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Published on 01/03/2009 at Sat Jan 03 11:28.
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In the midst of interviewing five other candidates, John Clayton of ESPN reports that the Denver Broncos are “very high” on University of Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops. The Broncos may have to wait until after Thursday, when Stoops’ Sooners are set to play for the BCS Championship against the Florida Gators. Clayton expects Stoops to respond if he’s interested by next Tuesday or Thursday. More in the video below.

  • hercules rockefeller

    hoo-boy. Let’s hope not.

  • broncoNM

    I really dont like this. I hope john clayton wrong!

  • jchase8410

    Seriously, when there se very qualified candidates out there with NFL coaching experience…why go for a college guy? If any college coach is a candidate, it would be Pete Carrol from USC. He runs a pro style offense and defense, and his defense is top 5 EVERY YEAR! Stoops is a good college coach, but I really really really hope they go another route

  • TJ

    No thanks…

  • Michael

    Stoops would be a disaster on the pro level, stay away Bowlen.

  • Ellis

    Stoops is a football college head coach. No Nfl experience. He’s not a good idea for us. Maybe one day but not with us, The Broncos! I don’t think that with Stoops we could win a Superbowl next season. I hope that Bowlen takes the right decision….we are The Broncos sometimes you forget!

  • ryan

    I would rather shave with a cheese grater than have Bob Stoops be the next coach of the Broncos.

  • Eddie Royal Rules

    Honestly, I really don’t think Stoops is a fit. I’d like to see a defensive minded coach win this gig. I’m hearing a lot about this Raheem Morris guy, and based on this artilce, I’m starting to really like him. Check it out –

  • OC Bronco

    We already knew Bowlen was interested in Stoops. This clip says nothing more than that. Stoops has shown no interest yet and the interview also has yet to be set.
    With that being said, of course he will talk to Bowlen.

  • Dakota fan

    Isn’t Joe Paterno looking to go pro after his contract expires? Seriously- he’ll only be 85 and with that new hip, he’ll be good for several more years.

    Sorry- no disrespect to JoePa, but he makes as much sense as hiring Stoops. I’m not too concerned- Clayton, Mortensen, Schefter and all of the other experts would be writing for the National Enquirer if they didn’t have jobs writing about football. They’re gossip guys who are trying to one up each other by delivering the story sooner than the other, so I don’t think we need to worry about Stoops being our next HC.

    Of course, I thought Mike Shanahan would never be fired, even if he dropped a deuce on Bowlen’s favorite fur coat, so anything’s possible.

  • Andy

    As much as Kerry didn’t like Shanny, that is how much I will not like Stoops (no offense Kerry). Again, I really hope this is a “courtesy” interview and not a serious one. If we do hire him, we will be in this same situation next year. Please, no Stoops.

  • Andy

    Wait, I tell you what… lets hire Stoops as coach. Then go get Matt Millen as GM and put Bill Callahan as OC and then go get some Division 3 DC.

    I would hope their would be a muting against the Bronocs if they hire him.

  • Andy


  • Dakota fan

    Just checked out ESPN- if Stoops is a front running candidate, someone should actually contact him and see if he’s interested in the job. He has said he’s not a candidate for the job and that no one has contacted him about it.

    From what I’ve observed about him, he’s a pretty standup guy, so I believe him. We shall see.

  • rcsodak

    Why would Stoops leave an elite college program, that he has resurrected from the dead, making the same jack that an NFL coach makes, with more job security? Hasn’t Bowlen learned ANYTHING from the recent sojourns into the college coaching ranks? Maybe he should just ask Atlanta/Miami about their experiences (not putting Stoops into that same boat, though).
    Carroll?? LMAO! Yeah, he did SO good last time he coached in the NFL.
    I see Stoops staying at OU for a loooong time. He loves working with kids and the turnover, which is missing in the NFL.
    Boomer Sooner

  • BroncoinVA9986


  • AtomicLeo

    Good point, rcsodak.

    Best football job in the world is a BCS head coaching job. A couple of tough games a year and the off-season is a breeze compared to the NFL. I doubt Carroll would ever think about coming back. Stoops can stay in OK where he will have a job for life like Joe Pa.

  • East

    This is just ESPN spewing crap all over the place like they usually do. If you go to the broncos main site they don’t even mention Stoops in their coach search article.

  • kerry

    Stoops isnt a Candidate. he said it himself on ESPN today. plus he just got a 3 million dollar bonus from Oklahoma.

  • Patrick

    If Stoops coaches as well as he dresses….

  • jchase8410

    Thank God, and thank you Stoops for not even considering this

  • Steve

    There is a big part of me that doesn’t want Stoops to take this job, that part being that of a lifelong Sooner fan and we have the best coach in college football, who if he stays will become a legend.

    The Bronco fan in me would be happy with Stoops coming to Denver because he fits those three areas I talked about earlier that are necessary in a good NFL HC. 1. Superb evaluator of talent (coaches and players), 2. Motivator, I can guarantee you that if some of the players on the Broncos team put forth the lackadaisical effort some of them have put forth here lately they would have a fire lit under their arse so quickly by Stoops they would be gone or either performing at a professional level. 3. He is a great decision maker who seems to have the knack for making the right call in a close game.

    Stoops has always brought great talent into OU and has had many assistant coaches go on to great success and has always replaced them with great quality coaches. Right now people are down on him for not winning some big games of late, but what he has accomplished at OU in the past 8 years is envied by every college coach except one. If he were to replicate what he did at OU in the past 8 years, then in the next 8 years the Broncos will have won 6 AFC west championships, will have been in 4 Superbowls and won 1 or 2 of them (we’ll know Thursday if it would be 1 or 2), if you wouldn’t take that over the next 8 years in Denver then you are crazy.

    As far as college coaches not making it in the NFL. Like I said earlier no matter what category you look at (NFL assistants, college coaches, previous NFL coaches, position coaches, whatever you want) the majority of them fail. As a matter of fact, I bet if you did some statistics on it, it would be pretty close statistically the number of NFL assistants that fail as compared to college coaches. It just seems that NFL assistants have more success because we see more of them succeeding but in reality that is because its probably 5-1 the number that get the chance as compared to college coaches.

  • Ian Henson

    I really don’t see why Denver would have interest in him. I think that it may be preemptive Stoops talk to deny that he will want to take the job. Why would he want to piss off his team the weekend before the biggest game of their lives?

  • olen

    Stoops fattened up against teams that had some real bad defenses .

  • AtwaterFan27

    StOOPS? Are you serious? Come on now Pat Bowlen. Go after Marty Shottenhiemer or that Defensive back coach from the Bucs. My god lets look at the last 6 years of college coaches in the NFL. Stoops might pull what that coach in Atlanta did and jump ship back to the NCAA

  • AtwaterFan27

    I thought that Bill Romanowski said it best ” its time for a fresh coat of paint” I love Mike Shannahan and think hes one of the all time greats but man its time. Our defense is LOUSY and has been since 2005. Only Shannahan is the one to point the finger at. He should have done alot more with his hiring and firing of his defensive coaches. But hey, 2009 looks promising with the 5 head coaches so far that Pat Bowlen is looking at. Hopefully he will not select Stoops, not that Stoops isn’t a great coach, but the track record of a college coach coming into the NFL isn’t so hot. Especially HIGH PROFILE college coaches like, Spurrier, Saban, and Petrino.