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Published on 02/27/2009 at Fri Feb 27 12:29.
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In the haze of the first day of preseason Denver has been mildly quiet, yet smart. Adam Schefter reports that Brian Dawkins is coming to visit Denver. Dawkins is a 35 year old, a 7 time pro bowler, and 13 seasons deep into his NFL career. There is no questioning the heart and fire Dawkins brings to the field, but at his age capability is a big factor. In 2008 he totaled 75 tackles, 6 forced fumbles, 3 sacks, and one interception. Safety is a huge need for the Broncos and with a weak safety draft class this year free agency might be the way to go. Josh Barrett is probably hoping that Dawkins lands in Denver because he could learn a whole lot. Don’t think for once that Dawkins won’t cost a pretty penny a well.

Rumored as well according to ProFooballTalk before it went down, that one of the teams on Ray Lewis’ list is the Denver Broncos. A close source to Ray Lewis told Adam Schefter:

“Not if you knew Ray like I knew Ray,” was his response. He even mentioned retirement as a possibility ahead of returning to Baltimore and insisted it was not a negotiationg ploy. “That’s Ray,” the source said.

That right there spells out his situation. The Baltimore Sun speculates due to the close relationship Lewis and Mike Nolan had that his landing in Denver is not out of the question. Let all of that soak in Denver fans, it is hypothetically possible to get two masterful and passionate old/veteran defensive players this offseason. For better or worse Denver is patiently on the move so far this offseason. CBS4 Denver reported that there may be up to 6 signings today.

What do you think Denver fans, is Dawkins and/or Lewis worth our while? Will age limit their production or even time on the field? Are either of them worth the ticket payers money? Air it out!

  • Joe

    Hell yeah!!!! Lets get DAWKINS!!!

  • T

    Please please please pretty please with sugar on top…. Talk about changing the whole attitude of the D… As well as upgrading

  • Jon Krause

    ummm… both get’n old!
    Brian MUCH better, and needed

  • kerry

    yeah both of them are worth it. getting Lewis allows us to go D-line without wasting a pick on a LB. Dawkins means we wont have to waste a high pick on a safety.

  • jdkchem

    At any age Dawkins is an upgrade from Manuel and McCree.

  • Mr.East

    Lewis is all heart, he refers to his team mates as “his soldiers.” However, I still think he’s a punk.

  • T

    Ray’ heart and passion is what this D needs….

  • Katch22

    I wonder what McD & X are pondering on the CB situation? I haven’t heard anything reguarding that. Has anybody else?

  • mark

    Do it… It’s all about what these guys will teach all the young guys we draft…

  • Jaiu

    JMac & GMX appreciate Lewis’ ability to slice through opponents and slash his way to the ball carrier.

  • Shakeyjames

    I can’t see Ray Lewis in Denver uni….Brian Dawkins though doesn’t seem far fetched.

    I would rather see Denver play it smart in the draft and continue building a team for 2 years from now.

    Let’s face it there is to much strength in the AFC for them to win the bowl! And winning an AFC West title is worthless, unless you like that sort of thing!

  • BH

    I am not really sure how much Ray has slowed down. It appears that he may not even have an interest in Denver. On the upside, if this works out, this could be like the Pats signing Harrison and Seau. They have been valuable contributers in their latter years.

  • soxbigdog

    even if they don’t sign Lewis, it might be a sign to other free agent on the fence about coming to Denver that they are making a commitment to put a team together that can win now

  • Richard

    BH Exactly. Nothing would turn the D around faster than leadership, smarts, and experience. Getting Lewis from Baltimore, and Dawkins from the Eagles, two teams with consistently above average Defenses, and regular participants in the playoffs, McD and Prof X are having a terrific FA. Of course if you disagree, we can resign Kerry Colbert and Niko.

  • Kyle

    Either (preferably both) of these guys would serve as great short-term solutions for this defense while we build through the draft. I’m definitely excited about these possibilities!

  • Joe

    I think they should definately go after Dawkins but only sign him to an incentive laden 1 year contract with a team option for next year but please don’t sign R. Lewis

  • silrock327

    no no no no, please god no.. Eagles cheap front office better not do this to us, not only is Dawkins the heart and soul of our defense, he is the heart and soul of ME and every eagles fan in philadelphia.. I can not stomach to think about him in other colors let alone actually being in another teams colors.

  • Justin Mendez

    Yes The Broncos are on there way on being a smart team Ray Lewis and Brain Dawkins two leaders voice heard all around the world that would be great fit for denver then draft young players to learn from these two best players to ever put on a helmet in there positions denver still has alot of work to do but they are taking step bye step like a great team would.

  • Dakota fan

    Right on the mark Kyle- building for long term using guys with 2 or 3 good years left to mentor them and tutor a leader that the Broncos haven’t had since Al Wilson left is a smart move.

    I saw the report on ESPN last night about how Ray Lewis has slowed down a step or two. No sh*t- the guy is 33 years old. If he keeps hammering the guy running the drag route and pounding the back coming off the offensive line blocks for 2 or 3 more years, he’d be a great pickup. The only thing I worry about is a price tag- he’s going to cost a lot.

  • GreeleyBronco

    Its reported on that the broncos have agreed to terms with Brian Dawkins. I like the signings so far. Still need to address d line and get a new linebacker, maybe the draft.

  • http://none Ben Davis

    It’s official. Dawkins is a bronco!!!!!

  • Josh Temple

    I’m all for Dawkins, even if it’s only for a year or two. Think John Lynch all over again. As for Ray Lewis, let the Cowboys overspend on him, I would much rather land one of the MLBs in the draft.

  • Bill

    Bring on Ray Ray! It’s Shannon Sharpe on Defense. Come on Denver!

  • broncobilly32

    Dawkins too!

  • Bobby

    We just signed the Pats former long snapper!!! Oh wait, who cares?

  • Krippler

    Rotoworld say we got dawkins for two years?

  • Dakota fan

    Bobby- LOL. I don’t get the signing of the long snapper. Leach has done fine, but I’m thinking McD wants this to be HIS team and not Shanahan’s. I was a Shanahan guy, but this is totally fine by me.

    Plus- I don’t know what to think of Ray Lewis. Several of the media guys say he’s coming to visit, but several of them are saying he’s headed for someone who’s willing to spend a lot of money on him. Doesn’t sound like us, what with our billionaire owner complaining how hard the recession has hit him.

    I’d like to have Lewis and Dawkins both, but the eternal pessimist in me tells me that when I see Schefter or John Clayton reporting that they’ve both signed with us, I’ll finally believe it.

  • Eric

    Dawkins is better than Lewis. Lewis will eat up more of our salary cap when we have speed at the LB position. Safety and Def Line is what we need. Someone to roam the field and make a play, and the line to penetrate and get to the QB.

  • jcampb72

    Lewis is a great player, leader, and someone I would love to have in my foxhole.

  • Matt Paolucci

    It’s official. Brian Dawkins is a Denver Bronco. You heard it HERE at 6:28 PM. Now, hopefully it’s no more than a 2 year contract. Guy’s old.

  • Moose

    B. Dawkins is the bomb but Ray lewis is not needed. There are young linebackers in the draft that will help this team much more than Ray Lewis. But Dawkins brings the kind of fire they need on defense but much cheaper than Lewis.