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Published on 01/06/2009 at Tue Jan 06 19:07.
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For those of you who are unaware the Miami Dolphins are in the middle of an ownership change from Wayne Huizenga to Stephen Ross. Huizenga and Ross have vastly different ideas regarding ownership. Rap Artist T.I. wrote a song that summarizes the relationship between Huizenga and Parcells titled “You Can Have Whatever You Like.”  Ross on the other hand, is the type of owner who is thought to bring an “NBA approach” as Miami Herald’s Armanda Salguero puts it, and usurp control over the organization. Anyone who has ever seen a Parcells press conference knows that he is not a kind of guy who would mesh well with Ross.


The Lucrative Out

If Parcells feels as if he doesn’t gel with the new organization he can exercise a contract clause that gives him 3 years of pay for the price of 1. Thats right… don’t we all wish we had that clause in our work contracts?


Why Denver?

You might as well brand Parcells “Bill the Builder” because no one understands the fundamentals of building a team better. The Big Tuna wants to be exactly what his name infers, the head honcho, the man in full control. At Denver he could take on the General Manger position where he would have complete control over personnel and draft picks. As many sports writers, coaches, and analysts have put it, Denver is the dream job of the league right now.


Defensive Minded

The Big Tuna is known for a few defensive milestones such as the popularization of the 3-4 defense the coaching a of a certain Lawrence Taylor, and the drafting of the 20 sack monster DeMarcus Ware. The Broncos may switch to a 3-4 defense which would benefit potential bust Jarvis Moss, but thats all in the specifics. Parcells has the focus and power to iron out inconsistencies on both sides of the field, the Dolphins lead the league in least amount of turnovers allowed. 

Overblown Speculation?

Is all of this just here-say? How much of this is actually true? Well in my opinion Bill Parcells would almost be nuts not to take the out. Salguero quotes soon to be former Dolphins owner Huizenga saying “My gut tells me [Parcells will] stay.” Meaning there is no word from Parcells yet. Salguero himself even believes there is reason to speculate Parcells departure:

Fact: Hours before Ross said he wants Parcells to stay with the Dolphins, he entertained former Kansas City Chiefs president and general manager Carl Peterson during the Miami playoff game against Baltimore.

So amid speculation Peterson could be joining the Dolphins once Ross takes over, and added to the possibility Parcells can leave if he wants once Ross takes over, Peterson was on the Dolphins sideline wearing, of all things, a Dolphins pin on his lapel.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but that doesn’t sound like the foundation of a steady relationship. Unlike the relationship between Ross and Peterson which Salguero reports:

Ross and Peterson go back a quarter century to a time Ross owned the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars. Peterson was his general manager.


Remember this is Denver

The Denver Broncos are an organization of hush hush and behind the shadows scouting. Most Denver draft picks are never contacted until their names are called on draft day. Pat Bowlen is the same man who disguised himself to sneak into the hotel Mike Shanahan was residing in after his Super Bowl win with the 49’ers to offer him the head coaching position. So Remember… this is Denver.

  • jvill

    I still have yet to read or hear a coherent reason why a) Tuna would want the Denver GM job, or b) would be a good fit for the organization.

    On the other hand, there are lots of reasons he would not want the job, namely the inability to pick the head coach and an owner actively increasing his influence over the direction of his football team.

    This whole “must have a defensive-minded head coach” phenomenon has gotten out of control. The league has many examples of successful head coaches whose team’s strengths are the opposites of their head coaching origins (e.g. defensive-minded Tony Dungy on the Colts, offensive-minded Jon Gruden on the Bucs).

    Lastly, just because it’s the best job out there, doesn’t mean it’s the best job in the mind of Bill Parcells. A guy who has the juice to negotiate a 3-year payout over one year, and took a 1-15 team to the playoffs the following year, makes jobs for himself.

    But since this is all conjecture, who knows… :)

  • East

    Jvill – I totally agree with all of your statements. The reason of this article however is not to say Parcells should be a GM but Parcells could be a GM. As Denver fans we need to include all of our options and you cannot exclude Bill Parcells.

  • Andy

    Jvill broughy up some very good points. Who knows what will happe. Lets all just hope Bowlen makes the right decision.

  • Bob W

    We don’t need no stinking GM this year , Pat save your money Shanny is gonna get it anyway. So let the brothers Goodwin and Xanders run it this year , get your HC and a new DC keep Dennison and Bates right where they are. Your HC goes to the 3 headed monster for answers and you finally have the final say so with your money.

  • East

    We totally need a GM every year. The reason why the Denver defense is in its current state is due to the poor job Shanahan did as a GM. Having a stellar GM is just as important if not more important as having a head coach. Just take a look the demand of Parcells and Scott Pioli.

    Shanahan will probably not see the money Bowlen owes him seeing how he has to be constantly searching for a job to get it.

    Not having a GM is like saying a team doesn’t need any draft picks. Denver cannot afford to forfeit another defensive draft.

  • WhidbeyBronco

    I’d love it.
    He’d bring heart and class.
    Mostly though he’d choose solid coaches.
    Imagine how horrible it’ll be if we hire a bum…
    and waste 3-4 years of our young talent…
    this is a BIG DEAL

  • Dakota fan

    Hey East- you hit it RIGHT on the head, brother. We need to include all of our options. I think when the head coach is named, we’re all going to be saying, “Whoops- I didn’t see that coming!!”

    Speaking of the naming of the head coach- can you give an educated guess as to when the guy will be hired?

  • rcsodak

    Dakota, surely you jest. There isn’t one person on this planet, let alone on this blog, that knows anything that’s going on inside of the head of Bowlen, let alone, an “educated” guess. C’mon now. *chuckle*

    We’ll know when we know. The longer it takes, the more intense the rumors will get, as people involved could be still in the playoffs.

    I don’t think anybody wants Bowlen & co. to rush this very important decision, just to make fans happy. But do we really want to have to wait until after the Super Bowl, possibly?

  • East

    Dakota – I don’t think we will hear until the end of the Giant’s playoff run. Spaguolo isn’t available until the Giant’s are knocked out or win the Super Bowl. Pat Bowlen wants to know everything thats on the table.

    I’d would be completely happy with three candidates in this order:
    1. Steve Spaguolo – A defensive genius in all aspects, this is his time for a head coaching job. I like to draw parallels to Spags as a defensive Shanahan. Shanahan won a Super Bowl as a D-Cord with the 49’ers then became the head coach of Denver. Spagnuolo won the Super Bowl last year as the defensive coordinator of the Giants and now maybe the head coach of the Broncos.

    2. Raheem Morris – A good friend of Jeremy Bates and a great motivational speaker. Every time I read an interview with him I just feel like he could turn around the Denver D and be a great coach just like Mike Tomlin did with the Steelers.

    3. Josh McDaniels – A great fit with Cutler. Look at what McDaniels did with Cassel, if he can translate that with Cutler that would speak wonders.

    It’s hard to completely tell seeing how the offseason isn’t even completely underway yet. However, I’d like it if Denver would act swiftly and start to plan for a much needed draft.

  • Ian Henson

    LOL- East, love you man… Great work, Parcels, I wish Bowlen had the nuts… I don’t think that he does and in reality, if I’m Parcels and I’m a 60-year-old worthless piece of shit. I’m keeping my ass in Miami where I stay paid. That’s just me though. I don’t speak for Bill Parcels.

  • Awesome, Austin

    No way the new owner of the fish screws with Big Tuna, if the guy takes a complete nightmare of a team like the the fish last year and turn them into a payoff team why would anyone screw with that?

  • Miami transplant

    I lived in Miami for a long time. Salguero is an outstanding journalist and has covered the Dolphins and the NFL and other things for a long time. He’s nails. But the guy’s name is ARMANDO not Armanda.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    Great speculation and interesting thoughts. Bill Parcells in my opinion would be a bad choice. First, he and Bowlen could clash over how much power Parcells would ultimately get. Second, Cutler’s holier than thou attitude may or may not sit well with the Big Tuna. Parcell’s would much rather tell Cutler to shut his face and stop throwing interceptions in the red zone than to stroke his ego and appease him a la Jeremy Bates.

    Thus, though Cutler badly needs someone to fill this vital role of telling him that he isn’t as great as he thinks he is, Parcell’s may not go about it in the most tactful way.


  • jdk.chem

    “The Big Tuna is known for a few defensive milestones such as the popularization of the 3-4 defense”

    A real Bronco fan would have remembered Joe Collier and the Orange Crush of the mid- late-70’s which was a 3-4 defense.

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    Just to nitpick jdk.chem, but I believe East was pointing out that Parcells popularized it. The fact is, the casual fan had no idea what a 3-4 defense was until Parcells and LT (the real one) came along. Also, Parcell’s (as well as every other 3-4 in the NFL) 3-4 varies VASTLY to the one that Tom Jackson was a member of in the late 70’s.

    A person that can read would have realized East was not forgetting about the Orange Crush days, but merely giving Parcells credit what one of his accomplishments.

    But hey, I’m just nitpicking. Sound familiar?

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    for one of his many accomplishments*

  • East

    Yes I know that the Orange Crush was a 3-4 but due to the successes with Parcells 3-4 with LT it became widely popular after that.

    Next time you comment I’d appreciate it if you would be more respectful.