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Published on 12/22/2008 at Mon Dec 22 18:00.
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“I think everyone is disgusted. Anytime you have an opportunity to win the AFC West, it is very disappointing. If you don’t feel that way then you are not made of the right stuff. From coaches to support staff, everybody is disappointed. The only thing you can do is look at the film and look at your mistakes. You have to look at the things you can do to get better and move onto San Diego. That is what I did. You come home and you can’t eat because you are disappointed considering everything you have worked for. There is only one thing to do and that is get on to San Diego and get the job done. We can still win the AFC West. We have to play a much better game but we have done it a number of times. Hopefully we can put it together this week.”

Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan, on what he says to the team after a tough loss.

  • dee

    Kyle…So here we go one game for everything, I have nothing left this season has been one of the most toughest mentally,physically, and emotionally. Its tough watching this season slip away… no matter how much I want them to kill the Chargers we have to be realistic about our defensive woes. It is going to take the best game of our season, the best game of cutler’s career, the best game of marshall’s career, our defense will have to have their best game… our gameplan has to be bullet proof… we have to overcome bad ref calls…. we have to do it! Will we…? My brain says no, my heart yells “F*** YA”…. ONE GAME GENTLEMEN , this ONE GAME will live in BRONCO INFAMY ….this ONE GAME will show the world that these Broncos would not quit… this ONE GAME will show that the Broncos fought until there was nothing left…this ONE GAME will prove Cutler has one more bullet left in that gun…this ONE GAME will show San Deigo that we want it more…this ONE GAME will show the fire in the eyes of Shannahan to win that Norv will never have…this ONE GAME will determine the afc west, but the most important thing this ONE GAME will show is how much HEART this team has… We’re all in this together …. ONE GAME … the players need to get up, the coaches need to get up… and we as the fans have to get up… forget about everything, forget the stats, forget the injuries, forget the odds… ONE GAME will prove who wants it more…

    I won’t be posting anymore, as I’ve said earlier I’m tired of the talking…the season is not over there is ONE GAME left… all we have to do is win it.

    One last time… ALL READY!!!! Lets do this.

    Kyle its been a pleasure coming to this site …. whatever happens Sunday I probably will check back in sometime in March … Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… Tell my boy Ron it’ll be ok, I promise lol


  • T-Money

    The season is not over just yet. It’s not a cake walk by any means but it’s sure not over. let’s get it done.

  • Plummerjack

    For the last three seasons I have been mad at Shanny at this point. I can honestly say that for the first time since we drafted Cutler after losing the AFC championship I am actually excited about the future and ok with Shanny. We have a bunch of picks coming in the draft and some serious talented players in Royal, Clady, and Hillis. This is not going to be the year but it sure looks like the beginning of something special.

  • broncofan

    this is gonna be a tuff game….every body is counting the broncos out, but i think the broncos r goin to shock the world!

  • precisiontint

    All Ready!

  • kerry

    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Hey Shanahan, that is your cue card speech after every loss. only the names of the teams change. we have been hearing that speech forever. why dont you try building a defense and bring in a fanchise RB and the cue card rhetoric wont have to be stated so often. im so sick of listening to this guy and all his excuses and blame passing.

  • CB123

    “im so sick of listening to this guy…” Oddly enough, I feel the same about you.

  • Broncoholic

    What do you think Shanny’s going to do this off-season Kerry? He’s going to build a D by drafting defensive players and perhaps signing a big defensive free agent. Also, we already found our franchise RB Kerry, his name is Peyton Hillis.

    Despite what some will say, we are in a rebuilding year. I would say year 3 of a 5 year rebuilding plan that started with drafting Cutler & Marshall. Shanny’s put the pieces in place on the offense and now he will shore up the defense this & next off-season. We’ll keep a select few on D of course (DJ, Champ, Woodyard, Elvis) but pretty much replace all of the other defensive starters by year 5 of the rebuild. We will be a very dangerous team in 2 years that will have a great shot at the SB title. I think that Shanny’s definitely got us on track and he is still a quality coach & a valued component to our future success.

    All of your anti-Shanahan posts are the same criticism Kerry, why don’t you build a D & why don’t you draft a franchise RB? I can almost picture you stomping your feet like a 3 year old after each loss demanding Shanny build a D, like he can do it overnight. He has focused on building a championship caliber O for the last few years, now he will focus on doing the same for the D. Year 3 of 5 year plan Kerry. Chill out already, and forget wasting a high draft pick on a RB. Peyton Hillis baby. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

  • Broncoholic

    Kerry – & to your anticipated & regurgitated argument that Shanny’s had 10 years to build a defense already so he should go. If you had your way & we had focused on D for the last few drafts, that would have been fine and dandy, except that we wouldn’t have Clady or Royal, we might not have Hillis or even Marshall. Sure we could have a dominant D but you would be on here day after day calling for Shanny’s head b/c our offense stinks. We are following a plan that will allow us to compete for SB titles for years to come. Shanny has us on track. Why are you the only poster on here that doesn’t seem to see this?

  • kerry


    you are even worse here then you are on the Denver Post. Shanahan wont make Hillis the franchise back. everybody knows that. Shanahan hasnt done ANYTHING to improve the defense. he wont do anything to improve the defense accept draft small guys thinking speed will win out over strength and toughness. he has tried that formula for ten years. has it worked?? no not at all. the game has passed Shanahan by. you like most Shanny lemmings will always accept Mediocrity if it means this team doesnt hit rockbottom. and im the only poster here that sees that because the rest of you on here live in the fairy tale world where Shanahan is a great coach. this site shouldnt be called Broncotalk, it should be called Fairy tale talk. i see what is ACTUALLY happening with this team. i dont sit around and say “oh well theres always next year” and “i think Shanahan is on the right track” Shanahan has done nothing for ten years. all of you kool-aid drinkers have been saying that Shanahan is on the right track for a decade now. PPPFFFTTTT!!! Shanahan could have had Shaun Rogers (Pro Bowler) but opted for Dewayne Robertson. JOKE. Could have drafted Jon Beason (Pro Bowler) but opted for Jarvis Moss (JOKE) that is just the tip of Shanahan’s LOOOONNNNGGGG list of defensive draft and free agent blunders. but thats somebody elses fault right?? Shanahan is a joke and has wrecked this team. as evidenced by the 3 games lead they have just choked away thanks to Shanahan and his genius method of building a terrible defense and NEVER bringing in a franchise RB. ill tell you what is getting old, your constant passing of the blame and ignorance toward the fact that this team has not done anything since Elway left. every year you and others say “oh were so improved and gonna be so good” and every year its the same thing, Mediocre season followed by a mediocre draft followed by a mediocre free agency period, followed by another mediocre season. also known as “The Shanahan specialty”

  • steve

    this is why i love shanahan. he cares. the guy lives and breathes denver broncos football. If theres one person i want riling up the troops for sunday night, its shanny.