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Published on 01/04/2009 at Sun Jan 04 14:47.
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Fox Sports Jay Glazer just reported moments ago that the Denver Broncos would be interviewing Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier for their head coaching position. Frazier was a Defensive Back for the Chicago Bears for five-seasons (1981-85), including their incredible Super Bowl season.

As a coach Frazier was the first ever Head Coach for Trinity College (now Trinity International University) in Illinois, for nine seasons. His first break as a coach in the NFL came under Andy Reid with the Eagles, as a defensive backs coach (1999-2002), this is also when he met Minnesota’s head coach Brad Childress.

He joined the Vikings in 2007, hired as the defensive coordinator when Mike Tomlin accepted the Pittsburgh Steelers head coaching position.

It was reported that the Broncos would interview Frazier this week, however, should the Vikings beat the Eagles that would be impossible. So stay tuned for any updates. Glazer must have known something the rest of us didn’t, Frazier’s available to meet this week.

In other coaching news, the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Raheem Morris‘ interview with the team has been pushed forward– from Wednesday to Monday. Keep it here and we will keep you up to date on everything we know.

  • East

    I’m still rooting for Spags and for Coughlin not to retire.

  • Ian Henson

    East- I had been thinking about that last night, while I was trying to figure out where in NY the Broncos were meeting with Spagnuolo and hoping that the Colts were just kidding and were saving all of their good plays for later. When the Colts lost, I tried to think of who in the AFC could beat NY, Philadelphia (too early?) or Carolina in the Super Bowl. Tom Coughlin should probably retire if he wins again- then again Shanahan didn’t.

  • Andy

    I don’t believe Coughlin will retire. Seems too hard headed for that. I’m not familiar with Frazier but his resume looks good.

    If the Colts had any sort of run game last night, it would be a different story.

  • Christopher Hart

    Spags is still my #1, but this guy is an excellent option.

  • Andy

    I hope we hire Spags considering the nickname we already have for him. Be a shame to lose that.

  • Ian Henson

    I’m holding out for Jimmy Johnson personally.. Just kidding.

  • olen

    What are the odds in Vegas of Spagnuolo getting the Denver Broncos coaching job this next season? I would say if he wants to go any place it would be Denver . He is a very ethical person by most observations and Denver is trying to keep that standard going.

  • broncoNM

    Schefter is reporting that spags was impressive but mcdaniel is the early favorite. Not sure how much truth there is in this but still an interesting little blurb.

  • Ian Henson

    The thing about Schefter’s report is that he compares McDaniels to Dan Reeves and Mike Shanahan, using them as examples as what Pat Bowlen would like to hire.

    Here’s the thing though, Bowlen didn’t hire Reeves, Reeves was here when Bowlen bought the team. Bowlen’s even on coaches, he hired Wade Philips because Shanahan didn’t want the job and no one else wanted to take over a 5-11 team where a coach had just been let go because the QB didn’t get along.

    So, don’t get too excited about Josh McDaniels, matter of fact, I’d be interested in how Jay Cutler felt, with Cutler reportedly demanding that young Jeremy Bates stay on staff…

  • Bucky

    Most of the reporting world thought Bowlen was highest on Stoops until we all found out Stoops had no interest and oh by the way we hadn’t even contacted him for an interview yet, All this stuff is just guessing, these guys want to be able to one up each other or prove how much insider juice they have, half the time by making up something that is no more than their best guess.

  • broncoNM

    I think if spags impressed the bronco execs than the search should be over. Lets get him in here and start focusing on the draft and FA market.

  • jcampb72

    regardless we need a defensive coach…but where do you go after a hall of fame coach….bowlen is a spoiled trust fund baby….that said he needs to get his head out of his ass….or he might just end up looking like one.

  • Ian Henson


    You’re exactly correct and with the Stoops situation specifically, it could have just been disinformation on Denver’s part to suggest Stoops. It also may be Stoops denying contact (to save his job, see Boston College’s situation with the Jets) until after the national championship is played.


    If Spanuolo is the choice, it may be awhile before he’s able to focus on the Broncos. The Giants have a couple of games left on the plate, if I were in his position I don’t think that I’d be able to juggle both the head coaching search and a Super Bowl run. He’s probably out of contention for awhile…

  • Candide

    I agree with the above comments. Will the guy who ends up a Defensive Coordinator really be the key here and not the head coach? Just thinking out loud. Also, can we say with some sort of certainty that at least for the next few years the Broncos defensive philosophy will not be “bend don’t break” (which turned out to be “bend and always break”)?

    Watching that Ravens defense, in fact most of the defenses this weekend, had me salivating for what Jay Cutler and Co. could accomplish if the Bronco D could force a punt say every third possession instead once a a game.

  • JC

    Candide you are so right. even the worst defense this weekend would have been wonderful in Denver the last 3 seasons at least! I feel hiring another offensive minded coach like Shanahan is a mistake. Bowlen wants to go in another direction then he should. His offense is not the trouble. Spend some money on Peppers and a few other free agents out there.. Draft who you can from the awesome USC defensive players coming available hire a coach who, at the very least, is well rounded in both disciplines of offense and defense So we can see the young players on this team realize their full potential. What a shame it would be to start seeing players like Cutler, Marshal, and the likes start to look elsewhere because the ownership couldn’t get it together enough to field a complete team on both sides of the ball so that maybe they could bring a championship back to Denver.

  • dbroncos

    I think he jumps into the top 3 because of that run defense the Vikings have built but i believe they rank very low in pass defense. So i imagine they rely on 8-9 in the box or something. However, with Champ coming back healthy (cross-fingers) we could handle that kind of approach better.

  • Jordan C

    With regard to Stoops – I agree that all the speculation means very little. What we think we know is that the Broncos reached out to a Stoops “representative”. This could mean anything from exchanging contract drafts to leaving a message on an answering machine. There was no report that the “representative responded or that the representative contacted Stoops about it. The second thing we know is that Stoops denied being a candidate based on the fact that no one had contacted him about it. Besides, the right thing for him to do is deny it all and focus on Thursday.

    Bowlen probably is high on Stoops. The evidence suggests that there is a slight possibility that the Broncos are thinking about him. That’s all.

  • Socal Den Fan

    First of all Happy New Year guys just got back in town and still can’t believe shanny got fired but I wish him the best. After I thought about it, I believe this move was for the best shanny was never gonna let someone come in and take control of the defense and we would of had the same weak defense. I am very excited about could happen here I just want a coach that will build a balanced team not just one side and hope for the best. I don’t think stoops is a good fit here if we do go after a college coach it should be USC pete c. but I think he will never leave here.

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