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Published on 03/03/2009 at Tue Mar 03 23:16.
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Jay Cutler (Getty Images)

Jay Cutler (Getty Images)

Jay Cutler will remain a Denver Bronco.

That simple statement should have never been in question, but after four days of escalating rumors, news stories, sports talk radio, forum fodder and conversations around the blogosphere (sorry), Head Coach Josh McDaniels reaffirmed that Cutler will not be traded under any circumstances.

“Let me be as clear as I can about this,” McDaniels told‘s Adam Schefter on Tuesday. “We are not trading Jay Cutler — period.”

The Denver Post reports that Cutler, who was nothing short of pissed off at the Broncos upon hearing the rumors, has agreed to return to Denver next week to meet with McDaniels. The plan is to clear the air, mend the situation and move forward for the 2009 season.

“Josh and Jay will sit down and meet next week when Jay gets back from Nashville,” Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth told reporters. “The Denver Broncos are not trading, Jay Cutler. Period.”

The Broncos begin voluntary workouts on March 16th.

This is the beginning of the best-case scenario. I’m looking forward to moving on from this.

  • NathanH


    I have been tryin to keep myself calm the last couple of days. I heard this news about an hour ago and have been thrilled since. All I need now is a Jay intereview in a week that shows me he’s ready to put it behind him and game, and I’m ready to ****ing watch some football!

    I’m so glad this fiasco has an ending in site!

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Yep let’s clean this up and get with plugging in all the new puzzle pieces! I’m ready for draft day.
    And maybe one more FA

  • NathanH

    I cant remember who it was that was saying Vonnie Holiday would be a good choice, but:

    “According to the Miami Herald, the Broncos are bringing Vonnie Holliday for a visit on Thursday. At this rate, the Broncos will have the oldest defensive line in no time. They are also on pace to have the entire Miami Dolphins defense on the team. Hopefully they will get younger through the draft and use the veterans as a temporary fix. I for one don’t mind his age if the Broncos don’t pay him too much. He has experience playing in a 3-4 and the Broncos need players familiar with the 3-4 in their system to help smooth the transition.

    From the AP:

    Defensive end Vonnie Holliday has been released after four seasons with the Miami Dolphins, who have lost three defensive starters this offseason.

    At 33, Holliday was the Dolphins’ second-oldest player. He started 15 games for the AFC East champions in 2008 and led the team’s defensive linemen with 46 tackles. He was third on the team with 3.5 sacks.

    Holliday was scheduled to make $2.8 million in base salary in 2009 and was due a $1.5 million roster bonus Tuesday.

    He started at end in the Dolphins’ 3-4 scheme last year.

    Miami has also lost free safety Renaldo Hill and cornerback Andre Goodman, who both signed with Denver as unrestricted free agents. “

  • NathanH

    My bad, i some how didnt post the title- VONNIE HOLLIDAY TO VISIT THURSDAY.

    He hasn’t signed yet.

  • jcampb72

    nice I guess, hope the import of dolphins works out better the the brown import.

  • broncoNM

    Nathan H… I wit ya… A begining to an end of this saga…What a relief. I still feel like McD and Jay have a long way to go. But if anyone ever reads my posts they know i am a huge Cutler fan so this is very good news. If all goes the way i would like than McD will walk out of that meeting with brown on his nose and a smile on Cutler’s face. Vonnie Holliday? Sure why not. I hope camps offer an “early bird special” because this team is not getting any younger. Dont get me wrong i have no problem with the signings so far and the draft will actually be the true test of this off season but we are signing some Old Dudes.

  • macmamba

    not that I totally agree, but I listened to scott hastings on the Dan Patric show, and he let his feelings about this situation be known. He said that Cutler is a whiney little punk. When Patrick asked how he really felt, poking fun at his obvious lack of pulling punches, he said that Cutler is “a little Bitch.” This floored me…maybe you can check it out…it was aired on Mar 3rd. Weird to hear a Denver radio personality say things like that.

  • mikebirty

    and now we can go back to random draft predictions, B.J. Raji!

  • sabrina

    finnaly….maybe….we can think about next Broncos season….”Jay and Josh face to face….for all the Bronco Nation….and for the Superbowl….maybe we can go back to dreaming……GO JAY AND GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony33

    After all of this I think Cutler is at a major crossroads in his career. He can get this off his chest, get on with learning the system, become a leader and potentially the best QB in Broncos history OR his arrogance and inmaturity will continue to get the best of him and he will end up like Jeff George and Ryan Leaf.

    Ball is in your court Jay.

  • ryan

    I never think this would have been as big of a deal if McDaniels had not lied to Jay. So please lets stop with the Jeff George, Ryan Leaf bull crap. There is not a man on this blog right now who would not have been ticked if the person you are going to work with 12 hours a day for years to come lied to your face. Its a slap in the face.


    I think McDaniels should come clean and Jay should get to slap him in the face and then they can put it all behind them. (please know this last part is mean to be outlandish, so refrain from tirades that would imply otherwise.)

  • Mr.East

    I think McDaniels should give Jay Cutler a good spanking and then send him to timeout.

  • Candide

    So we finally have an answer: It’s Jay Cutler’s team, not Josh McDaniels. Josh is a much bigger idiot than I ever gave him credit. One month on the job and you manage to hand the keys to the car over to a young hot headed QB. Welcome to Denver! Cutler could not have played this better if he’d planned it.

    Everyone who criticized his agent should eat some crow here. They got Bowlen to step in and undermine the coach, and now it’s just a matter if time until we hear about the NEW CONTRACT-MANNING MONEY. Just wait.

    Well played Jay!

  • Hansen

    macmamba, I heard that yesterday on The Fan. He said it ’cause its true.

    It will be interesting how Cutler responds to this whole situation in TC and during the season. See if he has the mental toughness to handle the pressure. They still need to draft a QB next year – push the kid. Competition is good.

  • Jonathan Douglas


    I get it… but this problem was created by McD not Cutler. Regardless of how Cutler handled it, McD still lost more team cred than Jay with this boneheaded move.

    And beyond that, I think this is an idicator of McDaniels’ general MO and it simply is NOT player friendly. You can claim that this is a business all day long, but in the end its the coach that can MOTIVATE his team that wins… not the guy that makes the best business deal.

    Coaching is NOT just about preparing… It’s about winning the hearts and minds of your team… Josh needs to learn that.

    I’ve said it before, but this issue is very clearly underlined by how he’s handled Mike Leach. Say he’s just the long snapper all day, but it’s bothering even the vetran guys that have been around for years and have seen their share of coaches and owners.

    “Then again, with everything that’s gone on, everybody’s learned you have to look out for yourself. I present Mike Leach. I’m still mad about that… I think all this with Jay will eventually work itself out…I’m not worried about that with Jay. But Mike Leach, I don’t think the Broncos treated him fairly.” — Brian Stokely

    When your vets are using the word ‘mad’ and your star QB is using the word ‘upset’, you HAVE to blame the head guy… And that’s Josh McDaniels.

    He may be a wonderful offensive mastermind, but his ‘bedside manner’ sucks right now.

  • (dee)


    Players always have favorites on the team, how did the Broncos do Mike Leach wrong? They felt Paxton is a better player and then released Leach as per his request. If Leach doesn’t sign on with another team then were we hanging onto a guy because he was a good guy? or because of his talents. A coach always wants to bring in his guys, Stokley should be thankful he still has a job.

  • Dakota fan

    JD- Who’s Brian Stokely? Brandon’s brother?

    Just kidding dude. We need a little joking- things have been a bit on edge the last few days.

    Come on fellas- let’s lay off the cracks about the old age of our defense. You’re starting to make those of us who are 30-something feel bad.

    Seriously- I don’t think the age of the defense matters as of right now. We’ve signed more guys than anyone in free agency and we’ve had to roll the dice on some of the guys in their 30s. The young free agents in their primes are commanding LARGE dollars that we don’t have to spend. Plus, remember that this is just free agency, not the draft. The youngsters come at the end of April. I think we’re on the right track.

    Finally, I usually find myself siding with the coach, but McD and GmX mishandled Mike Leach. I used to be a long snapper (back in the leather helmet days) and it’s a tough craft to master. I hope he catches on with someone else, because a quality skill position player and a classy guy got the shaft.

  • Sport Hess

    Mike Leach = Long Snapper, Paxton = Long Snapper and Center. That it was wise to have someone with 2 skills then one. I see McD point.

    Last year at the Broncos trainning camp, me and my 5 year old daughter was watching the afternoon practice, each time they would run their drills, then it was the next units turn, Mike L. came over and sat next to my daughter and talked with her, he did this the whole time durring the practice, so when he was released I was sad! he is a great person, and he loves his family, you could tell by the way he was with my daughter.

  • broncoNM

    Stokely is a great, Smart player and is a true vet which is why it surprises me that it took him this long to figure out that the players have to “look out for themselves”. Players always look out for themselves. This is the NFL. You have to play good and win games if you want a position. McD made a bonehead move an i completely blame him for this whole Cutler fiasco. But he does not have to be a players coach to be effective. Take a coach like Tom Coughlin of the Giants. I guarantee non of his players are calling him to hang out during the off season. But whether its fear or respect those players respond and they have won a SB and got a top seed in the playoffs last year. McD does not have to be best friends with all these guys to be their coach. Cutler had a great relationship with bates and shanahan and thats great but that is not the only way to win football games. I think we would all like to see Cutler and McD laughing on the sidelines next year but this might be a relationship where McD tells Cutler what to do and Cutler does it and we win ballgames and at the end of the game they go their seperate ways. Just because the coach and players dont have a close friendship doesnt mean they cant win games. I understand that McD wants to put his “stamp” on this team but for now he needs to work on gaining a mutual respect from Cutler and others. They dont have to go to BBQ’s together but they do need to have a mutual respect for one another. I dont know how it will all turn out and i think the amount of wins will be the ultimate factor but i do think McD has dug himself a hole with his players so early in his tenure with Denver.

  • Mr.East


    Who would you choose?

    Mike Leach LS/Pretty bad TE
    Leonidas E. Paxton III LS/Not that great of a Center

    His name is Leonidas, and his lineage is from Sparta… come on!

  • Kyle

    I wouldn’t fix what wasn’t broken, just because. Neither of them will ever realistically play in their backup roles, ever, so it’s a moot point.

    The whole thing reeks of nepotism. Mike Leech was the 1,000th best player in the NFL!!

  • Stav

    Wow – I’m feel so emotional just over this potential meeting and the official statement they made. I’m going to squirt like a little school girl over this, back to reality though: Cutler wants CASH, give it to him, McD tried to flex his new power more than he should of and got burned for it. Whatever, always remember that this league, the games, everyone involved, its a BUSINESS, they are tyring to make money. Put the emotion aside, admit each other’s mistakes, and let’s get down to learning the new playbook. Oh, and get Gafney in there asap with Jay as he’ll have to learn Marshall’s routes for the first six-eight games of the season. In the end only one thing will cure this, winning. I respect McD for coming in and immediately enforcing his vision for this team, but let’s remember, he’s really done nothing so far and he has to keep in mind that stigma of being a former Belichek Assistant. Will he be another washout or will be be able to take this team to the double digit wins/playoff scene. The guy has a lot of pressure on him, but needs some serious schooling in bedside manner.

  • Nicole

    Once again, love the work. Cutler has definitely won this war with Mcdaniels. He may be the coach, but Cutler is the superstar. This script came right out of Troy Aikman’s bag of tricks, case= Aikman and Switzer clashed from day one. Well, when it came to the decsion Switzer got fired because he alienated the leader and earned zero credibility with the team. Mcdaniels, whether he likes it or not, is on high alert: tick off Cutler again, you’ll join Switzer. He can say whatever he wants, but I believe that Pat Bowlen intervened and laid the law down, you’ve already created a p.r. disaster-FIX IT!
    I’m proud of Jay for standing his ground and letting it be known that I deserve respect and I’m getting it. As for Josh, welcome to the wonderful world of eating crow. You just discoverd that when push comes to shove, the team will rally around their leader and leave you in the cold. You need to earn their respect and you’ll see results. If you choose to continue the way you have, we’ll help you pack when you’re fired. Remeber Josh-THIS IS A BUSINESS. Tell me what you think Jonathan.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Nicole, you may be right.

    However, if I had a guess, I’d say Mr. Bowlen would not back a player over his Head Coach — he’s never done that before. It’s just my feeling, but I think what we’re seeing from McDaniels right now is based on the shear terror of having to find someone who’s not Cassel to replace Cutler. I think that’s motivation enough to straighten out this relationship and get Cutler back in the family. Just my opinion. :)

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Dakota, yes. Brandon. lol

    Hess/East, I agree that on paper you are correct regarding our new long snapper. And while I don’t know the details Brandon is refering to, it must have been something that bothered him deeply, as Brandon is not the type of player to cause a media buzz with that kind of talk.

  • Andpark

    BroncoNM good point on respect but I think that age is a huge factor with Coughlin. Little easier to give him respect than some 32 year old dude who has not proven anything to anyone. I think someone like Tomlin (before the Superbowl obviously) gained respect by his demeanor and maturity. Is McD doing that?

    NFL Live a few days ago had Trent Dillfer making a great point_ McD needed to show the team that he is in charge and no one is bulletproof, now Cutler needs to show the Broncos and the league that he is who people say he is. Trent adds that maybe the is what the Broncos need, a little edge. Maybe this is the spark we need.

    We all shall see. I would prefer a better relationship between Cutler and McD tho. McD has a lot to prove to me.

  • champ2203

    lets get this meeting over and done with and hope for the best. Because we all know Jay isn’t going to beat around the bush, if the meeting isn’t good he’s gonna say so.

  • broncoNM

    Your right. McD’s age is a factor i forgot about with my Coughlin analogy. Im with you… ideally i would love it if cutler and McD ended up having some what of a friendship. Maybe this anxiety will create some fire and team unity in camp and it all works out. Who knows?

  • Tom9798

    Home: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New England, Dallas, N.Y. Giants
    Away: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Washington

    Brutal schedule. . . until the free agency picks . . . I thought 9-7 at best . . . now I’m jazzed . . . . 11-5 . . . defense will be ranked in the top ten . . . . offense in the top three . . . 6-2 at home . . . . 5-3 on the road . . . . will sweep S.D. . . . claim AFC West Champions . . . will defeat wildcard in first week and defeat conference opponent for AFC Champion and win the Superbowl by four points . . .
    the Denver Broncos are going to stun the NFL! . . . . could be 12-4 . . . but I’m not quite sure about Indy away . . . . this glass is 4-5ths full . . . just remember a summa-beach told you so . . .

  • jaycutlersr

    a scare tactic…cut interceptions from last year in half

  • Nicole

    Bronco nation,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Jerry Jones influence! When the going got tough, Bowlen basically backed his qb because if he trusted his head coach so much he would have stated that it was only a mistake to try this. But that’s not what he did, when he attached his name to that statement that Jay wasn’t going anywhere, he effectively killed Mcdaniels future plans. Here’s how the Jerry rule works: I’ll let the coach try something, but if you fail I’m saving face with the other owners and I’m going to save myself. Now, there are people out there who think that Jay took it too far, but guess what all superstars do. They’re not regular players, and contrary to popular belief, not treated like regular athletes. Coaching from a book is great, but there are lot things that aren’t in books: it’s in your best long term future to get along with the superstar. Like it or not , that’s how it is-the ball is in Jay’s court and Mcdaniels entire future in Denver rests on Jay-plays well:keep your job. Plays bad=lose your job. Pat Bowlen saved face once, trust me he’ll do it again. Whether Cassell is available in the near future will have no bearing on the Josh’s plans- you have your quarterback. LIKE HIM OR NOT, DEAL WITH IT!

  • Tom9798

    just a couple stats on Jay Cutler . . . our over-sensitive Q.B. . . . in 1993 John Elway threw for 4,030 yds. ( his most ever to that date) and 25 T.D.’s . . . it was his 11th yr. in the NFL . . . Jay Cutler threw for 4,526 yds. and 25 TD’s in his 3rd yr. and made the Pro-Bowl . . . and unfortunately either Q.B. during this time had crap for a defense to back him up . . .

    This is going to change this year . . . not only has the offense improved with the competition at RB and the addition of Gaffney at WR . . . but we managed to steal a lightning fast defensive backfield from the Dolfin’s with Hill and Goodman . . . and an All-Pro Brian Dawkins to mentor them along with the Bailey brothers helping tudor and punch the outsides . . . also getting Reid from Indy was huge . . . . and we haven’t even gotten to the draft yet . . .

    This will not be the same defense Bronco fans have endured the last three years! . . . I’ve already posted on other blogs that we will win the Superbowl next year . . . . most tired of hearing negative BS, maybe you are too . . . let’s start looking at the cup 4-5th’s full . . . . this is going to be an exciting year to come!