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Published on 01/13/2009 at Tue Jan 13 12:09.
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According to the Denver Post Josh McDaniels has named former San Fransisco 49ers Head Coach Mike Nolan as the defensive coordinator.  “Mike is a very good coach, he’s a good communicator and he’s been around this league for a long time, and he’s been a head coach in this league,” McDaniels said. “All those things are very valuable, and his experience on the defensive side is absolutely a value to any organization.”

Dan Reeves extended his compliments as well. “He just did a phenomenal job for me there,” Reeves said Monday of Nolan’s first stint in Denver. “He’s a great communicator. He’s been around the game all his life. His dad was about as good a defensive coach as there’s ever been in this business.”

This suit wearin’, defensive minded coach has had his fair share of successes and downfalls throughout the years. One of his unusual successes was changing the sideline wardrobe rule. Lindsay H Jones from the Denver Post wrote,

“Nolan’s tenure in San Francisco will be remembered more for his wardrobe choices, though, than for producing standout defenses. Nolan wished to wear a suit on the sidelines, a violation of league rules that coaches wear only Reebok gear. Because of Nolan, the rule was changed.”

Nolan started out his career here as the linebackers coach and then went on to be a defensive coordinator at many teams such as the Giants, Redskins, and Ravens before landing the head coaching job at San Fransisco. Nolan was fired seven games into the 2008 season. Below is a better summary thanks to the Denver Post… again.


Bronco Nation, what are your thoughts? Excited for Mike Nolan? Or angry yet again at Pat Bowlen and crew?

  • Garrett Barnes

    Or something that doesn’t make him look like he is on some government mission.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Or something that has a Bronco on it. I’m easy.

  • Bucky

    totally agree Jordan.

  • http://Broncotalk Ben

    I don’t think the Broncos will really take an aggresive approach this offseason, especially referring to free agency. I think one big signing will take place, most likely a LB like Suggs, Scott, or Vilma (reuniting w/ fellow Hurricane D.J.) who have experience in a 3-4. I also think there is no possible way we draft a RB, especially with McDaniels coaching, I would honestly expect the Broncos to throw 65% of the time, not to mention we already have Hillis, Torain, and quality free agents such as Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward will be available. Other quality free agents that could be available and may be targeted by the Broncos are: Rocky Bernard, Chris Canty, Darren Sproles, Asmouagh (that’s wrong spelling but w/e) O.J. Otogwe and Dawan Landry. As for Cutler and Bates I’m sure that Jay will forgot about Jeremy as soon as he throws for 400 yards and 3 TD’s in his first game under Micky D.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    STEVEN: as far as a safety goes Clemson has a couple MICHAEL HAMLIN and Chris Clememons….oh yea Rashad Johnson from alabama. they are plenty of quality guys avaliable….Denver just has to be resourceful and crafty

  • Richard

    Ben If we keep Dennison(and I hope we do) then the zone blocking scheme will still be a part of the offense. In that case we do get a running back suited to the scheme.

  • Dakota fan

    I know Cutler has his detractors, even haters in the Mile High city and elsewhere, but I am curious about one thing: if Jeremy Bates goes hell, I can’t say it. If Bates goes to THAT team, is Cutler capable of such foot stomping and tantrum throwing that he will demand to be let go when he becomes a free agent in a few years? I guess it’s up to McDaniels to convince Cutler that he’s the real deal.

    Then again- I have hardly heard a thing from Cutler since Shanahan was fired, with his initial reaction to be upset at Shanahan’s firing. You know how some idiots mistook Cutler’s quiet, somber face during losses as pouting. Maybe he’ll surprise us all and put his faith in McD if Bates crosses over to the dark side.

    Is it just me, or is there so much more drama this time around with the hiring of the new coach? I remember when Shanahan was hired, it didn’t seem this crazy. Of course, that was in the pre-blog days.

    Soap opera? As Dove Valley Turns? Just a thought.

  • East

    Dennison will be gone because the 49ers would be stupid not to hire him.

    Richard – I totally agree that what was missing was leadership. I think Nolan will bring that into the defense.

    Ben – I think due to the switch to the 3-4 and sacking of several players there will be more FA moves than you think. I hope they pursue Suggs, Canty, Dansby(if cheap, probably not now), and possbily Browns Safety Sean Jones.

    Jordan – It’s always great hearing the things you think from somebody else. The thing about NTs is that a lot of successful ones come from the later rounds such as Casey Hampton. I’m really interested to see what Raji’s background check brings in. Raji doesn’t have the best reputation seeing how he’s been ejected from games, academically ineligible, and his worth ethic has been thrown into question. If his combine numbers are solid, background check is clear, and the staff like what they see then by all means because it’s hard to get a quality NT in this league.

  • Bleeding O&B

    First of all I love the hiring of Josh what he did with Cassel this year was amazing… Cutler has way more talent than Cassel. When I heard that Josh would be calling the plays I began to think that Tom’s TD record could fall. Marshal is like Moss Stokley could be like Welker… and Edie Royal is like torry holt something the pats didnt even have… with Clady returning the O-line to top 5 in the league I am excited about next year… I think Denver is going to be an offense force that ppl fear like the Rams of old… If Nolan can patch up the D a little bit I would be confident that we could out score anyone… I say Go to the 3-4 Denver’s D was so bad this year I dont think it is possible to be worse…52 points to the

  • East

    Dakota Fan – If Cutler does pout and want to become a free agent when that time comes, Josh McDaniels will most likely be fired by then.

    There’s also this cool thing called a franchise tag that Denver could slap right on Cutler, elite quarterbacks are usually pretty trapped to their respective teams.

  • Bleeding O&B

    For the Draft I must say I was in love with Taylor mays… All 4 teams left in the playoffs have one thing in commen Great FS play…Dawkins, Troy, Ed Reed, Adrian Wilson all freaks… Taylor Mays 6-3 230 ran a 4.28=freak… but anyway I think if we go to a 3-4 drafting a big NT like Raji is the way to go possibly trading to the 17th pick for him… When I heard that Nolan was hired I thought about Dummerville and Moss coming of the edge as OLB… However if denver could get a OLB like Suggs it would be a great fit… ASOMIAG sp with champ in the back field would be second to none… If we get some player via FA then taking a back in the second round like the Iowa HB Shonn Green would be justified… Sure we can run well with anyone but has everyone forgot about what we could do with TD and portis… I see Green being the portis or forte of this draft.

  • jchase8410

    So really? Nobody cares that our center made the pro bowl? All the talk for B-Marsh and Cutler, and we can’t give a little love to Wiegmann?

  • steve

    miabronco, you are completely right.

    mcdaniels will make this offense so much better that whether or not bates stays is irrelevant. cutler will not be pissed when hes an mvp canditate next semester

  • East

    jchase –

    It just happened… people are still finding out. This article I believe is about Mike Nolan not Casey Wiegmann. There will be time for people to give plenty of plutonic love to Wiegmann.

  • jchase8410

    For an article about Nolan, every comment is about the draft, Bates leaving, McDaniels making Cutler better, I don’t see where I am that far off base Mr. East

  • East

    Bleeding O&B –

    Mays is a physical beast but he is not a smart player, he can only benefit by another year in college. Seriously, he has the same triangle numbers as Josh Barrett and Barrett was drafted in the 7th round.

    I agree with you with trying Moss at OLB but Dumervil at 5’11 has no chance. Even at OLB Moss needs to gain about 15 poinds to be effective. I’m also with you on Suggs, he’s a beast and 26 at that. Another 3-4 FA player to look at is Chris Canty.

    Asomugha will most likely be a victim of the franchise tag and he would be way to expensive if available. I do wish though that it would be possible.

    I’m not a big fan of Shonn Green maybe it’s because of how he spells his name but the verdict is still out on him for me.

  • East

    jchase –

    You still have to see the relation of the draft to the 3-4 scheme Nolan brings in. None the less, you are completely right with the randomness that the comments bring in. Just give people time about finding out before you accuse them about having no love for good old Casey Wiegmann.

  • Aerobroncos

    ok personally im so pumped to see mike on bored. I think he’ll help turn this ship around with the new, young, and exciting coaching staff were putting together. On a personal note I would like to say I’m going to miss all of you guys for a while. I joined the United States Army and leave for bootcamp on Jan 22nd. I can’t wait to read up on all the great stuff happening while I’m gone. Thanx for all your great work Broncotalk! Go Broncos!

  • jchase8410


    Great for you! Keep your head up in basic, it is actually pretty easy if you keep the right frame of mind.


    I do see the relevance with the draft talk in correlation with The Mike Nolan hiring. I commented about Casey over 2 hours ago, and didn’t get 1 response. There have been 21 comments about random things since I posted it at comment 41…just found it kind of weird

  • jchase8410

    And as far as Shonn spelling his name weird…Knowshon? What kind of name is that? LOL

  • East

    jchase – Haha I know… Knowshon… its so strange. Also as you can see I made the Wiegmann post.

    Aero – Keep truckin’ along in bootcamp buddy! My father is a retired ranger so I only know stories of tough boot camp really is.

  • Broncoireland

    Broncos defence 2009, 3-4 system built using 6/7 current players and the other starters with 3 free agents that are very good player, in a 3-4 that won’t be getting top dollar like a haynesworth. The first round pick i have also pencilled in to start (Pick affected by Taylor Mays going back to USC for senior year!!)
    DE-Thomas, NT- Cody(Alabama, 380 lbs),DE- Ekuban, OLB- Suggs(Ravens), MLB- Farrior(Steelers), MLB- DJ, OLB- Moss, CB- Bailey, CB- Bly, FS- Landry(Ravens), SS- Woodyard.
    All new guys are very attainable, they are all free agents and are proven in this league. I chose Moss over Dumervil for his greater mobility in coverage. Other players i would keep as backups- Barrett, Peterson, Crowder(suits DE in 3-4),Laursen, Winborn, Bell- That means- Webster, Boss, Robertson, Paymah, Manuel, McCree,Engelberger all out- any coaching jobs going McCoach??

  • Rob4Broncos

    East – Re: Moss

    Why should Moss have to gain 15 pounds to be effective? According to ESPN, Yahoo, and he’s listed at 6’6″, 265 pounds. That’s just a bit bigger than DeMarcus Ware. I think of the things to hold against Moss, his size shouldn’t be one of them. No?

  • MIAbronco


    those numbers on moss are inflated. shany used to talk in his press conferences about moss weighing in at around 235, whis is way to small.

    i still dont know to this day why we drafted moss so high, the guy had every red flag possible and only like half of a good senior year. im glad shanny is gone because i waas tired of the total disregard of the defense.

  • flbronc

    dont forget we traded up four spots to get him…. lets not delve into the fact that he still would have been there when we picked.

  • Richard

    Aero Thank you for your service. A bit of advice during boot camp . An old trick. If someone asks you if you know anything about typewriters, don’t raise our hand. I was then informed that there was a truck full of typwriters that needed to be unloaded. Beware of the sick military sense of humor. COME HOME SAFE.

    PS. Yea, I know, typewriters? kind of dates me doesn’t it?

  • East

    Rob4Broncos –

    MIAbronco is right he’s around 245 pounds or so, due to his since he gets blocked out of the play very easily.

    I think one of the reasons why we drafted him was due to size, speed, and the fact that Urban Meyer and Shanahan are friends.

  • kerry

    no Taylor Mays? thank god. that was a bust waiting to happen. im sure many people’s hearts are broken now. its time to fix the D-line. there will be plenty of good LB’s in free agency WITHOUT drafting one at number 12. and does anyone even consider that we dont need another LB at all?? Dumervil and Moss were both projected to be 3-4 OLB’s coming out of college, and with their speed they can be Demarcus Ware type players. and in the middle can be DJ and Larsen or DJ and Boss. is that such a terrible LB crew that we would need to overhaul the whole thing?? i dont think so. its time to get BIG on the D-line regardless if we stay in the 4-3 or move to the 3-4

  • Jordan C

    I know it looks like I have no life writing long (ok, way too long) posts. I don’t know about you guys, but work is slow…

    On to the content:

    Aero – thanks to you and the others posting that will be or have served, whether it be in the military, emt’s, or any other job that a simple “thanks” and/or your salary doesn’t quite cover what we actually owe you.

    From what little I’ve seen from Shonn Greene, he’s a beast and would have fit into the old Bronco’s system. But now, I’m not sure…

    I have a hard time believing that Torrain is not made of glass. Hillis will be the Kevin Faulk of the new Broncos. And TBell will work, but more depth may be necessary. Could be found in the others on the roster, but I’m not sure what McD will think. I really, really like the versatility of Pat White. Just Sayin’*.

    I think that, with Goodman holding over in the personnel department, the Broncos will sign one big name free agent at most. Bronoireland – Farrior, Suggs, and Landry together will cost too much. I think that you could get one, but in reality, I don’t think that Farrior or Landry will be available, they’ll get re-signed.

    I agree that the Broncos will be very active in free agency, both trading, releasing and signing. Even if a workable starting 3-4 personnel set can be formed, the Broncos will sign several low end players with 3-4 experience for depth and to teach the current players.

    “Mr. East” (sorry jchase, but’s that’s funny) – Except for the ability to knock down passes, Dumervil’s height will be an advantage as an OLB. He will be able to get under the defender’s pads. Plus over the last year, I understand that he’s been able to work on other techniques to go along with his excellent bull rush and edge speed. I like it.

    jchase – I also heard about a set of brother football players with the names Orangejello and Lemonjello a while back, but I can’t seem to find anything now. Anyone know if there is truth the the rumor?

    * Credit Bill Simmons. I’m unabashedly borrowing the “Just sayin'” phrase from him for a while. It’s versatile and it shortens my lengthy posts.

  • East

    Hahaha Mr. East… I should change my display name to that.

    I see where you’re coming with Dumervil, but I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my head around him being a solid DE and now it’s hard to believe he’d be a solid OLB.

    I also agree with you about Torain being made of glass. I am really excited about Hillis’ role in this offense, he is going to be a monster… not like he already isn’t. Just thinking about that is inspiring me to go watch some highlights right now.

  • jchase8410

    I saw the post thanks.

    When I joined the army in 2000, I had a blast in boot camp. You just have to time it so you are out when football season starts

  • Jordan C

    “Mr. East” makes me think of “Miister Aanndersonnn” said very slowly and deliberately by Agent Smith in The Matrix.

    Now, channel your inner Hugo Weaving – say it out loud to yourself, “Miister Eeeast”.

  • Aerobroncos

    jchase, Jordan, and Mr. East lol Thank you guys so much for your encouragement and kind words.

  • Denver1981

    I think this is all very intersting. What we have here is the “combine” for coaching staff.
    Will this realighnment be successful? who knows?
    I remeber the bad years and the good years. I would love to see Denver go to the Superbowl again! However, this is a major undertaking and all great ideas take time to develope…I don’t expect much next season. However, I expect a lot better than this season.

    My questions are? Where were all the starters? What is with all of the injuries this year? I think the guys that tried to make it happen this year deserve some applause.

    We could certainly improve the time mangement on our team. I have seen disasterous time management all season concerning most of the NFL teams.

    And lord please give Denver the wisdom to GET RIDE OF OUR FIELD GOAL KICKER!!!!!! What is wrong with that boy?

    Of course, the refs were no help this year—perhaps better training or 15/20 vision should be requiered. I have never seen such poor play calling in all my years of watching the game. Well, the seventies weren’t that great either..but I hoped “reffing” had evoloved since then.

    Regardless, I am looking forward to next season and to see how my newly developing team does. I welcome the change and hope that the future proves to be a mre winning one.

  • Denver1981

    I agree that Hillis is awesome. I was really concerned when he was hurt. I understand he will be back next year!!!

    Talk about an exciting guy to watch!!!!! He makes football fun again!!!

  • Bleeding O&B

    I think drafting or signing a safety has to be top on the list for Nolan. Manual and Mcree were probably the worst dual in the league this past year… I will never forget the draft when we took Askley lelie 5 spots ahead of Ed Reed… what are some safety options? does anyone like this William Moore kid out of Missouri?

    I think the Safety position is underated in the draft… Great teams have great safety play

  • Jordan C

    William Moore has versatility, leadership, triangle numbers, intelligence – a lot to like. However, there’s much better value and depth at safety in rounds 2 and 3 – Rashad Johnson, Sean Smith, Patrick Chung, Emanual Cook, Michael Hamlin, Luis Delmas, to name few, projected in those rounds.

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  • Doyle B

    One things seems to be missing from all this revamped defense talk. Has anyone thought about moving Champ to safety. He is already talked about as one of the best tackiling corners in the league, he consistently is in the top 5 for Denver in that category, so what could he do if he could be involved in more plays from scrimmage? There are some good FA corners available, and the 3-4 would provide more pressure, hence less pressure on the DB’s. I think Suggs or Scott would be the best way to go at LB, with Moss and Dumervil rotating at one outside spot. Draft a NT, a WR to play behind Stokely(until he gets hurt, it’s inevitable), and a safety. Maybe sign Dawkins to teach a young guy how to play. The offense will be amazing, and with a defense that could hold opponents to 17-21 a game would be good enough.

  • CJ

    I love the Champ at safety idea but another transition has to be taking deep thought into signing Julies Peppers Hes announced hes going to be a restricted free agent and will only sign with a 3-4 defense! so go with the 3-4 Nolan and sign a DE who can get after the qaurterback for once. And in the draft i think we need to go with a defensive tackle like BJ Raji and some safety help. but if we switch to champ at safety who will take his place at cb?? Jack williams is still to young and inexperienced if you ask me???????

  • Maggie

    There are so many things wrong with the Denver defense that anyone coming in to coach this team is going to have their work cut out for them. The D-line is weak and inconsitent, the secondary looks like a bunch of high school players that are over paid and under conditioned. Not to mention the fact that our SS can’t tackle waffles coming out of toaster without getting burned right and left. I personally don’t have a lot of faith in any part of this new build up as it seems too premature to place any real significance on a coaching staff that will be new to each other and making big decisions in making the player changes that are needed for a solid football team that can get beyond a 9-7 record. McDainels is going to be in for a big surprise in this position and I hope he and Bowlan understand that it’s going to take time for magic to happen if it ever happens at all.

    I do think that working on that weak-ass secondary and D-line is a good place to start. As for the linebackers, they just need a reminder that when you make tackles, you actually have to wrap a guy up and not rely on a simple pinball hit and hopes all goes well. Make these dudes earn these paychecks for God sake! I don’t care if we go with a 3-4 or 4-3. Just find soemthing that works and helps us beat teams like the Pats and those cocky Chargers.

    Can’t wait for football camp!