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Published on 01/01/2009 at Thu Jan 01 15:58.
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New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and quarterback Tom Brady

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is the fourth person reported to be receiving significant interest from the Denver Broncos to interview for the team’s Head Coach opening, Bill Williamson of ESPN reports. The Broncos have asked New England for permission to interview McDaniels but have yet to receive a response. The Patriots are expected to grant permission soon.

Denver will interview New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Raheem Morris on Saturday and Monday respectively. The team has also contacted University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops.

Another solid candidate. Pat Bowlen wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to find his next Head Coach as soon as possible. Thanks to Ryan in the comments!

  • ryan

    Wow Kyle you your fast in getting posts up!

  • Travis

    Yea, thanks glad to have a place to get news on the Broncs

  • kerry

    this still isnt better then Spagnuolo. Mcdaniels is a great O-minded Coordinator, but it doesnt solve our defensive woes. a defensive minded coach is needed. its time to build the defense from scratch. especially on the D-line where we have been small for so many years.

  • Garrett Barnes

    offensively minded? eh i don’t think so.

  • Shawn

    interview all the best candidates. Pick the best one. Only the best coaches should make this team! I would personally rather have a new, young, coach than an older one comming out of retirement for a few years. I am just not used to this level of uncertinty as a Denver Broncos fan.

  • ryan

    Hey there is this great hall of fame coach out there named uhhh…umm. oh yeah, Mike Shanahan. Maybe we should see if he wants to coach, just as long as he understands he has no personal control.

  • Shawn

    I hope that Raheem Morris is a serious candidate, one of the best as I said above, and not just the token black guy. I am offended by the resuts of the Rooney Rule even though the intent of the rule was great.

  • broncoNM

    I like this option. He could keep our young offense rollin. This would make the DC position even more crucial. But this could work. Get a young guy to keep enhancing our offense and get a qualified DC. We just need an upgrade at DC and a couple defensive spots filled. I like this.

  • Andy

    I agree, this is a good option. But, like Shawn said, keep all your options open and pick the best guy (as long as it isn’t Stoops). :)

  • Andy

    Also looks like Jason Garrett might be in the mix too.

  • jvill

    Shawn { 01.01.09 at Thu Jan 01 16:33 }: I am offended by the resuts of the Rooney Rule even though the intent of the rule was great.

    Why are you offended by the results?

    Just curious.

  • Anthony33

    Perhaps McDaniels as the head coach and Morris, who is a defensive backs coach now, as the defensive coordinator. McDaniels reminds me of a young Shanahan, which by the way, is a very good thing.

  • Bucky

    i thought Morris was promoted to D coordinator in Tampa, am i wrong on that? if he isn’t then i totally agree with Anthony on bringing him in for D Coord, even if we get the guy from NY.

  • Bucky

    ESPN is reporting that Denver is also expected to talk to Dallas O Coordinator Jason Garrett. not sure why they say that is “expected” but that’s what they are saying.

  • jchase8410


    Morris was just prompted to DC in Tampa after Kiffen announced he was leaving to coach with his son.

  • jchase8410

    *Promoted* to DC

  • Anthony33

    My miss on Morris. His bio must not be updated to reflect his promotion.

  • dazbroncos

    Where are all the whiners that wanted Mike’s head now? I dont see anyone saying ding dong the witch is dead….
    The same place they are gonna be if this new guy ( and i hope im wrong) doesnt bring just under 2 wins from every 3 games…

    Their sheltered idiotic existences…..

    Im a fan for life but for the first time in, oh… about 14 years, im really nervous….

  • AKscott

    hopefully, regardless of who we bring in Jeremy Bates gets to stick around as the OC, QB coach, and/or at least has some major say in playcalls. Ideally we could keep the same basic offensive scheme/ideals (especially the run success), and keep progressing in the right direction w our #2 ranked Offense.

  • Shawn


    from what I understand the intention of the rooney rule was to give oportunities to minority candidates to break into the NFL coaching ranks. the hope was that with more minority interviews would come more minority hireings. The NFL happens to be a competative industry, though. Minority candidates became a tool that owners could use to get a check in the block. They, the owners, had to interview a minority even if they had a coach in mind. I think of the Detroit Lions when they hired that ex49rs coach Steve Mariucci. He was the coach that the Detroit owner wanted and he caught a lot of flak for not interviewing a minority before hiring Mariucci. Detroit could have followed the letter of the law and interviewed a Black or Hispanic and then hired who they wanted anyway. The Rooney rule allows owners to have cover to hire who they want as long as they pay lip service to the rule and use people like tools. Tony Dungy didn’t get his job because of the rule. He got it becuase he was the best coach available. In the end that is all that matters. The NFL is a truly level playing field. (no pun intended) Coaches that prove they can get the job done as assistants will get hired be they black/white/or other.

  • Kyle

    The Rooney Rule is naturally a very touchy subject. I’m sure Pat Bowlen and most, if not all, other owners/GMs take it very seriously and seriously consider hiring the person.

    I find myself sort of pulling for Morris. I’ve been hearing tons of great things about him.

  • Shawn

    We could always have a coaches combine. There would be drills in running from chalk board to chalk board drawing up plays. The clip board throw and head set slam. The 50 yard reporter dodge at halftime. And my personal favorite, the amount of gatorade that he is willing to have dumped on him when we win Super Bowl.

    Each event would be timed.

  • AKscott

    lol shawn.. nice
    and maybe some sort of illegal filming drill, to make mcdaniels feel at home

  • http://Broncotalk Ben

    No way, will McDaniels be our new HC. Why don’t we at least interview “the spitter”, Bill Cowher, and if we don’t get a an HC that we cough up the cash for we need a big-name GM, ELWAY!

  • ellis

    Wow….no questions Josh McDaniels next Broncos Head Coach!!!

  • Bucky

    I hope we don’t go with McDaniels, it just doesn’t seem like the New England assistants ever have much success other places, maybe they don’t learn all the proper cheating techniques, maybe they just decide they made a difference in NE and that they had a brain there that they can use in their new job (Even though Belledick clearly stole their brain upon arrival in NE) Whatever the reason, they just don’t seem to live up to expectations.

  • Barry

    I feel that Leslie Frazier would be more qualified for coach than Morris. He was an actual defensive cordinator rather than an assistant plus part of the ’85 Bears defense under Buddy Ryan.

  • Beth Stevens

    Kelly, McDaniels is indeed an O genius but look at the whole picture. He was a D coach before he was QB/OC coach. That’s why they moved him to ofense! He can read a defense like no other guy – just ask his former college coach. He’s not just football smart – he’s smart period. No communications major here – he got a degree as a math major. He’s a great teacher.