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Published on 03/01/2009 at Sun Mar 01 22:23.
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UPDATE: The chargers were dropped on Monday morning.

Breaking News: Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall has been arrested according to Marshall was arrested Sunday in Atlanta, he was booked and soon released on $300 bail.

This is his fourth arrest since 2006 and will likely result in yet another suspension. There are no details on why Marshall was arrested, the only detail that officials from the jail were willing to give is that Marshall was involved in a fight.

As PFT points out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the new changes to the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement focus on repeat offenders.

Marshall could face a suspension of as many as eight-games…

And the Broncos may be looking to join the T.J. Houshmandzadeh sweepstakes…

  • Shawn


    Finally! In this season of change and insecurity it is nice to know that some things will always be the same. Now it’s officially the off season. Chad Musterd has been cut and Brandon Marshall has gotten arrested.

    If I couldn’t laugh I would cry. I truly hope he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got scouped up with everyone else. With all the information that we have right now, my guess is as good as any.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Wow! Can this get any better?! What’s next, we trade Eddie Royal for a 7th rounder and a sack of potatoes?!Maybe we should get rid of Ryan Clady, send him to the Chargers for a ball boy to be named later! I’m glad we’re signing new guys, I just hope the ones we have last until next season.

  • Mr.East

    Wow… this could end up with an 8 game suspension but most likely 2 with no appeal. Brandon thanks for bringing shame upon Denver with every season you’ve been here.

  • merc22


  • T-Money


  • Danh

    I hate this offseason….

  • Pete

    Merc22, I agree. Marshall is my favorite player on this team, but enough is enough. We can’t have this circus every single offseason. We can’t keep having him get suspended each year. Innocent or guilty, he’s getting suspended. Remember, under the conduct policy, you don’t need to be guilty to get suspended. Trade him for whatever you can get for him, and then try to sign Boldin, or at worst TJ. I’m tired of Marshall’s crap. If he never get’s in trouble again, great, but I don’t want the Broncos to be the guinea pig in his game.

  • Shawn

    Prima donnas (sp?) like Boldin or Ocho Cinco may be babies in the locker room but at least they are on the field every game. Can’t do that when under suspension. If we could ask Marshall to upgrade to crying, sissy millionaire he would be twice the player.

    I’ll take it all back if he didn’t do it.

  • BroncoFan18

    Does he ever learn?

  • jcampb72

    300 dollar bond? sounds like jay walking or something minor

  • Mr.East

    He probably got into a bar fight because he’s stupid. I guess spraying champagne on the guys who killed Darrent Williams didn’t teach him his lesson.

  • T-Money

    Damn East. That’s harsh. Let’s take your advice and not go with ESPN right now. I haven’t seen anything on NFL.COM or SI.COM (for what it’s worth) and PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM got it from ESPN…

    Do WE ever learn. ESPN only causes problems.

  • Sportalker

    Broncos really do need to look into possibly signing T.J. I gotta believe Goodell is gonna give him at least 6 games for this one, and as we have seen with McD handling Cutler I can’t see Brandon re-signing with Denver now after next year

  • E. Halsey Miles

    As a friend of mine would colorfully say, this is the s**t frosting on the a** cake.

  • jcampb72

    He is seriously going to lose a lot of cash over this bs. I seriously see him either being traded or not resigned. Hes young but the dude is a retard. I do think we might go after TJ. It sure looks like we are going to need the help.

  • Kurtis

    What the hell marsh?!!! Are you an idiot!!! This offseason sucks!

  • Chris

    WTF! this dude is supposed to be my favorite player and he aint even playin now?? for six fucking games?? wow….all that money, all his teammates, what the hell is it gonna take to tech him right from wrong……McD, take his hand and slap it…Marsh, what are you thinkin dude.

  • Glenn S.

    You’d never see Eddie Mac, B Stokes, Wes Welker, Tony Scheffler, Drew Bennett, Kevin Curtis, Ricky Proehl, and Brian Finneran get arrested…

  • mikebirty

    well at least cutler will be playing with marshall next year in tampa. I’m glad it was only $300 bail, would he have had the money to cover anything more? In fact i think i can hear the sound of rod smith slapping his forehead all the way across the atlantic.

    I’m with shaun. You’ve gotta laugh or it’d just be depressing.

    Although wasn’t it this time last year when thomas was arrested and got released from jail within ten minutes when the police had got all the autographs they needed.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    we are turning into the raiders…..great what a pompous ass….and the incident he almost caused on thursday night in Cleveland in which he would have been fined four using a prop….The dumb ass needs to play football and collect his check that is it…
    these idiot players never learn….What is wrong with bringing the party to your crib….I guarantee it has to do with that idiot ex girlfriend of his……He could get any piece he probably wants but goes back to the same trash….That’s why i don’t feel sorry for Vick….these players are given a oppurtunity of a lifetime and just blow it. I agree trade him on draft day and get TJ

  • Marv

    so ya ready to trade everybody Brandon Marshall is a pro bowl young receiver with alot more to give T.J just another old Marvin Harrison

  • Colorancher

    now,now. everyone. he was probably fighting for something said about Cutler, who is know hiding. What is going on? Sign Boldin! He runs patterns across the middle.

  • soxbigdog

    I think this pretty much forces their hands to have to sign another receiver just to make sure they have a body on the roster for whatever amount of time he is suspended for

  • Colorancher

    Is there any news on signing Ward?

  • Pete

    We are saying trade Marshall, cause it is 4 arrests in 3 years. He was suspended last year, and will get suspended again this year. It really makes no difference why he got arrested, cause he’s getting 8 games, maybe more. He looked Goodell in the eyes last year and promised to behave and have no more off field incidences. Goodell took him for his word and gave him a reduced suspension. And now, same bat time, same bat channel, Marshall gets arrested. Goodell will definately turn a deaf ear to anything and everything that this moron has to say. Anything short of the Atlanta newspaper calling Marshall a hero cause he stopped a pregnant woman from getting brutally beaten or raped, while pulling a box of kittens from a burning building, only to get arrested for jay walking as he walked across the street with said kittens will get him a lengthy suspension.
    Why on earth would you want him on your team? Pro-Bowler, YES, but how many games is he gonna play this year? And after he gets arrested AGAIN, how many games will he ever play again in the NFL? I’m afraid that the answer is less than 16 more games before he might be done in the NFL for good.

  • KMA

    Hey, sign Ray Lewis and then this whole thing will come full circle!!
    this all aggravating.
    Cutler: “I dont want to talk to them, I wanna cry” I know he was disrespected, but come on, dont you at least want to go get the explination??
    Marshall: “Clocks tickin fellas, somebody call 911 cause i’m gonna put my hand through this pepsi machine” Dude, you just got engaged, I think an 8 game suspension is the least of your worries right now.
    Dawkins: “I really can feel the vibe of winning as I walk through the hall around (Dove Valley) here” Yeah you were just traded to the Patriots west.
    I left work on Friday thrilled at the possibility of having Dawkins on the team, I get in to work to read all of this, WOW! When do the Rockies start playing????

  • Garrett Barnes

    this season might be over before it starts. =(

  • Roy

    Want to see something that is really going to piss you off?

    That’s right, all of you McD haters. Choke on it.

  • Sport Hess

    That report looks like another garbage article…

  • Sport Hess

    Charges against Brandon Marshall dropped

  • T-Money

    Good news….

    The denver post is reporting that the charges were dropped again Marshall. maybe that will reduce the suspension

  • T-Money

    And on the thought of PROFOOTBALLTALK… That site is more BS than ESPN. If that’s where you guys are getting your information then i can only laugh at your ignorance.

  • Hansen

    You know, Marshall is the biggest kindergartner I have ever seen. This kid ain’t too bright. But at least he is consistent – It isnt offseason until Marshall gets arrested! And I can’t wait to hear the official statement with the same canned wording. Well now, Bolding is an option. Anyone have any WRs that impressed you at the combine?

  • Shawn

    Brandon Marshall,

    Charges were dropped against you. I guess this means you were innocent all along. I am sorry for the hateful things I said about you. I hope it all works out and you do not get suspended.

    I don’t want you to be traded. I want you to stay out of Atlanta.

  • kerry

    Espn has reported that the charges were dropped against Marshall. but i guess because ESPN said it then its wrong, right everybody? and here is another tidbit from ESPN:

    Cutler REFUSED to meet with Broncos officials after all this trade shit went down. just keeps getting worse. season over. thanks MCDaniels. you ruined everything befroe even coaching a single game

  • Thomas

    Gee, could it be that Cutler wants to let things settle down? I don’t know how you people get through life with your negativity.

  • (dee)


    Peter King of reported that Cutler actually asked for a trade after Bates left for USC. Bates? that piece of crap… Cutler wanted to leave because his little friend was let go. This doesn’t surprise me at all, we all know Cutler was in tears (again) when Shanny left and then THREATENED Bronco Brass that Bates better not be let go … If Cutler wants to be a punk so be it, trade his ass … Cutler wants us to feel sorry for him , hes a prick if he doesnt fall in line I have no problem trading him. What exactly has he done for the Broncos? Playoffs ? Championships? AFC WEST titles? All Cutler has done is say a bunch of crap about Rivers, Elway, and lose to the Raiders.

  • (dee)


    The report was listed from however Peter King of SI is the one that wrote the story , he seems to know a thing or two?

  • Dakota fan

    I saw that the charges against Marshall were dropped, but how many of you think that Goodell will still suspend him? I’d say 4 games minimum, maybe even 8. I’m not wishing, because the dude is important to our team, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    The thing that gets me is: why does Eddie Royal not have this trouble? Conspiracy to “get” Marshall? Hell no- Eddie just knows how to keep his nose clean.

    The family is in turmoil folks- McD, GmX and Bowlen had better get a handle on this before we turn into the friggin’ Cowboys. This drama has to have Jerry Jones upset because his people aren’t garnering the headlines.

  • fierce

    I blew my lid when I heard he was arrested. I feel a little better now that it looks like the charges were dropped.

    However a few things make me think we may want to trade him while we can get something for him worth value.

    first: he still may get suspended, if not it is only a matter of time that I fear he will get in trouble again.

    second: when asked about all the dropped balls this year, he stated he was still dealing with his arm injury. This makes me think he may have some long term issues with that hand.

    I know the kid has mounds of talent, but they are no good to us collectively if he is on the bench (if gets suspended) or if his hand/arm injury has long term issues with catching.

  • KMA

    I’m glad to hear that the charges were dropped, but all of this is getting tiring. I know darn well that what i say about it all now and what i will be cheering about when the season starts will be entirely different.
    (If I’ll be cheering at all) but come on, I’m a fan of Jay, but if you want to just take your ball and go home the you know what, GO! I’ll take my chances with starting over with a Stafford or Sanchez, geez there only 3 years behind you.
    btw, what must poor Brian Dawkins be thinkng at this point, I’m guessing re-signing with the team who’s fans thought you were the best thing since sliced bread is sounding pretty good right about now.

  • BM

    so none of you guys have been in a fight before??? god its unfair how quickly you guys turn on him… him and his brother rough house u all say he shouldn’t be fooling around…DUI i agree is bad but tons of ppl do it… got into a fight tons of ppl do it yeah he got arrested and it was dropped just like that cause it wasn’t a big deal and thats the way the nfl should see it!! pacman got suspended for an entire season then punched out his security guard and didn’t get 8 games… it would be a joke if marshall did

  • 55CJ55

    Marshall needs to quit putting himself in positions for these things to happen. He is hands down one of the best players that we have, but at some point you have to ask yourself is if as much bad comes from him being here (suspensions, bringing a bad name to the broncos and the nfl) outweighs the good (Best receiver in our division, pro bowler). If he keeps it up he will be the reason that we start getting compared to the Bengals and the Raiders…