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Published on 12/24/2008 at Wed Dec 24 06:00.
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Tony Scheffler celebrates his second touchdown against the Chargers in Week 2.  (AP Photo)

Tony Scheffler celebrates his second touchdown against the Chargers in Week 2. (AP Photo)

“Scheffler Sunday in Denver!” CBS sportscaster Dick Enberg exclaimed after Denver Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler caught his second touchdown pass in the first half of the Broncos’ Week Two game. Denver took a 21-3 lead over the San Diego Chargers with the score en route to a controversial 39-38 victory.

The Broncos will need some more magic from Scheffler on Sunday. With the division at stake, and the Broncos on their eighth set of running backs, Jay Cutler will need Scheffler’s versatility to move the chains and attack the Chargers’ 28th-ranked pass defense.

What’s more, the Broncos are a perfect 6-0 when Tony Scheffler has four or more catches this season. They’re a putrid 2-7 when he was two catches or less.

Scheffler insists the Broncos will need to bring the proper attitude as well. In his postgame press conference after the Week 2 victory, Scheffler talked about the team’s preparation for San Diego. “We came out with the attitude that we were not going to lose the game. We worked hard all week in practice preparing for San Diego and the hard work and preparation paid off.”

Do it again, Broncos. Prepare like you know you can beat them, get Tony the football (especially in the red zone), and finish the AFC West.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Now there is a stat that makes sense. I hope the Bronco’s coaches are game planning for Scheffler to come up big. Maybe Putzier could get a couple too. Speaking of Boise St. guys, my local Broncos didn’t do so well in San Diego last night, let’s hope Denver does better on Sunday!

  • T-Money

    Agreed. The part that scares me the most about sunday though is that San Dirego knows that we don’t have a running back. It’s going to be incredibly difficult to win this one throgh the air. Eddie Royal is going to have to come up big again (I was so pissed that we didn’t win. Kid played his heart out)… B-Marsh needs to redeem himself because his fumble gave us a loss instead of overtime. EVEYPOINT COUNTS. Matt “what the hell went wrong” Prater needs to perfect (or just never come on the field other than to kick it away).

    This has been bugging me. WHY DON’T WE RUN THE OPTION PLAY. Think about it. Culter is big, he likes to block, and most people do give him and respect for his legs. If mimia can bring the wildcat back, we should be able to run the freaking option.

    Regardless of Sundays outcome… I’m already excited for next season. We SHOULD (knock on wood) have THE BEST RUNNING GAME IN THE NFL. All of our Defensive rookies have really impressed me. And maybe….just maybe…. the defense with show up…

  • Jon

    we really do need him, what ever happened to him being Jay’s FAV target? I know injury and whatever, but it used to be like Cutler would not pass to anybody else

  • kerry

    that is the most true statement i have read on this site. Scheffler needs to be more involved. even more so then Marshall. Marshall wants to dance around and fumble all the time. Scheffler and Graham need to be the primary receivers on Sunday night. this game will have no defense at all on either side. so stop having dillusions of granduer about the defense stepping up. not gonna happen. hasnt happened all year. no reason to think it will on Sunday.

  • Jon Krause

    Yo loyal Bronco Fans,There’s this charger fan over at BM, and he’s trashing Jay, he’s one of those crack pots who say phillis is better than Jay! Get over to BM and GIVE him your thoughts!

  • T-Money

    We are getting Spencer Larsen back this week… That’s something positive

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    I absolutely agree. Sheff needs to get involved.
    “the Broncos are a perfect 6-0 when Tony Scheffler has four or more catches this season”

    But that’s just wrong. Or it’s not wrong per se – the facts are probably solid enough, but this has no value what so ever. Corrolation is NOT the same as causation! this is just “fun with numbers”. It’s has the same predicative value as “The Denver Broncos are 1.000 when Tony Sheffler fumbles the ball, and .500 when he doesn’t.”

    Seriously, it simply doesn’t matter if Tony Sheffler catches those four passes or some other reciever does!

  • Boisebroncoguy

    I think Danish is missing the point.

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    What point?!

    I believe that Sheff should get more targets, but not because the broncos are 6-0 when they do so.

    I guess number-manipulation’s a pet peeve of mine…

  • Kyle

    Maybe it’s not direct causation, Danish, but it is one hell of a coincidence. And while 4 catches guarantees nothing, it is an indicator of other things: the safeties are busy with Marshall/Royal, giving us the ability to take advantage of good yardage up the middle. This can be discouraging to the opposing defense. Also, it indicates that there’s likely more potential for big plays, particularly in the running game.

    It’s not like Scheffler’s going to catch 4 balls and I’m going to jump out of my seat screaming “Hooray! We just won!” But what that means, behind the scenes, if you will, is enough for me to believe we can win. ;)

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    Fair enough. Agreeing on disagreeing.

  • OC Bronco

    Aside from our record when Shef catches multiple balls errr passes, San Diego is one of the worst in the League at defending the TE. From a fantasy perspective they rank near the bottom. Whether this is a simple manipulation or one hell of a coincidence, we should find out Sunday night.

  • merc22

    whats wrong with 2TE set? grahmn and scheffler r big targets

  • Danish Denver-fan!

    Right, merc!

    I looove when Chicago goes 2-TE. They can basically motion to nickel from there! And Graham/Sheff are easily as good as Clark/Olsen!

    This way SD would have to respect the run-threat!

  • T-Money

    What run threat?

  • jchase8410

    The run threat of a reject, an unknown, and a troublemaker…the triple crown of mediocrity. Maybe run a few QB draws to keep the defense honest. The option in the NFL is a horrible idea, but if there is nothing deep don’t force a pass…take off!!!

  • East

    Exactly Kyle. It is well known that I am a huge advocate of Tight Ends. Cutler needs to spread the ball around to calm his trigger happy arm. Scheffler and Graham are a great red zone threats, which is exactly something Denver needs to work on.

  • http://denverbroncoblogfanssite anonymous

    yup and i was watching the replay and the chargers safeties can’t stop our TE’S scheffler got in the in zone 2 times against them and i think that it is a good thing that we have to pass so much because marshall had 18 catches and there d.. just can’t stop our WR’S or our TE’S

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