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Published on 12/23/2008 at Tue Dec 23 09:24.
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Eddie Royal dives to recover his own fumble against the Jets.  (AP Photo)

Eddie Royal dives to recover his own fumble against the Jets. (AP Photo)

One thing is for certain – if the Denver Broncos are going to beat the San Diego Chargers this Sunday, they’ll need to play mistake-free football.

The Chargers defense has been much-maligned all season, but recently put together a string of games that has them moving in the right direction. They’ve forced eight turnovers in a three-game span, while the Broncos have coughed it up six times in that span.

Meanwhile, the Broncos sit among the bottom of the league in turnover differential – the defense is not turning the ball over to match the offense’s mistakes.

On the bright side, the Chargers had success against relatively weak offenses – the Raiders, Chiefs and Bucs aren’t scoring a lot of points this season, and none of them have a quarterback near the same caliber as Jay Cutler.

This is one aspect of the game that favors the Chargers, but luckily for the Broncos, it’s an aspect of the game of they can control. The Broncos have to do this in order to win, plain and simple.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Cutler needs to do what he did against Tampa earlier. Play calmly and not take too many chances. If we can do that and our defense steps up, we can win this.

  • robtink242

    i would say that. Most of Cutler’s int didn’t come from taking chances they came from his cockyness in his arm strenght. Like the one on Sunday at the goal line. But, certainly he needs to calm down and make better shots down the feild.

    But, seriously I’m looking forward Bell to have a monster game. Look for JBell to his first pick on the team that waived him. Also A. Pinnock. This team needs to get angry and hurt someone. C’mon Man!!!

  • Joe

    To be honest, I would not have it any other way. I wanted to beat the Bills and win the division right then and there, of course, but then what? Bench the starters against San Diego? No. We would have no momentum going into the playoffs. And we all know that we will need as much momentum as possible to beat the Colts, who are on a hot streak as of lately. They have the momentum going for them. Thats what we need. And thats what we will get if we beat the Chargers and earn our way into the playoffs.

  • thirdandlong303


  • jchase8410

    Robtink…if you watched the replay of the int on the goal line on Sunday, it wasn’t cockiness, he simply misread the coverage. He expected the guy who made the pick to bite on the first move, but since he had help up top, he just sat. It didn’t have anything to do with cockiness, just a bad read…That being said, Jay really needs to just manage the game and not try to make every throw a big play. Marshall needs to hold on to the ball and run UPFIELD. There has to be a running game or it is going to get ugly. Find a few backs, because you know 2 of them are going down with injuries, and run the ball. They can’t throw the ball 45 times and expect Jay to stay away from ints.
    Punch Philly boy is his mouth! Over and over! Bust his teeth out! Make him cry like a b**ch with a skinned knee!
    I’ll be there, field level to watch the whole thing.

  • thirdandlong303

    Yes i am a Broncos fan but lets get real on this one the broncos have no chance against the chargers they have all the momentum they are more athletic team with tougher players and lets not forget they have a passion to win which the Broncos do not have.Yes the Broncos do have the 2nd best offence in the league but what good is that if you can’t score touchdowns in the redzone on a consistant basis.Lets get to the real problem here and point out this horrible defense that does not do anything, they don’t sack,they don’t intercept,they don’t cause fumbles and they don’t put fear into any of the opposing offences.The defence is lazy and soft talk about not earning your paycheck these guys are lame.The front office and coach Shannahan has to do a better job of bringing in quality players on defence.We have not had a playoff game since 2005 when we went 13-3 and lost to the steelers in the AFC Championship, if Shannahan does not get this win versus the Chargers on Sunday they should think about axing his ass for lack of dissipline on his players.Don’t get me wrong i love the broncos but i will not get my hopes up this Sunday……………….Do i smell Bill Cowher.

  • Socal Den Fan

    The only thing I want for christmas is Denver blowing out the chargers. But I ‘ll have to settle for club level seats and take my chances on the game. All denver needs to do is play the WHOLE game like they started last week. Don’t let up when the get ahead make the chargers have to come back and match the touchdowns. Please leave nate webster at home he has no business out there!Anyone but him we need people that can tackle and make plays not over run and wiff on a sure stop. And please Jay be smart check down if there is no one open a 5yd gain is always better than nothing. Shanny I always have an open mind on how you run the team but if this team loses a three game lead with three to play just get them ready to play if you guys can’t get up for this game then you need to stay home.Good luck Broncos I will be rooting like hell you win!

  • kerry

    thats so funny when people say “our defense needs to step up” this defense hasnt stepped up ALL YEAR and they wont come Sunday night. the ONLY way this team wins is if Cutler DOESNT turn the ball over AND outduels Rivers. thats the only way. we wont blow them out and it wont be low scoring. anyone who thinks that needs therapy.

  • Jon Krause

    Just as big as it is for us to not turn the ball over, it is that we take advantage of chargers turn-overs. Our ‘D’ needs to step up, now that it is much healthier, and Jay needs to not get to emotional.

  • Socal Den Fan

    Kerry I totally agree with you this defense is not good and jay will have to carry the team all we can hope for is the jay will not want to lose to rivers and has a BIG GAME. Good luck broncos!!!

  • Jon Krause

    Yo loyal Bronco Fans,
    There’s this charger fan over at BM, and he’s trashing Jay, he’s one of those crack pots who say phillis is better than Jay!
    Get over to BM and GIVE him your thoughts!

  • Death2Bolts

    All I want for xmas is a win over Bolts. I want a clean win over SD without the the bull. I am so sick of all this talk of “free game from Hoci-the-bronco-fan- judge”. Please please please Jay & co…. NO TURNOVERS! Kick some butts and send some lighting bolts down their @#$^*

    Go Broncos

  • boston

    cutler’ s overall win/loss record 17-19
    river’s ” ” 32-15
    broncos w/l since cutler 06: 9-7; 07: 7-9 08:8-?
    chargers w/l with rivers 06: 14-2; 07:11-5 08:7-?
    qbrate pct yds tds int

    cutler 87. 61.9 4210 24 16

    rivers 104 64.8 3802 32 11

    cutler: zero div. champ’s zero playoff games

    rivers : has 2 div.champs . went to, and played in afc championship game with torn acl

    been to playoffs every yr. he has been starter

    despite injuries denver is still runnung the ball 12th in league, so you cant blame the running game.

    stats do not lie, explain to me how cutler is the better qb. based on what?? rivers by far the better of the two…especially w/l record

  • boston

    socal denver fan, ever notice there isnt any other team fans in denver??

    i know why;i ve been there for meetings. denver is a smog ridden, crime filled , dirtytown that no one is going relocate to voluntarily. if you do live there you get out of that craphole asap.

  • Jon Krause

    KICK *boston* off this site!
    No Charger fans allowed!

  • OC Bronco

    Can I anyone tell me why the Broncs changed their gameplan and stopped going after Trent Edwards? It looked successful and then we just stopped doing it.
    boston – suck it.

  • Broncoholic

    Boston – While I know that everyone looks at Wins and Losses for QB’s to determine their quality, the simple fact is that the Chargers have had much more talent on both sides of the ball which skews Rivers #’s. If Rivers was playing on those Broncos teams and Cutler was playing on those Chargers teams the Win/Loss records would be swapped, and I would even argue that Cutler would have even more wins, while Rivers would have more losses. If you gave Cutler the best back in the league (which LT was for several seasons, not anymore thank god, he’s only got a few productive years left if that) and a top 10 D, there would be no comparison between Cutler & Rivers. The fact is that your stats are misleading b/c Rivers #’s are bolstered by him playing on a team that had much more talent than Cutler. Had being the key word, the Bolts are on the way down, and the Broncos are on the way up in the AFC West. We’re going to shore up our D with this & probably next years draft, all of our young talented play-makers on O will continue to improve and will play with more composure. Watch out Bolts fans, this team is on the cusp of greatness, while your team is relying on an over-rated QB, an aging RB (LT turns 30 in 09, which is the dreaded age for RB’s) with a bad wheel, a coach with a .444 career win %, and a NFL drug abuse policy that turned the lights-out on Merriman’s dominance. Stick to cheering for the Patsies Boston, cause the Broncos are about to make you very disappointed over the next few years if you keep rooting for f**king Marmalard & Co.

  • boston

    broncoholic, you are right iam a pats fan 1st, but i like the bolts.

    the problem with your arguement is that football like most things in live are based on results; not woulda ,coulda’s.

    the fact is that rivers/cutler era the bolts have owned you guys. the only thing that matters is winning, and at every level/stat rivers/chargers have dominated cutler/broncos.

    could it change? sure, but until it does its a futile effort wishing it to be true.

    as far as talk about broncos youth; ive looked at broncos roster they seem to have about the same ratio of veterans/youth as any other team..e.g bolts have just as many young guys on both sides of ball. seems like an empty fan felt hope rather than a valid arguement

  • boston

    ps broncoholic .. not going to defend norv, but shanhan’s record isnt anything to brag about lately. 500 during cutler era,1 playoff win!!! in the past decade/or since elway. not exactly dynasty material

  • kerry

    at least Boston tells it like it is. he doesnt spout fairy tales about Shanahan’s Supposed greatness. oh and Boston, for the record, My Yankess are gonna kick the S**T out of the Red Sox this year. believe every word of that!!!

  • BoltMan

    Jay Cutler is a major league cheese weenie. Pro Bowl? That’s the biggest laugh I’ve had this season. He is not even going to make to the playoffs and the only reason he has a chance is because he got a pardon from Hochuli earlier in the season. Not this time!

    The simple fact of the matter is that the Broncos are pathetic and don’t deserve to win the West. The Chargers on the other hand have their faults but actually have the talent to challenge an Indy or Pittsburgh and would love a chance to take down Tennesee again.

    It’s all over but the crying Broncos fans

  • BoltMan

    One Word Broncos Fans

    C H O K E!

    That’s all you can say about that loss to Buffalo at home.

    had the lead and choked. Had an opportunity on the goal line to win it and Choked.

    It’s all over.

  • Broncoholic

    Boston – It’s not the quantity of youth it’s the quality. We have a solid group of young players in Royal, Clady, Marshall, Cutler, Hillis, Scheffler, DJ, & Woodyard. While the Bolts may have about the same amount of young players as we do, ours are far more talented.

    Over the next few years the Broncos are only going to get better while the Chargers are going to get more mediocre. Your chance has come and gone Bolts fans. The loss in the AFC Championship game is the closest you’ll come to a SB with the team you have now. You’ll slip a little bit lower for the next year or 2, end up with a losing record and then the front office will clean shop & you’ll start your rebuild. With lot of solid planning and a bit of luck, you could have a shot at your 1st SB title in I’d say 5-10 years or so. Watch out for them Chiefs though, they’ll be playing you tough for #2 in the division for the next couple of seasons. At least Al Davis is still alive, so I don’t think you’ll fall to the cellar…although Al’s been looking pretty rough lately.

  • robtink242

    the Bolts w/l record would be totally deferent had we have known Lights-out was on those superman pills. but to end the stupid S*** here it goes we OWN the BOLTS 53- 43- 1 okay. 2 superbowls to none. We won more division titles and playoffs games than the Bolts. And are big money players dont hit ROIDS.

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite michael

    boltman,one word bronco fans C H O K E!!!!!!!are you kidding me i find it hard to believe that you came up with boltman and a 2yr old did’nt i mean you must be a gay hair stylest or just plain out a retard!!!!your name my’s well be MICHAEL JACKSON

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite michael

    GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY hey guys i think i hear some1 calling the chargers o my bad its just bostons BOYFRIEND CALLING HIM.

  • http://denverbroncoblogANDNEWSsite C.BAILEY*cutler*marshall&royal*fan(24)*(6)*(15)*(19)

    i would hate 2 live in boston
    1. red socks C H O K E!!!!!!!
    2.celtics r C H O K I N G!!!!!!
    3. and now the pats r C H O K I N G
    DAM I FELT BAD 4 THE BRONCOS nothing to it but 2 say boston is f***ed up