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Published on 03/03/2009 at Tue Mar 03 14:25.
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I’m calling on my inner Woody Paige for this, and I’m writing an editorial on this past week’s debacle which has shaken the foundation of the league. As my fellow BT writer Jonathan Douglas aptly put it, a plethora of Denver fans are starting to lose that lovin’ feeling. My thoughts were this:

This feeling is because of the ambiguity surrounded by this whole situation, you’re not sure who cheated you. Was it Cutler who asked for the trade earlier? Was it McDaniels and Xanders who asked first? Why can’t Brandon Marshall stay out of cuffs? Why can’t Cutler meet with McDaniels? This drama never happened before. It’s not just one person’s fault, it’s a collective group of mistrials that are tearing apart at the soul of your fandom.

The truth is that this is Josh McDaniels’ team whether you like it or not. The fans may lose faith in McDaniels for even involving Jay Cutler in trade talks whether or not he was provoked to do so. However, you have to respect McDaniels in his attempt to control the team. McDaniels has put everyone on high notice that he is the boss, this is a business, and he’s asking you one question, as newly acquired Bronco Brian Dawkins says “Are you gonna do your doggone job!!!?”

I agree that it would be social suicide for McDaniels to trade Cutler, an exteremly ill advised move. However, it makes no sense to call McDaniels an idiot and to ask for his head prematurely. After this early hiccup McDaniels seems to understand now, even after the Vikings have shown interest, per Mike Klis. Perhaps he was a little to cocky after his Cassel situation last season, and knew what he was capable of on the coaching side. After all he knows more about winning lately than his understudies Rick Dennison and Mike Nolan. What always intrigued me about him was that he was fervent in stating that he wasn’t an offensive coach, he was a football coach. McDaniels is here to put together a football team that is here to win. The difference between him and the other Belichick underlings is that he was taught in that atmosphere, the rest learned at other places and used their coordinator positions primarily as stepping stones. McDaniels is going to take away the best of New England and bring it to Denver, every new coach does it this way, just look at Gary Kubiak, hell even Bill Belichick himself brought the Bill Parcells mentality to New England. This is just something fans have to get used to, don’t worry the Denver Broncos are not a transmogrification of the Patriots, keep in mind Mike Shanahan brought over a wealth of knowledge from Bill Walsh and George Seifert.

My question to Cutler is, when are you going to put all of this to rest? I understand you’re a franchise quarterback and you have performed more than admirably in your seasons here, but everyone has a price. To pretend that a price tag doesn’t exist is just simply arrogance. Franchise quarterbacks have been sent away before, just ask Drew Bledsoe. Cutler hasn’t won anything of significance, not mainly his fault, but the bottom line remains the same. If Jay continues to refuse to mend his relationship with his bosses then eventually he should be let go, because he’ll just be the next Jeff George. In the real world if your boss treats you unfairly you usually have to suck it up, why is Cutler any different? It’s not like Cutler has been the most chummy guy to McDaniels. Between not being available to speak for awhile, then possibly asking for a trade after things don’t go your way, and then becoming upset once the opportunity comes around, how is McDaniels supposed to interpret that relationship? You are Josh McDaniels’ player, he can do with you as he pleases.

This is the McDaniels era. All Denver fans can do is hold their breath, hope that men can be men and realize who they’re really working for… us.

Also, stay tuned for my post-combine mock draft.

  • Ryan McBronco Fan

    i know bronco fans like myself have been focused on how we draft for defense.
    surely all our top picks will address needs at either NT, DE, or LB.
    but this may be a blessing to whom i think is going to be a big steal in the draft.
    as a boise state i fan i would lose my mind if we decided to pick ian johnson in say the 4th or 5th round.
    he ran the second fastest forty, has a great cut-back style for zone blocking. great hands for a RB. think about it
    huge publicity too

  • Joe

    Mr. East-

    That would be an awesome article!! Can’t wait to read that one and all of its comments!!

  • Boisebroncoguy

    The last Boise St. guy worked out pretty well, why not try another.

  • Rob Bronco

    Hahaha! I TOLD you this was going to happen. Kerry campaigned and campaigned to run Shanny out of town. He kept telling us how better off the Broncos were going to be when Shanahan wasn’t around anymore. And now he’s here crying like a little girl, complaining that the NEW coach sucks and the Broncos are going nowhere. For everyone reading this post, this is how you know that Kerry Strugg knows nothing about football, and how much of a bandwagon fan he is.

    McDaniels was the offensive coordinator for the NFL’s most powerful team. A team with multiple Lombardi trophies, a hall of fame quarterback, and an offense so powerful that it went 18-1 two seasons ago. It also took a BACKUP quarterback and went 10-6 against some incredibly tough teams, and absolutely pounded the Broncos 41-7 in 2008. He’s not some loser off the street who coached JUCO football. The guy knows what he’s doing. If he wants to shop Cutler, Marshall, Bailey, etc., then so be it. It’s his job to put together a team that WINS. There’s a saying in football, “If a head coach listens to the fans and does what they want, pretty soon he’ll be sitting in the stands with them.”

    McDaniels has one job – win. That’s it. And in order to do that, he needs to assemble the best team possible. The Broncos have done a fantastic job so far in free agency, and they aren’t finished yet. They have a lot of young, talented players (for those of you who remember, just a few years ago the Broncos were one of the oldest teams in the league). We aren’t in cap trouble. We have leaders on offense and defense now. And we have a head coach and a defensive coordinator who are on the same page. Have faith, Broncoland. The Broncos are making the moves they needed to make, and they will be able to compete in 2009.

  • Jordan C

    I like Johnson a lot and he may go much sooner than he’s generally projected.

    I also like several of the other mid to late RB prospects – Davis, Jennings, maybe J Johnson, Peerman, Foster, Sheets. I think they’ll pick one of these guys, but who? I’d be happy with the Boise St product.

  • conductormann

    Mr. East is right. SD is very adept at drafting. Which leads me to my question. What do all of you think of Igor Olshansky in Orange and Blue? Nobody would have a better handle on this than Wayne Nunnely. Never bringing in Igor for a visit would speak volumes. In that case, the point is moot. However, the fact that Igor hasn’t been to a single pro-team visit in the FA period (and in light of his poor 2008 campaign) leads me to think that a bargain might be at hand. With each passing day his value and stock may be dropping. At some point, I think SD re-signs him. But before that happens, maybe we should get in under the gun and give him a look?

    What is more telling? -Olshansky’s combine/draft and 2004-2007 seasons or his dissapointing 2008 year? His experience (70 NFL starts) and upside at only 27 years old are certainly attractive. I trust Nunnely’s judgement on this, but hope that we see him in Denver for a modest contract.

    I’m particularly pleased that we seem poised to take the best player available in April. The only problem is that the best available, who fills a need, will be a DLine player not likely to start in the first season. OLB/DE may still be the way to go. I’m predicting a Doom trade on draft day, since Jarvis Moss is more suited to the 3-4 OLB transition. Still, Doom is one of my favorit players and I would love to see him in on passing downs with his hand in the dirt as a rush-end.

    Raji just doesn’t feel right to me. Seems like a bust in the making like Dewayne Robertson, but I don’t know how we pass on him if he is available (which as we all know, is highly unlikely he’ll be there)Brace would be fine as a rotational player, but I think will go high in the 2nd round, if not in the 27-32 range of the 1st.

    In the 2nd round, center may be our best value in this very strong rookie class. Lichtensteiger could be a solid starter at guard, and Weigman will remain as a great mentor to a draftee.

    I’m rambling, but what do you all think of Olshansky at altitude?

  • jcampb72

    I doubt we pick him up, but he would be good if we could get him for cheap. We seem to have a whole lot of DT’s, none that are a natural 3-4 DE and none that are a NT. So Igor does have the experience we need.

  • Ryan McBronco Fan

    i like the olshansky idea. he is very experienced in 3-4 and was an all-pro at one point if im not mistaken.
    we pick him up as our last big sign then we can get OLB/DE type to rush the edge. either orakpo or maybin.
    dont count out dumervil for the 3-4. he is the ultimate sack master and people said he couldnt even play in the NFL.
    he will adapt to whatever we need as an olb/de. to say anything is else is pure blasphemy

  • Sabrina

    Great article. I know “This is the McDaniels era” I know “This is mcdaniel’s team now”, I know that Jay must talk with him and all the front office, I know that we must respect our new Head Coach…..but Do Josh McDaniels respect Jay, all the Bronco players and us? Stay tuned

  • SoCal Den Fan

    Sorry so late Kerry got put in his place! Mr East good response I believe we all had a run in or two with Kerry. Kerry it’s OK hey good news baseball season is coming and you can root for your Yankees and complain about that team for the summer. I think the Broncos are doing just fine we need to draft defense big and fill some of the holes.Well gotta go everybody Keep the faith Kerry!!!

  • Tom9798

    Home: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New England, Dallas, N.Y. Giants
    Away: Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Washington

    Brutal schedule. . . until the free agency picks . . . I thought 9-7 at best . . . now I’m jazzed . . . . 11-5 . . . defense will be ranked in the top ten . . . . offense in the top three . . . 6-2 at home . . . . 5-3 on the road . . . . will sweep S.D. . . . claim AFC West Champions . . . will defeat wildcard in first week and defeat conference opponent for AFC Champion and win the Superbowl by four points . . .
    the Denver Broncos are going to stun the NFL! . . . . could be 12-4 . . . but I’m not quite sure about Indy away . . . . this glass is 4-5ths full . . . just remember a summa-beach told you so . . .

  • Tom9798

    just a couple stats on Jay Cutler . . . our over-sensitive Q.B. . . . in 1993 John Elway threw for 4,030 yds. ( his most ever to that date) and 25 T.D.’s . . . it was his 11th yr. in the NFL . . . Jay Cutler threw for 4,526 yds. and 25 TD’s in his 3rd yr. and made the Pro-Bowl . . . and unfortunately either Q.B. during this time had crap for a defense to back him up . . .

    This is going to change this year . . . not only has the offense improved with the competition at RB and the addition of Gaffney at WR . . . but we managed to steal a lightning fast defensive backfield from the Dolfin’s with Hill and Goodman . . . and an All-Pro Brian Dawkins to mentor them along with the Bailey brothers helping tudor and punch the outsides . . . also getting Reid from Indy was huge . . . . and we haven’t even gotten to the draft yet . . .

    This will not be the same defense Bronco fans have endured the last three years! . . . I’ve already posted on other blogs that we will win the Superbowl next year . . . . most tired of hearing negative BS, maybe you are too . . . let’s start looking at the cup 4-5th’s full . . . . this is going to be an exciting year to come!

  • champchamp76

    ive been reading awhole lot of negative things from broncoland and its ashame u call ur selves bronco fans. i understand concern but this is not healthy. im a proud bronco fan and i hope we can find more unity. always bleeding orange@ blue