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Published on 01/17/2009 at Sat Jan 17 17:15.
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Josh McDaniels’ phone has probably been blowing up as of late. Between the lack of communication of his quarterback and all the hiring he’s done lately, I’m sure he hasn’t had enough time to sleep.

Im sure all Denver fans were wondering when Cutler would finally talk to McDaniels and release a statement about his hiring. Well Denver fans we are half way there. According to the Denver Post McDaniels and Cutler played phone tag for awhile before actually having a conversation. Lets hope that Cutler is as excited as McDaniels is

“We had a great conversation about where we’re going, what we’re going to do and some of the things we’ve done in New England in the past and some of the things they did here. We had a very, very lively conversation. I can’t wait to meet him.”

Another positive thing the Denver Post reports McDaniels mentioned is the importance of a growing a rapport with Cutler.

“McDaniels told reporters Monday that establishing a relationship with Cutler will be important to him, and that he intends to work closely with the quarterbacks.”

Now I don’t know what that means for Jeremy Bates who was given permission to interview with Oakland, but it doesn’t look exactly too bright.

However, the future is looking bright for the new hires Ed Donatell and Adam Gase. These hires will be the new secondary coach and receivers coach respectively.

Good news for Rick Dennison and Bobby Turner, because they both will stay on the coaching staff. Turner will keep his old job as the running backs coach and Dennison will take a demotion to the offensive line coach, even though he will most likely being doing the same job he did last year. 

McDaniels will now work hard on hiring an new offensive coordinator. It is rumored that McDaniels is trying to hook in Mike McCoy, who is the Panthers Quarterbacks/Passing coordinator. 

Denver fans what are your thoughts? Is Mike McCoy fit for the job? Where will Jeremy Bates end up? Speak up!

  • Bleading O&B

    I have to say USC produces some studs Taylor Mays is a replica of Adrian Wilson just faster…look how that worked out for the Cards… East what college conference do you like? Ray reminds me of Juice Merrimen who I hate but would love to have on Denver… being cocky like that is classless but works out on the field Joey Porter is prob the most disgusting player in the NFL but sure gets the job done… Are D this year had no swagger I would be glad to welcome a bad a@# to Denvers D… remember Romanoski ?

  • dee

    Bates is gone to USC … happy trails partner .. send us this guy named Rey thats been tearing it up out there ….

    Trade Theory …. How about trading D J Williams for another 2 round pick? Could we get a team to bite? I know its a strech since DJ just had surgery … but I’m trying to think of a way to get another first or second round pick and he seems like a good person to trade… the other option would be Bailey but I haven’t give up on Champ…

  • dee

    ** We could potentially replace DJ with the signing of Terrell Suggs

  • Roy

    While trying to get some more picks does not seem like a bad idea, I think trading DJ is. He is the bright spot of an otherwise lackluster LB core. I know, I know, the rooks looked good, but they have not prooven they could take on being “the man” full time at their respective positions. Trading Bailey may bring us a good pick. He has not been exactly healthy, but he is the heart and soul of our defense. He is getting older, however, and there will be a big problem with him if McD decides he wants to cut Boss.

  • dee

    If we run the 3-4 I think it could work with Bailey (Boss) if he isnt cut, DJ and ReY M inside and Terrell Suggs on the other side? I think Boss deserves another year if he is fully healthy to show what he can do …. I’d cut lou green, and koutovides … keep woodyard as a situational LB … keep Spencer as a backup …Convert Jarvis Moss into an outside LB , the same can be said for Dumervil

  • dee

    I think we need to get creative with some of the defensive draft picks we have …. cutting them for nothing would be an mistake … we need to give them a chance…. this year will tell us alot about McD’s and his coaching staff … I do believe there is talent , but maybe they have not gotten the quality of coaching on the defensive side of the ball as the offense has?

  • Broncoholic

    Trading Champ this year won’t happen. If we cut or trade Champ this year it would count a little more than $9 mil against the cap. It basically would cost us the same amount towards the cap to keep him as it would to cut or trade him. After this next season that cap penalty drops to around $4.5 mil or so. Much more likely for Champ to be traded next off-season.

  • Roy

    I would not be surprised at all if they tried Woodyard as a safety. He could be an in the box run suporter in the mold of Lynch. He is also fast enough to be able to provide coverage support and hits hard enough to make recievers drop the ball. I do not know how good he is at route recognition, but he looked good last year, and we should see more of him this year.

  • Roy

    Good to know about the cap numbers. I did not know that he would count that much against the cap this year. Now that I know that, I am on the same page. 1 more year.

  • Bleading O&B

    I have to say I love how positive everyone is toward Denvers D. However, I flat out thought that they were the worst D I have seen in the NFL in years… They need to clean house… keep DJ, Champ, Moss(because of money) and get rid or send all the others to the practice team… Woodward looked ok because everyone else was so bad when he hits a running back he never drives them back… Webster is prob the worst MLB in the league… Are O was unreal this year D was a joke… I just watched something on the NFL Network when Chuck Noel came in he kept 5 players total from the old team… We need to do the same… I hope we get a few play makers through FA and Draft

  • Bleading O&B

    The thing that stood out the most when watching the Denver games was how few times we got a defensive player into the back field… Comparing that to the Ravens and Pit those teams live in the back field. Really excited about next year if we can get better on D are O has the most upside in the league(young studs) Lets talk more about potential draft pics

  • krippler3030

    I think we keep champ and move him to free safety. Why not? It would extend his career, he’s the best tackler we have and he would be a ball hawk, Im not saying this year but in a couple years. What do you guys think about that? It has work in the past!!

  • dvdofpop

    We absolutely need a defensive overhaul. Peppers is not the answer-however, the idea of Terrell Suggs suiting up in the Orange & Blue makes my head spin! As far as running back goes, we clearly get more out of less when it comes to talent. A guy like Derrick Ward (potential star) would solidify the backfield instantly.

  • Anthony33

    Champ is a great athlete, but he lack the size to be a free safety. You want big, duable and fast in that position. Look at all four FS in this past weekends games. Wilson. Dawkins, Polomalu and Reed are all stout players. Bailey if more ‘rangey’ if that is a word. I like the idea of Woodyard if he is fast enough and can read routes. The man is certainly stout enough and not afraid to lay somebody out.

  • football2484

    Bates is gone because his ego got too big!! This is the truth!! Shanahan gave him too much power. McDaniels will NOW be calling the plays–Bates couldn’t handle a step down from the power i.e. not calling the plays anymore or working so closely with Cutler. His ego was/is so big that he refused to interview for his job with the Broncos–he felt he was entitled to his position. So fine, SEE YA Bates have fun in CALI