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Published on 02/24/2009 at Tue Feb 24 08:24.
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Since Kubiak rode off to Texas, he has hired quite a few bronco free agents. Part of that is familiarity with his (and Mike Shanahan’s) system. And part of that is due to Kubiak personally knowing the players and thus understanding their personalities and unmeasurables, like leadership.

With McD so fresh from New England, should we expect the same attention to Patriot free agents?

The money will start flying this week, so let’s take a look at the free agents EPSN has listed for the Pats…

Eric Alexander LB (RFA)
Wesley Britt OT (RFA)
Matt Cassel QB (Franchised)
Heath Evans FB
Jabar Gaffney WR
Chris Hanson P
Rodney Harrison S
Russ Hochstein G
Larry Izzo LB
LaMont Jordan RB
Deltha O’Neal CB
James Sanders S
Lewis Sanders CB
Kenny Smith DL
Barry Stokes OL
Kelley Washington WR (Released)
Tank Williams S
Pierre Woods LB (RFA)
Mike Wright DL
Billy Yates G (Released)

So, what are your thoughts? Is there anyone here that you could see in Orange & Blue? Is there anyone on this list that you think would be a upgrade for us at this point? Although I personally think replacing 32-year-old Bly with 32-year-old Deltha O’Neal is no upgrade, what do you think about the possibility of seeing Deltha back in Denver?

  • Donkeys

    No Deltha, I have been scarred for long enough from his first go around. I’m having nightmares just thinking about him giving up on plays half way through…

  • Sport Hess

    James Sanders (S) Mike Wright (NT) Both are under the age of 27, the rest I would not pursue.

  • Garrett Barnes

    I hate him personally but I am drooling over Rodney Harrison. He is great… I just wonder if since he was the offensive coordinator he would bering him in.

  • Thomas

    Don’t you remember Cutler juking Harrison @ New England on MNF? I don’t know if he’ll ever be the same that was a pretty nasty looking injury.

    Definite no on Deltha O’Neal. No way. That would completely contradict the move of cutting Bly.

    I could definitely James Sanders in orange and blue. He would be a great addition to this team, he’s a pretty solid safety, what we’ve needed for years now.

  • Thomas

    typo… i meant “I could definitely SEE James Sanders in orange and blue” haha

  • Katch22

    I think Nolan will have more players in mind with McD having the final say. I wouldn’t mind J. Sanders or Gaffney (depth) being added to the roster. NO WAY IN HELL should Deltha even be considered. I wonder what S Wilson will want for a contract? Can’t wait for FA to start here in a couple of days!

  • DHB

    I don’t know most of them well enough, but Harrison as an inexpensive stop-gap safety with leadership and a desire to win might be worth considering.

    I on;y want Deltha under contract if we can put him on the other team every week. Unless Jay feels like an interception machine that day.

  • daveb

    No Delta (please!)…Sanders is the top of that list.

  • Thomas

    am I the only one who remembers harrison’s injury? Is he alright now?

  • kerry

    James Sanders would be a god safety for us. personally i hoping McD goes after Gibril Wilson or James Leonhard.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Katch22, good point. I’ll post list of FA from SF for additional fodder in a suppliment post here in a minute or two…

  • Roy

    You all stole my thunder with talking about Gibril Wilson. Great mands think alike!! James Sanders and Mike write would be solid signings. If, and it’s a big IF, McD decides Hillis should be one of his H-backs, I could see McD bringing going after Evans. He is a high character guy that already knows the system being installed.

  • Richard

    It’s a shame that Harrison is old and injuried, hell, I’d bring him in just to piss off the Charger fans. Realistically, I would bring in Mike Wright, and maybe the fullback Evans. I’m not sold on Sanders and don’t think any others will be a help to the team.

  • BroncoFan18

    Sanders or Wright….Deltha’s just another Bly so no…Harrison would be great but he’s just too old to throw big money his way…

  • inrodwetrust

    Deltha no’deal should be selling cell phones…maybe Tatum can get him a hookup. Speaking of running backs, I would like to see what LaMont Jordan could do in our system.

  • Richard

    inrod Deltha’s career is definitely heading for the omega. The only contract he should sign is for Tatum’s phone service. You know, 5000 anytime minutes and 30 free text messages, with rollover.

  • Jordan C

    Richard –

    I agree with Wright and Evans. I’m surprised that he’s not re-signed with the Pats.

    I’ve read good things about Sanders, but I guess that I have to agree about not being sold on him just because I’ve never really watched him. But like has been said, almost any safety is an upgrade.

  • Mac Miller

    No Deltha haha. that seems unanimous. all you fools need to realize that jay cutler ENDED rodney harrisons career. Its over. Harrison will be an analyst for the rest of his days. shut up. were not signing brian dawkins either.

  • jcampb72

    No mediocre players plz

  • Jon Krause

    delta would be cool, put just as like a fill-in till we get a young guy W/ talent, and Garrett, Rodney is like 57! he’s gotta be at least as old a Lynch was when the broncos dumped him…soooo….why sign an age’n guy who won’t last but a season (if that)

  • CJ

    I like James Sanders but i would rather see a trade with dallas for Roy Williams. NFl Network said it was going to be a late rounder to. I havent liked the idea of giving up late rounders ever since guys like Peyton Hillis and Brandon Marshall but i think Roy would be a premiere safety again as soon as he got healthier

  • JJ

    Cassel for Cutler?! What a JOKE!!! I seriously question Josh McDaniels’ judgement if he even remotely considered trading Jay Cutler. And for all the Bronco’s fans who thought it was a good idea…you need a reality check! You had a few years with “ok” quarterbacks – Brian Greise and Jake Plummer – and you nearly ran them out of town! You need to appreciate the talent you have in that position and McDaniels better refocus his energy on the Defense!! Give the guy a defense and it will be an amazing team to watch! I don’t blame Cutler for being pissed. I’m pissed and not sure if I can root for a team run by a former cheating Patriot. Has anyone forgotten then were called CHEATERS just 2 years ago?? And this is the character Pat Bolin has running the Broncos now?? ugh. I’m just not sure it’s worth paying thousands of dollars a year for season tickets to watch this guy screw up our team!