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“Are you s—ing me? If anyone can change that organization, it’s him. This guy is a forward thinker. He is qualified as far as giving a team a fresh look,” Simeon Rice, former Denver Bronco, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer (on Raheem Morris).

Maybe Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was just fulfilling the NFL’s obligation to interview at least one minority candidate — though would the Italian guy count as well? How many Italian coaches are coaching in the NFL? I also read on a local Denver website a quote stating that although Colorado may have voted Obama, they’re not ready for their highest political position to go to a black candidate. I’ll refrain from the Ol’ Dirty Bastard album reference (for the kids sake, but thumbs up to those that get the reference). I guess Bowlen’s just taking the Rooney Rule and running with it by interviewing Leslie Frazier on Wednesday.

I’m going to come right out and say that I have very little insider information, the information that I do have apparently is disinformation, because the primary candidate that I knew of isn’t even on the radar as far as I can tell.

So here’s what we’ve got, in the can are interviews with the New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and the New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Monday was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Raheeem Morris, today we have Bob Stoops, Rick Dennison and the heir apparent Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Who else can we look forward to? Well, the San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera has said that he is definitely not interested in interviewing with anyone until the Chargers are done with their playoff run (strike one on saying that the Chargers would end their playoff run and strike two for thinking anyone’s going to want to interview for their head coaching job, douche bag.). We’ve got the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, we’ve got dark horse candidates like Jim Ryan, Urban Meyer, Dave Logan (just kidding), Jim Fassel (who came in second to Shanahan, when he was hired), Marty Schottenheimer, Brian Billick and Steve Mariucci

You want my guess Nation? Well, check the podcast coming this week, but I’ll give you a hint — Raheem Morris. He’s not giving motivational speeches in the Tampa locker room because he’s got A.D.D. Ignore the Adam Schefter’s and the Michael Lombardhi’s they know what we know. Keep it here, what do you guys think? Who’s the next coach in Denver?

P.S. The Utah Utes are number one, no matter what happens with Bob Stoops’ team.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Bill Cowher period.

  • Danh

    All these names… we better have something great to be announced soon.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Bill Cowher would be great!

  • Pete

    My ideal coaches in decending order would be:
    #1 Steve Spagnuolo
    #2 Rex Ryan
    #3 Josh McDaniels
    #4 Raheem Morris
    #5 Bill Cower

    I think if Spags hasn’t in some way, shape, or form told Bowlen that the Broncos are his #1 or #2 choice, then we go after Rex Ryan.
    Ryan isn’t getting enough talk around here, but he’s been with Baltimore as their D-Coordinator since I believe 1999, in which, he’s built a defense for the ages for the last 9 years. I think with all of our offensive talent, we can afford to have a defensive minded coach. All Denver will need is a semi-competent offensive coordinator, and we’ll put up points. But we need a nasty D, and either of those 2 can deliver the goods.

  • Ian Henson

    lol, Bill Cowher would be great, but from all I can tell — Cowhere’s not interested in coaching this season. I do have a bit of a theory on that and Cowher if you’re listening here it is. Come back in 2009, because you don’t stand chance in 2010 — Holmgren, Shanahan, Dungy, Parcells and many, many more plan to be available then. Where do you stand amongst them Cowher? Where?

  • LorDog

    Is Cowher who we would really want anyway? Bowlen has made it clear he’s going from a coach/GM combo to a ‘two man look’ at those positions. We need someone who’s fired up about beain a coach only and concentrating on that role. With that, it will be equally as important to get a top notch GM that works well with the new coach. I don’t really have any insight on any of the canidates but there sure is a lot of hype around “Spags” and the Denver Post poll (which means nothing just to be clear) showed something like 68% of voters wanted Spags. I simply long for the days of ORANGE CRUSH DEFENSE. I don’t care how we get there…

  • jchase8410

    I don’t know if Bowlen is willing to wait for Spags to finish the playoffs if the Giants make it to the Championship game or Super Bowl. He said he wants to get a new head coach as soon as possible. I’m guessing it will be one of the guys who aren’t currently in the playoffs, which isn’t the route that I would go. I like to feel that the guy who is going to take us to the world Championship is probably involved with a playoff team.

  • T

    1 Spags
    2 Dennison
    3 R Ryan

  • Boisebroncoguy

    We keep hearing so many good things about Morris, maybe he is the guy. I, for one, do not care if the new coach is black, white, green, purple, pink, or whatever as long as he can do the job. However, I am still holding out hope we can get Lou Holtz. ;)

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Also, I love it when the Boise States and Utahs of the world beat the “big” guys! Congrats to Utah!

  • Bucky

    so i was thinking about some of the reports on McDaniels being the top guy for the job here, and i was wondering if that might be becasue we could end up with him and Pioli in some kind of package deal. and then i was thinking, maybe that wouldent be such a terrible thing, get those two, one of them is great with QB’s (how awesome would he be with Cutler) the other is great at personnel, then have those guys focus on getting us a really good D coordinator. I know we all want great D, and i am totally tops on Spags being the guy, but I’m not sure i would be all that opposed to this kind of situation if it presented itself. I think it could still be an answer to our D woes and yet give us even more credibility on Offence at the same time.

    I guess i just keep hearing about all these great Defensive teams and it doesn’t seem to be because of the HC, I know that has happened before, and maybe some of that still goes on, but most of the great Defensive teams in the NFL have great D Coordinators, so in the long run, maybe that is what we should be going for.

  • JP

    anyone else remember last off-season when Slowick was a “real players coach”…He “had the respect of our defensive players” and they wanted him as the DC? Lets get real, its the exact same situation with Raheem…a defesnive backs coach without even any defensive coordinator experience..NO THANKS!!! Bowlen, surely you cant be dumb enough to make this mistake. Be patient. Spags or Ryan need to be the next coach. Period.

  • mark

    My vote is for Steele Spagnuolas…

  • mark

    Can I also vote for bringing back more orange in our uniforms? Let’s go with a whole new look in 2009.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    I just watched the “Around the League” video on and Michael Lombardi was saying that the Broncos were not impressed with Spags in the 1st interview. I hope they give him another shot.

  • Jordan C

    Bucky – I agree that McDaniel/Pioli is an interesting option. The point has been made several times that a strong defensive coordinator rather than d-minded head coach might be what is necessary.

    My hesitation with McDaniel is that J.Bates might have to go and that Belichik’s assistants haven’t fared well in HC jobs in the recent past.

  • Jordan C

    Although, if the offense is already in place, McDaniel could focus on being a head coach rather than face the task of turning a whole unit around. That would fall mostly on a new DC. If a DC was hired as a head coach, then the responsibility would fall on them and their focus would be unbalanced.

    I had argued just after Shanahan was fired that Bowlen simply saw the need for a strong DC and that just wouldn’t fit into the existing structure.

  • adam

    We’re a leg up on evaluating Rex Ryan because Xanders interviewed him last year for the Falcons, and I believe the same is true of the guy from the Titans.

    Maybe it’s a cop-out, but I’m satisfied trusting the brain trust’s pick for head coach, especially in light of their most recent draft. Those 3 plus Bowlen deserve our trust, don’t they?

  • Bucky

    I totally agree Jordan, and now if the reports are saying Spags 1st interview wasn’t all that great, maybe we should be hoping in other directions, I don’t know if Mickey D is the way to go, and i do have the same reservations about NE coaches, but all of the recent NE guys have reall had to change an entire franchise, and that is hard to do, no matter how easy the Tuna makes it look, but if we were to go get a 2 for 1 kinda deal with Pioli and Mickey D, and then grab a D Coordinator from under Ryan, or from the Eagles or Steelers, maybe that could be the best shot at making a real change on this team. giving D stuff to a true D coordinator and letting the head coach be just that. who knows, its just a thought.

  • TD30isMVP

    Something tells me that Bowlen didn’t call up Lombardi and tell him about the interview, let the cards play out folks instead of jumping on every tidbit.

  • Ellis

    we can continue to talk about it endlessly but what we would like to go back and have Mike again with us.
    I think so and I’m sad about it.
    nothing will be like before only memories but for me it’s not enough.

  • adam

    Ellis. Wouldn’t that mean that in the next 10 years, you’ll be happy with 1 more division championship and a single trip to the playoffs?

    Shanahan was great, but perhaps term limits (unofficially) is a good idea! Anybody remember how Shula finished? Or Cowler? Perhaps this is why so many coaches quit right after winning championships.

  • Ellis

    Adam, you’ve got reason but today, here in Italy is snowing and I’m in this mood.
    But after 14 years……I know turn the page and let a new season begins. GO BRONCOS ALWAYS

  • East

    Everyone needs to realize what Spags will bring to the table.

    1. A winning atmosphere a.k.a a Super Bowl

    2. Mike Waufle the Giant’s D-Line coach as D-Coordinator

    3. Tom Heckert the Philadelphia GM who has drafted amazing players such as Trent Cole in the 5th round and Brian Westbrook in the 3rd. Also Hecket drafted Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown in the same draft as Westbrook.

  • Dakota fan

    I’m getting dizzy trying to keep all of these names straight- from Steve Pioli to Scott Frazier to Leslie Spagnuolo, I think I need to quit hanging onto every single word about the Broncos coaching search.

    I just think that Bowlen is going to shock us all with his choice, no matter who we think he should choose.

    Hell, a week ago this afternoon, he shocked me good by firing Shanahan, so I just know he’s cooking up a good one for the new head coach. Short of hiring Shanahan back, I’m prepared for anyone to be the new head coach.

  • Dakota fan

    One last thought- how many of the old traditional philosophies are going to change with a new head coach?

    I’m thinking the days of lighter, quicker linebackers and sub-6 foot D-ends are going to become a thing of the past. I was pretty high on Dumervil at first, but the other teams have now figured him out and he was as much of a factor as the rest of the defense was this year.

  • flbronc

    i agree, the search is going far and wide… and getting confusing!

    it appears to me that a mcdaniels/pioli combo deal is more of a wish thing than an actual opportunity. while i havent researched it much, i think somthing that big of a deal would have at least hit the rumor mill on espn… that would be a pretty big coup if we swung the gm and oc from the pats…. i for one dont mind taking a chance on a ne assistant… most coaches in the league fail.. the last couple out of there have failed- that doesnt doom the next to failure, it might mean the next one sticks!

    I agree that the DC we bring will be extremely important in turning things around for us. i dont know if that means we need a defensive minded head coach or not. i think that if we hire someone like spags we would want to hire someone from the giants staff as the dc, same with morris with someone from the bucs staff. that way the dc and hc are on the same page and are comfortable with the system. i dont think it would work to bring in one of those guys as the hc and hire a random dc from a different system.

    i think that if bowlen hires an oc for a coach, he has someone in mind for the dc job (maybe one of the fired coaches).

  • Bucky

    East- If your right about that scenario then i would be all for it. like i said i have been highest on Spags from the get go.

  • steve

    1. morris
    2. spagnuolo
    3. ryan
    4. mcdaniels

    we need a defensive coach, but mcdaniels is the best of the offensive coordinators

  • Barto51

    I would think an ideal coaching situation would be keeping guys like Rick Dennison as O-line/Offensive Coordinator, Jeremy Bates as QB/Offensive Coordinator and Bobby Turner as Running Backs coach on staff and hiring a more defensive minded coach to construct a respectable NFL Defense. So Head Coaches I would look at would be: Steve Spagnuolo, Raheeem Morris or Rex Ryan.

  • JP

    Can someone please tell me what credentials Raheen Morris has? What has he done? What is that you say? NOTHING????This guy is getting pumped up by the media like Akili Smith did…like i stated earlier, now that Slowik has a year under his belt, Id trust him over this guy….and I dont trust him any further than i could throw him. WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • Bucky

    JP- Slowik has a lot more than a year under his belt, he has been the coordinator for the Bears the Brown and the Packers, and in all that time he has done nothing notable, unless you call losing your job in one year at 2 out three jobs you have had “notable”. Morris may be getting hyped but i doubt it is to over bored, he has a very similar resume to Spags right before Spags time in NY. in the NFL people are always looking for the new young Genius, and a lot of people think this guy is just that.

    That being said (and i have said this before), i would like to see him get one or two years of D coordinator experience before giving him a shot at HC. Position Coach to Head Coach is a pretty significant leap, no matter how much of a Genius you may be.

  • Awesome, Austin

    I think bowlen would go with a head coach like Mcdaniels and then hire Nolan as the DC and keep the hiring of the DC out of the hands of the head coach.

  • MIAbronco

    maybe mcdaniels could bring in pioli and mangini

  • Soxbigdog

    I want Rex Ryan to come to denver… if he brings Ed Reed and Ray Lewis with him !!!

  • rcsodak

    ” JP { 01.06.09 at Tue Jan 06 14:48 })

    Can someone please tell me what credentials Raheen Morris has? What has he done? What is that you say? NOTHING????This guy is getting pumped up by the media like Akili Smith did…like i stated earlier, now that Slowik has a year under his belt, Id trust him over this guy….and I dont trust him any further than i could throw him. WAKE UP PEOPLE”

    Well, let’s just call this the BO Phenomenom. Since when has ‘experience’ ever mattered? As long as they ‘look good’, that’s all that matters these days…… :coffee: