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Published on 01/01/2009 at Thu Jan 01 15:01.
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University of Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops

University of Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops

Add a third name to the Denver Broncos‘ Head Coach Hunt.

We earlier reported that the Broncos will interview Steve Spagnuolo and Raheem Morris in the next four days. Now, Jeff Legwold of the Rocky Mountain News is reporting that the Broncos are also in contact with University of Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is an Oklahoma alumnus and is thought to be very interested in Stoops for Head Coach. Stoops’ Sooners are set to face Florida in the BCS Championship Game on January 7th and, if interested, Stoops would interview after the Bowl game.

Is this the frontrunner in Bowlen’s mind? Possibly. It’s ironic – Mike Shanahan‘s critics always bring up nepotism as one of the former coach’s faults. With rumors of John Elway entering the front office gaining steam, combined with the news that Bowlen might be cleaning out his alma mater, is Bowlen guilty of the same? Nothing against Stoops at all – I’m just thinking out loud here. I want the most qualified candidate on the sidelines and in the front office, regardless of history with Bowlen or the Broncos. Period.

  • kerry

    this would be the most horrible move for head coach. i dont care about Bowlen’s ties to Oklahoma. we need a head coach with NFL experience. not some college coach. College coaches have failed and failed miserably. Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino are to name just a few. Spagnuolo would be the best move because Bowlen doesnt seem interested in Jim Schwartz. although that would give us the inside track on signing Albert haynesworth

  • Garrett Barnes

    I like this guy a lot. Stoops a smart defensively minded coach who also has a knack for working on offense. He is the most qualified of any college coach in the world and seems to be a perfect fit for the Broncos. I like spags more but I would not be disappointed at all if we got Stoops.

  • Andy

    I’m with Kerry on this one. They have failed miserably. Hopefully, this is a courtesy interview since he (Bowlen) is an Oklahoma alum. Looking at the options, Spag is our best candidate for now. Hopefully, we will have our coach next week and the work begins. Best of luck to Shanny. I wish him well.

  • Kyle

    I’m not buying into the “Don’t hire a college coach because they never work” hype. Spagnuolo is just as hot as Cam Cameron was two years ago after LT broke the league rushing TD record, and his 1-15 record spoke volumes. Coordinators aren’t a lock either.

    Best guy. Best resume, interview, etc. etc. Like Bowlen, I want a 10 in all phases.

  • TJ

    I have to agree with Kerry (wow, I can’t believe I just said that) regarding Stoops. Anyone who thinks that visors are cool should not be allowed to coach the Broncos. “Spags”. Nuff said.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Thank you Kyle. College Coaches are risky but I do not think there is anybody with a better resume right now than Bob Stoops. Let’s look at it:

    1 National Championship Win (2 If He Wins This Next Week)
    5 Conference Titles
    1 Conference Divison Title
    Every single season he has had a winning record
    109-23 Record as Coach. .838 Percentage Win
    4-5 In Bowl Games (That actually is not good. I will admit it.)
    Has Trained QB Sam Bradford who won a Heisman.
    Has Won Coach of The Year among other Awards.

    He has an amazing resume and while has created a potent offense is still defensive minded. He can keep up what we have been doing on offense and improve out defense. He has a young new approach to the game and would be perfect for the Broncos.

  • ryan

    ESPN is now reporting that the Broncos want to talk to Josh McDaniels.

  • East

    I’m with Kerry, its just a totally different game from NCAA to NFL. Stoops is a terrible person too after the Boise State loss he didn’t even ride back with the team because of his disappointment.

  • Travis

    In case people don’t follow the big 12 OU’s defense is not good…

  • kerry

    wow. it must pain you guys to agree with me. lol. regardless of my disapproval of Shanahan, i still present very logical and well thought out points that are backed up with fact. but Stoops is a terrible choice.


    yes Cam Cameron had a bad year at Miami. but the team was already terrible. Spagnuolo was a hot candidate like Cameron was. but Cameron went into a trainwreck of a team. Spagnuolo would be coming to a very good offensive team. he would just have to build the defense up. Bob Stoops has NO EXPERIENCE at the Pro Level. College and the Pros are very different. Players are more accpeting of a coach who has NFL experience. players dont take to College Coaches turned pro. just look at the Dolphins with Saban, the Falcons with Petrino and the Redskins with Spurrier. if there was ONE College coach that is fit for the NFL, its Pete Carroll who runs the pro style offense at USC and coached the Pats to the SB in 1996.

  • Garrett Barnes

    While that is true Travis, his past defenses have been great and has not been able to focus on them as much now that he is the head coach and not defensive coordinator. now that will be what he can focus on so he can improve them.

  • broncoNM

    I dont like this one. Im more comfortable with spags or mcdaniel. I hope jim schwartz gets an interview. Bowlen is moving quick i do like that.

  • Andy

    Great pro and con comments. I just hate “risking” if he will be a good NFL coach and be in this position this time next year. With that being said, it is a risk with anyone you hire, whether it be pro of college. But I would feel better if it was someone from the pros.

  • OU Kurt

    No worries for those not wanting a college coach. Stoops loves Norman and has repeatedly said he is not leaving. OU was his dream job.
    Good luck Broncos. I was shocked Shanny was let go.

  • Anthony33

    Agree, not sure there is one college ‘trasfer’ in the NFL right now. No matter who we get it’s going to be a risk, but the past few mentioned above have been as bad as a Jarvis Moss draft pick.

    An offensive or defensive coordinator is probably the best way to go, but then you look at Crennel, Mangini and Maranelli. and again, all busts. Hopefully they find that intangible, whatever that is, that makes a great head coach.

    I am dissapointed Dennison’s name has not surfaced.

  • Dakota fan

    Wow- count this as a “hell freezes over” moment, but Kerry and I actually agree on this one.

    I know all situations are unique, but one name comes up in my mind:

    Steve Spurrier.

    He was IT in the coaching ranks and was going to prove once and for all that he was a winner at all levels.

    Wrong. He needed to come in and be a coordinator or a pissant first and earn his head coaching stripes.

    Forget Barry Switzer and anyone else who has had success as a pro head coach after a successful college career, and no offense to the Sooners (I hope they kick the CRAP out of Florida), but Bob Stoops for head coach would be a big mistake.

  • OUJonny

    I don’t want to Stoops to leave OU and I don’t think he would leave. I also don’t think the Bronchos will hire Stoops. I am actually surprised his name was brought up. All Stoops would have to do is call his good buddy Spurrier and ask him was it worth it.

  • the decider13

    This would be weird for me as OU is my favorite college team and the Broncos are my favorite pro team.

    All OU bias aside, I think that spags is the best possible coach for the Broncos. Look what he was able to do this year with Osi and Strahan gone from the super bowl team.

  • BigPapa56

    The entire “he’s a college coach so he can’t cut it” argument is ludicrous. Being a great coach at one level does not preclude a person from being a great coach at the other. You guys cite Spurrier and Pete Carroll, but frankly neither of them is the intellectual student of the game that Stoops has demonstrated himself to be. On top of that Stoops has spent time over several off seasons working with Shannahan.

    Not saying he’s the best option, but he’s no more of a gamble than any of the other folks we’re discussing.