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Published on 02/28/2009 at Sat Feb 28 12:08.
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The rumor mill was churning back and forth on this one all afternoon yesterday about whether or not Dawkins actually signed. He signed this morning and the Broncos seem particularly pleased by this one.

Press release after the jump.



ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Denver Broncos on Saturday signed seven-time Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins, it was announced. As per club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Dawkins (6-foot-0, 210 pounds) is a 14th-year player who joins the Broncos as an unrestricted free agent after spending his first 13 NFL seasons with Philadelphia. A four-time Associated Press All-Pro selection who was named to the Pro Bowl during four of the last five years, Dawkins entered the NFL with the Eagles in 1996 as a second-round draft choice (61st overall) from Clemson University.

With 34 career interceptions and 21 sacks, Dawkins is one of four players in NFL history with at least 33 interceptions and 20 sacks for a career. His 34 interceptions tie for the most by an Eagles player in club annals, and his 21 sacks rank fourth in league history among defensive backs. Since his rookie year in 1996, Dawkins has totaled the most combined interceptions and forced fumbles (66 / 34 INTS and 32 FFs) in the NFL.

The safety is Philadelphia’s all-time leader in regular-season games played with 183 and has started 182 of those contests. His 109 career wins (99 regular season / 10 postseason) are the most by a player in Eagles history.

For his regular-season career, Dawkins has registered 1,294 tackles (851 solo), 34 interceptions (515 yds.), 158 pass breakups, 21 sacks (177 yds.), 32 forced fumbles and 16 fumble recoveries. He also owns 94 tackles (76 solo), four interceptions (75 yds.), nine pass breakups, two sacks (23 yds.) and three forced fumbles in 18 career postseason games (all starts).

In 2008, Dawkins started all 16 games for the third time in the last four seasons and registered a team-high six forced fumbles along with the third-most tackles (142) for the Eagles. Named NFC Defensive Player of the Month for December, Dawkins was selected to the Pro Bowl and helped Philadelphia advance to the NFC Championship Game for the fifth time in his career.

A three-year starter at Clemson, Dawkins was an all-state selection at Raines High School in Jacksonville, Fla. He was born on Oct. 13, 1973.

  • Horvil Tiki


  • Shawn


    The great Horvil Tiki speaks for me!!

    Hit a Raider and all will be well.

  • merc22

    horvil i hope ur making fun of how thugs talk…becuz if u arent, then u ned to go back to school. Also, Dawkins in a denver uni!!!!

  • mikebirty

    meh, this free agency is boring. If only the Broncos would make some moves…….

  • E. Halsey Miles

    The idea that we’re going to see at most 3 starters return on defense is just weird to me. I still think it isn’t entirely the players at fault, and I’m not actually convinced that a collection of the best half dozen or so free agents on the market will really be any better. Free agency rebuilds are usually a failure.

  • BroncosTrevizo

    Yaya!!!! I loves Brain Dawkins !! but i wish add Ray Lewis!

  • Hansen

    Agreed Merc22. Horvil, seriously don’t get caught up in the gangsta lingo. There is enough of that rubbish around. Don’t lower yourself or your IQ.

    This is a good signing purely for the maturity and professional attitude he will bring to the team. He wont make mistakes. Coach McD is using the NE blueprint with the Broncs.

  • kerry

    um did everybody see that Cutler was nearly traded?? Schefter reported that the Lions and the bucs were involved in trade talks with the Broncos. the lions and Bucs tried to get Matt Cassel and then trade him and draft picks for Jay Cutler. what the F**K is McDaniels thinking?? he just burned the bridge with his franchise QB. ive lost respect for MCDaniels already. what a joke.

  • T

    Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports Denver Broncos QB Jay Cutler is a bit upset that the Broncos were fielding calls – from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions – about trading for him. The Broncos say they did not initiate the calls, they simply received them.

  • T-Money

    Here’s what he wrote:

    There’s one story behind the trade of Matt Cassel to the Chiefs. There’s a whole other story behind that blockbuster story.

    While New England and Kansas City were agreeing to Saturday’s trade of Cassel to the Chiefs for the draft’s 34th overall pick, there were more teams in the mix. Detroit, Tampa and Denver were involved in trade talks of their own also tied to Cassel, according to sources in the respective NFL cities.

    Tampa approached Denver to try to make a three-way trade that would have sent Cassel to the Broncos and quarterback Jay Cutler to the Buccaneers. The Broncos entertained the notion and pondered it but ultimately decided against it.

    Also, the Lions approached the Broncos about a trade for Cutler, trying to dangle Cassel as bait. Once again, Denver debated the deal and opted against it apparently. What made it a moot point was that while all Tampa, Detroit and Denver engaged in trade talks with New Engalnd, the Patriots went ahead and dealt Cassel to the Chiefs.

    The Broncos firmly maintain that they never intended to trade Cutler, that they were approached to make the trades. But, as of Saturday afternoon, Cutler was angry to hear that his name had been floated in any trade conversations.

  • Garrett Barnes

    eh he can suck it up. I love Jay Cutler but it just would have been rude to ignore these calls. You shouldn’t make enemies in this league because if/when you need a new job you don’t want to be disliked.

  • RVG10

    I agree. The Broncos front office took the calls, listened, and ultimately rejected them. We weren’t actively shopping Cutler. The Lions and Bucs staff showed their inferiority by trying to trade a player that they didn’t have in the first place (in Cassel).

  • kerry

    F**K Mcdaniels and Xanders. i hope they both gets aids from each other. i have no respect for either now. thats like Trading Elway for Bubby Brister. i wouldnt have fielded a single call about that type of deal. i would have traded Champ Bailey away for a seventh round pick and a ham sandwich before trading Cutler for Cassel.

  • MikeY55

    kerry i totally agree i was shocked when i heard that… but what they are saying was that teams came calling denver for jay cutler and we listened we didn’t call them about it so it makes it a lil better i guess

  • Ian Henson

    I actually thought the Cassel/Cutler thing would have come up before. Without Cassel being worth that much money though.

    Oh, and by the way, Horvil’s not making fun of anyone. He’s a legend and a genius-,24271/

  • kerry

    it doesnt matter who called who. the bottomline is they entertained the notion. clearly showing they dont want Jay Cutler. you dont trade a ferrari for a pinto. F**K McDaniels and Xanders. i tried to give them both a chance but they showed they are trying to make this the Denver Patriots. so now i have no faith in them at all.

    might as well trade Ryan Clady for a kicker and Champ Bailey for a punter. it cant hurt to ENTERTAIN the notion. McDaniels is an idiot and so is his lover Xanders.

  • broncoNM

    Ummm… I almost puked on myself when i read that about cutler. All i know is McD better take Cutler out to a nice lunch and make this right becasue he doesnt have a chance in hell of lasting in denver without Cutler. I think this will all blow over but Cassel is not even close to Cutler in any capacity.

  • Joe

    What the hell!!! Is this shit true??? Bowlen said he is the F***** face of this organization……

  • Ian Henson

    There is more heating up to this Cutler trade… It’s baffling to me. They’re not going to be able to draft someone to replace him and there’s no one on either team that could be worth Cutler’s worth. Even if Detroit were to give up their number 1.

  • Joe

    Ian –

    What do you think is going to happen?

  • T-Money


    “Broncos Insider Vic Lombardi has learned the Broncos are actively trying to shop Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler. Go to for the story.”

  • broncoNM

    cbs4 is reporting that denver is actively shopping cutler. This CANNOT be true! I refuse to believe this.

  • T

    Horvil Tiki looks him up guy on the you tube. AWESOME

  • Mr.East

    kerry –

    There is no reason for you to be that upset about this. It would be completely stupid to not hear out all the options. McDaniels and Xanders have been doing great so far and thats the bottom line. I just can’t wait for you to complain about how terrible Cutler is one game next year. I’m waiting for the day that you say something positive. These guys know what success is on and off the field. Josh McDaniels was around for the Randy Moss deal to New England. Do you have some experience like that in the real world? It’s been how long since he took over? Give him a break.

  • Joe

    Mr. East

    How do you see this problem ending up?

  • T

    I am sickend by the news of the rumors of the CUT being traded. I thought that they sold Dawkins on wanting to win now. How do you win now by trading the MAN…

  • T-Money

    I don’t think they are trading Cutler. Calm down. Think of it like going to a bank to get a loan. Even though the bank doesn’t want to give you the money, they’ll still hear you out. And i think Vic Lombardi is reading the same report we are. It’s the media’s job to spin this stuff.

    Kerry: Keep your damn pants on. You’re acting like we did trade him.

    Mr. East: I hear ya. The day he says anything positive should be deemed a national holiday.

  • Joe

    Good point, T-Money. Just reading this rumor got me angry, but after reading other Bronco fan’s thoughts, I am confident that they wont trade him. He is the reason why we have the number two offense. We never had a running game, it was all passing.

  • T

    Lombardi is an idiot… He’s totally flipping the story to make it sound like we called them and that was not the case….

  • Mr.East

    First off, Jay Cutler is not the MAN. He does not have a Super Bowl, AFC Championship, AFC West champion, a playoff appearance or even a winning season. He has won and lost games for Denver. So far his career game was against the Browns. If Ed didn’t blow the call he would have lost the San Diego game single handedly.

    Second off, listening is free. There is no reason why they shouldn’t at least entertain the notion. If Denver was offered both Detroit’s first round pick and Matt Cassel that would be something to ponder and you can’t deny that. However, Xanders and McDaniels stated themselves they never intended to trade Cutler. So be sickened all you want, it’ll just be your fault for not listening.

    Joe –
    Cutler clearly has character issues, especially pertaining to his ego. I don’t know what will happen, I hope he can get over it, but I’m not sure. Hopefully when he’s throwing for about 3-4 TDs a game he’ll realize that McDaniels know a lot more about football than he does.

  • NathanH

    It’ll all work out fine, Cutler’s not going any where so every one just keep your panties out of a bunch.

    We just listened to an offer, but obviously decided against it because they felt Jay is that guy.

    And East, he’s been here 2 years, he is the MAN, and will get us Super Bowls and AFC championships once he has a D and a healthy back. It was remarkable how much ass he busted to keep us in it last season.

  • broncoNM

    Mr East-
    You have some great points and i agree they should field all calls but Cutler has the most upside and talent compared to any other QB in the league. I wouldnt say Cutler has character issues. Every player in the league has an ego. Cutler is not running around with youtube videos of him partying or Dui’s or asking to be traded every week. He is a cocky QB. Not a bad thing. Having the words “Cutler” and “trade” in the same sentence would raise the eye brows of any bronco fan.

  • Mr.East

    I understand what you’re saying, but you don’t need to break the law to have character issues. Cutler has a me first mentality instead of a team first mentality, and that has always bothered me about him. He needs to get out there and do his job instead of losing to Oakland 31-10 in the final stretch of the season.

  • jcampb72

    East, who in your mind doesn’t have character issues? Stop being such a whiny lil girl. Its football not tennis.

  • Ian Henson

    I’ve talked to the people that I know, they won’t confirm or deny anything. I think this might be like a little shoulder check from Bilicheck and/or Pioli, I’m not sure, I don’t know the gentlemen get on.

    As soon as I know anything that I can confirm I will let you guys know.

  • http://deleted Dakota Fan

    Richard- where are you, our wise sage of the Bronco family of years past? I’ll look forward to what you have to say on this issue, because it’s refreshing to hear from guys who remember the number 7 as a number that was worn by more than ONE Denver QB.

    Seriously folks- let’s calm down. Let the Chiefs have the Sand Cassel, let the rumors stay rumors and let’s remember what this post was about. I’m excited to have Dawkins and I can’t wait to see the new look defense we have this year. Cut the points scored by opponents in half and let our o-line keep Cutler safe and healthy and I can’t help but think good things will happen.

    Of course, I’m a glass half full kind of person.

  • Broncoholic

    We’ve got Wolverine!!!

    I couldn’t be happier with this pickup!

  • BH

    Cutler’s comments certainly make it sound as if Denver seriously considered trading him. For what it’s worth, I used to teach college history and I had a student who had gone to high school with Cutler. He said that Cutler was jerk. But who isn’t a jerk in high school, and there are plent of all-everything high school athletes who are jerks. He does seem to have some personality hangups, but I really thought that last year he made a concerted effort to say and do the right things. McDaniels would know better than any of us, but I wouldn’t want Cassel. He went 11-5 on a very strong team. I think that he will struggle in KC, especially with their defense is in transition and behind a weak offensive line. I am very excited about Dawkins. I don’t really know enough about Hill to have a read on him. Davis surprises me, because I thought that he was considered an classic underachiever in Cleveland, but I haven’t really followed him closely enough to know. Any thoughts on Davis and Hill?

  • CJ

    I agree with BH on Cassel struggling in KC. Lots of qbs look pretty shiny under new englands offensive line and with all those weapons.

    Andre Davis Was drafted in the 5th round in 2002 some call him an underachiever but i call him a good linebacker in the wrong scheme. He has led the Browns in tackles in three of his last four seasons. Hes surprisingly not bad in coverage as well as a good run stopper. He has alot left in his tank.

    Renaldo Hill i dont no for sure if he was even drafted. All 23 games in which Renaldo has started with the Dolphins have come at free safety, although he played cornerback periodically in his five seasons prior to joining Miami. He has registered 12 career interceptions, including at least one in each of the last six seasons.

  • Rick EAGLES

    Congrats and ENJOY B-Dawk!!! He brings nothing but excitment and heart to your team. I still can’t get over the fact that we let go of our leader. I hope you can bring him a championship, he deserves it. You will have much more support from the east coast now. You will have a second home field when you come to Philly this year, we are talking and making plans or an orange bowl to support our man, this is how highly we think of your new safety as a player and a man. Enjoy him and we miss him already

  • Kdog

    I could be mistaken but I believe Dawkins is the first Bronco to introduced with an Orange Jersey. Please tell me that we are bringing back the Crush…… I looked back a few years and all new Broncos have been introduced to the media with blue jerseys. I like the new look already.

  • Yunabichang
  • Yunabichang