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Published on 01/04/2009 at Sun Jan 04 01:20.
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Yes, I know, I know, it’s a little early for this.  But after being submerged in the coaching news frenzy I’m ready for a little bit of a reprieve.  Now I’m not the biggest college football fan by any means, but after the two long holiday weekends it’s been hard to ignore all the bowl games.  Which brings me to the topic at hand, who watched the Rose Bowl?  Other than the dismantling of Penn State something made me sit up at attention.  Safety Taylor Mays.  This USC junior is an absolute freak of nature.  He comes in at a large 6′-4″ 240lbs, but here’s the thing, he’s the fastest player on the team.  He has 4.28 speed.  He matched Reggie Bush in the 40 while they were both on the team.  You just don’t see that everyday. USC head coach Pete Carroll put it best “Did you see anyone try to go over the top on us all season?”  So the other question is can he play with all that athleticism?  Then you didn’t see the Rose Bowl my friends.

Tell me that play doesn’t conjure up memories of certain Broncos ring a famer?  He knows it’s time to turn pro being a Junior.  He is expected to be a top 15 pick. This is the same school that developed Troy Polamalu and we all know what he did to us in the 2005 AFC Championship.  Denver needs a franchise safety.  The Mays family is an NFL bloodline, Taylor’s father Stafford played d-line in the pros.  Carroll has even told him it’s time to move on.  I would love to see this guy in a Broncos uniform next season.

  • Jordan C

    Kerry – Walterfootball estimates measurements and 40’s. You should probably quote your sources. ESPN and the official USC site both quote him at 6-3, 230. But all of this BS squabbling doesn’t matter. I agree with your point anyway. Most of the “tackling” that I saw in the rose bowl (including the inbedded video) was Mays hitting guys really hard. While that looks awesome, can he wrap up? I honestly don’t know. William Moore is also better. But D-line comes first because of the overall effect it will have on the team defense.

  • kerry

    it doesnt matter how hard the guy hits. if he cant tackle then he is worthless. he is a flashy player but not a sound fundamental football player. just because you are fast doesnt mean you can play the game at the pro level. and of course the Steve Atwater reference just had to be brought to light. pfffttt.

  • jchase8410

    The mock drafts I have been reading have Raji going in the 10-14 range as it stands right now. His stock may rise or fall by draft time. I still think we need to get a big playmaker at MLB who can read and react, and stop plays in the hole.

  • d-unit

    Would you trade Champ while he still has value for another first rd 10-19 pick and take Maualuga and Mays? Cuz I sure as fk would!! ;)

  • jchase8410

    Off the subject a little bit but still talking about safeties…how did Ed Reed not win the defensive player of the year award?

  • East

    Very true kerry.

    jchase I agree that we need a playmaker in the middle… the Broncos should try to sign Vilma for a decent price.

    Denver really needs to shore up their D-Line. Marcus Thomas has the potential to be one of the best DLs in the league he just needs some help.

  • sniperkenny

    I have a hard time getting excited about who we get out of the draft. For example last year out of the draft we picked up two defensive ends and did we hear from either one of them this year? That is right hardly at all! We need to be looking to help the defense. Our offense sits well I think ( with the exception of the injury troubles in the backfield ). Our defense needs help and that is more apparent then any year previously! Besides Hillis has a long off season to heal and that is who I hope to see in the backfield laying some punishment with the ball in hand!

  • robtink242

    jchase8410 i thought ed reed had that in the bag. 8 votes wtf were those voters watching. man and to think we drafted ASHLEY LILIE over ED REED hmmmmmm. all this lead to the eventually change in the front office.

  • Michael

    I’d stay away from Texas players, they seem for the most part to be low motor guys that are used to being babied by Mack Brown, UT and the fans. Majority of them don’t seem able to handle the pressure of being in the NFL and constantly criticized.

  • Awesome, Austin

    Michael, one guy Young, is like that and you are comparing everyone from TX to be the same way?

  • Josh Temple

    I think maybe he was including Ricky Williams and Crowder in that argument.

  • dazbroncos

    So not knowing the college talent too much outside the top 20 odd players. here’s my 2 cents.

    Mays is big and fast but seems to lack technique – a monster with limited skills.
    But will the hits get lost in a D that ins’t as talented as USC? ( yes our D is worse than a college D…)

    Maluaga is on the same boat. We need a highly skilled and technique favoured player at MLB. Laurentis or Curry are also options.

    What about a top corner to replace Bly? Get Johnathon Vilma for ILB from the Saints – he played with DJ at the U and had a good year. Get Haynesworth or equivalent for the middle next to Robinson and keep Thomas as a road block.

    That frees up the top pick for a franchise CB as Asomagha will be too much $$.
    Offensive picks can come like last year…. RB and a receiver in later rounds with a TE perhaps.

    Just a thought…dont make it a good one…

  • David Kircus Made My Tuna Melt Sub

    Josh Barrett has similar triangle numbers (size/weight, height, speed) to Taylor Mays yet he was chosen in the 7th round. Triangle numbers don’t mean everything (Al Davis might differ).

    Mays is the quintessential looks like Tarzan plays like Jane candidate. So what if he unleashes devastating helmet to helmet hits (that drew a 15 yard penalty I might add). In the NFL you play the ball. If Mays was so good he would not have been beat over the top in that play and would have already been in position to move down in the box and block the ball from the receiver.

    He’s OVERRATED. He is not even in the same conversation as LaRon Landry.

    You heard it from me first.