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Published on 12/28/2008 at Sun Dec 28 22:26.
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Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson congratulate Darren Sproles in the third quarter after a touchdown.

Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson congratulate Darren Sproles in the third quarter after a touchdown.

For the thousands of fans inside of the San Diego Charger’s Qualcomm Stadium it was one of the biggest backhands a fan could ever endure. Denver never could get the upper-hand as San Diego took the reigns and ran with the game.

The Chargers didn’t even punt until the third quarter with thirty-seven seconds left.

The story for Denver was atrocious defense coupled with non-existent tackling an inability to get coverage and an overall bad scheme. A not there defense mixed with a couple of Jay Cutler turnovers made for a long night for fans.

The game was really over when Luis Castillo intercepted Cutler on a batted pass at the Broncos twenty-yard line and LaDainian Tomlinson was able to run for his third touchdown on the night.

Cutler finished 33/49 with two interceptions, one touchdown and 316-yards. While the surprise was Tatum Bell who ran eight times for 86-yards and two touchdowns, while Brandon Marshall went on to drop his 18th catchable target on the season.

We have a lot to look forward to this off-season and heading into the draft Nation. Keep your heads up, keep it here and we’ll bring it to you like only BroncoTalk can!

  • BroncosFan24

    really depressing game for a lot of people!

  • disappointedbroncofan

    our d was absolutely atrocious. i hope it totally gets cleaned out and re-worked. i would also rather see us start off slow and finish strong in December then start fast and finish 0-3 at the end of the season. i’d like to see us strong in december by not losing any games in this most important month. if i’m correct this is the second season in a row we have done this. we only needed to win 1 out of the last 3 and we couldn’t do that. we couldn’t even beat a very pathetic bills team on our home turf to go to the playoffs. that was our playoffs and we blew it. it will be a very long and disappointing off-season.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    What a lousy week for teams named “Broncos” who played in San Diego. I must confess I quit watching after the 2nd interception. The script for this game was following several others too closely. We score easily at first, then the offense inexplicably stalls, then we start turning it over. But, props to Tatum Bell for a good game. We knew we had no defense but the offense had issues as well. With several open receivers, Jay tried to force one to Marshall, again. Then that quick hitter to the wide-outs hadn’t been working for a few games, but we kept going to it until it was a pick too. I guess if there is a bright side, we will get a better draft pick now. Maybe we can draft a defense. Also, the team is young, we should have a promising future.

  • DepressedSF

    we can analyze all day and night. Debate, discuss, and argue. We can complain about being disrespected (anyone remember all of that talk before Carolina?). But it all comes down to one simple truth. We are an embarrassment. We are an embarrassment to football, and everything the spirit of sports represents. No excuses please. Nothing about injuries and being young. No band aids. No looking at this through rose colored, or should i say orange, colorged glasses. We just suck. We really, really, really suck.

    But here is a positive; nice job Tatum Bell. Here’s wishing you don’t have to go back to work at the phone kiosk.

  • Mark

    We need to keep in mind that Denver was a playoff afterthought at the beginning of this season. I’m glad that they came as far as they did with as many young players as they had to use. I can only hope that these young guys will be even better next season and will bring the AFC West championship back to Denver where it belongs.

  • MikeY55

    i don’t even know what to say after that… in total we had 10 run the entire game and2 of them were from jay… there is alot of places to improve, conditioning, catching, absolutly everything on defence… i don’t think i’ve scene our defense ever play worse it was disgusting.. what a lousy bunch of players on that D… we need a new D coordinator and some new talent on that defence… or something kerry could agree on get a new defensive minded head coach… i’m not on that band wagon yet but our defence has been terrible ever since we were jumping up and down to get rid of larry coyer

  • DepressedSF

    MikeY55, I’ve been struggling with that lately. I was certainly one of the people jumping up and down to get rid of Coyer, and think that was well deserved. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Croyer the d coordinator when Indy kept absolutely torching us in the playoffs. He wasn’t the answer, but I never imagined it would get this bad. Slowik isn’t the answer either. We need new, young blood. The kind of guy who will stay up 24-7 breaking down opponents and designing new scheme’s and blitzes. Not somebody who couldn’t cut it for the packers (slowik, and bates) and not someone getting a promotion from within the organization. I want to believe in the defense again. It really is all we need to turn this thing around. The offense is more or less set. Until then we are officially the “orange mush”.

  • Scott

    Where to shore up the mess…. We may or may not be on the way up, but Denver has some personnel desisions to make including getting a new Defensive coordinator after being ripped every game this season by opposing QB’s. Our defense has actually regressed with Slowik. I like the youth and enthusiasm of Woodyard, Jack Williams, Barrett and Larson, but the only way to start with this mess is to sign one or two dominating defensive tackles, a dominating Defensive end and draft a true mike linebacker like Al Wilson. Our core has to have attitude and intimidate opposing teams like San Diego and Indianapolis. This may not be easy to pull off before the 2009 season, but we don’t play with power on defense. We show up with schemes and fingers crossed, not brute force. Why in the world would a D coordinator not utilize the talents of his personnel and have Dre and Champ play man-up, not 12 yards off. I hate the fact that Denver always wants to keep the play in front letting oposing QB’s get comfortable while our fans at the games grow impatient and quiet. To me, it’s death by a thousand cuts.

    We also need to relieve Scott Obrien from Special Teams duty. I have never been a fan of his, and wished we would have brought in someone else like Rodriquez when they were interviewing candidates. We are ranked I believe 28th in Special teams this season even though we have decent enough talent to be better than where we are ranked.

    The biggest question Denver faces, is do we start over again with new coaches, or do we keep who we have and let them get the personnel they need to be better. Either way, Denver has some tough decisions to make, and the rest of the TRUE elite teams in the NFL will not wait around and feel sorry for the Denver Broncos and past history. Mike Shanahan has embarrassed enough coaches in his day, and Norv Turner and Bill Belichick are examples of coaches who will run up the score and show no mercy to the weak.

  • Broke

    I have started to believe our Head Coach may be too confident. In fact I saw him in Vegas the weekend of their bye. Maybe they (coaches) should have been trying to improve the defense that weekend. How about a proven defensive coordinator. Wonder if Shottenheimer wants work.

  • broncoNM

    Im looking forward to the offseason. We need to clean house on defense. Start from scratch. Fire Slowik and start from scratch. This was a pretty horrible way to end the season. The defense is a joke. Seriously its a freakin joke. I anticipate us to be pretty active in the off season. We have some amazing young talent but we have alot of holes. I look forward to all the off season banter. I believe we are a few key aquisitions from being a top ten Defense and making a serious run next year. There are alot of different directions we can go but i will be disappointed if we dont get A new DC. I understand that we are playing musical chairs with all these DC’s but i saw nothing to build on with this defense. Hire a DC and give him a couple of years and have him draft his own defense. Shanahan has got to make some changes. Im certainly not ready to let go of shanahan YET and i dont see that being a serious possibility anyway. But he has got to realize that changes need to be made on defense.

  • BroncoFan18

    How long is it going to take for this defense to improve? That was possibly the worst defensive performance I’ve ever seen. We just flat gave up. And when is Slowik going to realized you can’t have your corners 15 yards off the reciever? We saw it all year. Soft zone. Prevent. More zone. Can we man up for once on some recievers and disrupt the timing? I didn’t see the Chargers corners that far off Marshall or Royal. I’d be willing to bet that 80 percent of passing first downs against our defense this year were on one route. Deep comeback. I saw Bly and Bell get beaten so much on the same play I could almost call it.

    And that’s what’s so frustrating about this defense. It’s not as though we can’t see what’s wrong. EVERY single week we say the same thing. “Too far off.” “Not covering running lanes.” “No pass rush.”

    If it’s so obivous to even the most casual observer, then why doesn’t Slowik change something? It’s ridiculous!!! Even John Madden (who I think knows what he’s talking about even if he is infected with media bias like everyone else) said it about 4 or 5 times tonight. What the h*** are our corners doing so far back?


    Bottom line is Slowik needs to go. Can anyone say Romeo Crennel? Just throwing it out there. Because I think this year proves that even if you have one of the best offenses in the league, it don’t mean squat if you have no defense. And though our offense has been frustrating (I don’t know how many times Jay tried to force it to Marshall this year while a wide open Stokley was running with his hand in the air), I think we can all agree the blame for this season’s dismal end can rest with the defense.

    Just disgusting. We didn’t even have fight as Madden was so kind to point out.

    So like I said, if Slowik stays we’re gonna have some problems next year, Nation. The only way this team goes anywhere is with a good defense.

    Now, as I stated earlier, the offense wasn’t perfect. I don’t know for sure, but I believe every game we’ve lost we’ve also lost the turnover battle and every game we’ve won we’ve won the turnover battle. Turnovers killed us this year, leaving a lot of points on the field and certainly not helping an already struggling defense.

    I’ll save specifics for another post, but the bottom line is that this defense needs a massive overhaul. There are some bright young stars for sure, but a lot of ugly weaknesses too. As far as offense goes, I feel like we have a lot, A LOT, of talent. If we can get a solid RB, this offense is gonna do some great things. And please, Cutler, look over the WHOLE field, not just Marshall.

    This was ugly all around Bronco Nation. We had so many opportunities to settle this thing a long time ago, but didn’t take advantage. This is on us. As far as I’m concerned, the Chargers deserve it more than us. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth to say that, but it’s the truth. I can’t wait till next year to see that team again, but for now, they deserve it.

    As my friend Shannon Sharpe said so nicely, “If that confetti isn’t falling on your head, if they aren’t playing ‘We are the Champions’ in the background, then your season is a failure. If anyone thinks otherwise they are sadly mistaken.”

    And this was a failure, a meltdown, a choke of epic proportions. We certainly have a great young team and I look forward to the future. But this was a tough one to swallow. All we can do is pick up the pieces and try to get ourselves a defense this offseason, preferably without Slowik.

    Sorry for the length my fellow fans, but I had to rant. Maybe tomorrow this will all be a dream….

  • broncofan2438

    what a waste of time writing stuff….this team sucks

  • dbroncos

    There were two passes that Royal “dropped” i dont get to see the Broncos play very often but Cutler threw them way too hard. Royal was open (at least 4-5 yards of space i believe) both times and he could have taken a little speed off of them. I would like to, if it is possible to find out, know how many of his INTs came from bouncing off his WRs hands from throwing the ball to fast.

  • pwsbronco

    We have a lot to look forward to this off-season and heading into the draft Nation. Keep your heads up, keep it here and we’ll bring it to you like only BroncoTalk can!

    This is a fact. We can’t go any lower or possibly get any worse as a defense. That is a fact. We can only get better. Question is….HOW?
    Lets start with getting rid of all the high paid waste on this team, then get a DC that knows football. Coaches would be next. Then do a clean sweep of the worthless, heartless, prideless losers we have been calling our defense. We could easliy get rid of eight or nine players here. In thirty years of being a Bronco fan and I will be a Bronco fan till I die, I have never seen a more discusting lack luster no effort waste of time defense as I have in tonights game.
    I realize we were not expected to even get to the playoffs this season and I realize that we were not expected to win in SD, but I never expected us to be so embarrassed and discraced as we were tonight.
    There was not even one moment in tonights game that we could even be the least hopeful or proud of this defense. It was bad in every part. No need to talk about our great tandum of CB’s, tonight showed that is days of old, as far as us having a shut down corner turned out to be the joke of jokes.
    It just pisses me off to watch this team be so embarrassed and discraced as they were tonight. If I were any part of the defense I don’t know if I would return to Denver for some time. Can’t even say they tried hard, can’t even say they played with what they had, hell, they forgot to show up at all…….. We do have bright spots for our future. We have great potential on offense if we can ever get a running game that can keep a RB for more than a game or two. I am sure we will be able to fix that.
    But we have to start from scratch on our defense from the coaches to about all of the players. That is a must.
    We should have a bus meeting the jet when this team lands at Denver to immediatly remove the waste as they step off of the plane, no excuse to be throwing away good money on these people. The defensive coaches should be given a bus ticket anywhere but Denver at the SD locker room.
    Heads must roll and must roll down the road as far away from Denver as possible. Make a statement now. For this once very proud franchize and most definatly for the fans……
    I give kudos to the offense, because they were working with one hand behind their back without our famous running game so we were very on deminsional and have been for most of the season.
    Everybody else, you are on notice….man, what a year.
    Next year can only be better or we will be at the bottom of the bottom, this night is going to be a very hard one to get over and probably won’t until we beat SD by 40 pts. And I sure hope that if we ever get the chance to run the score on them we don’t ever hesitate.
    Let the rivalry beging. Untlil then, SD spanked us like a baby, and I have to admit, we deserved every single swat….. Good luck in the Draft and lets rebuild this defense to one that we can be proud of once again…. I hate being the goats of this devision or Conference…..
    We can only get better and lets let the healing begin……….

  • boston

    all week i tried to reason with bronco fans as to who was the better team, and all week bronco put heart in front reason. so instead of gloating i just want to make a couple of observations.

    bolts are the better team. the broncos have a few star player players;but the bolts have just as many. bolts key players like the broncos are young(mid 20’s) so you probably shouldnt expect drop off for at least another 4/5 yrs.
    bolts with rivers are 5-1 against broncos:35-27;48-20;41-3,23-3;38-39;52-21. since the chargers have rolled broncos by 20+ a game the past 3yrs..its a fair assessment to say they own your team.

    dont expect next yr. to be any better. broncos have patriots/brady,colts,giants,cowboys,steelers,ravens,eagles on your schedule good look with that. i would be suprised if you win 8 next yr.

  • East

    Boston you’re naive to predict the next few seasons. You say you will be surprise if the Broncos win 8 next year. I say I would be surprised if you went really went to Northeastern with that spelling and punctuation.

    This team has no defense and still manages to win 8. If Denver is smart in the offseason why couldn’t they defeat the teams you listed? They have beaten every single team on that list in past before.

  • DepressedSF

    Here’s some idea’s for this defense. By the way, pwsbronco gives me a little hopeful thought. You’re right, this defense couldn’t be any worse, and the offense got us an 8-8 record. I don’t think it’s too much to expect at least 10 wins next season. If Shanny doesn’t get 10, then the party is over. Time to move on. Here are some thoughts;
    1. John Lynch showed that an older presence on defense helps, escpecially with his mindset. When he left TB everyone thought he didn’t have it anymore, but just having his leadership made a huge difference. This defense as it stands now has absolutely no heart, and no leadership. Both problems can be solved with RAY LEWIS. He will be 34, a free agent, and has at least two years left at middle linebacker. Can you imagine a Ray Lewis led defense acting like this defense has this season. He’s lost a step with his age, but with the speed of DJ and Boss or Woodyard on either side of him all he will have to do is anchor the middle. We should do what it takes to sign him, just like Lynch.

    2. With Lewis in place we wouldn’t have to spend a high draft choice on a mike linebacker, but with the number of picks we have we could take one in the middle rounds and spend two years letting him learn behind Lewis. I coudn’t think of a better mentor.

    3. I think Robertson and Thomas are OK in the middle. Not great, but solid. Having said that I think there is no reason to make Haynesworth the top paid defender in the league. That’s what it would take to get him, and it’s not worth the risk. If there is a quality guy for cheaper, maybe. But we should use our extra draft picks on interior d linemen in the later rounds. Which leads to…

    4. The biggest problem on the d line, defensive end. We all saw it week in and week out. NO PRESSURE ON THE QB. That’s the biggest reason quarterbacks that usually suck, like JaMarcus, have such efficient days against us. It’s so bad that it’s impossible to accurately judge our secondary because with no pressure it doesn’t matter how good the secondary is, NFL quarterbacks will beat them. If there is a big money d end on the market sign him, or trade for one, or use our second round pick on one and hope he makes an impact. I’m scared of using another first round pick after Jarvis.

    5. Use our first round pick on a safety. In fact, go ahead and do what we did when we needed CB help and ended up taking Williams, Paymah and Foxforth 123. Do that with the secondary again for all I care. A young hard-hitting safety is something this team sorely needs. I mean I don’t think Lowry or Fox could even make any other team this year, they were that bad. McCree is ok for depth, and the jury is still out on Barrett.

    OK, what do you guys think? Let’s get into this offseason with full force.

  • broncoNM

    We have months to discuss this but im going to start with this. We need to get woodyard on the field. He is a playmaker and has intensity. Boss, webster, mcree, manuel, and slowik should get the pink slip tomorrow. Draft a Safety in rd 1
    : mays or william moore and a MLB in rd 2: spikes. Go after haynesworth. Im not worried about the offense. Cutler will continue to develop and our RB situation this year was a fluke. If we dont happen land a stud RB we need to figure out a good RB commity. I think hillis should get some carries and team him up with a speedster. Hillis, torain, aldridge are ok but im concerned with their durability. Hillis does deserve some carries in my opinion.

  • DepressedSF

    I forgot;
    and Bob Slowik has got to go. If the secondary bitches and moans about how they like the guy, then tell them they should have played harder.

  • boston

    east, i didnt say anything about years; was commenting on upcoming schedule.

    bronco fans hubris is laughable. the idea that shanahan can turn that mess around during the offseason. hahaha goodluck

    on a personal level i dont have to proof anything to you. i could careless what you think of me. i made informal comments, if you want to critique be my guest. i would want to change the subject if i was you to.

    i am done here. no matter what happens in the postseason it makes me happy that the bolts ended your season

  • steve

    that was the worst denver broncos defense i have ever seen. just plain pathetic. the chargers could run whatever goddamn play they wanted for 10+ yards every time.

    this offseason better bring HUGE changes. i agree with what everyones saying; slowik should be gone tomorrow. i liked that someone mentioned crennel, he knows defense.

    We need to rebuild our entire defensive personnel. Webster, Barrett, Engleberger, Mcree, see ya. i know barrett is still young and people hope he gets good, but i just dont see it. Josh Bell gets his ankles broken every game i feel like. he should be gone. The only players who should have guaranteed starting positions next year are DJ, Champ, Dre, and Dumervil. And Woodyard. He’s gonna be good. Everyone else is expendable.

    As far as the draft. I strongly believe we need a safety in round 1. Taylor mays is the best. Im a usc fan, and watching him play is a joy. However, Malaleuga or Laurinitis (both are middle linebackers) wouldnt be bad first picks either. Someone mentioned spikes out of UF, and he would work too, but not in round 1.

    Honestly, and i know this wont happen, but i wish the broncos would use every draft pick but a few on defense, with the exceptions being at center and kicker. I like what limited action i saw from both Torain and Hillis this year, and with so many backs seeing playing time this year, we will have plenty of options come training camp.

    Could we please make a run through free agency or trades for a dominant pass rusher. Im talking Peppers, Freeney, Kampman, etc. Imagine if we could pressure the qb just a little bit, how much that would help our secondary. Look at Minnesota. They got jared allen last offseason. Instant impact. Now they’re in the playoffs.

    In my opinion, there is only one good thing that came out of todays game. i hope that, since we got straight up slaughtered, this organization will be forced into some of these big changes im talking about, especially on defense.

  • Ryan M.

    Letting Lynch and Foxworth go proved to be huge mistakes…Elam too for that matter. Even though Lynch was over the hill and slow I know for a fact that he’d have played much better, and taken far better pursuit angles than those clowns we had back there.

    Before I start screaming for Slowik or Shanny’s head I must point out that San Diego is one of the most talented teams in the entire league. I won’t be suprised if they get to the Super Bowl. We need to realize that we just don’t have much talent on Defense right now and although we’re very talented on Offense, our youth tends to make us inconsistant.

    I’d really like to see Jay Cutler spending the time and effort to educate himself throughly on Defenses and making his reads the way Peyton Manning does. I think Jay could learn from his example and work for hours and hours with B-Marsh and Royal to develop the Harrison-Wayne type relationship. So often it seemed like Jay just wasn’t on the same page as the recievers, and repitition in the off-season could go along way to fixing that.

    As for the Defense I think one of the big problems conceptually is that our defenders have had ‘musical schemes’ and have yet to master or get comfortable with any one system. Author Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice for a talented person to master a skill, I think the fact that great athletes like D.J., Dre, and Champ have struggled with being in the right place at the right time…speaks volumes to the fact that they’re just not comfortable with the scheme.

    I love him and would hate to see him go but I think with Champ’s durability issues and age its time to send him on his way while we can stil get a ton for him. We definitely need more talent on Defense especially at Safety and DE, but I would actually break the trend and keep Slowik around for another year so the boys can get comfortable and master the Defensive schemes.

  • mikebirty

    How depressingly predictably awful.

    Where do you start? Jokingly last week I said I would sack everyone. But you could certainly make a case for well over half the defensive roster and staff to be cut. You could also make a case for most of them to stay and only change two or three starters – I am thinking DT, MLB and S – and improved play from those positions makes everyone else look good.

    The worrying thing for the entire season was that we were going in search of a defensive identity. Have we found one? Well there was a quote from Slowick via Madden that said something like “We know we can’t stop them so we hope we’ll restrict them to field goals.” Not exactly what a play off bound team should thinking.

    Are we in a better position this year than we were this time last year? Yes. Are we where we’d like to be? No. Can it be fixed with some good personnel decisions? Yes.

    I cannot believe that its another 9 months until theres more Broncos football. 12th pick in the draft again.

  • ellis

    I’m frustated but time is gone…season is over!
    It wasn’t yesterday that Broncos had to win….we should have win against Jaguars, Dolphins, Raiders and Bills, virtually at the Invesco Field at Mile High…where our heart is.
    After these crying days I already know in advance that a new season will come and I’ll be ready to go.
    For now I wanna tell you that I have confidence in Mike Shanahan, in Jay Cutler that I love and in all of these marvellous guys.
    All my best italian wishes for 2009 and GO BRONCOS NOW AND FOREVER!

  • Anthony33

    This is the worst defense in the NFL by far. Fire the entire defensive coaching staff and start over. Need 6-10 new players on defense next year, preferably one’s that tackle and have some fricken heart. Webster sucks. the entire secondary stinks and the defensive line is non-exsistent. There is no toughness, no head hunters like Romanowski, Atwater or Al Wilson type players to build around. Bailey and Willams are decent, but not the type of players you build around.

    Sign Sproles or Ward (Giants) and the offense O will be set (need a center for the future as well.

    Use Bailey, Williams and Marshall as potential trade bait if the right player or two is available.

    Special teams suck too. O’brien has to go. Prater has gotten progressively worse and now he can’t kick a simple extra point or get the ball to the end zone on kick-offs (supposedly) his strength.

    I still believe Shannahan as he is a great coach. Offense is always very good. He needs to get outside help, advice or better scouts to fix the defense. If no improvement next year then you have to rethink the whole situation. I’ve said it before, and I know it’s much easier said than done, but you need coaches that can coach up. Take less than average talent and get them to play to at least middle of the pack, and take average talent to play top third, and good talent to be top 10. there HAS to be somebody out there.

  • flbronc

    wow, where do you start? with the positives i guess. our offense is going to be sick. once we have some healthy rb’s our offense is going to one of the best in the league again- and be a balanced attack. we know that we have some weapons that we didnt think we had- like hillis, and once they are all healthy we’ll be able to consistantly in the upper 20’s each game.

    we just need a defense to keep opponents in the upper teens each game. i agree that it stinks to play musical chairs with dc’s, but we need someone with a name and history to take slowiks place. i dont know who will be available, but in the next two months we need to figure out who the best talent is that we can get and bring them in.

    our defensive players need to be shaken up as well. we’re paying a lot of guys more than they are worth, based on their performance this season. i’ve been saying that we need to draft heavily on defense this year, and still think so… here are some of my thoughts on how we should handle that. we’re going to be drafting somewhere between 10-15 i would think… there arent safties that are good enough to take there imo. i like either of the mlb’s steve mentioned (not spikes- he’s a second or third round talent)in the first round- but if evertte brown out of fsu is available we should take him- he’s a monster of a defensive end.

    i’m not opposed to the idea of bringing in a free agent on defense, depending on the position- but if it was someone like a lewis, we still need to draft talent to take over in a year or two…

    i’m sick about how this season ended. now it’s not about the past, but about how we are going to fix it going forward. hopefully what gets done works!

  • memphisbroncfan

    Pathetic… horrible defense all season and they saved their absolute rock bottom worst for last! I have seen several entries regarding Dre Bly. Personally, I think he’s waaaaay over rated. QB’s have been carving him up like a Thanksgiving turkey ever since he joined Denver. He only got burnt three or four times Sunday which, after what I’ve seen all season, ain’t that bad but I still think he sucks. I agree Slowik must go but I also think the secondary needs an overhaul as well. Champ isn’t getting any younger (or healthier for that matter) and there doesn’t seem to be any young “shut down” blood currently on the roster.

    The Denver D is a maligned group and it’s going to be difficult to find a starting point on the much needed house cleaning. If significant changes aren’t made in the next couple of off seasons, we Bronco fans are going to be suffering for many years to come….

  • the decider13

    I think william moore is what we need on this defense, I big play making safety. I actually prefer him to mays, but I would gladly take either.

    And I think Spikes could be a first rounder. Even though Everette is a beast I hesitant of DEs since the 2007 DE fiasco named jarvis moss

  • Riverscanbl&wme

    I don’t think I would keep any players on this defense except Champ, Robertson, and Thomas. I would trade D.J. who I never notice is on the field and insert Woodyard immediately. The D-Ends can’t pass rush and cannot play the run. We have Carlton Powell returning next year at DT but another player from the draft is needed. Woodyard at weakside and draft that crazy kid out of USC for the mike position. Sign a proven safety in free agency and draft a young sure tackling machine in the draft. Get a DC that likes to man up and blitz the hell out of the opposing team (see Jim Johnson in Philly and Dick L in Pittsburg). We also need a durable running back in the mix and some interior line help on offense. I agree with most people here that we need to sign a difference maker at the end position that has proven they can get to the QB. If make these changes and finish as a top fifeteen defense that can create turnovers and actually inspire confidence to the offense we will be in the playoffs next year. This year went by fast but my heart can take no more and some time off is exactly what this team and it’s fans need.

  • Spanish Pantalones

    I hear Eric Mangini’s available. Like to see him as D-coordinator at Invesco next year … It’s a shame to think that the return of Bailey, Williams and Webster on D resulted in the Chargers hanging 52 on the board. Don’t want to see Dre Bly or Nate Webster in blue and orange again. And for the corners, three words: BUMP AND RUN. emphasis on the BUMP. … Hope Freeney eats Phil’s lunch next week at Qualcomm.

  • Paty


    And it makes me happy that the Colts will end yours!!!
    P.S. this is the bronco page get on your Dolt page and make your predictions there d.a.

  • T-Money

    I’m still sicked. I can’t believe Football is over.

  • Dimitri

    It is such a sick feeling to know that your defense cannot stop anything. That anytime the other team is getting the ball is going to score! 52 points? All year long you are asking the offense to outscore the other team. Hell if we played ourselves we will score 150 points. You are frustrating some of the best young talent in the league on the offensive side by asking them to score everytime to cover the defense. What a season the offense had with 7 running backs in the IR and it is considered a waste because the defense allowed 5,000 points! We are getting rid of all the guys with pride, character and fire. I guess know we see that the defense was not better off with character guys like John Lynch gone. Shanahan has to take the blame. It is HIS team. We made EVERY opposing QB look like the best in the league. Shanahan has to be fired as the guy who has control of everything and forced to coach only.

  • Paty

    The fact that we ended with the number two offense in the league is meaningless without a defense. We need to get rid of Slowik!!
    Getting rid of Foxworth and Elam was a big mistake…I don’t remember Elam ever missing an extra point!! Prater SUX!!!!
    Bly gets burned way to often and we will need a defense to back up the offense and do their part next year or we will be in the same boat.

    Let’s do whatever it takes and get Ray Lewis!!!!!

  • Kurt

    I’m not sold on getting rid of Slowick. He did what he could with the s**t he inherited and some consistency and change of players might be better. He inherited players that Bates wanted and they just are not going to work in his scheme. Same thing went for Bates and I think he should have gotten a second year to make things work. When Bates came in we dumped some good player becuause they did not work in his scheme. We talk about giving time to rebuild with college coaches but in the NFL we want results now (especially us Bronco fans). This years schemes revolved around not getting beat deep because the d-line and safetys sucked (and probably would have regardless of the scheme). That is why the CBs played off so much. If we had a line that could get a little pressure on the qb and safetys that could tackle and at least cover my grandmother we would be a much better team. I think we should fire the entire D-Line and safetys. Doom is about the only player that is not panty waste. We also need to find some players that can fire up the team (like Al Wilson) and be emotional leaders. I’ve always thought one of Shanahans weakness was that he is too business like. A good coach should, among other things, inspire his players to play better and I’m not sold he does that. Every team is tallented in the league and the good teams play with attitude and confidence that bad teams seem to lack. I just don’t see that coming from either the coaches or players. I also think Bates (offense) should spend the entire off season watching film over and over again and hopefully learn from his mistakes. He was very inconsistent calling plays and I am a little surprised Mike did not take back the play calling from him.

    On the positive side, how about the O-line. Hats off to them. They are the reason for the 8 wins. Cutler, Marshall, and Royal would have not had a thing if they had not played well. And how about the rookies. If we can find a way to have another draft like this years and use it to find some tallented defensive players, we will be better.

  • Paty

    The only thing I can say for the rest of this season is I can’t wait till Manning and Reggie Wayne end the Chargers Saturday!!!

  • CHARGERS!!!!

    Go CHARGERS!!!!!! Denver didn’t even deserve to make it this far. If it wasn’t for Ed’s blown call this game wouldn’t even have made a difference. Broncos SUCK!!!! How could you just lose it at the very end like that? shows that this team didn’t really want the win.

  • kerry


    same old song and dance. Fire Slowik this, Injuries that, youth this, get some defensive talent that. same old excuses. and no different result. its not Slowiks fault in the least. it is the moron making the terrible defensive draft picks and acquistions!!!!!! DUH!!! how can any of you sit here and defend this idiot!! look how predictable his offense was last night. first drive, TD, rest of the game they just gave up. what the hell does it take for Shanahan to get fired?!? he is no good!!! first time in history a team has had a 3 game lead with 3 games to go and choked away the season. yeah that is under the watch of the same guy as you all hail as some genius!!! PPPFFFTTTT!!!! any other coach in the NFL would get sh** canned for this mediocre ten year, now eleven year performance. its time for Shanahan to go. there is no excuses anymore, no scapegoats for Shanahan to blame. Shanahan is in full control and choked away the season. nobody else for you lemmings to blame. Shanahan is the problem and there is no solution at all!! stop living in fairy tale land!!! and thats funny how the fan poll says “Should Bob Slowik be fired” it should be “Should Mike Shanahan be fired” thats the question.

  • Paty

    And how could you lose everytime your in the playoffs you will be out next week….
    Again your on the wrong page along with Mr. Boston
    Go celebrate your win on your own page d.a.

  • Paty

    If there is something you guys know how to do is make it look really pretty like you did last night then you go to the playoffs and pull a “Romo” ending choking on the ones that count embarrasing the west even more so. The times we’ve been there we get the whole job done!!

  • Paty

    So who would you rather see coaching our team??

  • Paty

    Hats off to our rookies Royal and Clady who did a great job this season

  • kerry

    oh my god. how many times do i have to answer the question of “who do you think should be coaching our team”??? Rob Ryan. D-coordinator of the Ravens. but my prime candidate would be Jim Schwartz, the D-coodinator for the Titans. and let me tell you why. he is a defensive minded coach, which this team needs. and with the arrival if Schwartz comes an added bonus, the inside track on signing Albert Haynesworth. if Schwartz came here, Haynesworth would follow.

    ill go even further. Scott Pioli, the GM for the pats needs to be brought in as the GM. hs contract is up and we need a REAL GM. last time i checked, Scott Pioli has three SB rings as a GM and knows both offensive and defensive talent. stop asking me who should take over. ive answered that a thousand times!!!

  • flbronc

    Amen, Royal and Clady did an awesome job. Both were great picks and I hope they keep producing and stay Broncos for a long time.

  • Duda

    I just have one thing to say. Shanny not playing woodyard was one of the worst decisions I have seen a head football coach make yet. Even worse than the lions 0-16 season. What a playmaker.

  • merc22


  • EdHockley


  • GrahamSlam89

    Haynesworth would be awesome and trade Bailey, both of them and D.J. for Shaun Rogers.

  • ColdComfort

    Bronco fans. You can take heart in knowing that you have supplanted the Raiders as the most hated team in Chargerland.

  • Fanoftheleague

    Yesterday when I woke up in the morning I was overly excited about the game. In being a San Diego Chargers fan I obviously wished for the best, however I also wished for a good game where the hype of the blown call in week 2 could be settled. I figured that Denver would put up a big fight making it an exciting game to watch. Instead I watched them completely blow it. Yet as happy as I am, I am also let down and let down by a team that’s a rival in our division. I think the loss was attributed to the energy going into the game. 1 win to clinch the division and instead 3 straight losses and the end of the season. I guess we (Charger’s fans) have nothing to complain about with Ed’s call. I know I won’t bring it up again. Great game in week 2 and good luck next year.