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Published on 03/01/2009 at Sun Mar 01 17:54.
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NFL Network’s Adam Shefter finally stated that Jay Cutler is not on the trading block (I know many of you will only truly believe it if Schefter says it himself). Now CBS4’s Vic Lombardi is reporting that there is a scheduled sit down talk between Cutler and “high ranking officials of the organization” (i.e. Josh McDaniels). This meeting is scheduled sometime today, so the bronco nation will hold its breath while McDaniels and Brian Xanders explain. Denver fans can only hope that McDaniels will show some of his charisma that convinced Pat Bowlen to hand over the reigns.

UPDATE – Talks on between Broncos and Cutler on hold

Kudos to fellow ‘bronco maniac’ Sabo for noticing the new article. Vic Lombardi reports that Jay Cutler does not plan on meeting Denver officials “any time soon.” Lets hope Cutler can fit it into his busy offseason schedule to speak to his current bosses.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    B, I get your point.

    I had a few moments this weekend when I was seriously considering my fan options. IF the Bucs had ended up with Bates AND Cutler I might have been following TB as closely as the Broncos next season.

    I’m glad that’s not going to happen now, but it really shook me up thinking about how truly different this team could be in 2009. In the end, I really hope it’s a team I can believe in.

  • Nicole

    There is an old saying that still rings true= once you start lying, you have to continue to lie in order to cover up the first lie. This entire situation got started because the front office of the Broncos are too inexperienced to handle this. Yes, people do call and ask about players, but they should have immediately told them Jay is not open for discussion and moved on. Josh has gotten himself in a mess due to his inexperience and thinking that he can do whatver he wants. I also remember Mr. Bowlen stating that he ran the show and also that he may end up regretting this decision- well that day has arrived 6 weeks later and he needs to fix this because it will only get worse. Jay simply wanted them to tell him the truth and they couldn’t do that. It’s not fair to him or the Bronco faithful. I had a bad feeling about this guy getting this job and now it’s coming true. There’s trouble ahead and just because you worked somewhere else doesn’t mean that you need to bring their property with you.
    I will be visiting Denver this year and I have been looking up things to do, could you guys blog some great dining places. Thanks and keep your heads up,don’t let anyone take Jay away from your team!

  • champ2203

    I realize we don’t all make millions of dollars at work like pro atheletes but just for a minute imagine you bust your ass at work everyday and become the a supervisor or manager running all the employees. You do the impossible and gain respect even from those who absolutely loved and admired a previous employee at your position(Elway) A new owner comes in tells you your definately part of the companies future plans then you find out that the new owner was trying to get rid of you for someone he used to work with and all you’ve worked for is now in the garbage. The deal doesn’t go through but you find out about the whole thing and now know that your boss has no respect for you or your abilities. You ask to leave and they say they didn’t try to get rid of you(LIE) and tell you that you cannot explore your options elsewhere. Wouldn’t your work ethic, drive, and productivity go into the toilet? Yes it would. Wouldn’t you feel like you’ve been painted into a corner? Yes you would. So all of you on here that keep saying ” what is everyone worried about he didn’t get traded and he’s not going anywhere” THATS EXACTLY WHAT WE’RE WORRIED ABOUT. Yea he’s still here, But is he really still here mentally(which is most important). Does he really even give a shit anymore. From what i’ve heard it doesn’t really sound like he does. And that’s a problem.

  • aldo

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. lets just break in and take him out ourselves.

  • Jon Krause

    wow this went down hill