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Published on 12/27/2008 at Sat Dec 27 14:34.
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Whether it be the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, all the world’s a stage and we are merely players. The whole offseason, it was hard to forget Jay Cutler walking backwards towards the Broncos bench with three Chargers players bunched together and screaming at him. It was hard to forget until that, “incomplete pass,” which San Diego fans love bring up- never mind the play after that or the two-point conversion (instead of going for the tie)…

No, see you don’t want to admit that your team lost, there’s usually a could have or would have. The thing is, Denver and San Diego finally get a chance to put up or shut up and it just happens to be back in at the sight of the original blood let.

“Jay Cutler, being the guy that he is, made some shrewd comments to SP [Shaun Phillips] and myself,” Matt Wilhelm recalled of [last Christmas Eve's] in-game dialogue.  “Brandon Marshall was making comments throughout the game. All these comments are being made, and they’re not making plays. Yet they’re the ones going home, and we’re preparing for our playoff game. It was essentially a wave to him good-bye and hopefully have a great offseason.”

Take that, the article was cleverly titled “Cutler is a punk[?]“. I thought Matt Wilhelm was a BMXer… Who knew he played special teams for the Chargers, a two sport athlete and quite the talent I assume. I know that there are two Wilhelms, just to go ahead and cut some of Southern California’s finest from speaking in the comment section.

“And I don’t really care for the guy, first of all,” Champ Bailey said of Philip Rivers. “He’s not a respectable guy right now because you talk too much trash and do this and that, but you’re really not a great player in this league right now. You’re surrounded by great players, but you’re not a great player. I think he needs to understand where he stands in this league – where he stands on his team first and foremost.”

Bailey had said last year, this year the NFL’s fans, players and coaches backed up Baileys comments by not voting Rivers to the Pro Bowl.

For one team this game is going to be the most important game they get all season, for the team that wins the game, it will most likely just be the game that gets their team into the playoffs. In my humble opinion, there are a lot of teams that would rather face Denver in the playoffs than San Diego. So expect a lot of Colt, Patriot and Steeler cheers coming out of the woodwork in Denver and around the globe. If I’m the Broncos, I wouldn’t want to disappoint them at all.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Amen to Champ!

  • Ian Henson

    Just think of the audacity for someone to draw the ire of Champ Bailey… I think that you could point and laugh at an ugly baby and get less of a reaction from the man…

  • East

    Rivers actually has bucked up and said that he needs to keep his trash talk in check. Tomlinson and Wilhelm have been running their mouths off and I hope they get what’s coming to them. Wilhelm is a crappy special teamer who will be fortunate to be in the NFL in 5 years.

  • jchase8410

    Wilhelm??? Who the hell is Wilhelm??? I wonder if the skilled players get mad when an unknown ST player talks trash in the media and gives their opponent bulletin board material.

    Hey, wilhelm, let me talk to you for a minute. You should probably keep your mouth shut until more than 9 people have heard of you…just a suggestion.

  • john

    Rivers has the highest qb rating the the nfl and is tied for touchdown passes while l.t has had the worst season of his career and the san diego chargers defense not being at its best because of injures….if you ask me hes the reason this team is at the position they are to win the afc west

  • the decider13

    Who he hell is wilhelm? That is exactly what I said when I saw him talking trash on sports center. All I could think was “Really?” I expected talk from rivers, and wouldnt be surprised to hear talk from some defensive stars like phillips or jammer. But some special teamer comes in and calls our QB a punk? Has he not met rivers??

  • Broncofanandlovinit

    Champ Bailey is a STUD!!!!!!! he is my all time favorite player, no matter what he is THE MAN!!!

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite michael

    rivers is just a lil boy in this leauge as cutler is also but cutler can back it up unlike cutler

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite michael

    hey guys its river not cutler

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite loli loli

    hey joun if u ask me cutler is the only reason that the broncos are gonna beat the chargers 2nite

  • olen

    It just seems impossible for Denver to win because of not having a running game . It is like having one hand tied behind your back . What will win or lose the game , is what Denvers defense does . If they show up and play agressively and stay with it there is a chance . If they are stupid enough to get suckered into a “Box Canyon” and stay there then they deserve whatever they get .Play the game all the way and do not let the Chargers get into your head with something stupid . Whatever happpens , happens . Just stay the course and keep rooting because they are trying to do the best they can with what they have .

  • PassHappy

    Bailey is over the hill and Winborn needs to stop pounding his chest since he basically
    is any other teams 3rd string linebacker. The offense is going to get better but the defense is still poor and Shanahan has had enough time to fix it. Time for Bolin to pull the plug.

  • BroncoinVA9986

    IT should always be about beating the CHargers…..Raiders is nice to win at…The chiefs are definately a plus……..BUT the Chargers are personal….WE HAVE TO WIN THESE GAMES

  • Woodworking project plans

    Play the game all the way and do not let the Chargers get into your head with something stupid .

  • Woodworking project plans

    Play the game all the way and do not let the Chargers get into your head with something stupid .