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Published on 02/17/2009 at Tue Feb 17 18:04.
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Steve Johnson pulls in a TD in front of Dre Bly on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Steve Johnson pulls in a TD in front of Dre Bly on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

In a surprising interesting move the Denver Broncos announced just moments ago that they have released starting cornerback Dre Bly. The move comes just a day after the Broncos released three former starters on defense, Bly becomes the fourth defensive starter to be cut in two days and the 12th player to exit Dove Valley in two-weeks.

The move along with the fact that cornerback Karl Paymah will be a free agent leaves the Broncos extremely thin in the secondary. Not to mention that with four starters cut and Nate Webster, Marlon McCree and Ebenezer Ekuban not likely to be re-signed the Broncos could return with as little as three starters from 2008.

Luckily this is not College Football…

In 2008, Bly made $10.4 million (of which $4.55 million counted against the cap), in 2009 he was scheduled to count more than $6 million against the cap, this move puts the Broncos a little more than $40 million under the salary cap (which is set at $123 million).

What’s up Nation? I’m not positive that I like the move, unless Josh McDaniels has his eyes set on one of these all-star corners that may or may not be available in free agency (which opens in ten-days on February 27th). It’s scary to think of what could come of the defense, but then again, last seasons defense was about as bad as it gets.

  • Katch22

    Peppers said his wish list is 4 teams, 3 being NFC. I wonder who the AFC team is???

  • Katch22

    I would take Hall over Bly!

  • Ian Henson

    robtink- Do you think that Jack Williams will improve this off-season?

    Katch22- I really feel like Peppers is going to get tagged by the Panthers.

    Unfortunately, I’d guess that Asomugha gets tagged as well. I don’t know why they wouldn’t have been by now. They have until 4:00 PM tomorrow.

  • Joe


    I dont think Peppers will get franchised. They have to franchise their OT if they cant get that deal signed tomorrow. I have confidence that he will walk away without the tag. I really do hope Peppers comes to Denver. Do you think that he talked about Denver when he said there is one AFC team he is interested in?? I think so. He is always spotted at Denver games.

  • kerry

    profootballtalk just reported that the Raiders are close to signing Asomugha to a long term deal. and if a deal isnt reached he will just be franchised. same thing ive been saying for weeks now. so Asomugha will be off the market. Peppers is another story. still scouring the wire for any news coming out of carolina.

  • Mr.East

    I feel bad for Asomugha he’s too talented to be in that franchise.

    As for Peppers, Carolina won’t spend the money to keep him, and Denver is building up cap space for something. It might be for the several players we’ll draft with our picks or for one big free agent… or both. I have no idea what’s in store.

  • kerry

    profootballtalk just reported that the Raiders, if they cant get a long term deal done, WONT use the tag on Asomugha. thats a twist.

  • kerry

    its just been reported that Jordan Gross and the Panthers have struck a deal. which means Peppers will receiver the franchise tag. disappointing but expected. at least all the Peppers conjecture can be put to rest.

  • kerry

    the deal between the Raiders and Asomugha is done. so much for that conjecture.

  • kerry

    Peppers got tagged. as i said he would.

  • stav

    And Asomugha got $45mill for 3 yrs with $28 guaranteed – ridiculous. We need to grab Buchanon if he doesn’t get franchised. I’d take him over Hall who runs his mouth too much and doesn’t back it up, lets also remember what happened as Royal kept toasting Hall, I believe it was two unsportsmanlike penalties on Hall in the second half? We don’t need that type of player and I’m sure Nolan would rip him a new one if that ever happened.

  • The Hook Man

    Bly seemed a little on the timid and small size for what the Broncos were trying to accomplish. Maybe 6 years ago he would have added a spark but never since he came to the team. I think it’s a good time for them to clean house and I think while they are at it, get rid of Logan announcing and that bunch of KOA cronies. If we are going to be the NEW Denver Broncos, shake it up and make it new.

  • Unca_chuck

    Just a curious Niner fan here, but how good/bad was Bly? If all works out for the Niners, they will use him as a nickel back.

    BTW, peppers’ price tag is going to be VERY high, and involve a high draft pick.

    Just sayin’