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Published on 01/04/2009 at Sun Jan 04 00:39.
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Here’s the deal… As much as I cheered for the San Diego Chargers to lose Saturday night’s game against the Indianapolis Colts– they happened to win. That’s a win against the Colts- the team with the N.F.L. M.V.P. Peyton Manning, the team that was supposed to run the table with the A.F.C.… Sorry, that they didn’t jump on the Pittsburgh Steelers when they had the chance, but Chargers will certainly give the Steelers trouble next weekend.

Anyway, the Chargers won! They beat the Colts, yes, those 8-8 Chargers… The ones that barely made it into the playoffs, past the Broncos. Those same Chargers that will waltz into Pittsburgh confused, until- wait the A.F.C. West does have some power. And can compete, and yeah, they will knock you in the jaw..

See that’s the thing, the AFC divisions had things to say all season here and there about the AFC West. Then we go and dismantle their best team. A team who had won nine in a row, then our best representative will face the best that the A.F.C. has to offer. Seriously? If the top four were all teams from the AFC West, would anyone think that they had a chance? Of course they would, would they realistically have a blowout? Hell no. Would some of them stand a chance? Maybe.

I guarantee though, there’s not a New York Giants team that wants to see a Kansas City Chiefs or an Oakland Raiders,  being as that they struggled so much against the Cincinnati Bengals. Just saying, don’t make me bring up the Philadelphia Eagles, because things will get out of hand.

Enjoy the playoffs guys! I’m not sure which wins help the Broncos most, being that we’re basically playing everybody next season anyway. Who does a Broncos fan cheer for?

  • East

    This actually makes Denver look a little better.

    The more I think about it the more I realize that I don’t want the Giants the win the Super Bowl. If the Giants go back to back Coughlin might retire and Spagnuolo might get the offer to take over. Therefore I will not be rooting for the Giants.

  • DepressedSF

    Am I the only one, or does anyone else look at the way Sproles plays and think maybe, just maybe, Anthony Aldridge can be that type of player. I’m willing to be he’s faster than Sproles. Let’s hope whoever takes over the offense next year tries that out. Sproles killed us this year, so if your going to steal offensive schemes, steal from the best. What do you guys think…

    And yes, I know Sproles will be a free agent, but the Chargers, with LT ailing, will not let him go.

  • AtwaterFan27

    Lot of bad officiating went on Saturday night. Seems that has happened all year long. Cannot wait till next year

  • BroncoinVA9986

    Three penalties that lead to three first downs. Come on the league wanted san Diego to win. They feel as if they owe San Diego from week two. Give the Chargers their props, but there fans whine to much.. THe city I live in is full of Charger fans and I am on the east coast at that. Everybody where I live is in the Navy so alot of San Diego fans.blah. It good for the AFC west, but there has been terrible officiating all year long, thats what happens when you leave officiating up to humans…..GO broncos

  • T-Money

    Refs played a huge role in OT. Some good and some bad calls. Indy should have won.

  • Cb

    You knew this was going to happen the minute Cutler opened his mouth after the game. If only Cutler took some responsibility for the loss and kept his trap shut, maybe the chargers would not have had his dumb comments to motivate them all week. Cutler needs to grow up just like rivers does. I would like to see them both get into the ring and settle their differences once and for all. However it would probably be like an eighth grade chick fight, after all they are only quarterbacks. I am sad still for the Broncos. We need a new QB not a cry baby who can’t let things go.

  • Dakota fan

    The powder blue uniforms STILL make them look like pussies.

    I hate to admit it, but the reason the Dolts won it last night was its passion and desire to win. I can’t wait to get that back in Denver. I’m sick of wondering how the hell we’re going to come back from a 10, 17, 24 point deficit.

    Offer Spagnuolo $10 million a year and a mansion in the burbs to come to Denver and let’s bring this team back to glory. If Lions and Bengals fans feel the way I’ve felt the last week after every season, then it’s time to restore the glory right now.

    I know we were 8-8, but can we rebuild the ship in one offseason? If the Dolphins and Ravens can do it, can’t we?

  • CB123

    I thought it was funny how the Sandy Eggo fans were booing the home team after the Colts first TD. Then, at the end of the game, that same crowd was actually loud for once. Haha

    So who does a Broncos fan cheer for? The Cardinals, that’s who! Just go for the major underdogs. :P

  • Ian Henson

    CB- I like your theory on the Cardinals. I know that we’ll all be paying a lot closer attention to the Giants in the meantime. also, yes San Diego continues to have the most obnoxious fans in sports.

    Dakota fan- How long do we have to wait to find out what happened last night in NY with the Broncos/Spagnuolo meeting!? Haha, we’re so vulnerable…

  • CB123

    Ian, I suggest you look at Adam Schefter’s blog, if you don’t already. He always has the inside info on our Broncos.

    He said that Spags “greatly impressed” the Broncos top brass. So we’ll have to see how he fared to McDaniels’ interview today (I hope Mac didn’t do well and goes to Cleveland, lol).


  • Ian Henson

    Thanks man, yes I read his blogs, I love Schefter- he’s really not going out on the ledge by saying that Denver will probably like McDaniels over Spagnuolo though.

  • pigmeat

    Ian” most obnoxious fans” r u kidding? try looking in the mirror.the contributors to this site are living in the past. broncos have 1 div. title in 10yrshaha..get over it, glorydays have long gone. chiefs/raider fans are at least realistic.

    the only thing that has gone wrong in the past month for charger fans is that bowlen woke up from his coma and fired mediocre mike.

    bronco fans are boorish,and delusional. its comical to read comments to paraphrase “that we need to do is shitcan our entire defense,and get better players” WOW !! bronco fans are real geniuses. iam sure the rest of league hasnt thought of that. lol
    iam guessing if you replace 1/2 of the Lions starters with better players they would be competitive as well.

    in regards to obnoxious, is there any better example of an arrogant, and obnoxious athlete than cutler? after losing to the chargers for the 4th time out 5( by an avg. more than 20+pts) he made asinine comments that they suck, along with the broncos defense. if that comment isnt the epitome of immature,and classless behavior i dont know what is.

    i defy anyone to find one instance where rivers blamed anyone but himself during his teams struggles this yr. i have yet to hear one interview where he didnt show respect for his teammates, or his opponents. if anyone can provide evidence please bring it forward. i am thinking cutler is the ass, not rivers!!

    i went to the game sat. night.the crowd was as loud, and supportive as any sporting events ive been to which include bronco homegames.
    its a little pathetic,and desperate when you resort to attacking a teams fanbase, because your team cant win.

    finally any objective observer that saw the game realizes that the better team won. the bolts outplayed the colts the entire game. bolts turnovers in endzone allowed for it to be close.

    the idea that refs/nfl had the fix in to screw its MVP/biggest star/face of the league, and to decide to do it in OT is the dumbest comment yet!!!

  • posPinto

    MVP loses, Comeback player of the year loses, Coach of the year loses,Next the defensive player of the year will lose.