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Published on 03/08/2009 at Sun Mar 08 13:05.
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September 24th, 2006. The Tampa Bay Bucanneers are down 21-23 to the Carolina Panthers in the 4th quarter. Starting quarterback Chris Simms had taken a series of ferocious hits, including one en-route to a touchdown scramble. Simms stepped onto the field in great pain, but he knew what had to be done… score. After two plays it’s third down three yards to go. Simms drops back guns the ball to Ike Hillard who pulls it in for 16 yards. The following play Simms airs it up to Alex Smith for 27 yards. The next set of downs resulting a pair of running plays going three out but on fourth down kicker Matt Bryant easily nailed a 28 yard field goal to put Tampa Bay in the lead 24-23. Sadly Carolina came back and kicked a field goal with 4 seconds remaining winning the contest 26-23. What was even more sad is that Chris Simms was immediately taken to the hospital after the game. The problem? Simms was hit so hard on his touchdown run that his spleen had ruptured. That means he played through all of that during his lead changing drive. Or as eloqently put it,

“He played the entire 4th quarter of the Bucs’ loss to the Panthers with his ruptured spleen bleeding all over his other organs… Nice work by the Tampa team doctors there: Aw, you just got your ribs banged up! Quit cryin’ and get back out there! Chris Simms could have f—ing died.

That’s a warrior.

Even according the ESPN report Jon Gruden had no idea what was wrong,

“He is hurting right now, there is no question,” Gruden said. “He left the game. I don’t know that it was because of his ribs, dehydration or both.”

Simms Wikipedia page cites:

Simms has performed better than expected and has a knack for late-game heroics. He led fourth-quarter charges against fellow division rival Atlanta twice, as well as the Washington Redskins. The Redskin game was his best performance of the year as Simms threw for 3 scores as the Buccaneers won 36-35 in a remarkable game. 

Of course it’s just Wikipedia, but we all know thats where 75% of our information derives from. Simms’ stats are not the prettiest at 12 TDs to 17 INTs and 7-8 starter record, which is probably why he earned current state as a backup. However, I’d take this Texas graduate with football blood (just not in his non-existent spleen) over Patrick Ramsey any day. Perhaps the most compelling reason to have Chris as a backup is that now his father Phil Simms has to say nice things about the Broncos. Random fun fact time! Chris Simms is the second son of super bowl winning quarterback to play for the Broncos. Thanks to Brian Griese. 

If the day ever comes, after my heart resumes beating and the unthinkable just happened, I’ll yell at the TV screen as Chris Simms runs on to the field, “Give em hell Chris!”. After all, one difference between Jay Cutler and Chris Simms is that one has started a playoff game.

Authors Note: The last sentence does not imply that I think Chris Simms is better than Jay Cutler, it is merely an ironic comparison.

  • Horvil Tiki

    I happy the chris simm we get upgrade backup yes. He father phil simm maybe not say good thing about bronco overwhelm but he is fan of the cutsper guy. He fan of the cutsper since day 1 he say he worked out tape was greatest ever see.

  • MIAbronco

    horvil, you are not funny, and your attempts at being funny just pokes fun of asian-americans. grow up dork and post regular comments

  • Mr.East

    Let’s try to keep it Chris Simms related. MIABronco if you have a problem with Horvil just shoot him an email. I’m not exactly sure what his accent is though.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    I agree lets keep it to Chris Sims…..we have a byron leftwhich quality backup now in Denver and should be thankful….PEACE

  • DB

    Chris Simms is a worrior. Mr east you couldn’t have said it better. Even though i thought Ramsey was a better back up…this pick up is better then picking up a running back that was selling cell phones for a living!!

  • Ian Henson

    Horvil’s definitely not Asian, just check the origin of that Tiki. Anyway, I like Chris Simms, it did make me a bit nervous though. A coach who values system over players bringing in a guy who is a, “good” QB- who can start and has starting experience.

  • Garrett Barnes

    come on MIA have a sense of humor. Horvil you are hilarious and I don’t care what ethnicity you are. mr.east you are right about all of this. i love to have him as a backup, not a starter but a backup. don’t get that wrong.

  • Richard

    MIAbronco Horvil is from FINLAND. When you can read and write perfect Finn you can criticize his English. Love hearing from him on whatever topic he cares to comment on.

    Mr. East please don’t compare Cutler to another Quarterback, he might hold his breath until he turns blue, and no responsible parent would want that for his child.

    P.S. great signing, an order of magnitude upgrade from Ramsey. A real asset to the team!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    How many QB’s play every game every year?
    This guy could be THE guy.
    Gawd help us if we lose JC (lol)
    Be I’m ok with this guy if he has to be THE guy!

  • Colorancher

    he is a good pick up. Much better the Ramsey. When Ramsey played pre season last year, it was scary. At least Simms has some experience.

  • AKscott

    IMO Simms is a better starting option than a handful of teams have (SF,Min,NYJ,Det,Chi,Oak,TB)- not to mention some of the starters around this league that are fragile. Does anyone else find it odd that he would jump at a Bronco backup job so early in FA? If you are a starting caliber QB would you not wait for the market to play out a bit more and go somewhere you might have a chance to start?

    I love the signing from a team standpoint, just seems a bit peculiar from simms’ standpoint, unless he was promised a good shot at winning/competing for the starting gig.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    it’s simply that nobody believes in him since the operation… watch his opportunities open up after a few preseasons (hopefully no reg season starts) with our offense!

  • AKscott

    maybe whidbey, but i dont buy that. Watching titan games last year, reading about him last year, i heard alot of the same thing, people (mainly announcers) are still high on him. And look at all the retreads still getting chances.. nobody believes in him??

    All im saying is, unless you are told something otherwise by the HC, why would you go to a team who’s starting job is seemingly concrete so early in the FA process?

  • Mr.East


    I get what you’re saying but you have to understand that he’s 2 years away from starting. He’s thrown 60 passes in the last 3 seasons (2 this last season, 0 the previous, and 58 the one before that). In his last 3 games starting he was 1TD for 7INTs as well. He is no doubt talented but he makes rookie mistakes even a few years in.

    Announcers over play a lot of things, if Simms went to San Francisco he would most likely backup Shaun Hill. Hill is 7-3 as a starter and 18TDs for 9INTs on a much worse team. Kellen Clements is a probable starter for the Jets unless they sign Jeff Garcia. Clements is truly underrated and if he gets the job (and some recievers) he’ll show people he’s pretty good.

    Simms has great potential and being a backup under Josh McDaniels probably has a lot to do with his decision, see Matt Cassel.

  • AKscott

    Of course i get that. He’d ride the pine to jamarcus in oak as well, im just looking at talent and ability, IMO there are easily 5 teams he’d at least have a shot to start on. Plus, teams are always looking for good QB’s, thats why Jeff George got 487 chances, if you are simms why not try to latch on somewhere that you have a shot (such as warner, collins, c-pep to a lesser extent did last year) . Why jump at a job where it seemingly is locked up for the next decade, a week into FA? You dont see back ups with the aspiration of starting jumping to back up manning, or brady.. they go to teams where they think they can get a chance to play.

    Maybe im just looking into too much b/c of the whole jay-trade fiasco, but if im simms, i sign on where i have a chance to start, a chance to at least compete. If nothing comes open, then i let the market play out and choose the best option available. There will always be jobs open for a young QB thats capable of starting, its not like if he didnt take this job ASAP he’d be on the streets. i certainly wouldnt go to a team with a “franchise QB” a week into free agency. So that being said, it makes me wonder if behind the scenes McD offered him an open competition.

    Again, just my speculation.. Either way, TFG patrick ramsey is gone, as a football player, he was an absolute waste of space.
    Hopefully D-hack gets a chance to play, either here as a backup or elsewhere, i like him.

  • Mr.East

    I agree with you that it is kind of weird that he didn’t wait it out but this offseason when McDaniels calls someone in he usually gets what he wants (with the exception of Derrick Ward who wanted too much money). Simms could really become a great QB under coaches like McDaniels and Mike McCoy who plan on working the QBs closely. Obviously McDaniels-Cassel but also McCoy-Delhomme. I believe that Simms is more talented than Jake Delhomme and possibly Matt Cassel as well.

    I don’t blame you for pondering the situation, because anything goes nowadays. It’s a crazy crazy offseason.

  • olen

    I think Simms is great . Later on when we draft a quarterback he can tutor him , I am sure Jay will value him as an equal. Bottom line he is great trade material . Given the system he can come in and win a crucial game if Jay is hurt .

  • Josh

    Tom Brady backed up Drew Bledsoe. Matt Cassel backed of Tom Brady. Maybe there’s no conspiracy. Maybe McFly wants talent–real talent–to back up Jay Cutler.

  • AKscott

    But tom brady was nobody, he struggled for playing time at Michigan w/ greise.. matt cassel is still nobody, lots of todays QB’s backed up at one point in their career, thats not the point though.. They werent semi highly touted, young, former starting quarterbacks. Leftwich i think is a closer example, but he had a hard time finding someone to take him, and then went and backed up big ben. But he also got cut late, and isnt really a great example.

    I dont question the signing, its a great one, McD wants talent.. great, Im all for it. Im only questioning Simms’ motivation to sign with us, and so quickly, unless he’s being told he has a fair shot at starting.

    Also, if anyone remembers, Simms was rumored to be close to signing w the Pats last year when brady went down, but obviously they stuck w Cassel, so maybe McD just likes him.. as east said, these days anything goes.. so nobody really knows the motive.

    I just hope this isnt some precursor to training camp drama and a QB controversy.

  • Mr.East


    You said it yourself he was “rumored” with signing with the pats. Usually rumored means “analysts” just throw names around. I don’t think Chris Simms has starter stock in the league right now, he’s really just seen as a backup right now. Simms motivation probably comes from working with a coach that made a nobody a somebody. Simms isn’t a nobody so he probably wants to work with the best QB coach around. Having Simms as a backup will probably help Cutler’s performance seeing how Simms will try to fight him out of his job every step of the way.

  • AKscott

    im pretty sure one of the analysts talking about his visit w/ the pats was his own dad. Im pretty happy about the signing, i’d take him over about 1/5 of the douchebags that will be parading out there week in and week out this year at the QB position. Jay sounds a bit frustrated, and maybe doesnt trust the new staff yet.. what better way to smooth that over then w/ with a lil QB camp controversy? If Simms is here to back up and only back up, welcome to the team.. if there’s gonna be some sort of open competition, we’re asking for alot of drama and unnecessary instability. (see the past 2 weeks)

  • mikebirty

    great signing, great guy and has great guts (pun sort of intended). Now lets hope the next thing we hear about him is him starting in game 17 to give jay a break.

  • mikebirty

    sorry, *week* 17.

  • Anthony33

    I like the move to aquire Simms. He is two or three steps above what we had. For whatever reason, Ramsey looked horrible in the limited amount of playing time he got in the pre-season a regular season last year. The bonus with Simms is there appears to be enough upside to to be a starter somewhere. This also saves a draft choice in the later rounds.

    Overall I think McD has done a resonalbe job in retooling the defense. Time will tell, but we all know the defense could not have been much worse than last year, so hopefully the FA’s along with a couple of good draft picks and maybe this defense can move to the middle of the pack. I think that’s a realistic expectation if you buy into the statement that defense comes togeter more quickly and easily than offense.

    Speaking of offense, that’s what worries me. They were very good last year even without a RB. Now they have to learn a completely different system and that will take time to jell. In the long run they might be better, but no doubt initially they will be worse, much worse. How many games to get up to speed…anybody’s guess. It could take all season and another offseason to get where they need to be. Hopefully not, but they are not off to a very good start with Cutler and McD having issues, Marshall potentially suspended for half the season and still no legitimate tail back.

  • Dakota fan

    I like Chris Simms as a pickup and as a guy- can’t accuse him of not playing hurt. “Internal bleeding? Get your ass back on the field and stop crying!!!”

    But could someone please tell his dad to stop the fake Kentucky accent? I don’t care if he was born on his grandfather’s farm (once again, the gospel according to Wikipedia)- he lives in New Jersey, for Christ’s sake!!!

  • hercules rockefeller

    Horvil is as white and English speaking as anyone here. His “accent” is completely phony.

    Any tough-guy stuff granted to Simms in connection w/ the spleen is eroded by the fact that he’s got Kyle Shanahan’s initials tattoed on his leg.

  • Dakota fan

    Jeez Hercules- I thought you were full of it until I dug on the web a little bit about Chris Simms’ tattoo.

    I’ve heard of taking home a fat chick when you’ve had a few too many, but don’t you have to draw the line at tattooing a teammate’s initials on your calf? Gotta blame the booze…

  • Thomas

    soo many homophobes out there… the guy got a tattoo of the initials of his best friends and he gets ripped apart.

  • Dakota fan

    Thomas- lighten up, man. I make a joke about him getting a tat when he’s drunk and I’m a homophobe? I drive a Dodge Ram pickup- analyze that one. Am I offending our poor sheep friends?

    Get off the blog if you take life that seriously.

  • NathanH

    I like this signing. I’ve always kind of hated on Chris because of his dad, but I remember the whole spleen thing, and since then have had a great amount of respect for him.

    If anything he brings toughness to the team, and should be a solid backup, whom we’ll hopefully never have to see.

  • fischdog

    I give a flying fudge he played with a busted spleen. that makes him a QB you want?? Ummm nooo.

    He is a disgusting Texan QB that’s all. Anyone who is a true Bronco fan would know how disgusting it would be to have a Texan as a QB for the Broncos. Did he drive up to practice in a LIMO this time. Hopefully he goes thru puberty and his voice has changed…unlike his daddy! He wont make it past training camp!!

  • Mr.East


    That is probably the dumbest thing I have heard on this website… ever.

    Anyone who is a true human with a true brain would understand the willpower and guts it would take to continue to play with a ruptured spleen. Have you ever even played sports before? Don’t answer that, because I don’t want to hear some probable lie about “your high school/college football days.”

    Chris Simms not making it past training camp? Chris Simms is a solider and he will compete for the starting job against Jay Cutler. This in-turn will make Cutler a better QB.

    Simms overall is a great player to have on a team. The Tennessee Titans loved having him but he just wasn’t financially viable because of Vince Young. If you watch NFL Live Wire you’ll see Chris Simms saying to Chris Johnson “I need to see a 70 yarder, I’ve seen a 40 and a 50 now I want to see a 70.” Johnson then says “You’ll see your 70 yarder.” Flashfoward to the highlight reel where Johnson breaks a 70 yarder and Keith Bullock says “That 70 yarder was all Chris Simms right there, wouldn’t have happened without him.”

    It’s really easy for you to criticize players for “not going THROUGH puberty” while sitting on your computer chair. I’m pretty sure Chris Simms could kick you back into puberty, if indeed you’re not still there.

  • Thomas

    Dakota – please don’t tell me to lighten up… i’m just trying to stick up for Simms, I wasn’t even targetting you. My point is, sexuality has no effect on the way you throw a football. I know you realize this, but sometimes I think people actually discredit the guy because of his tattoo, something completely irrelevant to football.

  • hercules rockefeller

    Nice sence of humor you’ve got there, Thomas.

  • Mr.East

    Well ateast we’ve kept it to Chris Simms.

  • Thomas

    herc, nice use of sarcasm there. 9/10. I do have a sense of humor, but what you’ve said is so far from funny that I’d get more laughter out of a rock on the ground.

  • Mr.East

    I know some funny rocks.