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Published on 01/07/2009 at Wed Jan 07 11:46.
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I was at this game, and I have to say, the video of this fight sums up the atmosphere pretty accurately: nasty. You’ll see a couple of San Diego Chargers fans gang up on a Denver Broncos fan wearing a #7 John Elway jersey. After security splits it up, one of the fans pretends to help the guy, then dishes out another round of cheap shots.

I’d wager there were at least 20 other incidents like this that night. I was privy to two of them. Alocohol + different colored jerseys = idiocy. The LT fan who delivered the cheap shots deserves a beat down. Chargers fans are starting to act like Raiders fans. At least Raiders fans sell out their stadium and have won a few championships. Where does this false sense of entitlement come from, SD? This is drunken, bandwagon BS.

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  • Fresneck

    God i hate the chargers and there stupid fans.

  • SivNiz

    This makes me so sad. My family has been fortunate enough to have season tickets since ’72 and I have never seen anything like this at a Broncos game. Sure things are said and maybe even a few punches thrown but I’ve never seen multiple people gang up on someone like that.

  • jdk.chem

    Lower class than Baltimore.

  • jchase8410

    I was there with my Elway jersey on, and I couldn’t even go t the bathroom with getting yelled at and having stuff thrown at me. The younger fans were terrible, but I also met some really cool SD fans too.
    For the most part though, they had no class at all.

  • Sam P

    I’ve lived in SD for the past 7 years and seen them go from a town of no one admitting they were Chargers fans to now a sudden emergence of “life long”, “die hards”. I loath the poor poor sport Chargers fans. This type of mentality is spreading like STDs on a college campus.

  • Socal Den Fan

    I can agree with you Jchase I went to the game with a group of 8 and we all were dressed in bronco gear and all I heard was charger fans talking trash. I was holding my 2yr daughter at the snack bar and they still threw stuff at me. I would say there was a few fans we sat next to were nice,but for the most part they were just a bunch for dicks just like their QB. It’s one thing to throw stuff but when I have my daughter and you stuff stuff that crossed the line they were lucky my daughter was not injured I don’t know what would of happened. After that I lost any respect I had for their fans.

  • Josh Temple

    I think this mentality has come from their rivalry games with the Raiders at Qualcomm. They think because they can break into fights with Raider fans on a whim that it’s ok with every rival team.
    As Siv said above, I have gone to games since 92′ and I’ve never seen people gang up on fan for a fight. Now I’ll say we’re no angels, as I’ve seen a few mouthy Raider fans get their ass handed to them, but nothing low like this. It’s typically a Raider fan getting pissed off after taking verbal abuse and decides to throw beer on somebody. Then off come the gloves and 2-5 people get ejected.
    I get tired of the thug mentality, it’s half the reason I hate the Raiders. When the Chiefs are in town we can talk smack back and forth between their fans all day without it going to blows. I don’t understand why more fans can’t be like that.

  • CB123

    That’s messed up, Solcal Den Fan. I can’t stand it when fans do crap like that. Reminds me of when I went to the Coliseum for the AFC Wild Card, back in the LA Raider days. Young and old were getting pelted by everything.

    About the video… I can only hope that first SD “fan” broke his hand trying to punch the back of that guy’s head. What an idiot. Surprise how SD “fans” have to gang up on people… heh

    Honestly, I’ve been to two Broncos vs. Raiders games at Invesco, and I didn’t see one fight in either. It was just our Denver fans yelling at some of the Faiders whenever they scored and then after the game. lol

  • spidermn151proof

    I gotta say I am a true Charger fan from all the way back to 74. BUt dont judge us on a few minor incidents. Alls I see is some punches. Not what led up to this… I also saw a stephen Cooper jersey as old boys friend… We do have alot of band wagon fans. But one thing I have never seen is our even bandwagon fans walk out on our team. I did however see that last seaon in denver. I also havnt seen our fans BOO our team so bad that our QB couldnt make calls. I did see that in Denver. And yes I was in denver for that game. What I am seeing is a bunch of sore losers. We all know that Denver didnt beat us the first game. Hence No instant replay and the wistle heard around the world. You won that game. I will give you that even if it did take help. When you played us the last game you got BEAT we didnt just win. You got your helmets handed to you. And wasnt Cutler a class act. “”” These guys Indy will handle them”””” your season went to poop. That wasnt our fault it was yours to keep and win. But I will say this you all need to get over yourselves and start rooting for your AFC west team so the rest of the Nfl doesnt think The west is such a JOKE!!!!

  • Bucky

    sorry proof but your chuggers are a joke and it will be fully proven either this week or next, but this isn’t a convo about the game on the field, rather about the immaturity off the field, and your post runs right down those lines. Really? your going to try to justify what those guys did? that’s the kind of thing that happens on a playground, kids act like that, not adults.

  • pigmeat

    iam not condoning fighting but give me a break. a fight breaks out between opposing teams fans, wow what a suprise!! iam sure this doesnt anywhere else but san
    i noticed that other charger fans came to bronco guys defense. the same cant be said for the dumbass filming it. since it showed up on bronco site iam assuming fellow bronco fan. nice going buddy thanks for helping me outhaha

    i been to quite few nfl stadiums, and charger fans are by far some of the most tolerant towards opposing fans . try wearing a broncos jersey in oakland. i guarantee you will have more to worry about than getting punched, or cups thrown at you.

    the pious, we are the best fans in the world act has gotten very old.

    i guess when your team in the past decade has only 1 div. title,and 1 playoff win; what else is there to talk about

  • Brett

    I have been to Oakland and seen the Broncos play the Raiders and never really saw a fight break out just fans yelling ect. What you saw in San Diego is sad that people have to act like animals, and So Cal that does not surprise me. Which unfortunately is So. Cal you have nice people yes. But the ones that fight and cause problems give Cali a bad rap and its true. I live in so Cal and am sick of the garbage that goes on. I am here only for my work as far as I care the bad people here make tough to enjoy life here. Its a fact.

  • pigmeat

    bucky, are you trying to say that bornco fans never get in fights with opposing fans..please!!

    i thought last week was the week, or was it the week before???? just like a broken clock being right twice a day; just keep saying this is the week, this is the year and eventually you will be right..friggin nostradamus

  • spidermn151proof

    I am not defending these guys what I am saying is we dont know what led up to this fight. How do we know it was all the charger fan. Really it could be either side. But you are to rightous to believe anyone else but a charger fan could be at fault. And your right this is like school stuff or stuff that happens on the street. You are watching one of the most violent sports around. You think ballerinas goto watch a game?

  • jchase8410

    Wow, you stay classy San Diego. How can you possibly think that the Chargers fans are so awesome? I have grown up in San Diego, I have seen how unsupportive the Charger fans are. This year alone I have seen the number of chargers jerseys tripple since they made the playoffs. This town is a horrible fan base. That game against the Broncos…Qualcomm was almost 40 percent Broncos fans. San Diego wouldn’t ever sell out a game without the help of the opposing teams fans.

  • Patrick

    Well I guess that answers the question how many Charger’s fans it takes to take down a dude in an Elway jersey…FIVE! And it still couldn’t be done! This has me absolutely jacked up for next year I’m going to San Diego!

  • pigmeat


    your sophomoric argument using #’s like triple, and 40% lack empirical evidence. it just your biased opinion,but if it makes you feel better..

    sd like every nfl city has its good,bad, and loyal fans. i have friends who are just as loyal to the bolts, as you are to the broncos.if sd is so horrible, why dont you just leave..we wont miss you. iam thinking it has to do with sd being a great city to live in.

    patrick/tough guy on the keyboard come on down. iam sure if you go looking for it someone will oblige in punching a hole in your head.

    but all of this is blahblahblah..your team has to be pretty shitty when you resort to trying to make fun of your rivals fanbase. pretty pathetic

  • pigmeat

    patrick, i just watched video it looks like 1 chargerfan, and 1 bronco doing the fighting? the 2nd guy backs away immediately, where in the hell are the mystery 3

  • Patrick

    Real girls wear powder blue.

  • Rob Bronco

    I’m a diehard Broncos fan, and I’ve lived in SD for 20+ years and I’ve seen the crap that happens at The Murph (aka Qualcomm Stadium). Some of my closest friends are diehard Chargers fans, and we talk a lot of trash to each other all season long, no matter what our records are. That’s what you do when your teams are in the same division. It’s a great rivalry, and we both love our teams.

    But I’ve also seen the bandwagon Charger fans out snatching up Charger gear when the Chargers are winning, and chanting for Norv Turner’s head when they are losing. I’ve seen the ghetto Charger and Raider fans come to the Charger games and start fights and sometimes even STAB other fans at the game. When the Chargers were a crappy team that couldn’t win more than 4 games in a season, the Chargers had to write in a “ticket guarantee” with the city that said that if the Chargers didn’t sell enough tickets, the city would have to buy the rest of the tickets to guarantee a sell out. The city had to SUE the Chargers to break that agreement. Can you imagine the city of Denver being forced to buy tickets to help the Broncos sell out games? The Denver Broncos have sold out EVERY home game since 1970!

    The truth is, the Chargers beat our Broncos and won the divison. That’s that. They were the better team on that day and they deserved to win. But I am SICK of the bandwagon Charger fans who keep bragging how their team is the greatest team that has ever played in the NFL. If you want to be a casual fan, fine. If you want to be a bandwagon fan, fine. But if you want to be a TRUE fan, then do your research and respect other fans and their right to cheer their team. I’ve been to Bronco games in San Diego and Bronco games in Denver. I expect to get booed in San Diego. I expect to get trash-talked in San Diego. But if some CHUMP decides that he’s going to sucker punch me for wearing a Broncos jersey, then he better be prepared to walk away with a mouth full of bloody chicklets.

  • pigmeat

    rob bronco, the whole fan thing this a moot point . every nfl city thinks they are the best fans, and hate the their rivals. i like alot of my friends are just as die hard bolt fans, as you are for broncos.
    you think we re bandwagoners, and we think your comically arrogant. clinging to 2 good years over 10 yrs ago.

    what really matters in sports is what happens on the field, not this stupid bs about fanbase.

    you were right about the chargers being better than broncos that night..there is no debate about that. what you should admit is that the broncos have been mediocre for the past decade( 1 div. title,1 playoff win) another fact is that the bolts have been the better team for some time: won the division 4out of the past 5 yrs; have beaten 5 0ut of 6 past 3yrs with rivers starting; and since cutler it hasnt been close 4out 5 with the avg win over 20+pts. iam not sure how you could argue against those facts. the friggin chiefs, raiders give us a better fight.

    so dont be mad at charger fans because if roles were reversed you would be shit talking too

  • pigmeat

    patrick, as far those powder blue …tv commentators have called them the sweetest uniforms ever. iam sure anyone outside colo. likes your spacesuits

  • Josh Temple

    “i guess when your team in the past decade has only 1 div. title,and 1 playoff win; what else is there to talk about”

    LMAO, I love how San Diego’s AFC Championship loss somehow outweighs ours in merit. To win the division year after year with nothing else to show for it is not much to be proud of.

  • olen

    If it is possible that the Colorado river delivers any water to San Diego then I am sure they drink it .What are you thinking San Diego you should be nicer to Denver .

  • broncoNM

    Its all fun until you get blood on your favorite ELWAY jersey. Now thats when you start throwing elbows. Hit the face but dont touch the jersey. The face will heal but blood stains are a bitch to get out. This is why i like going to games at invesco you have 76k+ buddies to back you up.

  • Ian Henson

    You know, I heard Mao was a Chargers fan.

  • Fresbronco

    Pigmeat, it’s common knowledge SD has one of the worst fanbases in the NFL. SD had trouble selling out the opening game despite being picked in the preseason to be in the SB. SD even threatened a blackout of coverage to force ticket sales. That is pathetic.

    And your argument that the Broncos have been mediocre for the past decade is ridiculous. How convenient that you left out the 97 and 98 Super Bowl wins. Do you guys have a Lombardi in SD? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  • Fresbronco

    And TV commentators have called the baby blue unis the sweetest ever? Really, who? Ellen or Rosie?

  • Dave Simon

    Some good things come from SD: that is where TD is from, right?

    At least one AFC West team won a Super Bowl at the Murph. But it wasn’t the Chargers!

  • SivNiz

    If we cling to 1 division title in 10 years what does that make you since you haven’t even won a super bowl and only been to 1? Also ESPN rated the Denver fans as the 7th best fans in the league, San Diego didn’t even make the top ten.

    Thread over

  • Rob Bronco

    So Pigmeat – you think you’re saying all the right things. You think you’re making a case becaue you’ve won the division a few times. But, like a typical bandwagon fan, you fail to address EVERYTHING ELSE I mentioned. What about your team sucking so bad that they had to force the city to give them a ticket guarantee because there were so few fans going to your games? What about the fact that if you buy ANY ticket for Chargers vs division opponents, you are FORCED to buy a ticket to another non-divisional game so that they can keep their attendance up? What about the fact that half of the city is calling for Norv Turner to be fired? You’re a moron, just like all the other Chargers bandwagon fans who are shouting from the rooftops like you’re in the Sound of Music because your team has won the division a few times. Really? That’s your position? That’s just sad.

    Please don’t compare your joke of a team to a quality team like the Broncos. And if you think you can, then let’s compare the facts as I’ve laid them out to you. Talk about your crappy ticket guarantee. Talk about having to buy multiple tickets if you want to see a divisional game between the Chargers and another AFC West opponent. Talk about the city of San Diego possibly losing the team because the Spanos family is a greedy joke. Explain Ryan Leaf, Craig Wheelihan, firing Bobby Ross, firing Marty Shotenheimer, fans getting stabbed at your games, and the list goes on and on.

    That ought to give your tiny brain a lot to think about, so we’ll be patient as you type out your response on your speak-n-spell. (Insert Jeopardy music here)…

  • pigmeat

    Rob Bronco& gay ass delusional friends , its funny not one of you wants to talk about the teams….everything but.

    so blah, blah, blah ” how great you are”. the bottom line is that my team is playing on sunday, and sorry ass broncos are at home AGAIN.HAHAHAHAHA..thats my response to you JERK OFF.

    best part of being a charger fan is that win or loss, i live in Del Mar and you mountain yokles live in that crime ridden,dirty,polluted shitty town.

    iam bored none of you have anything new to say…wait till next year blahblahblah. dont try and respond because iam not going to read it. you ll just be screaming at a wall.

    broncos, and their hillbilly fans are irrelevant.


  • Socal Den Fan

    Hey pig how many superbowls have your team won? Oh thats right ZERO! Win a super bowl then come and talk your trash.

  • Rob Bronco

    Thanks for proving my point, moron. Just like I said before, I knew you wouldn’t have a response to ANY of the things I mentioned, because you aren’t a TRUE fan. You’re some chump who has his powder blue panties in a wad, and you’re trolling the BRONCOS blogs looking to stir things up because you don’t have any friends or any quality Chargers blogs where you can spew your ridiculous, non-valid views. Until you can finally sell out a game without the city’s help, until you can actually WIN a Superbowl, and until you can learn to type coherently, please return to the sloughs of Tijuana where you crawled out of.

  • broncomike7

    I’ve been a die-hard Broncos fan since 1981, even though I’ve lived in Southern California(LA area), my whole life, and I’ve been to 7 Bronco-Charger games at Qualcomm. Luckily, I’ve never had any major problems at the games, but there’s no question that the Charger fans in San Diego have become nastier in recent years, as their team has become pretty good. When they stunk in the late 90’s, and the earlier part of this decade, the Charger fans at Qualcomm were EXTREMELY mellow, laid-back, and pleasant. A lot of them were there mostly to just get a suntan in those years. In our powerhouse years in the late 90’s, there were as many, if not more Bronco fans at the games down there than Charger fans. They were almost like Bronco home games. Unfortunately, when a team starts winning, it brings out the obnoxious fans, the bandwagon fans, and of course, idiots like these Charger fans. Although, to be fair, we don’t know what led up to this, but yes, Charger fans, and Southern California fans in general, especially Lakers and Angels fans, are fair-weather, front-running, bandwagoners. This is one of the main reasons why we haven’t had an NFL team here for the past 14 seasons, although, we may get the Chargers soon. I wonder what those Charger “fans” in San Diego will think of the Chargers if they move up here to LA.

  • broncomike7

    Incidentally, Padres fans are also lousy, non-supportive fans. I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan in baseball(my family’s from Boston, and my dad raised me on the Red Sox, and Celtics, but not the Patriots), and in 2007, I went to all 3 Red Sox games at Petco. The Padres entered that series in late June with the best record in the NL, but I seriously thought that I was in Boston. You actually had to look pretty hard to find Padres fans around the city, and in the stadium. There were more Red Sox fans than Padres fans at the games, except for the series finale, where it was about 50-50, and there were Red Sox fans all over the place in the Gaslamp Quarter that weekend. The Padres fans were crying, and griping on the talk shows, in the newspaper, and on the blogs, about how us Red Sox fans were “taking over” their stadium and their city. Hello! You Padres fans should only blame yourselves, because you decided not to go to the games, you sold your tickets, and guess what. They wound up in the hands of Red Sox fans. Keep in mind, the Padres were in 1st place in the NL West, with the best record in the NL going into that series. Wow! That’s great fan support San Diego!

  • Fresbronco

    Rob Bronco – well said!

  • jchase8410

    Hey hey, broncomike…take it easy…ive been a Lakers fan for 18 years! And a bronco fan for 21…but I totally agree with you on the majority of SD fans.

    Poor pigmeat got a little confused when I started using math…I guess numbers scare him, next time I’ll try to doodle some pictures for him

  • Gary in SD

    Being a Bronco fan in SoCal for the last 12 years has been like a tough job at times! I have lots of friends and now even family who are static fans, but oh how I want them all to be crying on Sunday!… Go Steelers!!!

    I don’t go to the games here anymore as the fans are total dicks. One time a guy was chucking peanuts at my head (for wearing an Elway jersey) from about 7 rows back. Everytime I would turn around, no one took the blame. Finally I yelled up there that I would come put a beatdown on the a$$hole who was doing it if I caught him. I was hit in the head again about a minute later. An older lady then pointed the guy out because I guess she was a Bronco fan, or just sick of what he was doing. Instead of starting an incident, I immediately went and got security. The security guard came back to me and told me that if I made anymore threats to that guy, I’D BE THE ONE THROWN OUT!

  • Gary in SD

    Hey Pukemeat…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Whose laughing now bee-ach!

  • broncomike7

    Hey pigmeat, enjoy another offseason without a Super Bowl Championship! Still no Super Bowl Championships for the Chargers, but at least they were a REALLY good 8-8 team! LMAO!

  • Gary in SD

    Hey bolt fans, another year of having to carry around that very old and very in of getting popped – cherry of yours!!! Looks like the Cards might get devirginized before you guys… That’s funny!

  • CJ

    Seriously how old his this pigmeat guy 6 get a f****n life

  • Bronco for Life

    So if all the Broncos fan love Denver so much, why do you guys keep going out to lovely San Diego? I am here in Cherry Creek and I love my city, so why do you go to San Diego if you hate it so much? I never get that people leave their city and go to another and then complain about it. And us Broncos fan all I see is “If someone did that to me I would knock out his face, blah blah blah, knowing you wouldn’t do CRAP! Stop acting like tough guys and be TRUE Denver fans be real and not act like Southern California THUGS. And you Mister Red Sox fan, if you love Boston so much why did you leave? Idiot.


    To those of you who are saying that fights like this happen in every NFL stadium…. you’re wrong.

    I used to live in New England and I’ve been to a lot of Patriots games. I have never seen a fight at Gillette Stadium and the games are always sold out. I’m guessing it’s because Pats tickets are the most expensive tickets in the league, so you’re less likely to see any bums showing up and starting fights with people.