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Published on 12/28/2008 at Sun Dec 28 22:26.
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Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson congratulate Darren Sproles in the third quarter after a touchdown.

Philip Rivers and LaDainian Tomlinson congratulate Darren Sproles in the third quarter after a touchdown.

For the thousands of fans inside of the San Diego Charger’s Qualcomm Stadium it was one of the biggest backhands a fan could ever endure. Denver never could get the upper-hand as San Diego took the reigns and ran with the game.

The Chargers didn’t even punt until the third quarter with thirty-seven seconds left.

The story for Denver was atrocious defense coupled with non-existent tackling an inability to get coverage and an overall bad scheme. A not there defense mixed with a couple of Jay Cutler turnovers made for a long night for fans.

The game was really over when Luis Castillo intercepted Cutler on a batted pass at the Broncos twenty-yard line and LaDainian Tomlinson was able to run for his third touchdown on the night.

Cutler finished 33/49 with two interceptions, one touchdown and 316-yards. While the surprise was Tatum Bell who ran eight times for 86-yards and two touchdowns, while Brandon Marshall went on to drop his 18th catchable target on the season.

We have a lot to look forward to this off-season and heading into the draft Nation. Keep your heads up, keep it here and we’ll bring it to you like only BroncoTalk can!

  • Jon Krause

    Hey Kyle,
    Do me a favor, and never go to an Broncos_Chargers game again

  • Kyle

    Ha, I make no such promises. In fact, I’m considering making it an annual tradition.

  • steve

    there is only one person i would rather have coaching our team next year. Bill Cowher. no one else could do better than Shanny.

  • Jon Krause

    jk — kinda, I think you jinx us :)

  • Jon Krause

    hey steve,
    you’re a ting bat! cowher is totally not what the Broncos need, plus shanny ROCKS

  • Paty

    Sorry KERRY
    You said you’ve mentioned who you would rather have as our coach I’ve never seen it, anyway I disagree I happen to like Shanny and he is not the problem. Shannahan is an offensive minded coach and that’s probably why we were second n the league. I do know we have a lousy defense and we need some great defense players (luv free agent Ray Lewis) and a new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan would be great but at DC not taking Shanny’s job.
    Hey DUDA
    I agree Woodyard should’ve been in there he’s great!!
    Chargers Fans ur team still sux wait till Saturday when the Colts will be endin your season then u can stay home and watch Cutler and Marshall in Hawaii…Aloha!!! lmao

  • noah maldonado

    Rivers is Cutlers daddy!!

  • Broncos Choke

    The Broncos suck!

    They had 4 chances to win and the couldn’t do it.

    They lost to Oakland, at home, by 21 points.


    They wouldn’t last one round in the playoffs.

    The Chargers deserve the division championship.

    If it wasn’t for Ed they wouldn’t of won the Week 2 matchup.

    Cutler is going to the Pro Bowl…

    Rivers, the better QB, is going to the Playoffs.


  • Cb

    I am a Bronco Fan and I have finally had it with Cutler. The Chargers and Rivers kicked our azz on Saturday. The really embarrassed us on national T.V. Rivers had an incredible game while our very own Cutler threw interceptions and yelled at his teammates. He looked terrible. So at the end of the game when he could have taken some ownership in the loss, he continues to chip at the Chargers and then throws our defense under the bus. What the hell Jay! Stop being a cry baby. Maybe if you had not thrown two INT’s the outcome would have been different. I am beginning to think Cutler may not be our future. He was obviously not in control of anything and displayed absolutely no leadership. I was originally on Jay’s side of this whole Rivers vs Cutler thing but Cutler is the only one still whining about it. Jay let go of your hate and come back from the dark side of the force. We need a leader not some who is going to throw their sucker in the sand or take their ball and go home at the first sign of verbal jawing between teams. You can’t tell me Rivers is the first and only player to talk a little smack to you. All the other teams now know if they talk a little smack to little Jay he will crumble. We need a true leader folks and I am not so sure its Cutler!!! He needs to grow up and take some responsibility for his own play.

  • kevin

    bye,bye shanahan.
    the chargers are forever in the bronco’s head and will always beat the broncos …easily…he,he,he

  • Spanky

    I’m glad to see a Bronco fan sees a little light as it pertains to the Rivers vs Cutler feud. Honestly Rivers hasn’t said a word about it all year and I was surprised to read your post saying Cutler keeps it going. Yes Rivers did mouth off at Cutler last year and he said from that and the talking to the fans in Indy at the playoffs that it was over and he would never do any of that ever again and to his word he hasn’t.
    I’m not going to gloat because neither team deserves to be in the playoffs the way we both played all year, but the Chargers earned it if not during the year but certainly in a winner takes all game on Sunday night. I was shocked at the lack of effort given by the Broncos in such a meaningful game. It was clear pretty early that the Chargers were wanting it more.
    I know we are the enemy and we shouldn’t expect anyone other then Charger fans to support us in the playoffs, but we are the AFC West representatives and they represent all the AFC West and their fans just as the great Bronco teams that won two super bowls did so I hope some of you will consider it for a couple games anyway.
    It looks as if the Broncos get a clean slate this year coming up with the firing of Shanahan, so get your HC you want, have a great draft, sign a couple decent FA’s and you guys are right there.
    Until next year, be safe and see you all in the fall.

  • Paty

    Chargers suck because even tho u kicked our ass thats as far as u always go. When we go we win it all the way you have four more days to enjoy your win so keep on partyin cuz its over on saturday!!

    yes Rivers will go to one playoff game and choke as always and Cutler will be waving at him from Hawaii ALOHA

    To u CB (bronco fan) it wasn’t Cutler’s fault we lost to these Chokers it’s our lousy defense that hasn’t stopped shit all year and the coordinator that aint worth a crap to make plays…
    Let me remind you we ended SECOND BEST ON OFFENSE IN THE LEAGUE and although that is meaningless without a D you can’t take that credit away that’s why he along with Marshall will be at the PRO BOWL. Go COLTS Show the DOLTS and cocky clown faced RIVERS who’s is DADDY

  • Thunder

    Rivers sux and so does his team!!
    We will see on Saturday

  • God

    I smite thee. You have been smote. GO CHARGERS!!!

  • God

    Dear Thunder (loser)… Yeah. You can “see on Saturday.” In fact, you can join your pathetic team, inbred fans, and ex-coach at the electronics department at Wal-Mart (since your single-wide is too small) and watch the game. GO CHARGERS!!!