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Published on 12/29/2008 at Mon Dec 29 12:30.
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Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Bob Slowik (AP Photo)

Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Bob Slowik (AP Photo)

Should the Denver Broncos fire defensive coordinator Bob Slowik?

Arguments for letting Slowik go: This was the worst defensive performance the Broncos have had in years, and it took place at the most crucial time. The Broncos allowed 52 points in the final piece of an epic late season collapse, losing the AFC West lead and championship they held all season long. They allowed over 200 yards rushing, and the defense allowed the Chargers offense to score on nearly every possession.

Just last week, the Buffalo Bills, the league’s 28th-ranked offense, scored touchdowns on several consecutive drives to upset the Broncos in the second half. Earlier in the year, they also allowed putrid offenses in the Chiefs and Raiders to blow us out earlier in the year.

What’s more, Slowik has effectively been in charge of this defense since midseason 2007, when the Broncos changed from Jim Bates‘ scheme to Slowik’s.

Arguments for keeping Slowik: One can hardly blame him for defensive injuries, and the Broncos have had plenty of those this season. They were without defensive captains Champ Bailey and D.J. Williams for much of the season, along with starting safety Marlon McCree at a real position of need for the entire second half of the season. For several weeks, they were playing three backups at all three linebacker positions.

Slowik also has the situation on his side. Is he a product of the very thing we’re debating here? What’s more to blame: Slowik’s scheme, or the constant change at the defensive coordinator position year after year? Will the Broncos be better off in the second year in this system or with a fourth head defensive coach in four years?

Finally, Slowik has the support of his players. Champ Bailey called Slowik the best coach he has ever had. Finding a coach the players will play for can be half the battle.

Should the Broncos fire Bob Slowik? Take the poll and dish it out in the comments.

Should the Broncos fire defensive coordinator Bob Slowik?

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  • DepressedSF

    You’re kidding right? If anyone of us does as bad a job as Slowik did we would be fired in two seconds. This was one of the worst defenses ever. Tell Bailey and the rest of the crew that if they liked the guy so much they should have played harder. I really don’t want to hear it.

  • GrahamSlam89

    Fire his rotten ass! Everyone keeps saying we have a terrible defense because we go through DC after DC, well maybe if they got a proven winner instead of taking chances on bottom feeders that seem to have a knack for keeping retreads and over the hill players, not to mention no talent wanna be’s that wouldn’t make any other roster in the league, we could build at least a top 15 defense. Bring in a Rex Ryan type. Spend some of that money invested in worthless talent.

  • E. Halsey Miles

    During the Patriots game, we were in a deep hole. THe game was over, but there was still 6 or so minutes left in the game. We have the Patriots to a 3rd and 2, and the defense lines up with the line backers 5 yards off.

    The Pats are in an *obvious* running situation. Big lead, they only want to kill the clock and end the game. We can’t win, but we should want to try and do something so we have some positives to come out of the game with.

    Linebackers. 5 yards off. They need 2 yards.

    Hello? Sorry, that’s quitting. That’s an obvious formation that will give them another first down and get the game over with quicker. No, the coach needs to kick the players, tell them that it ain’t over, they’ve got to play for 60 minutes, and go out there and get the ball back.

    This has been endemic to the defense the entire season. They get in a hole and the defense quits. We’ve seen it over and over again, we get into a hole and then we get blown out because the defense loses its will and its heart.

    Fire his ass, because that’s a leadership failure.

  • pwsbronco

    Worst defensive performance that the Bronco’s have seen in years?

    Come on…. lets be honest here and add to that statement, this is the worst defense for the entire year that the Bronco’s have ever seen.
    I can’t think of a single year that our defense was so bad. Even tho we had a couple of games that looked like they were getting a bit better but now looking at it again, it could be that the other teams just simply overlooked us during those games. We are not getting better on defense. This year was a total embarrassment on the defensive side. So, get rid of Slowik. I am surprised he is still here to be talked about. Bowen himself should have been packing his bags in SD and gave him a bus ticket to anywhere but Denver after the SD game.
    Come on, lets get real here.
    It should not stop at Slowik either. Coaches and player should not be feeling any comfort or job security after last nights performance that is for sure…..Let the Exit door swing wide open, we have a lot of garbage to take out. I am sure the locker room will smell a lot better going into next season, had to be hard dealing with that smell all year long… Time for an early spring cleaning………….

  • hercules rockefeller

    someone HAS to get fired for this and not just Slowik. Might be time to bring in an entire new slate of defensive assistants.

    Fire RB too.

  • jvill

    Don’t see how firing Slowik improves the lack of defensive talent on the roster, but I do see how firing Slowik brings another transition (read: disappointing) year.

  • BroncoFan18

    Slowik needs to go. It’s not even a question. Sure, injuries were a problem, but that’s the NFL. We could all see that it was the scheme that was wrong out there, not the players. The talent is there on defense (Champ, Bly, DJ, Winbourn, Dumervil), but the scheme is not.


    Keep him along with the Rat, and tell Gutler to grown the *%$# up.
    GO CHARGERS ! Nice game chokers


    Donkeys SUX, Biggest choke in NFL HISTORY. Enjoy the watching the PLAY-OFF. Losers.

  • Anthony33

    I like the guy, but he has to go.

    First choice to replace him, if he is available is Wade Phillips. Proven DC everywhere he has been. Stay away from Romeo Crennal, he was good with NE, but his Cleveland defenses are just a notch above our mess. Don’t know much about Maranelli or Mangini and worth considering.

    The other choice, not a popular one, is to bring back Coyer . His 2005 defence, when they blitzed the ever lovin’ s*** out of team, was very effective. If you could have added one or two quality D linemen to that defence they could have been top 5. In 2006 they quit blitzing because they lost to Pittsburgh in the AFC championship game (2005) and Shannahan wanted to go more conservative and straight up. We all saw the result of that. Letting Coyer coach the D like in did in 2005 and give him all the say, might not be a such a bad idea. Shannahan, while a GREAT O coach, has proven he does not know squat about coaching defense.

  • posPinto

    I think we need to start fresh, new coach and new systems. New game plans. Get rid of that old over-rated corner back, Chump. And get some better running back that don’t break down after a game or two.
    Is that 3rd round bust still available ?

  • Paul Tache

    With Mangini and Marinelli on the street (both former successful DC’s) is there really any discussion here? Lets go get one of these guys. You know they are dying to redeem themselves in a position where they have actually had some success.

  • scotto

    good lord. get somebody that has had some success. i don’t know what type of guy slowik is but he is obviously not what we need at the d coordinator position. i am seriously starting to question shanahan here.

  • Anthony33

    Just saw an interview with Marinelli. Class act, great track record as a D coordinator, but heard he might be headed back to Tampa Bay. Obviously unsuccessful as a head coach, but you need to consider the team, organization, history, previous GM and time on the job. If he is the real deal as a DC then the bronx should go get him **now**. Does anyone know his history?

  • mikebirty

    why are all the good young coaches you hear about on offense? Bates, mcdaniels, that kid in houston. Where are their defensive equivalents? There has to be some up and coming guy who could be a coordinator if not next year then in two years. Slow can keep his title, keep the players on-side and keep his pay check but there’d be a young guy behind him building a defense thats going to be good for the next 5 years.

  • broncofan23

    Fire Slowik,
    people please dont blame it on injuries for the defense, because when a lot of the starters got injured , the backups came in and played better and we were winning…they play with heart
    i say rebuild the entire defense esp. that d-line….keep woodyard on the field somehow
    Our linebackers looked terrible last nite!

  • kerry

    wow. none of you have a clue about football. IT ISNT SLOWIKS FAULT!!! its the moron who drafted and signed the terrible players that Slowik was FORCED to coach!! Shanahan drafted bums like Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder and Marcus Thomas. and signed bigger bums like Boss Bailey, Marquand Manuel and Marlon McCree. Bob slowik inherited those bums and all of you blame him for it?!??!?!? Slowik doesnt make the draft and free agency decisions. Shanahan does hence the terrible defense. Slowik should be given a big bonus for even accepting a job coaching all these bums on defense. yes blame shanahan for the bad defenses. doesnt matter what scheme you put in place. if you dont have the talent then every scheme will fail.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Eric Mangini I heard was fired and could be a good defensive coordinator in place of Slowik. Also Mike Nolan is a great defensive mind. He was fired just because he can’t lead an offense but I think could do a great job as our D-Coordinator.

  • East

    I agree with Kerry but Slowik obviously still can’t cut it. There’s better defenses in college than the Broncos. This isn’t the first time Slowik has sucked, he was the D-Cord when the Packers were 4-12.

    It’s time for new blood on the defense. The players are inept and the system is broken. The answers are out there and Denver needs a defensive mind to find them.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Kerry, you can’t deny though that Shanahan has drafted and signed some good players on D too. He drafted D.J Williams, Spencer Larsen, and Elvis Dumervil. He has made great signings like Dre Bly and traded for Champ Bailey. We have a bit of talent to work with, and if Slowik can not get the best of those players he needs to go.

  • kerry

    Garrett Barnes:

    Dre Bly was a great signing?? are you kidding me?? his name this year should have been TOAST. that wasnt a good trade at all. and you named 3 players on defense. 3!!!!! Dumervil didnt hardly get to the QB at all this year. Larsen had one good game with his seven tackles. (then most were hailing him as the next gradishar) and has done nothing since. DJ Willimas gave up last night and you cant deny that. and really DJ hasnt done anything since being drafted. seriously man, there is no talent on the defensive side of the ball accept Champ Bailey. and the bottomline is, of the 3 players you mentioned, how good has the defense been??? ITS BEEN TERRIBLE!!!! Shanahan may draft a little bit of talent on the defensive side but he doesnt know how to utilize it. and DJ williams is the ONLY defensive player left from the drafts of 2001-2004. Paymah is the only one from the 05 draft and he sucks. there is no talent. the greatest D-coordinator couldnt do jack with these bums. there isnt any talent. Larsen and his seven tackles means nothing. Barrett and his whole one INT after spending 10 weeks on the practice squad means nothing. Jarvis Moss has a whole 3.5 career sacks. Tim Crowder has less and so does Marcus Thomas. Shanahan decided on Dewayne Robertson over Shaun Rogers (Pro Bowler). Larsen couldnt even beat out Nate Webster. Boss in an injury waiting to happen. do i really need to go on?? there is no talent.

  • Garrett Barnes

    I never said the defense hasn’t been terrible. it has been terrible but it is not ALL the players fault. don’t blame shanahan for its failure. So you are saying that trading Tatum Bell for Dre Bly was a bad trade. We even got Bell back!!!! He never decided Robertson over Rogers. Rogers decided on the Browns over the Broncos. That is the difference. D.J Williams has done loads since being drafted!!!! Bailey is one of the top 5 players in the game and dumervil was simply hampered by an injury. We are a bad defense but don’t put it on Shanahan.

  • kerry

    it is all on shanahan!! the revolving door of D-coordinators changes the system and the players have to relearn the new system rendering the defense terrible yet again. guess whos fault that is??? it Shanahan’s!!!! and Shaun Rogers did not chose the Browns over the Broncos. Rogers was traded. he had no choice on where he went. Shanahan didnt pull the trigger on the deal because Robertson was a cheaper price. Sundquist wanted Rogers, but was fired before the deal could get done. and DJ has not done loads. any Pro Bowls?? none. his season at MLB was a joke. sure he had alot of tackles but most were 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. and Bailey isnt a top 5 player in the league. his age and injuries are catching up to him. he isnt even the best CB in the AFC West. let alone a top 5 player.

  • Bucky

    Kerry you are still off, i am definitely not a Shanalover, but he has made some good pics, all though some people seem to forget that, not only do we have guys like DJ and Larsen, but he also drafted Darrent Williams and made the move for Pryce back in the day, he has added guys like Wilson and Winborn to our roster, and you can say all you want about Jarvis and Crowder but both those guys were picked under a former GM who has since been let go, and since that has happened we have had some darn good success at getting good Draft Pics, I know you are jonesing for a New HC and as i have said in the past i may agree with you/definitely will if we continue to move backwards, but make sure you get your facts straight about the man, he has NOT been terrible all this time, and i think our D woes would not even be a problem right now if the tragedy with D.Will and the injury to Wilson had not occurred. the last year we had both of them on the field we had what was considered the best linebacker core in the NFL and one of the top five DB cores around. I think it is also key to note that when a team decides to finally rebuild after years of trying to patch it together, you have to give them at least 2-5 years to get through it. I have more to say about your aching for a new HC but some of that can wait to answer later rants you are sure to spew.

  • andy

    I think Slowik and Shanahan should be fired . Enough is enough . Fire mike now and hire Bill Cower . Let Bill Cower hire his own defensive cord. so he is responseable for his success or failure . Shanahan looked lost during the chargers game . Like he has never seen them before . Fire them both , and hire Cower while he is available . John Elway was a long time ago , we have to stop hanging our hats on the past .

  • Garrett Barnes

    Just because you are not in pro bowl does not mean you are not a good player. chad pennington was not inducted to the pro bowl and took his team from 1-15 to the playoffs. philip rivers did not go and no matter how much i hate him he still lead the league in touchdowns.

  • East

    Kerry don’t you dare diss Marcus Thomas, he is all by himself out there. If you think Thomas was a bad pick then you’re out of your mind.

    With that said yes, defensively there needs to be change.

  • Broncoholic

    While I would not mind at all having Cower as a head coach over Shanahan, the posters on here make it seem like we can just demand he come coach for us and he has to. First of all, the Denver job isn’t even open, second, if it was I’m not sure Cower would choose us over bigger market teams like the NY Jets. Bowlen would be making a very risky move if he started fishing for Cower. As soon as he started down that path, Shanahan would leave. If Cower didn’t come on board then we would be SOL, we would have to settle for someone less talented and less proven as a HC, which would put us back at least 1-3 years in our rebuilding process.

    I do agree with most posters though when it comes to stripping Shanny of all his duties other than being the HC. We should hire a good GM and give him true GM authority. Shanny has spread himself to thin these past several years. He needs to focus on coaching the offense, and delegate everything else. I agree with Kerry on his point that Shanny meddles on the D side of things, where he has no business being. Unlike Kerry though, I do still have faith in Shanahan as our HC, although I agree that if we aren’t much improved next year with the talent we have on O & the entire offseason to focus on the D then Shanny does need to pack up and move on. I don’t think that will happen though, I see us being a very dangerous team next year. Draft D all the way and sign some solid D free agents, we have the cap room to make some splashes. GO BRONCOS!!! The future is bright.

    PS – We should have kept Kubiak and let the Texans have Shanny.

    Do you want to be a guest writer?

  • Broncoholic

    Kyle, you should run a who thinks the Broncos should fire their Strength & Conditioning Staff poll. I bet that would would be 100% yes. If we can somewhat avoid the injury bug next year we should be able to make a solid run in the playoffs. I may be biased b/c I follow our team more than any other, but it seems like we have been hit really hard with injuries the last 2 years (more so than most other teams). I know that the cliche response to this is every team deals with injuries, which while true, fails to recognize that some teams get hit harder than others. I pray that we will be luckier in that department next season.

  • broncoNM

    This should be the easiest decision of the off season. He should have been fired yesterday. There are some proven defensive minds available. If cowher is the only alternative to shanahan than its not time to let him go. Cowher may like his comfy studio job and then we are stuck. I do have some concerns with shanahan. With his recent track record with DC’s will any of these potential prospects even want to come to Denver? Nolan, Mangini, etc will not want to take a job as a mindless drone with no control of their defense. I hope that shanahan realizes this might be the last chance to get this defense right or he will be following slowik out of town. Bottom line Slowik needs to go and Shanahan needs to put alot of thought into his replacement. On the other hand if we can put a good defense together with the right guys with the right scheme than this team can go really far. The talent and potential of this team makes this an attractive position.

  • http://Broncotalk Ben

    We cannot blame the the absolute lack of talent on our defense on the shoulders of Slowik. The Bronocos only 2 ligitimate defensive players are Champ and DJ, both of whom were hurt, yes you can make decent arguments for both Elvis Dumerville and Dre Bly, however Dumerville is strictly a pass-rusher and Bly is more inconsistet than the Broncos. I say we retain Slowik, try to add Julius Peppers and Albert Haynesworth, both free-agents, as well as go for a ligitmate MLB in the draft, plus at least 1 safety if not 2.

  • T-Money

    Shanahan has already said that he’ll be back next year. And if nobody is paying attention we got the 12th pick, just like last year. There is also a rumor that we might trade up to get LB Brandon Spikes out of Florida. He is by far the best LB in collage football right now.

  • Garrett Barnes


    i am not sure where you read that but that won’t be happening. the problem is that brandon spikes has shown absolutely zero interest in applying this year. It doesn’t look like we will trade up either as both rey maualuga and james laurinaitis will be in our range.

  • Attitude Adjustment Needed

    The Broncos need to decide who they are on defense before they do anything, and Shanahan needs to make that decision!! Personally, I want to see an attacking defense, like we saw in 98′. When the Packers got the ball back with 2 minute remining in the Superbowl, Shanahan told the then defensive coordinator to “play it like you normally would.” He looked at Shanahan and said “with lots of blitzing'” and Shanahan gave the postive nod. When the Broncos made the AFC Championship game against the Steelers, that year the defense provided pressure and turn-overs (there’s a new word) due to a strong blitz package. The Broncos handled the Bills in the first qtr 1 week ago due an aggresive and blitzing defense then gave it away. We have to stop playing Marty Ball. We have to play to win!! We can not continue to play not to lose. I want to see an attacking defense that smacks people around!! Then at least, win or loose, I can be proud to be a Bonco Fan. This rush the same 4 play after play, and then hopefully jump on the opposing runner’s back to ride him down after 8 yards is kiling me.

    Lately Shanahan calls a “Shanahan” style game to start a game and then turns into Marty to end a game. We must play win!!!

    I say, call an aggressive defense and let the chips fall where they may. Who knows, if we actualy get in a quarterbacks face Champ just might get an interception. Shanny must decide who he wants this defense to be… Then go fix it. If that includes Slowick, so be it, but for God’s sake stop turning in to Marty Schottenheimer!!!!

  • dazbroncos

    So i’ve been a Bronco fan since some bloke named Morton was flinging it around so I’ve seen the ups and downs, but this is my first post.

    The following must be taken for granted. Shanny’s 02 – 05 drafts sucked – hands down ( D Will the exception -RIP – however i remember plenty of people bagging him as no good too). Letting Hixon go was bad too- see NY Giants…

    06 – 08: Not so bad. 06 speaks for itself and 08…. I think everyone played except Powell and he blew an achilles in Training camp. (Clady, Royal, Lichensitein (sp) Larsen, Torain, Woodyard, Hillis, Williams, Aldridge and Barrett. Awesome group with a future

    Everyone was all over Shanny for letting Al Wilson go. We had a great tradition at MLB from Mobley to Al, but both got hurt and had to go. Their lack of signing from other clubs vindicated the medical decision ( both were awesome in my mind and could have been treated better but were done. Same goes for Lynch… but all 3 could add heart by coaching)

    Leave Marcus Thomas alone. A 4th round pick that we are getting much better production from then expected. Robinson not so bad for a 6th round conditional from jets i think it was ( FA not the draft). Crowder is so so and Ryan Harris – no complaints at all. Jarvis was a reach but i think he needs to be better coached- he’s not that different to Doom and this was his first real season after the leg break. WE need help here thought.

    Ekuban and Englberger gets it done cheap in the rotation and after losng Bertrand Berry, Reggie Hayward and T Pryce thru Salary cap issues this is what we get. No question though, they need Defensive help and Boss, Webster, Manual, Mcree, Bly and winborn need to go. Webster is killing me. My 15 month old daughter can contain and take angles better.

    DJ should NOT be back in the middle. He has had 3 different postions under 3 co ordinators in 3 yrs and the systems are all different. He only pulled 147 stops as MLb last yr b/c the line got blown up every play. Draft Maluaga or Laurantis or get Vilma (Fa from Saints who used to play with DJ) for the middle and let Woodyard and Larsen play. If not the MLB, then get a Safety…Mays perhaps with Barrett would be raw but Vincent Jackson, Wes Welker and co would be a little more wary of the middle crosses with those 2 flying around.

    Salary cap will prevent too many FA signings (again) but even Haynesworth is a question mark after his knee injury – bottom line we need more push so a name DL is a necessity..and from all accounts the beer and popcorn price at Invseco is pretty high so Pat…open your pockets but BE SMART about it.

    This team was DECIMATED by injuries..mos of them different so all the knockers of Greek and co knock it off. If one more idiot says Hillis’ hammy was a result of poor training im gonna puke. The guy catches a ball over his head, gets hit and results with his head level with his foot off balance – most Ballet dances cant do that without tearing something – and rips the hammy 3 inches. Freak accident not training failure.

    Also, for the all the clowns who went on about no running game. 7 on IR. Enough said. And it takes weeks for the system to be learnt ( esp Shannys playbook) which is why even Hillis took weeks before we saw results. We will be fine there next year. Selvin, Hall, Pittman, Hillis, Aldridge (our Sproles) Torain and even Pope might get a look. Plus with 10 picks in the draft you know they’ll take at least one so that will be fine

    Speaking of fine, this also goes for Cutler, Bmarsh, Royal, Stokes, DG and Sheff.
    Also, Clady, Kuper, Weigmann, Harris and Hamilton. If Tommy comes back so be it but he is probably done – A great champ too by the way.

    Prater and Niko and probably in trouble and rightly so – although Prater like Elam wasnt perfect in his rookie season.

    After all that, blowing a 3 game lead in the west SUCKS!. Could we have done it…yes, should we have done it,..probably, but no one gave us a chance at the start of the year with a full deck and look what we lost along the way and we still matched the predictions.

    I dont think to many teams can start 6 rookies in all 16 games and go par fot he year. We Denver fans expect success ever year and I for one HATE NOT GETTING IT…. but reason dictates that there will be down times and u gotta kissa few frogs before you get a prince ( sorry…daughters books coming thru) but our prince’s are here now and will be kings next year.

    Keep the coaches and make them accountable next year for the talent base that has shown itself this year..with a few changes we will be back….

    Mind you…after seeing our schedule next year…… we are going to need all the help we can get

    Go Broncos

    Perspective is everything. I can count 100’s of articles that said Elway was no good too, that TD was too small and no good, that Eddie Mac was washed up after his time with the Giants, that Shannon Sharpe would never make it as a TE…

    Point is Bowlen aint stupid and neither is Shanny, but the clock it ticking…

  • jchase8410

    This is the NFL…if you expect to keep your job after an embarrassing season Like this one, you are insane.

    Slowik runs a 3-4, Denver doesn’t have the personnel to run a 3-4…If you can’t adjust your scheme to work with the players you have, then you should never be a defensive coordinater in the first place. I have read suggestions from football FANS that would work better than the scheme Slowik has been running.

    San Diego replaced their DC mid season when they weren’t producing, and look at how well they are playing now. So to all of you who are arguing that it is too much for the players to learn a new scheme before next season…If San Diego can do it in 4 weeks, how the hell can Denver not do it in 8 months? This guy is garbage and he needs to be kicked to the curb!

  • flbronc

    BroncoNM- to answer your question, yes those guys would want to come to Denver. That is the way that fired coaches redeem themselves- they go back to being coordinators for a time until the right situation presents itself to being a hc again. lets face it, none of those guys are going to be offered hc positions next year, so they have a choice- go and get a job or take time off. if the knock on these guys is that they have no offensive experience, who better to align yourself with than shannahan? for everyone who is calling for his head, he did a great job this year on offense dispite the injuries on that side of the ball. an up and coming head coach could learn a lot about how to put an offense together from our coach.

    I think that the funniest part of this post is that we are asked about slowiks scheme…. i wasnt aware that he had a scheme. or at least one that he stuck with for more than four or five plays at a time. he needs to be shown the door, along with the rest of the def staff. true his talent level wasnt great, but i saw nothing in the way of adjustments in game or from game to game that give me confidence that he can be a successful coach. he might be ok if he inherits a great defense somewhere, but i dont see him building a great defense- which is what we need someone to do for us. i dont know if it is a crenell, nolan, mangini or a marinelli, but someone has to be available who can breathe a little life into our defense.

  • Roy

    Slowik is not the problem, the D-talent is. We have no safeties, no d-line, one good CB (although some rookies showed flashes), and patchwork LB’s. All the rookies played well this year, but they still remember how to wrap a guy up when tackling.

    Was I the only one who saw our LB’s try to tackle a 300lb TE by hitting him? Why does it take 6 guys to tackle someone that can’t lift his feet more than 5 inches off the ground?

    We need to get rid of the no talent retreads, and bring in some talent. Players that consistantly gave up should be shown the door. The defensive position coaches should be fired. They are obviously don’t know the fundamentals of covering or tackling…

  • Dakota fan

    I’m going to ask something that may have you all wondering if I’m out of my mind, but here goes.

    How many of you think it’s possible that Champ Bailey won’t be back in a Broncos uniform next season?

    I think I read something to that effect, tucked away in one of the articles the past few days following the San Diego debacle. Champ is one of my favorite Broncos, but let’s analyze this. He’s 30 years old. I know Darrell Green played until he was like 60 or something, but will the Broncos brass try to test him to see if they can get a legit trade or set of draft picks for him? Maybe his price is too high.

    After we gave up 38 in game 2 to Lucifer the Quarterback (Rivers) and his band of demons from hell, I wondered how in the world we were going to fix a defense that’s more than 1-2 players away from being competitive.

    I think the playing personnel is more responsible than Slowik, but I’d like to see a bona fide defensive guy, a Ron Rivera or a Monte Kiffin type, brought in to call the shots on defense.

    I know that Kerry will TOTALLY disagree with this statement, but do you really think that Shanahan wants dictatorial control or a winning season? Honestly, he’s like the rest of us. He wants to win. I think he’ll do whatever it takes to get this team back to a winning tradition.

    I’ve been a Shanahan guy from the time he got hired, but here’s the first and last time I say this: he gets one more year to get us into the playoffs. If not, he and the Broncos go their separate ways, we torch the barn and kill the rats and start preparing to win Super Bowl L (that’s SB 50, Kerry).

  • KSmith

    I agree fire Slowik he sucks defensive scheme is not working and he has not changed a thing. Get rid of him or look forward to the offensive having to put up 35-40 points a game. If you dont fire him get ready for another disappointing season defensively.

  • KSmith

    Would like to see Wade Phillips as defensive coor.

  • andy

    Manguenius could help us tremendously as dc . Coach fassel would be better than shanahan . Jimmy Johnson could help us . there are coaches out there . and despite what you think , Denver is an attractive place to play and coach . Who else has such great fans . We deserve better . Mr. Bowlen should give it to us . I am tired of the same thin year after year . As soon as we end our season with miery , the Broncos pr people start blasting us with John Elway articles and Terrel Davis memorabilia . We all know what they did , and they are proof that we can do it again . We need to move on and get better coaching now !!! I LOVE DENVER !!! BUT I WANT CHANGE !!!

  • andy

    We hade Wade Phillips , He sucks !!! younger is better , believe that !!

  • dazbroncos

    Congratulations those idiots calling for his head.

    I am sure in 2 years when we are still a .500 team or worse that you will again call for the next coaches head. Shanahan will have more success in this league as seen been what he has done and the reaction of the people when they found out he was available. Of coourwe, we will now have to watch that success from elsewhere.

    Keep in mind that while the D did suck, and he made plenty of errors, he made it thru with 17 players on IR, started all 7 of the 08 draft selections all of whom will be back and has this team maybe 2 or 3 defensive players away from greatness again – with a team that nobody gave ANY chance of winning at the start of the season.

    Im a fan for life but this SUCKS more than losing against the chanrgers

    Bad move……

  • Ryan

    In Greenbay we had both Bates and Slowick as coordinators. Bates was the best thing that happened to Green bay since Fritz Shurmur!!! Slowick was a complete joke and still is among packer fans!! i could believe he was hired by the broncos!!! he was the packers sencondary coack before the d-coach and he sucked at that also!!!!! HANDS DOWN THE WORST COORDINATOR IN THE HISTORY OF THE PACKERS!!!

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