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Published on 01/08/2009 at Thu Jan 08 21:56.
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It’s circled around the message boards, someone with a(n alleged) connection to the New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has posted what he could say about what took place in the interview.

This person lists his location as Boston, MA — if you’ve seen the youtube videos or read anything at all from a Spagnuolo biography, you may have detected the accent.

So here’s what the man had to say (take it for what it is):

  • It is their (don’t know if the we they’re referring to is Spagnuolo or not) understanding that New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel had the most pull out of the candidates that were interviewed.
  • It was brought up to him, if McDaniels was hired, would Spagnuolo be interested in coming into Denver as the defensive coordinator/assistant head coach.
  • It was also brought up to him, the idea of Spanuolo as the head coach and McDaniel’s as the offensive coordinator/assistant head coach.
  • The Broncos are prepared to offer McDaniels a significant raise and a promotion to assistant head coach.
  • The Broncos want to run the spread offense, similar to the Patriots with Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal doing their best Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker impression.
  • That offense is a conflict with Spagnuolo, he would prefer a run-first ball control offense to compliment a strong defense and special teams. He likes Cutler is a balanced, down the field attack [as opposed to the up the field attack, which would be just as beneficial].
  • He told the Broncos that he would like to talk to Giants quarterback coach Chris Palmer about running a similar system [to the Giants offense apparently].
  • The poster then editorialized that Denver wanted both Spagnuolo and McDaniel and were just trying to make the puzzle pieces fit.

I’m guessing a lot of people just got really geeky over the thought of a Spagnuolo/McDaniel combo in Denver. Of course the Broncos would like that ideally, but the reality of the two men being able to work together as one got the head job and the other an assistant job as a consolation prize isn’t completely feasible to me.

What I’m really looking forward to is what you guys have to say, let’s see what you’ve got in the comments.


  • Garrett Barnes

    I don’t believe it but am drooling over the thought. I would give my left leg for Spagnuolo as head coach and McDaniels at OC and ASH.

  • Garrett Barnes

    make that AHC. :p lol

  • T-Money

    That would be sweet but i doubt it would happen. Although anything is possible and I think any candidate looking a options like Denver vs. Detroit or Cleavland… Anything is possible. I personally like the run first offense. The entire second half of our season was the spread air attack. I like being able to get a running game going and open up the play action boot leg and get Jay on the run where he is SO GOOD. I’d take Sangnuolo over McDaniel. I just don’t see them working together. Stupid media playing with our emotions…

  • Roy

    While that would be awesome, I am not sure that it would ever happen. It would be interesting though….

  • East

    This is completely bullcrap. It is not possible to have either of them as coordinators.

    In order for either McDaniels or Spags to go to another team they have to be a head coach.

    Therefore it is impossible to have Spags or McDaniels as coordinators.

  • Ian Henson

    East –

    I think the Broncos may be circumnavigating the coordinator rule by offering them AHC positions.

    I could be wrong, but I never have before (even when I said that the Broncos would be best off taking DeSean Jackson in the first round last year.

  • Arden

    Can you imagine the price tag on having both of them, especially if you had to bribe one or the other to be a coordinator? HOLY CRAP!

  • Jon Krause

    What? They are not dumb, they are looking out for themselves, Spages may go for a head coaching job, but why leave NE to be a cordinator, when you team won 3 more games and is the PATS

  • Ian Henson


    I want to play devil’s advocate and just say that the living conditions at Dove Valley could be enough to sway a coach. That and the money, money’s enough to move almost anyone, really. I don’t see Bowlen getting stingy now that he’s desperate.

  • jchase8410

    The money the coaches get paid doesn’t go against the cap does it?

  • Ian Henson

    jchase- No, haha Shanahan’s due 20 million over the next three-years. Let us hope not =P

  • jcampb72

    now romo wants to be the head coach, I wouldn’t mind him being the linebacker coach but other than that get real romo.

  • flbronc

    East & Ian- That rule was the first thing that came to mind. I dont know if the (somwhat meaningless) title of AHC would get us around that or not. It would be interesting to know though.

    Here’s my take on the combo…. They are both very hot commodities on the head coaching short list. Should we hire McDaniels as OC/AHC, and he has decent success with an already good offense, he’s going to be gone at the beginning of 2010… He’ll be the third one hired behind Cowher and Shanny. Same situation if Spags is the DC/AHC.

    I think we ought to hire the HC and then let them consult with management as to who they want their respective coordinators to be. It will help with rentention of those coordinators, and help with chemistry. Although it is with players, you can point to Dallas and see that bunches of big names dont necessarily translate into wins.

  • Anthony33

    I don’t think it will happen and if if did I don’t think it would work. That is if both of them truly want to head coaches.

    Scrap all this and go hire Urban Meyer. That guy is impressive.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    This whole post is the dumbest shit I have ever read. I’m not even going to dignify this entire post with a long angry tirade. ProFootballtalk doesn’t even stoop this low.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    Additionally, your knowledge of the NFL coaching system and common sense as a whole is lacking. At least do research before you post rumors from a message board. Here post this.

    I am actually David Kircus and I have inside information with the broncos since I make them Subway Subs daily.

    Jay Cutler told me that Pat Bowlen thinks Star Jones would be a good candidate for head coach because when you mess up a play she can eat you. Also, Josh McDaniels and Spags, despite the fact that they can both take any other head coaching job, will stay on as AHC/DC/OC and not have any personality conflicts at all. Additionally, their teams will give permission for this (if it is not an actually step up ie O Cord to Head Coach, QB coach to O cord teams must give permission/be given compensation) because the NFL is not competitive and teams have no desire to keep superstar assistants that they can easily brand with the “title” AHC. After all, Dom Capers is an AHC on the Patriots so he has a lot of input.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    Also, I’m going to point this out because you’re going to say that AHC qualifies as a promotion. It is does not. Bill Parcells has an entire rant about this exact subject which thus lead to a rule change because teams were stealing other coaches and just calling them Assistant Head coaches.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    Additionally, Coaches salaries do not go against the cap. Seriously, how do you posters function in life?

  • Boisebroncoguy
  • Stav

    Blah blah blah, let’s cut through all this crap and get to the point, give me Spags as the HC so he can start re-working the defense. I agree with his run first attack (that’s how we won back to back SB’s), who here can honestly say they’d wouldn’t like to see Cutler throw the ball 10 less times a game? It would probably cut back on 3-5 ints for him over the season. He shouldn’t have all the weight of scoring on his back. Sure he can toss it up there 40-50 times a game, but why should he have to and is that how you win? No, balance on offense and defense. I live in NJ where the NY Giants ACTUALLY PLAY, and thanks to the NFL Package I watch all my Denver games and the local NYG games (besides the incessant NYG coverage), the man knows what he is doing on defense, that much I can tell you. But will he come to the West Coast? How can any one truly turn down this job, how many assistants get a chance to move up to HC with a team that is always on the cusp of the playoffs and is setup this good on offense? Most get their first shots at crap like Oakland, Detroit, and Cleveland. Tomlin being the exception with Pitt. Any of these guys they are interviewing should be leaping to get this position, and honestly, while money is always an issue, with a position like this it should be an afterthought.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Just thought of something. Wasn’t this the epic battle in lasts years Super Bowl? I don’t think that the Broncos are going to get what are probably two arch rivals now to work togehter.

  • Bucky

    DK – if you want to come on this bored and talk that’s fine, but leave your cussing and your fan bashing for your Subway Job, if you take this stuff so seriously that you are willing to come on here and waste all of our time with your ridiculous rants (that you preface by saying you wont do) then i think it is your functioning in life that should be questioned, this may be a pie in the sky, rumor mill kind of idea, but it is fun to debate and speculate over, so leave it alone and if you really need to rant on the regular, go post on ESPN or the D Post, both places are filled with people just as arrogant and angry as you are, I think you’d fit right in.

  • Stav

    How can anyone every bring themselves to digest a Tuna Melt made from Subway? Now I have to question your judgment DK.

    Back to the subject, I don’t think Spags is going to move his life to Denver for us, as foolish as that may be for him and as much as I’d like to see him be HC, but I’ve heard that there’s a handshake agreement with the Giants that he’ll be HC when Coughlin steps down.

  • Ian Henson


    Cute, there’s no stooping though — just reposting a post that was made. I did a tiny bit of digging before posting, to see if I could tell how legitimate it was. What’s for people not to believe? The Broncos want an OC and a DC that are both of HC quality? Absurd!

  • Ian Henson

    Garrett- Great point, it might actually work in the Broncos favor. Those two have to be fans of each other.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    The Tuna portion is a joke referring to Bill Parcells.

    Bucky, coming on this BOARD is normally entertaining and fun but when things are posted that are completely unfeasible due to the fact the rules as well as common sense, prevent them and every poster believes them I get aggravated. Maybe its because Subway keeps showing Jared instead of me. I mean I was in the N..F..L!!

    And my Subway job (which you ironically enough insulted me for having after telling me how you didn’t appreciate posters insulting other posters) allows me to get all this inside info! I mean cmon…we’re trading Champ and Boss Bailey plus a first round pick for Justin Tuck, Kenny Phillips and Aaron Ross!!! I heard it at my subway job while I was making Champ Bailey a Georgia Melt! Instead of telling ESPN or Chris Mortensen (because lets be honest…Mort believes anything) and making money off it it, I’m going to post on!!!!

  • T-Money
  • Jonathan Douglas

    All I know is that IF this has ANY truth to it… AND we lose Spags because we were trying to pull something this stupid, I’ll be PISSED.

    I think I’ve finally decided that my serious vote for HC is Spagnuolo, with everyone else falling well below his grade.

  • T-Money

    I have a hard time believing that we’ll trade our first round pick, our best defensive player, and an injury prone linebacker for Justin Tuck DE, Kenny Phillips S, and Aaron Ross CB.

    It’s also hard to believe that you head that Champ was getting traded while you made CHAMP a sandwich.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub


    My sarcasm and poking fun at the fact that the poster of this article essentially gleamed his “inside info” from a random broncos forum was apparently lost on you. Just so you know I actually do not think that Star Jones should be the head coach of the denver broncos. Maybe O-line though…

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub


    Champ looooves Jared, David Kircus and Subway.

  • Sarcasam is wasted online

    Give me morris or give me death

  • terrance2002


  • MIAbronco

    hey kircus, please dont break my jaw

  • steve

    morris + bates > spagnuolo + mcdaniels

  • Steven

    Amen steve. A f’n men. Oh. And cool name

  • East

    Morris runs a Cover-2 which is really an under performing defense that Champ Bailey doesn’t fit into. We don’t have the players at all to fit a Cover-2 so it could have defensive bust stamped on its forehead like the supposed awesome scheme Jim Bates was going to bring.

  • Ian Henson


    I respectfully disagree, we ran the Tampa-2 for the first four (if I’m not mistaken) games. Yes, teams scored points, but they didn’t win… Then we switched to a 3-4 hybrid, which is probably what Slowik (or Shanahan for that matter) wanted to run all along, and got murdered. Once we lost Marlon McCree, we didn’t have the players to run the tampa-2/cover-3/2.

    I think that we’re an off-season away, at least, from having a decent defense that can hold some of these teams that we have to play off. Our schedule next season is just ripe with offensive power houses.

  • broncman

    I agree with Anthony33…..Urban Meyer is the guy….I don’t understand all the talk/interests in Stoops when Meyer is the guy that has proven he can continually win the big one. Its kinda like comparing Reeves vs Shannahan.

    Stoops can get you to the dance, but Meyer can light up the dance floor.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    College coaches suck…IS Urban Meyer gonna teach Jay how to do a jump pass. or will he bring in overrated college talent that can only win in college and cry and suck in the Pros. Please people Please watch the playoffs teams are winning with Defense I have watched the Baltimore Ravens make two teams that rarely turnover the ball. Turnover the ball worse than our team did in a couple games.

    As far as spags and McDaniels….lets let espn put their foot in their mouth like they did about Bob Stoops…..Bloggers jump to too many conclusions so they can look smart. We are not insiders just fans of the Denver Broncos….my daughter knows just as much as anybody on here about who the next coach will be.

    As far David Kircus bad jokes…..Ian Bad Post its okay guys we all bleed orange and blue so lets knock it off with the sarcasm……here is my bad post

  • East

    BroncoinVa I agree.

    You can’t run the Florida Spread in the NFL.

    By the way I am also in Virginia so it’s good to know there’s more than one.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    yes east i agree too…Bronco fan in CHesapeake here…Just enjoy this san diego self inplosion

  • John Messenger

    I wanted Spags. Denver just hired Josh Mcdaniels and now that I’m hearing that they want to throw the ball and look pretty I’m scratching my head? Denver lost 3 Superbowls in the 1980’s that way? They won with a Defense and a running game? I’ll cross my fingers and hope but if Denver loses another one I’ll burn my Broncos stuff and become a full time 49er,Buccaneer, Cardinal something. I hope they don’t blow it. The Broncos owner must have forgot who lost the Superbowl last year and who won it. Spags defense won it and McDaniels offense lost it. The greatest offense of all time went 18-0 and then lost the Superbowl. Oh boy I’ll cross my fingers. John

  • John Messenger

    I won’t burn my Broncos stuff but I would be really, really angry if they went to another Superbowl and lost like last years Patriots.