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Published on 02/26/2009 at Thu Feb 26 19:44.

Friday, Feb 27 will mark the last edition of the Rocky Mountain News to be published. And while it’s been a decade since I personally read the print edition of this fine paper, I have been an avid reader of the online edition for a number of years, and I have come to feel I know some of the sportswriters through their words over the years.

The Rocky has always done a very fine job, back to the days when Woody Paige was their football guy all the way up until now when Jeff Legwold has been the primary football writer. When I compare the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News, I’ve always felt that the knowledge and the writing from the Rocky was just a little deeper, just a little more intimate. It certainly helps that Legwold has been our Hall of Fame voter ever since Paige left, and that by default gives him more contacts inside the NFL than anyone else. But I’ve always felt that Legwold just understands it better.

At the Post, Mike Klis does an okay job, but it’s clear that when he moved over from baseball, his football knowledge was a little light. He’s been growing into the role, but sometimes I feel like he’s grasping a little to get all of the information. I don’t think he has the ear of team officials, and certainly doesn’t have as much around-the-league knowledge. Like I said, he does okay, and every season he gets a little better.

A few years ago I was so impressed by the level of depth that Legwold went to when answering his weekly column that I wrote him a personal thank you note. In a way, this is another of those, and I want to make it public. In the same way that I miss Andrew Mason over at, I am going to miss Jeff Legwold. I hope that he isn’t out of work for too long. Heck, I hope that the Post hires him, but things aren’t exactly roses over there so I don’t imagine they will be able to take on too much, if any, of the Rocky’s about to be unemployed staff.

Jeff, thank you. And to the rest of the Rocky Mountain News, you were always my favorite paper. I salute you and everything you’ve done. May your people find their feet quickly, and may you be long remembered.

  • NathanH


    RIP Rocky Sports.

    I LOVE reading the paper, and the Rocky Mountain news was a very good paper. It actually was named a top 10 sports section in the whole nation this past year. Sad the newspaper is dying.

    Good tribute!

  • KMA

    Wow, I had no idea it was over for the Rocky, I grew up with that paper!
    I always liked it better growing up due to the format of it, then got to know the writers as I understood sports as I was growing up and playing sports myself.
    Now I read the online version daily from my office in Portland Oregon.
    I am truly sad to hear the news.
    Farewell to an old companion!!

  • Garrett Barnes

    I am going to miss that paper sooo much.

  • Josh Temple

    Here’s to hoping all of the employees at the Rocky find gainful employment soon in this brave new world of internet media.

  • Roy

    That sucks. One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting on one of my grandparents laps while they read the Rocky. The smell of newspaper always reminds me of them now. Being up here in WA state, I have missed that publication, and am still searching for one that remotely compares. I don’t think I will ever find it.

  • Riverscanbl&wme

    I agree that RMN was a little better when compared to the Post and for people living outside of Colorado like myself I was grateful for their online news coverage. It is sad and hopefully the post will pick up the slack.

  • ssc

    agreed about legwold, but i would go farther and say he’s the finest football writer i know, period. he’s the only main-stream-media guy i know that puts in real analysis and film study. a good example is how he broke down route running b/w royal and marshall — mind you, he didn’t regurgitate what other talking heads said; he actually studied film and pointed out that cutler throws later in the route to marshall due to apparent lack of confidence in marshall’s routes.

    i’ve written him a number of times, and i’ve also written to ESPN telling them to replace williamson (idiot) with legwold to cover the afc west. i think broncos fans should all do the same.

  • ssc

    i should clarify re main-stream-media talent: i think collinsworth is similarly insightful (and more opinionated, which i think legwold needs to work on), but obviously collinsworth operates in a different format.

  • NathanH

    I know this isn’t really the right place but everyone checks the newest comments, and we’re likely to sign both Buckhalter and JJ Arrington tomorrow.,-Cards-RBs

    this makes me very relieved as it appears the draft will now almost positevly be 100% D.

    Both would be good splitting time with Hillis, and maybe Torian can work his way up.

  • jcampb72

    a sad day indeed

  • T

    we have 47 rbs…. why?

  • Roy

    Many were on one year contracts. That said, the ones there is signifigant money wrapped up in or who have multiyear deals will get to prove themselves over the summer and maybe into camp. I can’t forsee that us having more than three or four RB’s to start the season.

  • Jim

    Amen. I felt a swift kick in the stomach when i heard the news. In the 80’s, I remember debating my friend of which paper was better, the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News. Not that we knew what we were talking about. I now live in Austin, TX and our paper sucks. I found myself reading online RMN all the time.

  • MIAbronco

    albert haynesworth signed withe redskins for 100 million with 41 mill garunteed over 7 years.

    thank god that fat peice of crap, bad attitude, over rated , over payed, lazy ass is not going to be a part of our team.

    i bet that the redskins will cut him in the next 2 or 3 years, when they stilll suck and albert doesnt even show up to the games, think about this, who can the redskins sign onto their team now that they have no money left?

  • WhidbeyBronco

    Wow, I’m going to miss the RMN! …and the newspaper era! Hear hear to the fond memories of Dad/Grandpa reading the paper at breakfast.

    MIA lol we weren’t talking Broncos here! Funny though, the Redskins PAID UP for another problem too… D Hall. Crazy.

  • MIAbronco

    my bad whidley, but i had to get that one out, I feel much better now though. lol

  • E. Halsey Miles

    Well. This is BroncoTalk, we’re always talking about Broncos!