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Published on 03/01/2009 at Sun Mar 01 12:41.
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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wraps up the season on Dec. 29, 2008. (AP Photo)

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wraps up the season on Dec. 29, 2008. (AP Photo)

Ladies and gentleman, meet your new quarterback, same as the old quarterback. No thanks to the New England Patriots Bill Belichick.

“Bill Belichick wouldn’t do his mother a favor,” one NFL insider scoffed yesterday. “Anybody who looks at this [Matt Cassel] deal and thinks he did doesn’t know him. Or the guys he just traded.”

Though the relevance of the Cassel trade is obvious at this point, he went to the Kansas City Chiefs, but not before wrecking havoc throughout the hills of Dove Valley.

What were your intentions with the prodigal son Mr. Belichick? Worried what may happen when Josh McDaniels gets together with the guy that Tom Brady used to be? This situation’s got clam chowder all over it and what has it done? It put a little chink in the already unsteady relationship of McDaniels and Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.

My requests for further information from the Broncos have thus far gone unanswered. Though McDaniels did state that Cutler is the quarterback in Denver, what more needs to be said? Throughout this whole situation, I keep being reminded of the John Lynch quote, when Cutler was first drafted.

“If this guy can take a bunch of future doctors and lawyers and have them competing against the Florida Gators,” explained Lynch, “This guy is a stud”.

How complicated is the new offense that McDaniels is bringing from New England? Very, but Mike Shanahan’s offense wasn’t exactly a easy. Shanahan played to the strengths of his players, where as McDaniels system plays to the moment-by-moment weaknesses of the defense. There is nothing that Cutler cannot handle offensively, he will have to continue to mature, but a Pro Bowl in his third season is nothing to scoff at. Neither was the way he commanded the offense last season.

Remember, Shanahan made the move to get Cutler, because he wanted the next Peyton Manning. McDaniels didn’t inherit a tarnished flag here, he has one of the best offenses in the league and a defense that can only get better. He didn’t take a, “Swing for the fence,” in trying to trade Cutler, it’s just as likely that teams have tried to trade for Champ Bailey or D.J. Williams. Those stories just haven’t been leaked like this one.

Oh, and would someone please shut Bus Cook up? Who started the rumor that Denver wanted to trade Tony Scheffler? Who would even want Scheffler? He’s a great tight end, but what could they possibly offer for an unproven tight end that hasn’t made it through an entire season?

UPDATE (March 1, 2009 12:15 EST): As I am typing this story out, ESPN and Chris Mortensen go live with this story. Stating that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were prepared to offer a first-round and third-round for Cutler to the Patriots and that would have turned over to New England who would receive a first and Cutler from Denver for Cassel.

Why in the world would Denver give up a first and Cutler for Cassel? Via PFT Mike Florio stated that Mort was insinuating that Belichick leaked the news of the Broncos interest to the Boston Globe. There’s no way if the 12th pick is up in the air that New England says yes to the 34th pick in the draft and gives up Mike Vrabel. Get better Belichick.

UPDATE (March 1, 2009 6:15 EST): The Broncos have scheduled a sit-down talk with Cutler. He is not on the block, though he may have been specifically for the Cassel trade. They will not be trading him and he is no longer, nor was he ever seriously considered to be on the block. CBS-4 in Denver has just confirmed this as well.

In other news it is confirmed that the Broncos have signed cornerback Andre Goodman formerly of the Miami Dolphins. He started every game last season for the Dolphins and has previously played for the Detroit Lions.

Let’s focus on bringing Derrick Ward in, with the contract situation with J.J. Arrington weaning.

  • DB

    well said, the press just got to the people and jay. The drama is nothing but a bunch of bs because Denver is NOT trading Cutler!

  • Ian Henson

    This new rivalry could be better than the old rivalries… Just saying =)

  • Robbie

    If the Broncos trade Ja… Sorry if Josh McDaniels trades Jay Cutler, it will be the beginning of the end for him. Matt Cassel is good but also may be a product of his environment, there has to be some kind of reason that he had not started a game since high school until last year. This talk makes me sick. McDaniels should know how Cutler is with wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Stupid Stupid move.

  • Ben

    lets just hope cutler realizes this

  • Danh

    I hope Cutler, McDaniels and Bolen patch things up. This has ben a pretty nasty ordeal.

  • mikebirty

    this must be true because I heard it from a source close to the situation and I just wrote something like this in the comments of another thread!

  • ryan


    Hey I was just hired to be the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Do you recommend I trade Matt Ryan for Kerry Collins? or how about Kurt Warner? Both made the Pro Bowl last year and are guys I like and used to hangout with. I think I should do it. Why would I not want to give up the best player on my team at the most important position who has the chance to dominate the NFL for the next ten years? Thanks for helping me see the light on how to manage an NFL team McDumbass.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Mortenson and Clayton are C grade reporters
    I have said it before and I will say it again…you could tell them that A UFO would have landed in Oakland and picked up AL davis……and Jay Clayton would run and spread the word without checking into the facts

    LETS BE HONEST ESPN sucks when it comes to football

  • Justin

    greatly said….i couldnt put it in any other words….just put it this way…yes cutler makes some mistakes and so does cassel. i dont care if cassel was mcdaniels son why would you take a pro bowl qb that not even in his prime yet and wanna trade him to get a possible “one year wonder”…i just dont get it and i hope pat bowlen knows what hes doing. CUTLER ALL THE WAY

  • NathanH

    All these reports are rumors, thats why it hasn’t been HUGE national news. Cutler will understandd how bogus it is that we would give him up plus the 12th overall for Cassell. Especially when they settled with the 35th, and threw in Vrable. It just wasn’t ever really going to happen. It’ll all blow over and we won’t remember it a month from now hopefully.

  • StayJay6

    New website to check out

  • Patrick

    Screw Derrick Ward. Its hard for me to get excited about ANYBODY the Broncos bring in if we might not have Jay Cutler next year.

  • Jason

    Thank you for writing this up. It certainly is a good debunking argument and the most likely spin on the situation. I am certain it’ll only take a single sit-down between Jay and Josh and all things will be cleared. It may not even take all that.

  • http://none Payton

    Man McDaniels and the GM have to sreahten things up with Cutler. Cutler is our Franchise Quarter back and we dont need to lose him and the people saying hes a whinney baby well hes not would you not be mad if you were trying to be traded away for a guy who could only be a one year wonder i mean Matt Cassel is not even close to Cutler in my mind. and if he goes we will spend years waiting for someone like Cutler every expert is saying Cutler is the best young quarter back in football and will be phenomonal which Cutler is not the best quarter back iam saying hes very talented and is great but needs some work hes one of my favorite quarter backs i couldnt see the broncos trading Cutler for a one year wonder.

  • jchase8410

    Has anyone heard anything about whether or not the bronco are talking to anyone with hopes of replacing Mr. Toasty (Bly)?

  • OC Bronco

    The best article yet and backs up Adam Schefter’s report. So what if they entertained offers? The Coach and GM would be remiss not to listen but the Broncos denied their offers. Mortensen has been wrong more than he has been right.

  • CJ

    This whole situation totally blew my excitement for Brian Dawkins bringing toughness to the d

  • Steve W

    All this does is show how unreliable the media has become in America; news, politics, current events and now sports the mainstream media just can’t be relied upon for the truth. The tabloid mindset of the mainstream media is what it is. I just hope Cutler learns his lesson to not be fooled by them.

  • Rod

    Your naivety is showing through. Every rumor has a basis in fact no matter how insignificant.
    I think when the rumor surfaced, the Broncos decided to continue to deceive Jay and his agent. When the thing finally broke wide open it laid bare the fact that Jay was lied to by the Denver Broncos. I can’t fault Jay for having the reaction he has. It is one thing to entertain a possible shuffling of the deck but to lie in a guy’s face about it is another matter entirely.

    If you think the rest of the team isn’t taking notice on the deception, think again. It will be tough for them to give their all to an organization that isn’t trustworthy.

  • mikebirty
  • CJ

    Haha thanks that helps

  • Chiefguru09

    I thought that the Broncos’ Pat Bowlen was trying to re-vamp his management so the team could win a championship! So far, the off-season has been very disappointing. I am a long time Broncos fan, and the new GM is making joke moves for older players, injury prone players and worst of all, players that are only third rate on other squads. Look Xanders if you want to win keep your young studs happy, and build through the draft to create the next dynasty you fool. The players you brought in are a joke and others are over the hill. Get bigger and younger on D and quit making waves with your young stud casted O. Get a clue. Trade your best Defensive players for picks while they still have some value. Cutler will be a Super Bowl Winning QB if you build a D and get a stud back that can stay healthy. Learn how to evaluate talent you jerks!!! I’m out.

  • kerry

    who cares about the upcoming season now? Derrick Ward, J.J. Arrington will mean nothing if Cutler is gone. and with the upcoming draft mixed with McDaniels/Xanders incompetance, im not looking forward to how badly they will F**K the draft up too. they already dropped the ball with their franchise QB. if Bowlen was smart (or not drunk) he would can McDaniels immediately and put Dennison or Nolan in charge or go after John Gruden. then McDaniels can go to Kansas City and be with his lover Cassel. McDaniels hasnt coached a single game, or yet held mini camp and has already F**Ked things up with the team. wade Phillips didnt even screw things up with Dallas this quick. neither did Norv Turner. Mike Tomlin sure as hell didnt trade Ben roethlisberger when he got to Pittsburgh and instead won a SB in his second year. not a snap and McDaniels has torched this season. PUTZ!!!!

  • Steve W

    From most of the post on here it looks like Cutler wasn’t the only one duped by the media. The media is a joke and you folks need to stop listening to them. Your all responding exactly how they want.

  • myerda00

    Boy, all the negative vibes. Kerry you need to worry about calling people drunks and gay, whoa boy.

    Nothing I read said anything except that Coach McDaniels and GM Xanders turned down a trade deal or two for Cutler. I see no problem there.

    You GHF fans (oh, for the DP bloggers, that means glass-half-full) the Broncos have proceded in FA exactly the way they discussed before FA started. Good job.

  • OC Bronco

    First of all everyone is over-reacting, the season hasn’t even started much less being over! McDaniel’s understands how complex this offense is and that the learning curve is probably greater than a year or two so he considered a trade for the 1 QB who already knew how to run it because he wants to win now!!!
    And yes he fu**** up the communication and everything else around it. But he turned down the trade – If McDaniels wanted him out he would have been gone or do we think the Patriots wanted a worse deal for Cassell?
    2 years ago the Lakers wanted to trade Kobe and he demanded and said he would never play in LA again. The Lakers message board was filled with jokers thinking the world would end. What happened? They lose the Championship and are the team to beat the next year bc of the moves they made and Kobe got over it.
    Cutler may be a baby but he is under contract and he and McD will work this thing out bc they have no choice and will start to get to know each other which is how relationships start. I don’t care how rocky it is in the very beginning things will improve. Cutler isn’t THAT big of a baby.

  • Mr.East

    kerry –

    That is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. I have no respect for that statement. You want to put Rick Dennison, Mike Nolan, or Jon Gruden in charge? Are you high? How has McDaniels messed things up? He’s been great so far in free agency. The media wants to blow things out of proportion. You’re just soaking all of this in and being negative as usual.

    I remember when it was reported that Nate Jackson was put on IR and you said “Who cares?” Thats just cold hearted, and thats all your opinions are. You seriously need to look at the situation for what it is instead of slamming everything that comes your way.

  • Katch22

    All right. I have finally calmed down and looked at the big picture. From a fans point of view this was utter bullshit. From a looking out side the box point of view, what if Denver traded Cut for Cass and also recived another first round pick? McD has no loyalty to Cut or anyone else for that fact but could have landed his old QB from his system. I personaly believe Cassel was a one hit wonder in NE and will drowned in KC. He was a system QB and nothing more. If you think for one minute that if McD and X went to Bowlen with the idea he would have signed off on it? Every report I have ever read on Bowlen said this was Cut’s team and Cut is his boy, the franchise. The end result is Cut’s not going anywhere, this will blow over, and KC will still suck except Cassel will show how smart NE was for getting a second round pick for a bust player once again! I hate Belichick and the way he twists everything. Just look what HE did to all his past assistance when they left. This story hit it right on the head and thats why I only listen and respond to Broncotalk and Adam S from Thanks for not trying to be like the ESPN shit.

  • Joe

    So does this mean that all this talk about Jay Cutler leaving Denver is over??

  • BroncoinVA9986

    you watch Xanders and Josh McDaniels blow the first pick on like Knoshown Moreno

  • Jordan C

    FYI – Chris Canty has been locked up…by the Giants.

  • broncoNM

    Man i hope Cutler takes a look at some of these blogs. All this support will make any QB feel good. Cutler knows he has a good situation in Denver. He has talented young receivers and a chance to be apart of an offensive system that is QB friendly and where he can rack up yards all day. I think Cutler has a right to be pissed but this will be a NON issue very soon. He will sit down with McD and Bowlen and it will take 10 minutes of McD telling Cutler what a badass he is and how he has some of the best tools a QB could ask for (this has probably already happened). Im not gonna worry about having to sign Jay or anyone else in a year or two. We all know Wins and Money do the talking in this league. If we win games Jay will get compensation for that and he will be fine. I will admit that this is about the last thing i figured we would be dealing with this off season but the bottom line is Jay still wants to be in denver and denver still wants jay. Which is evident by all these blogs. His feelings probably got hurt and i dont blame him. Ill be curious if they address the public. My guess would be ‘no’ but it would be nice from a fans perspective to see bowlen telling us that jay is not going anywhere. It would save me some sleep. Im sure bowlen has privately expressed his support which is all that matters. If anyone happens to run into Bill Williamson tell him to “Shut the Hell up”.

  • Katch22

    We just inked DB Goodman……….. Ah what?

  • Ian Henson


    While I love your statement, if I may play Devil’s advocate. Bowlen also pronounced Shanahan coach for life. This issue, however, in my opinion is dead, until the Broncos or Cutler decide to say something else and kill it.

  • Joe

    If Cutler’s agent had any balls he would try to mend this mess instead of feeding it!!!!!!

  • jason

    i life in boston and im a patriots fan and the nfl came out and said the broncos dident call the the pats till an hour after the deal was done

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