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Published on 01/10/2009 at Sat Jan 10 12:49.
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Leslie Frazier, Jason Garrett, Josh McDaniels, Raheem Morris and Steve Spagnuolo remain on the list of possible head coaches in Denver. Kind of — according to the Denver Post’s Mike Klis. What has actually been reported is that Rick Dennison and Todd Bowles were long shots, not that they were out of the running completely.

It was reported that the Broncos were down to five coaching candidates –and later omitted–  originally by the Denver Post. Early on Saturday, ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reported that a decision could be made this weekend and what he was hearing is that Frazier and McDaniels were the leading candidates for the job.

Which basically means the new head coach of the Denver Broncos will probably be Spagnuolo, Garrett or Morris. Given the amount of disinformation and speculation.

Not so fast though, Adam Schefter of the Denver Post NFL Network just reported that the Broncos met with McDaniels for five-hours on Thursday night in Massachusetts. He said that there will be a decision by early next week. Which would almost rule out Spagnuolo for the most part, given that the Broncos wouldn’t be able to speak to him again unless the New York Giants lose to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Update (thanks to East):

Stick here and let’s see this thing through. What do you think Nation? Josh McDaniels? Hmm…

  • Anthony33

    If MeDaniels if the guy, let’s hope to God they wrestle Pioli way from KC. They are going to need someone to find a defensive coordinator and a bunch of players.

    Hope SD enjoyed three years of going to the playoffs because it’s over. The O&B will be back next year.

  • Bob W

    ESPN has announced that Josh McDaniels of the Patriots has been hired as the new HC for the Broncos . MST 7:55 pm Guess we just have to see who he brings in for the DC position .

  • Anthony33

    By the way…not overly excited about McDaniels, but really, what the hell do any of us know. I trust they did their due diligence and I am sure they know much more about all these guys than all of us put together, times 10.

    Just hope this was not done to placate Cutler…know what I mean.

  • JP

    ive heard dom capers which wouldbe good…but im not for this if bates and dennison are canned in the process…im not ready for Denver Broncos football to die and thats what will happen…we have had our own style and brand of football for many years now and in my opinion were just a defensive line away fom the big stage again. Hopefullyi cool down and see the silver linig at some point….just hard to trust this decision…there is no supporting evidence that he wasnt simply riding belicheks coat tails like Weis and Crennel. Ill be excited if they keep Bates/Dennison/Turner and sort of blend these 2 offensive styles…that could be somethng special

  • Andy

    Yeah, just saw that on ESPN. I was really liking Frazier after Ian’s description of him. I just hope he brings in a good DC with him.

  • JP

    According to the Denver Post, a source has confirmed that Dom Capers is the new DC coming with McDaniels

  • MIAbronco

    you think your excited? feel these nipples

  • JP

    one thing to remember hre s well now that i think of it…Cutler was supposedly to be kept in the loop on this decision….wondr if that means Bates staying is part of deal?

  • Dakota fan

    JEEZ, JP- stop punching yourself in the beans, man!!!

    In response to your last post, here’s my best guess- I’m thinking that Bates is going to be a pretty integral part of the offense because he’s Cutler’s guy. Plus, if in fact Capers is coming along, I think he’ll be given time to build a decent defense. But that does raise another interesting question:

    Do they blow it all up and start again on defense? Does Champ go on the trade block and we keep a few of them for special teams, or what? The questions about the head coaching search end and the speculation about the draft, free agency and the months leading up to training camp begin.