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Published on 01/07/2009 at Wed Jan 07 00:51.
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Haven’t gotten around to recording anything for The Denver Broncos Nation Podcast yet, but I promise you, if you want an inside into what’s going on with the Denver Broncos head coaching search — I promise you, I’m the source. Here’s the deal, I told you yesterday that Raheem Morris may be the man, I can’t go all out and call him the next head coach in Denver…
However, I’m not the Denver media and I will tell you like it is… Morris has coached with the phenom in Denver known as Jeremy Bates. You know that guy, he called the plays for the Broncos offense, yet, the front office has looked at the New England Patriots Josh McDaniels and the Dallas Cowboys Jason Garrett — for what? Broncos had the number two offense in the league last year.

So here’s the report, if you don’t want to believe me… At the Pewter Report, Morris is saying that the interview went, “Really well,” he went on to mention Bates specifically stating that if he were to stay with Bates that it’d be,

“It would just be a bonus for me if something positive were to happen for me in Denver and I would end up working with Jeremy again. I don’t know if that is going to happen, but I put on my best suit and my best self and went out there and gave it my best effort. I think it went really well. Obviously I have nothing else to compare it with. I’ve never interviewed with a head coaching job anywhere else, but I’m just going off of general knowledge and hearing from different people. I think it went pretty well.”

So he hasn’t had media training yet, but if he figured it out during the interview, he’s got the job — he wants to keep Bates (they worked together in Tampa previously) as the offensive play caller and simply wants to draft a couple people/submit a few men on defense. He wants to make Dre Bly and Champ Bailey heroes and go after a young man in USC about a safety job… Okay, that’s just in my head.

This is our man in Tampa, and don’t be ashamed at all. If he happens to not be our head coach, don’t blame me, I’m merely doing my best to bring the fine readers of BroncoTalk the greatest expectation…

  • East

    Awesome stuff Ian! I would love Raheem Morris as a coach but sadly he runs a Cover-2 which does not suit Champ Bailey very well. However, this is a team not surrounded by one player. I’m still excited to see how it all plays out.

  • Andy

    I dont know… this kinda worries me. Does he not even have any coordinator experience? Jumping straight into the head coach position kinda worries me… is it bad to think that?? He may be the best option, lets hope ownership knows what they are doing. Anyone else worried about the experiece factor?

  • flbronc

    No he hasnt been a coordinator. kinda worries me too, but then look at spurano in Miami- he was an oline coach prior to the fins gig. One thing that does bother me about him is that i’ve asked some people around me that are bucs fans (including a couple season tix holders) what they knew about him, and they said they didnt know anything until he was named Kiffin’s replacement. That said, from what I hear on these boards, and from the little that is in the national news, it may not be a bad gamble.

  • merc22

    get the DC from the titians, becuz i dnt feel good about getting DB coach as a head coach

  • Roy

    He has one year of coordinator experience at Kansas State. Pro Football Weekly also states that many league insiders view him as a clone of Mike Tomlin, who was also an assistant under Monte Kiffen. If that’s true, and he had a good interview, he could be our guy.

  • MIAbronco

    EFF IT!!! I say sign hin up. lets get a new look for franchise. yeah, so what if the guy has no coordinator exp. lets give him a chance and see what he can do. i for one will love the broncos even more for a move like that, because lately it seems all the big name coordinators becoming head coaches are blowing it, lets go against the grain and if bowlen has a gut feeling, then take it. think about if we do find the next genius, and pair him with bates and all the youth…..wowww

  • adam

    Is it possible to still call him a sleeper when everyone (even the NFL Network) is calling him the sleeper?! I know very little, but the prospects of him and Bates running the team makes me excited; young guys with everything to prove and thus no laurels to rest on.

  • mark

    Really, you have nothing to lose. If he sucks it up in 2009 then in 2010 you just go get one of the many seasoned coaches out there. I doubt whomever the Broncos do get that he will be here 14 years.

  • precisiontint

    It is a young man’s game. If he does come to the mile high city, I wonder who he will bring?

  • Candide

    Sounds great to me and USC’s Taylor Mays sounds good too. Still one wonders who he may pick as DC? That seems to me to be the key decision once all is said and done!

  • Bucky

    I would love it, i am as skeptical as anyone about his experience, but he sounds like he has a fire, and i would love to have a young on-fire guy at the helm, I am totally ready for the risk , lets go Broncos!!!!

  • denz06

    I’d say go for it as well. Take a gamble in Morris. Anyway, the deciding factor would be who the GM will be. If we gat a GM like PIOLI or FIN then whoever the coach is would not really matter

  • Ian Henson

    You know who else was a DB coach? =P I don’t know how I feel just yet, but we’ll see as things develop.

  • kerry

    no!! Spagnuolo is the best man for this job. him or Jim Schwartz. i think Bowlen is in too much of a rush to get the top candidate in as coach. the other candidates wont decide until after the playoffs. Bowlen needs to wait until then to get Spagnuolo of Schwartz. forget Morris. the Tampa cover 2 is a joke defense anyway and doesnt suit the players we have.

  • Bucky

    I almost want this guy more knowing Kerry doesn’t. :O) j/k Kerry.

  • OC Bronco

    Are you all kidding me? Going from Mike Shanahan to 2 coaches with limited experience in Jeremy Bates and Raheem Morris? Morris is obviously a stud but he is 32 and hasn’t even been a D Coordinator. He needs experience before running an organization. Even more, you guys think that tandem will lead us to the Superbowl any time soon?
    Bates isn’t even close to proven. It was still Shanahan’s offense and Shanahan’s players so let’s not annoint Jeremy Bates offensive guru just yet either.
    What may be happening is that Bowlen is trying to get to know a lot of these young guys so that when he brings in a head coach we have options at D Coordinator. Obviously the HC will have influence there but maybe Bowlen wants to call that shot as well.
    Anyway, Morris is not the answer. Can you imagine going from listening and learning from Mike Shanahan to a Defense backs coach? C’mon Everyone.

  • steve

    i like morris the most. ive been saying it for a while.

    anyone who was groomed by monte kiffen is a great choice. tomlin is doing a great job in pitt; he has those players fired up and playing well. lets bring in morris!

  • Bucky

    OC- it happens, its rare……but it happens……but its rare. :O) dude yall need to lighten up, if he interviews well and shows what a guy needs to have then hes the guy, Now i just want him so he is super controversial and can still get all you guys all riled up, I love it.

  • krippler

    Worked for The Steelers!!!

  • East

    OC – Two words…. Mike Tomlin.

    Actually if Bowlen hires a solid GM then we dont have to worry about the HC running the organization. Instead the HC gets to do what he’s good at doing… which is coaching.

    Thats actually the point of an NFL organization. As Denver fans its weird to us since Shanahan ran everything, but since he wasn’t good at everything it lead to him being fired.

  • Soxbigdog

    I will join the chorus and say the this is the “mike tomlin” effect.. and with none of the other canidates blowing me away.. I said if he had good football sense… and a no nonsense attitude.. give him a shot

  • OC Bronco

    They may be similar but there are a couple of big differences.
    1- Tomlin was a D Coordinator for 1 year and that was with a new team with new experiences where he was able to learn and grow before getting the Pittsburgh job.
    2- They were only 1 year removed from a Superbowl win and he was able to retain most of the staff. That staff happened to be experienced and good vs our very inexperienced and who knows?
    This is the premier job in the NFL. #1 at best #3 at worst. We don’t need to settle for anyone but the best. If it’s Morris, great. I just don’t see how he is qualified right now. McDaniel is young, but at least he has experience as a Coordinator.
    And remember something, even if we get an offensive coach, it does not mean we will forget about defense. That was just Shanahan.
    Look at Brian Billick for the Ravens. He was known as an offensive genius and he built the best D in the league. Bill Belichick is a Defensive guru and has the #1 Offense in the League.
    We just need the right Coach who can, with help of a supposed GM, surround himself with great coaches underneath him. I just don’t think Morris has been enough places or done enough to surround himself with the right people.

  • kerry

    Tomlin INHERITED a very talented team that Bill Cowher built. so Tomlin doesnt egt all the credit for the current pittsburgh team. Dick Lebeau built that defense before Tomlin even got there. so the Tomlin reference is completely irrelavant.

  • robtink242

    hey Bill Cawher left a talented defense. Mike Shanahan left a talented offense. So kerry let’s not go there.

    I’m not saying Morris is the best for the job. But i wont be pissed if he got the job. i know there is a lot of talk surrounding Spag. but personally i dont think the giants are going to let him go. More than like he INHERIT the giants.

    Cawher left an 8-8 team, as well Shanahan.

  • Patrick

    I think Kerry should have his own segment on BroncoTalk called The Coach’s Corner w/ Kerry. After foreseeing Shanahan’s demise he’s clearly the most reliable source on the net for Denver Broncos coaching news.

  • broncoNM

    I agree with kerry. I still think spags is our best choice. But i will admit all this “tomlin clone” talk has its appeal. Morris is a great canidate and i am not against hiring him if spags is not available but i really feel like spags is primed to be a head coach and could build a contender very quickly. Morris is moving up the list but i still see spags as our guy.

  • Ian Henson


    Your comment just made me laugh so hard that I peed myself, just a little bit.


    Spags is apparently a retard, seems like a sweet guy, but both the Jets and Broncos don’t seem kin on him. Which in the NFL probably means he’s the next Vince Lombardhi. So let us take Morris now and then next season, when Spagnuolo has lead the Giant’s defense to their third Super Bowl, Bowlen can throw the kitchen sink at him.

  • olen

    The Broncos are in line to visit Washington and ask for a $5 Billion bail out after they pay Shanahan his big money , the other assistant coaches money then pay the new coaches all that money. There may be some consideration for hiring a good coach that also does not bust their bank account.

  • broncoNM

    Sweet plan! You have convinced me. Im in. I agree spags should be apart of 3 super bowl victories before we consider him a serious canidate.

  • MIAbronco

    you know whats funny if you really think about it? all the posts about who the coach will be and who we think it will be or who we draft is all speculation on our part and in reality we have a 0% input on who is chosen for anyting. how awesome would it be if the fans were given 49% of the say so in decisons made within the orginization.