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Published on 01/31/2009 at Sat Jan 31 15:41.
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Shannon Sharpe (SI photo)

Shannon Sharpe (SI photo)

Denver Broncos great and legendary tight end Shannon Sharpe was not elected to the 2009 Class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A first-time finalist, Sharpe made the cut from 17 to 10 before failing to make the final 6.

“Obviously, there’s disappointment,” Sharpe told the Denver Post. “But am I any more disappointed than any of the other guys who made it to the final 10 and didn’t get in? Probably not. Sunshine follows rain. We’ll try it again. Hopefully, I’ll get back on the ballot and I’ll get back in this situation and hopefully I’ll get in.”

Three Super Bowl rings and every tight end record at the time of his retirement isn’t enough to get Sharpe into the Hall of Fame? This is downright laughable. I’m disgusted with the voting committee.

  • T-Money

    I agree. What a joke of a committee. That’s just stupid.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Shameful and really anti-Bronco but, that always seems to be their theme!

  • mikebirty

    well i did threaten that if he wasn’t elected i’d come over there and open a can of whoopass.

  • Dakota fan

    How sad is this?

    I know he’ll get in (I think). And I have no problem with the number of Steelers, Cowboys and Packers in the HOF, because they have the rings to justify it. But how in the hell do the Bills get two guys in on one day (Smith and Ralph Wilson) and we get hosed?

    I used to think Woody Paige was out of his mind- okay, maybe he is, but I used to think his complaining that they have it in to exclude the Broncos was ludicrous. Now, I’m a believer. How you keep Randy Gradishar and Terrell Davis out of the hall makes me think the weak sisters who do the voting only let you in if you’re north of the Mason Dixon Line or east of the Mississippi River.

    No disrespect intended towards the greatest QB in NFL history (our #7) and Zimmerman, but the HOF selection voters can shove it.

  • DickDazzle

    The Broncos snubbed again…what a (expletive) joke this HOF election committee has become. Randy Gradishar, Louis Wright, TD, Dennis Smith, and now, to dismiss someone who revolutionized the position??? Who cares anymore if Canton comes calling? What a sham.


    They should be embarrassed. I’ve been amazed how Gradishar, one of the greatest players of his era, got snubbed every year, but Sharpe? He’s got the records. He’s got his face on TV every week. And above all, he’s got the rings! Perhaps a high-paid publicist is needed? What a crock!

  • MikeY55

    shocked clearly the man who made the position what it is today yeah there was Kellen winslow 1 and mike ditka but no one revolutionized the position like he did… Sharpe and Gradishar and maybe even tombstone jackson deserve to be in the HOF…TD not so sure about yeah he was great but a rather short career to be judged on yeah he went over the 2000 yard mark but lets say if he didn’t would he even be in this discussion.. i love TD but his career was too short to give him that automatic in i think

  • pwsbronco

    Friggin joke..nothing can support the dicision of not adding Sharpe into the HOF. What does a guy have to do? I can see several players added this year that should be carrying Shannons jersey into the HOF….. Does everything have to be corrupt? What a mockery of this committee has made the HOF…..

  • Dakota fan

    I’m telling you fellas- I wonder if any other teams with deserving individuals feel this way. It’s frustrating.

    MikeY55- I agree that TD’s short career is a big factor in his exclusion, but his addition to the Broncos got us over the Super Bowl drought (my opinion). I’d agree wholeheartedly if Gale Sayers wasn’t in the HOF six years after he retired from a seven year career.

    I need something positive to say about all of this HOF snubbing, so here goes- so many great players that if the rules limit to six inductions per year, I guess some of the greats are going to get snubbed. But every year, when I hear some of the current players called “certain first ballot hall of famers”, I’m not so sure anymore. At least not if they’re Broncos.

  • Roy

    He got snubbed because of the introduction of the Bills owner. I, for one, do not think that owners or other administrative people should take the place of a player getting in. If they are to be inducted, fine, but induct them as a #7, not one of the 6. That said, mqybe it is time that people other than writers get a vote. That way, the most revered players can get inducted by the people that have to gameplan around them, or play against them on Sunday. That may also take some of the political bullsh*t out of the selection process.

  • Mike

    Bob Hayes?
    Shannon has it all wrong. What he needs to do is sell some drugs, get busted, do time and then, just maybe, he’ll get in. What a joke

  • Garrett Barnes

    Maybe Sharpe was too quite of a player… Oh wait.

  • Josh Temple

    The other piece of this fiasco that is getting overlooked is the old boys club of Canton. People in that part of Ohio really don’t like the Broncos, they are still bitter from the Browns losses to us in the 80s. It’s kind of like, well, get over it. But they have a little insider network in Canton with all the HOF voters and I think it adds to the sway just that much more. The locals really didn’t see to want to welcome the Bronco fans at Elway’s induction and they even booed him during the gold jacket ceremony.

  • Garrett Barnes

    *quiet lol

  • Brian

    I give the Hall of Fame Committee The “New” Mile High Salute as I raise my finger! Pathetic!!!!!!

  • klepto

    How does a guy who retires with EVERY significant record for his position. Who has 3 championship rings. Who could be agrued to have had the most significant single offensive performance in the playoffs history in getting a team (Baltimore) to the super bowl; not be a first ballot (unamious) inductee to the HOF? The election process is both a sham and a shame. It needs to be changed immediately. Those who rule with unchallenged authority (HOF Committee), have been shown through out history, to abuse that power.

  • M.E.R.C


  • dbroncos

    I am going to assume that Pat Bowlen had an affair with the voters wives until further notice.

  • jchase8410

    This is absolutely disgusting!!! Sharpe is arguably the best tight end to ever ha be strapped up. I know that I am partial, as he is my favorite Bronco of all time, but this is a travesty. I’ve never ebb heard of ralph Wilson, but I don’t now owners. Everybody who knows anything about football knows who Shannon sharpe is, and what he did on the field. I’m apalled

  • Bobby

    F’in Travesty…..

  • craig l.

    the guy changed how the modern TE position is played, how can he not get in?…..


  • Lon A

    I want to echo the comments made here. Absolutely disgusting that SS did not make it in. I hear the reason is that the voters considered him a receiver and not a tight end. Talk about Grade A bullcrap! He revolutionized the TE position. Without Sharpe would there by a Gonzalez or Gates?!?

  • kerry

    a great and terrible injustice has occured to not just Shannon Sharpe or the fans of the Broncos, but to the entire fan base of the NFL. the greatest TE in the history of the game cant get into the HOF. there is no greater crime. but a LB like Derrick Thomas, who never even won a playoff game, gets elected. but the even bigger slap in the face is that a FU**ING OWNER, a guy who never played a down in the NFL, gets elected. what kind of total horsesh**t is this!!?? an owner? are you fuc**ng kidding me??!! 3 rings and every TE record there is and that doesnt buy you a ticket into the HOF. i guess Shannon should have played for Dallas. that would have gotten him in.

  • BroncoFan18

    These things are so political now. Not just football, but any sport. It’s a joke.

  • Bronco Bryan

    Shannon Sharpe not being inducted into the Hall of Fame is complete bull!

  • ForeverMileHigh

    HOF committee is flying at fockin ludicrous speed! Are you kidding me with this garbage, what a bunch of douche bags! Two Bill? Never won a SB? Great players, yeah, but come on! Shannon Sharpe is still to this day the best that ever played the position, I would put him in his prime against any player in his position today, and he would smack them down! Tony G learned everything he knows/shows from watching Sharpe smack down defenses on a weekly basis! Bias a-holes from OHIO…they fumbled AGAIN!

  • Mary C

    How they could pass over Shannon Sharpe is beyond me…I agree with those agreeing with Woody Paige — the d@#$ committee is very anti-Bronco. To hell with them…

  • OC Bronco

    This is ridiculous but we all know he will get in. Should have been first ballot but in the end who cares? All that matters is if he gets in and I believe he will without a doubt.

  • dazbroncos

    Any other team a 3 time superbowl winner with a gaggle…yes i said gaggle… of records for the position he played he would be inducted in 2 years of the conclusion of his career….why wait they would all say?

    Of course, he was a 7th round pick that no one wanted that played for us and succeeded..big time… thus…

    He will require 5 years of eligibility before he gets in because the HOF voters and committee are complete MORONS…

    Bias…what Bias… it s a Hall of Fame.

    If Sharpe has to wait, then Rod Smith, TD, Jason Elam, Tom Nalen can kiss their BUSTS good bye!

    Total CRAP….

    Go Broncos

  • MIAbronco

    !@UK the media, i dont care what they think. bob hayes does not deserve to be in the hall. the bills owner, wowwww they have been such a solid franchise….Shannon sharpe should be pissed and i hope he says something….let the media continue to shaft us, who cares what they think, all these damn politics make the NFL smell like shit

  • mark

    I call shenanigans…

  • Bronco Fan in AL

    I guess winning championships, revolutionizing the TE position, and putting up big receiving stats on great teams with other great receivers on the team doesn’t qualify you for the HOF on the first ballot. So what exactly does qualify you for the HOF on the first ballot?

  • Josh Temple

    Looks like Shannon wasn’t the only one, Cris Carter also got the snub. Also, I disagree Kerry, Derrick Thomas was the best OLB in football through the early mid 90s before his death. He gets the nod. The HOF voters are a joke though.

  • Roshon

    Josh, how could you say the people of Ohio are bitter because of the Broncos beating the Browns all those years and thats why the Broncos don’t get into the hall? Uh, Gradishar and Cris Carter are both Ohio State grads, and Ohio State is the number one sports team in Ohio, not the Browns.

  • Josh Temple

    The Canton insiders group is very old boys club. I was able to attend with the Elway induction and met a lot of the people who fund the HOF events. They don’t like the Broncos. They booed Elway at the gold jacket ceremony. A lot of people would ask who you were attending to see get inducted and when the response was Elway we would receive looks of disdain.

    I do agree with you on the Ohio State religion, but I’m just saying their dislike towards Denver in general helps sway voting in my opinion. I think the people who run the show in Canton has the ear of many a HOF voter. My conspiracy theory if you will. Then again the Cowboys have been snubbed by and large for the talent they’ve had, so we’re not the only ones.

  • Katch22


  • Roshon

    Yeah I agree you, but it’s a East Coast, West Coast bais, that’s hurting the Broncos, other than the Mountain region no one cares about the Broncos. They’ve been a first class organization for the last 30 years but if you not in LA and are West of the Mississippi, your not getting Dap.

  • Pete

    I say that if the greatest of all time player at his position, this case being the TE position doesn’t get in first ballot, then I say they should snub Rice and Smith when they become eligable next year. Yes, Rice is the best of all time for a WR and statistically Smith is for the RB, but apparently that doesn’t mean squat anymore. If the greatest TE doesn’t get in first ballot, the neither should the greatest WR and arguably RB get in their first try. But alas, they are west coast players, and a cowboy, so they’ll get in first try. I’m amazed they didn’t ammend the rules to let them in early cause of their bias

  • Gary in SD

    I saw Shannon as the most obvious “slam dunk” choice of the bunch. It’s really “messsed up” (keepin it PG) that he wasn’t selected.

    Everytime I see him, I think of that clutch 3rd down reception in hostile Pittsburgh in the ’98 AFC Championship game that gave the Broncos the 1st down deep in their own territory and the ability to run out the clock. Of course sending them to their first Superbowl title!

  • Jim

    Shannon Sharpe in the HOF, kind of like Denver in the playoffs in 08 “it’s in the bag!!!”

  • Gobrowns!

    Hey im not a Broncos fan, nor do I pretend to be one, But i am a football fan, Shannon Sharpe not making it into the hall of fame on his first ballot is the same as Jerry Rice not making it in first ballot, or Walter Peyton not making it in first ballot. He retired with all the records a for a tite end, he won 3 superbowls and all three times he was the reason the team made it and won it, i mean c’mon look at the ravens! they woulda done nothing with him. this is a shame and really shows that the HOF committee is a bunch of idiots in a high power that no one selected to be put into that power. Sound Familer?

  • CJ

    Such a tragedy Shannan Sharpe was rated #4 on nfl networks top 10 tight ends ever!! and hes the only one in the top 5 to not be in the hall

  • DDC from Union, S.C.

    My brother was Shannon’s Head Football coach @ Savannah State. He thought of Shannon as extended family(Son). He would tell our Father long before Shannon went to Denver “this young man” going to make it big somewhere. He spoke of his willingness to learn, listen and go the extra mile.
    My Brother”Coach Bill Davis” was funeralize in Savannah in 2002, my family was overjoyed to see Shannon was able to attend. Shannon was down to earth and took a picture with my youngest Son(treasure for life). Shannon please remember what Coach would always say to my Sons “Look Forward” never let one thing stop your path or destiny.
    Shannon, I’m certain Coach Davis is looking down from Heaven beaming with Pride. Don’t even sweat “Your Time Will Come”

  • DJR

    Maybe if Shannon hadn’t run his mouth and been a classier person he would have gotten elected.

  • pls

    As a Ravens fan who hated Shannon in his day, i believe that he was robbed today. Shannon what a class act, sorry you did not make it

  • Anonymous

    lol great now we have to try and make out what he is saying when he cries about not getting in! Cmon shannon, you are not that great, tony gonzales broke all your records he will get in before you, even without a ring!! lol…. donkey fans suck!!

  • Slick Willie

    Bet Tony Gonzalez gets in first ballot. So long Shannon!!

  • biggredd

    telling you ran the comittee ran by the f ing raiders

  • biggredd

    WHAT A JOKE i have no faith in the hall of fame. It took little how long over 20 years. The comitte must be ran by fu*king RAIDERs

  • biggredd

    telling you ran the comittee ran by the f ing raiders