDaniels.

    We should hire Spagnuolo instead.

  • dazbroncos

    Where there is smoke there is fire. And we have fire (JC) and Nitro (Mcidiot) right now. Look to the left and you’ll see Pus…i mean Bus Cook revving the engine and fanning flames.

    It is his job to look out for his client, yes, just like he did for Favre. JC should get big $$ AFTER this year when he has another PB year. And therein lies the issue. He hasn’t had this year yet. JC should be the QB here and the leader and MCdaniels should be the coach… but they need to work together and i dont think that Bus Cook is helping right now.

  • Broncoholic

    Of course Cook has been the “source close to the situation” that has been leaking everything to the media. You can’t believe any of what has been leaked b/c it is obvious that Cook has his own agenda and he’s using the media as a means to his end.

    The linked article suggests that Cook is playing Cutler as well as the Broncos for his own greedy purposes and I can only hope that is true. If so then Cutler has a chance at waking up and dumping Cook. My fear is that Jay is on-board with Cook’s latest plan for that eye popping contract.

    As much as I would love to see us give Cutler a contract extension, if Cutler & Cook are seeking the biggest contract of all time then it very well could handicap the Broncos in their ability to fund a TEAM that is capable of seriously contending for a title.

    If Cutler is as greedy as Cook it will seriously hamper whatever team signs him to that huge deal and would likely mean that he never can compete for a SB title.

    Cutler – You’re already rich and you will get paid very well when you sign your next deal regardless of who’s representing you. Dump Cook and help us bring a Championship back to Denver! Please!

  • SivNiz

    OnePissedBroncoFan, Jay asked to be traded…

  • OnePissedBroncoFan

    SivNiv…It was my understanding that he never asked to be traded until AFTER he found out that plans were in the works to trade him for Cassel. After that fell through and he found this out then he asked to be traded…right??

  • Kawike

    Jay asked to be traded after Jeremy Bates went to USC.

  • OnePissedBroncoFan


    I don’t think what you are saying is correct. The link below is to an ESPN article regarding the sh*t McDaniels started. In there it states nothing about Cutler requesting to be traded earlier and that being the reason they were shopping Cutler for Cassel. On the contrary, it states that Cutler was taken back by the trade deal when he discovered it and was actually “confused” was the word ESPN used.–Spurned-Cutler-wants-to-be-traded.html

    This next link is comments from Cutler regarding the trading as well. No where does it mention any prior requests by Cutler to be traded BEFORE this McDaniels crap started!

  • Mr.East


    According to Peter King’s article he asked to be traded when Bates left for USC.

  • Broncoholic

    The report that Cutler asked to be traded once Bates left was leaked to the media after this whole mess had brewed for a while (I’m assuming after the articles you linked, OnePissedBroncosFan). I believe that teh Cutler being asked for a trade was the one piece of all the leaked info that came from the Broncos. All the other leaks came from Cook, IMO. I don’t think we can believe any of this BS b/c it’s coming from people with alternate agendas and most likely are half-truths at best. This is all just posturing by Cook to try to lay the foundation for a huge payoff. I wouldn’t buy into anything that the “source close to the situation” tells the media, it’s a load of BS. Cook is making McD/the Broncos look bad through the media. People are jumping to conclusions based on lies and half-truths.

  • jcampb72

    I would have liked to get byron leftwich better than simms. Also, conspiracy talk is dumb.

  • Mr.East

    Leftwich is the black Chris Simms… used to start, can be very inconsistent, but makes a hell of a good backup.

  • OnePissedBroncoFan

    I did more looking around and there is ONE and only ONE article that orginated by Peter King regarding Cutler asking for a trade but that is the only article I can find. That seems a little strange to me…something that big should have been all over the place like this current incident is. There are many sports sites that are writing about this McDaniels trade fiasco but only ONE writes about Cutler asking for a trade at the end of the regular season…something smells a littel fishy here. It is also my understanding that King is not held in high regards as to being and accurate/factual writer…wrong more times than right.

  • WhidbeyBronco


  • ryan

    Its wild that if you think about all the areas that McDaniels would change when he was hired, the last, I repeat, the last area would have been QB. I thought were were going to be all over defensive players like a Patriot coach on opponent practice tapes. Just crazy.

  • The Sports Guru

    @ OnePissedBroncoFan

    There is no reasoning with you because you have allowed yourself to be controlled by the MSM. Who do you think gave ESPN, CBS4, DP, et al all those juicy tidbits? BUS COOK!!!

    Again, look at the timeline of the whole thing. When certain news broke. I have written about it and can point you to it if you’d like.

    That said, if you have already laid blame at the feet of McDaniels(and Bowlen and Xanders), then we can end the debate here. I was just providing another reason for all fo this that doesn’t divide the Fan Base and hass actual past history to back it up.

  • Broncoholic

    Onepissedbroncosfan: You’re buying into what Cook has been selling to the media through all of his calculated leaks. If you believe every story that you have read about this whole fiasco that has been based off of what “sources close to the situation” have said, you’re buying what Cook has been telling these MSM clowns.

    It’s very possible that your beef with McD for trying to move Cutler played out something like this: Either McD was approached by, or he approached them (NE & TB) & they discussed this whole trade scenario and McD asked for Cassell and a 1st rnd pick, or Cassell and more for the Broncos to even the trade up and when the other Side (sides) said no, McD said well then there’s no way I would ever trade Cassell for Cutler straight up, so no thanks.

    Cook then leaks his version to the MSM that McD tried to trade Cutler for Cassell and is actively shopping Cutler. Cook was pissed b/c for Cutlers name to even arise in the same breath as Cassell in a trade rumor it hurts Jay’s value in the marketplace. Cook also is no stranger to these games as referenced in the linked MHR article. Since Cook is trying to land Cutler a huge deal in the near future Cook plays these games with the media and lo and behold, fans such as Pissed (as well as countless others) are calling for McD’s head.

    Don’t buy the BS. We don’t even know how this really played out. If you were in the room with McD when this trade was discussed, you very well might be saying that he handled that ridiculous offer (or counter-offer, whichever it may have been) wonderfully. Cook is using the media and in turn us fans to his own advantage and it seems to be working for him.

  • Fan From Spain

    there is a good article on Cook here to read from March 12

  • jcampb72

    Byron Leftwhich
    Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg TD FUM Lost
    TOTAL 842; 1,438 58.6 9,624 6.7 54 38 85 418 80.3 130 378 2.9 9 32 12
    Chris Simms
    Season Team Passing Rushing Fumbles
    G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg TD FUM Lost
    TOTAL 292 494 59.1 3,094 6.3 12 17 44 322 71.2 30 52 1.7 1 9 6

    I’d say that is a big difference but I hope Simms is serviceable, hopefully he never gets to play. (knock on wood)

  • rcsodak

    Is that a Hitler mustache the chubby little weasel has?

    I’ll be damned!

  • (dee)

    Never trust anyone named “Bus” …

    Cutler do the right thing and show up on Monday, put this bull**** behind us, make MCD hate himself for ever thinking to trade you by having a great season, that is the ultimate revenge.

    This is whiny bitchy act is getting a little old now, you can be replaced, fans would be pissed initially but if the team won they would forget all about you, and your mop hair style.

  • (dee)

    I suggest we start calling Bus Cook, Bitch Cook … I like it , it has a nice ring to it?

  • T-Money

    can we please talk about something else…. maybe a CREATE-A-CAPTION or something. I feel like I’m listening to a skipping record.

  • Roy

    How’s this T-Money? Per Sporting News (via pft) the Broncs are plsnning a private workout with Ohio States Malcome Jenkins.

  • Ian Henson

    The original MHR article was so on point and poignant that I really had to sit back and just admire how much freer/quicker bloggers are than the Newspaper “journalists”.

  • Tom9798

    Of course Bus Cook is at the bottom of all the controversy . . . but he is also doing his job . . . I’ve read lot’s of nasty comments and name calling . . . but possibly he is following his client’s feelings . . . .

    There is the possibility that Jay Cutler decided in his heart that he no longer wanted to be part of the Bronco organization when Shannahan was fired . . . period.

    He was extremely unhappy with Pat Bowlen and felt betrayed that this man could have fired his coach . . .

    He did not know McD or Xanders at the time . . . and it didn’t matter . . .

    He has not answered Pat Bowlen’s phone calls for one reason . . . he does not like Pat Bowlen and no longer wants to work for the man.

    Bus then called Tampa Bay . . . Detroit . . . Minnesota . . . and whoever else . . . and said . . . “call the Broncos and see if there is any workable agreement in trading Jay Cutler.” . . . .

    McD wanted Cassel . . . and the rest is history . . . .

    One thing for sure . . . . if Jay does not show up at Dove Valley on Monday . . . . there is a very good chance that I am right . . . and he will be playing somewhere else . . . . I hope I am wrong and Jay shows up and takes control of the team . . . he has the opportunity . . .

    Could you imagine him throwing for 4,500 yds. and 25 TD’s for Tampa Bay or anyone else? . . . great for them . . . but leaves the Broncos on the short end of the stick . . . .

  • AtomicLeo

    I don’t believe Jay asked to be traded when Bates was canned. The only place I’ve seen that reported was in Peter King’s column and he not reliable. (See all the he-is-or-isn’t-he columns on Favre last year)

    I do think Cook is doing his job, getting the highest contract for his client. Jay’s career could end on a single hit. He plays a violent game that will likely lead to bad hips and knees before he’s 50 and a higher risk of dementia and alzheimer’s. As the current player’s union has made perfectly clear, no one, not the League or Union or even current players will give a damn about you once you stop playing. It’s about taking what you can when you can.

    The only thing that fixes this mess that Cassel created is a big fat contract. Except Bowlen can’t afford it right now because he’s paying Shanahan a ton of money and with the economy in the toilet look at the stadium revenue to drop. (OT: Go read ESPN’s The Sports Guys blog a week ago about the finical state of the NBA and ask yourself how close is the NFL to these same problems) Throw in a almost certain lock-out coming up n 2011, the time is now for Jay to get his big payday.

    Of course his agent is stirring the pot. Jay wants to get paid and it looks like that’s not gonna happen in Denver. McDaniels just served up a reasonable excuse and added to the mess by lying about it. This point seems to be lost on most of MSM and blog posters chiming on what a whiner Jay is. They ignore the fact that our Fearless Leader HC wanted to bag our starting QB AND first round pick for a one year wonder and then lied about. WTF? That’s not a smart football move.

    I bet Cutler doesn’t show up on Monday. This would force Denver to trade him, probably on draft day. He has all the leverage to force a trade. He will have less leverage next year even if he plays well in 2009. Makes me sad, because I have a sick feeling this like Tampa Bay trading Steve Young or Atlanta trading Favre.

    Cutler is a rare physical QB. He can make ANY throw on the football field. He can play in ANY system. In that way, he does in fact have a better arm than Elway. Jay knows that and so does the rest of the league. . Think about the number of teams who limit their offense because the QB can’t make throw. How many QBs have that ability? You can count them on one hand. That’s what makes him a top 10 QB. Which is why he doesn’t care if he’s playing in Detroit next year or Tampa or where ever because he gonna put up un-godly numbers.

    He’s only got 3 years left on his rookie contract. He will be paid (A LOT) after this year and the reality is, it won’t be in Denver

  • E-Walt

    Ultimately who gives two shakes whether Cook is to blame. McDaniel’s ineptitude opened the door for an opportunity to possibly negotiate a better deal, whether it be here or elsewhere and I find it funny this suggestion is being made on the Broncos official site. I have been a fan since birth, making trips to Greeley for camp from Texas, caught many live games, and an office full of memorabilia; spending money I really couldn’t afford to spend at the time to support the team I love so dearly. While times are tough, it won’t be the economy that dictates whether I will operate as I have in the past, it will be whether Cutler remains. As I have heard so many times…Good quarterbacks make good coaches. That couldn’t be so true. I am sure that McDaniel’s mentor will tell you that as well. Take Belichek’s stay in Cleveland for instance. Anyone remember who his quarterback was?…That’s what I thought. Genius? Another offensive coordinator poised to be the next big thing, Mangenius, single handedly was responsible for shipping Pennington out of town. Look where that got him…McFired. McDaniels it can take decades to find a franchise quarterback. Learn where your bread is buttered. Out was Leach, and possibly Sheffler and Cutler? Mr. Bowlen, you have been a fine owner, well respected no doubt. It was durring your Shannahan press conference you emphatically said, “this is my team.” Well sir, it is time for you to regain control…again. Maintain Cutler or my lifelong allegience will come to a sour end as will many more I am sure.

  • Socal Den Fan

    since when does almost making the playoff counts as a good year?Yea he made the pro bowl and had good stats but he was also the reason we lost some of those games. I think he needs to shut up and get back to work and learn from his past mistakes and get better and last year was a lost season.

  • Pissed off Denver fan

    I think a mess started when Shanahan was fired. Then they brought in McDaniels, who seems to be making more of a mess than anything else. I questioned why Denver fired Shanahan. Ok, so you haven’t been successful in getting or making it through the playoffs since Elway left. But, we have also experienced some lackluster QB’s… This season we experienced a TON of injuries. How was that his fault? But, now we have “moved On” to a new coach. Who, I can’t say I am impressed with in the least bit. I have been a Broncos fan since I was born, but this is REALLY making me mad. I think we need to fire McDaniels, and Bowlen needs to admit he made a mistake in hiring the d**khead. Go after Spagnoulo.. Isn’t the Broncos problem in the defense anyway?? Why hire an offensive coach to fix the defensive problems??? When were there these kind of problems with Shanahan at the wheel????????????? He knew how to command respect and work with players. He is one of the most respected coaches in the NFL. I guarantee you if he had another coaching job he would pick Cutler up in a minute. HEY BOWLEN, FIRE this coach! He is an F’ing retard and so full of himself that he can’t see what he is messing up with your organization!