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Published on 12/21/2008 at Sun Dec 21 18:08.
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Brandon Stokley has the game winning touchdown knocked away by Reggie Corner.

Brandon Stokley has the game winning touchdown knocked away by Reggie Corner.

Fans knew from the start of the game, that the season could fall apart at the conclusion of this game. The Buffalo Bills represented a team, down on their luck, a team that the Denver Broncos should beat on paper. However, this has been the death certificate for the Broncos their entire 2008 season.

Denver jumped out to an early lead off of their opening drive, capped off by a Jay Cutler two-yard touchdown run. Followed up by a Matt Prater field goal, the Broncos soon jumped out to a 10-0 lead to finish off the first quarter and capitalizing on the coldest home game in Bronco history (17 degrees at kickoff).

The Broncos mistakes were just too self-consuming though, by halftime the score was even 13-13. Coming out of halftime the Bills received the kick and things only got worse for Denver… Gone was Marshawn Lynch, re injuring a shoulder that had kept him out of practice; enter backup Fred Jackson, who tore the Broncos a new one. Jackson would finish the game with 70-yards receiving and 40-yards rushing and one touchdown.

Cutler, with a chance to tie, over-threw Brandon Stokley once from Buffalo 15-yard line. Then went to him again, only to have it batted away on 4th and 5 by Bills corner Reggie Corner. The Broncos look ahead to travel to San Diego, to face the Chargers for their right to play in the AFC Playoffs in the weeks following. It’s put up or shut up and like Brandon Marshall said in the press conference following the loss to the Bills…

“We’re going to see what some of the guys in the locker room are made of.”

  • kerry

    um, seriously, do i need to say anymore about why Shanahan deserves to be fired. i mean there is no excuse anyone can make, no passing of the blame, no nothing. im not trying to rub it in or hurt anyone’s fragile sensibility, but come on! ten years going on eleven with no playoff wins. the lack of focus, execution and the lack of an overall gameplan all falls on Shanahan.

  • DepressedSF


  • DepressedSF

    You morons keep acting like this is a top tier team we have here, we’re just losing these games because we’re not playing up to our potential, yada yada yada. You make Bronco fans across the country look stupid. With this defense, and d coordinator, this is NOT A GOOD TEAM. You make me sick.

  • DepressedSF

    Oh yeah. I forgot for a second there. Where are all the geniunes who spent the whole week leading to the Carolina game complaining about this team being disrespected. We haven’t heard from them have we. If you guys have any self respect you will come out and admit you were wrong.

  • DepressedSF

    I know I misspelled some words, but so what!! I’m too damn angry to spell.

  • pwsbronco

    Following up on BM’s comment on seeing what the team is made of, I think we already know that answer…. Young, unexperienced, inconsistant, and so on.
    We have several players that are going to be great and a lot of average to below average players. Not to say they don’t want to win, they just don’t have the abilities to play consistantly against anybody. We now know what we have to do in the future. We have to draft LEADERS for this team so that the young players can play the full 60 minutes of a game and play with some urgency and heart.
    We lack both of those qualities on a steady basis. We have no identity. There are way to many holes in this team. Our offense is going to be great with just one good running back that we can count on. We need a power back so we can control the clock and knock out the tough yardage. NO team can afford 10 running backs on a team and NOBODY can lose 7 running backs in a season. Got to be a record that will stand for all time. This has to be looked at from the conditioning part, cant believe lightning can strike that many times against one position. Either draft players with durability or just skip the position all together. Injuries happen and they happen to all teams at all positisons, but when we get slammed with this many at the rb position, you have to look at other areas on why.
    Defense, they need alot of help…. One could start just about anywhere with this squad. But definatly the starting point on the draft. Lots of money being spent for nothing the past few years on this squad.
    Special teams, another area that needs to be looked at very long and hard, I would start with the coaching on this one and if that is not the answer then clean out some of the high paid positions for some young and hungry talent in the draft.
    Coaching, well we can beat this up till next season. We have some a very promising offense that can’t seem to punch it in the endzone when we need it. Other than the first 3 games and a couple of those could very easily went the other way we just don’t have the right plays in there for this squad. I know we need a running back but we have struggled here all year when the games have been on the line.
    I hope we make the right changes next year to fill the many holes we have and get the right personal in here to move this team along because we are close but not there.
    Home field, This used to be a given for us so I would like to say we have been spoiled in the past, but I like to be spoiled so I hope we play every game next year at home like it is our last and get this back on track again.
    Good luck with SD next sunday because we are going to need all the luck, prayers, miracles and all the voodoo we can muster up to get a win there. Just really hate the though of us giving the damn playoffs to phylis and company but they are playing like they want it and deserve it and we are playing like we are entitled to it……..Not going to happen boys….You either take it and earn it or go home for another year and tell us why you should have won it and all the things that went wrong this year. I truely hope that if we lose it our team sucks it up and learns from this terrible inconsistant season we have had once again. Work hard, get some pride and heart and play your butts off with what team you have…..No excuses, and no sniveling……Good Luck Sunday

  • Ian Henson

    Depressed needs some meds, listen if you don’t want to eat the donut, because it has a hole in it then by all means… Please refrain from referring to anyone as an idiot while typing with the Caps Lock on. Talk like an adult, if you have an issue with the way we’re writing about the fourth seed in the AFC, then by all means, bring it up. Until the Broncos stop being a top tier team we won’t be able to stop making them out to be one. Yes, they play in a bad division, that just happened to draw the two top division (with a combined 6 teams vying for playoff spots) in football. Get over yourself, if you think that Denver doesn’t deserve a playoff spot.

  • DepressedSF

    My apologies actually Ian. I do get worked up when the team I’ve loved for so long is on the verge of one being the first team in history to blow a three game division lead with three games to go. I sincerely do apologize and it’s nothing personal. And I hold shift, I never use the caps lock. Hey, we’re all in this together.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Maybe Depressed needs a hug. I thought having to settle for field goals in the first quarter and then attempting the long field goal instead of punting them back deep right before the half killed us. We absolutely dominated this team but didn’t have the points to show for it. Let’s hope things go better in San Diego.

  • Boisebroncoguy

    Depressed – I know exactly how you feel. If I wasn’t so sick with the flu, I would be worked up as well. Maybe I need a hug………..and a bucket.

  • DepressedSF

    Don’t we all need a hug. I mean this season is the most painful one I can remember.

  • jchase8410

    It is sooooo hard for me to be a Bronco fan in SoCal right about now. First I only get to read the play by play on my phone @ And I’m sure I look pretty stupid yelling at my phone after reading another 3 and out. Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by. Charger fans. Hopefully I don’t get heckled too much wy the game on Sunday as I represent the BroncoTalk readers

  • chinupdenver

    Denver doesn’t deserve to go to the playoffs after the way the whole team has played. I still remember the Wheaties box from the Super bowl win. The whole damn team was on there, and now the whole team is on the curb including Shanahan and Pat Bowlen and the all the Bronco fans everywhere. Do you know who is laughing the most? Yup p-boy Rivers!

  • boston

    hahahahahahahahahah see u chokers next week

  • Anthony33

    Get Webster off the field and get Woodyard back on and put DJ back in the middle. They were better off with Winborn, Woodyard and anyone but Webster in the middle. All the enthusiasm of that group is gone. The defense looked decent in the first quarter when they were attacking, but then started playing ‘scared’, which has been their MO all year. I just don’t get it.

    Offense continues to shoot itself in the foot although you can’t be too critical with the situation being what is at running back. Pope looked good, Broncos moving the ball at will, them bam, he’s out. Unbelieveable.

    The field goal attempt late in the second quarter was a terrible call and you could feel the tide turn right then and there. Two words…Wade Phillips.

    Love the Bronocs, but I think they’ll get pummeled next week. They have to mentally wrecked.

  • boston

    pt. 2
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahh, u loser/choker/bronco fans wont have hochuli to save your behinds next weekend.

  • Steve

    “Were going to see what some of the guys in the locker room are made of.” Brandon Marshall after the Bills Game

    Sorry Brandon we’ve already found that out the last couple of weeks.

  • Ian Henson

    I’ve got to much to write in the upcoming week, but I’ll say this here- I wouldn’t have it any other way… Week 17, we have an opportunity to get into the playoffs with a win and we’re playing a division rival for it. This is Broncos football.

  • broncoNM

    All the players should start stretching and warming up now, today. I cant believe Pope got injured. Look ,when we have something that resembles a running game we are fine. The offense was fine when we have atleast a tiny threat of a run game. Damn we ran the ball what? 4 times in the 2nd half. Give me a break. The secondary can sit back and ball hawk while the D line can tee off and rush at cutler. We didnt even put a RB in the backfield. I am freakin dumbfounded right now. Defense has to be our main focus AGAIN for the offseason. I still think the defense has to be the major problem even though Special teams is making a pretty strong case as well. I know some argue about going after haynesworth. I understand it would be nice to get a young DT prospect in the draft but it will still take time to develop him. Albert could make an immediate impact. We should get the safties in order. Draft a safety and MLB in the first and second rd. A rookie safety could come in and make an impact right away. Im all for building with the draft. We have had luck so far but i think a couple key FA could speed up the process. Changes need to be made. Shanahan needs to get things in order. It untimately falls on him. More games like this and there will be more and more fans thinking like kerry. A new D cordinator is a must. This squad does not even resemble a good defense. I cant even wrap my head around next weeks game. This game is way too hard to let go.
    Depressed- Dont call fellow bronco fans “morons” just cause your pissed. We are all pissed. But im not gonna come on this site to read your dribble about the rest of us being morons. You think your a genius because you realize our defense sucks. Get over yourself dude. Our defense sucks. Way to go. Your right.

  • Ian Henson

    BroncoNM- I agree, we should throw the kitchen sink at Albert Haynesworth, it has become apparent that we cannot draft defensive lineman. Crowder has been inactive the whole season and yes Marcus Thomas is starting, but is he the answer? No.

    I don’t know who to pickup in the draft, we look for a middle linebacker, a safety, a guard, a backup qb… What else? The only answer is through free agency, we’ve got the money finally.

  • MIAbronco

    Instead of getting mad at the broncos, lets get mad at INFLUENZA, because it appears everyone is getting it including myself, and as much I hate the broncos for losing right now, tomorrow i will love them, BUT I’LL NEVER LOVE INFLUENZA!!!

  • DepressedSF

    BroncoNM, I was sincere in my apology in the earlier posts, perhaps you missed it. I agree I shouldn’t call fellow Bronco fans names. Like I said, we are all in this together.
    I am a bit surprised though that it seems like everyone is taking this historic collapse so coldly, and I’m the only one who got HOT.

  • Chargers#1 Fan

    You guys have to realize that Denver just doesn’t have it this year. I took a lot out of it when Shawn Merriman was lost for the year. I thought the season was over at that point. I myself have bashed the coaching staff of the Chargers. What it all comes down to is leadership and heart. That is what Denver is lacking. They are a young group of guys and someone has to step up and become a leader, and after a tough loss like this they all need to take a long look at themselves in the mirror and stay focused. I can tell you from what I saw from the Chargers game today that The Defense is focused and playing PHYSICAL and they are leaving it all out on the field. One more thing , even though Philip Rivers got shafted from going to the Pro Bowl he still plays like a Champion. Good Luck Next Week Denver. You are going to have to play with heart and I just don:(t see that happening. San Diego Chargers Are Hungry.

  • Matt

    I too live in San Diego and am not looking forward to the heckling I am sure to receive. I bleed orange and blue but this season has been a disaster. I love Shanahan and time from long ago but Denver needs a new coach. The coaching has been pathetic time and again. Clean house!

  • Patrick

    Kerry where were you the season we beat the Patriots in the first round 17-7, when Champ picksix’ed Brady? Quit saying Shanahan is the problem I’d say our leaky defense is the problem, mainly personnel.

  • olen

    What do you expect for a team that does not have one (1)running back capable of getting into the end zone on a regular basis ? When we lost Hillis for the season the whole team knew that it would be on Jay’s shoulder to win or lose the season . Believe it or not the only way to beat the Bolts is with the run and that is possibly the last thing they are planning to defense . It is now up to the Broncos offensive coaches to get this done . I would call it Mission Impossible.

  • Negative Ron

    The Offense and Special Teams cost us this game. Especially the Special Teams. Fire O’Brian right now and shake this team up before the SD game.

  • OC Bronco

    As far as I’m concerned the season is over. As bad as I want to beat the Chargers I don’t see that happening. They own us. But if we do manage to pull a rabbit out of our hat there is simply no way we win a game in the playoffs and the last thing I want to see is Indy come in and kick our ass just like old times.
    We couldn’t even beat the Bills at home to get in to the playoffs! Pathetic. I was sick to my stomach after the game. I still am.
    I agree our Defense is horrible, but Cutler still needs to grow up and learn how to be a leader and make better decisions. I know we need a healthy RB, but Cutler needs to be a leader, not a whiner.

  • Ian Henson

    Olen- I’d give a fortune to your infomercial if someone would just take my call. All we are is colored sand, so pay yourself to ride the ferris wheel, If you love them, then that’s your fault. the Broncos have proven this season, that given the opportunity, they will rock the stadium.

  • mikebirty

    i normally consider myself to be sympathetic and not reactionary BUT…

    If the Broncos don’t win next week- i say sack everyone. Not just Shanny, not just Slowick, not just webster, not just Greek. Everyone – mascot, water boy, niko. Start from scratch.

    Keep cutler, hillis, royal, the o-line, champ, woodyard and dj. Put b-marsh on a one year warning to start catching and holding on to the ball. Give Doom one more chance to dominate with a better d-line. And start with every other spot empty.

    Of course if we win, ignore this and give everyone 7 year contracts.

  • Broncoireland

    this team just finds a way to lose, if its not the defence its the offence and if its not them is special teams. This team is sooooooooo fundamentally shockingly bad its hard to believe- thats what the national ‘experts’ are getting at when they verbally abuse the broncos, deion anyone?i used to think they just flat out didn’t like our team but now after numerous meltdowns-they were right and i was looking through my orange and blue goggles! we have young talent but we also have some of the worse players in the league, nate webster is a joke- what coach enters the season with a joke to play mlb and then finally discovers this in the final few weeks and rotates the position with 2 career backups- oh, thats right- ‘COACH FOR LIFE’. Im expecting a chargers win this weekend, their on a role, we’re not, they were robbed in the first game and they seem to have found their form of old the past 2 games, unfortuntely we have too, ill loose my voice cheering cutler n co on regardless, go broncos

  • East

    Hahah Mike birty… you always come with witt.

    I love how Charger fans are now posting on the site. Where were they all season during that turmoil? Charger fans have one thing in common with children in Zimbabwe… no class. Actually sell out your season opener next year and then maybe you’ll be respected as fans.

  • mikebirty

    Well you have to have a laugh about it otherwise you end up in a permanent bad mood. Although being serious, I fully expect the chargers to win next week. In fact anything but a massive chargers victory – like 40+ points would be a surprise. I just cant see the Broncos coming back after such an emotional let down of the last two weeks. They need to be able to run the ball and who is going to do that?

    Although now its been flexed, I just have to figure out how I can watch it. I am supposed to be at work on the Monday.

  • robtink242

    so i guess pj pope is out for the year.

  • Broncoholic

    While this game hurts us all, we are still in a great position that many teams wish they were in. We still control our own destiny. Win and we’re in. This is our chance to finally shut Charger fans up about the Hochuli call once and for all. We are about to see if we are deserving of the playoffs or not. Let’s crush the Bolts and bring the AFC West crown back to Denver. GO BRONCOS!

  • B-shizzle

    East, you are a moron! What are you talking about! The home opener was a sell-out, as was every other game we have played the last five seasons. Look it up idiot!! Must have been a tough one for you yesterday! Bottom line, Cutler can throw it 100 miles and hour and 8O yards in the air, but couldn’t come through in the clutch if his life depended on it! Big Game Jay will never be his nickname!!! Phillip RIvers is just a better all-around quarterback! Period! I hope that game yesterday brought back memories of the 49-er game a few years back! CHOKE CITY!!!!! C-ya on Sunday suckers!!!!!!!

  • Juan

    When you get punched in the face, you get up, you shake it off and you make your opponent pay. We just got punched in the face. FU Fred Jackson!!!!!

    Hey San Diego! We have no defense, a Pope, a Bellhop and a guy with a beat up groin for running backs but we don’t care…this one is gonna be a war!

    Game plan is simple…ATTACK on D…first San Diego play I better see Rivers get pounded into the ground. I don’t even care if it’s a late hit. Make him know that WE are coming so he thinks about it all game.

    On O, DO NOT ABANDON the run. Pope and Bell are not terrible and we need to keep their D honest. Also, use Scheffler and Graham and Stokely over the middle a lot. While they key in on Marshall and Royal we need to go elsewhere.

  • dee

    I’m done this year…I expect nothing from the game in SD. I was planning on not watching it but since its in primetime I probably will. I almost threw up last night after watching the game. If Denver wins in SD it will be a bonus but history suggests otherwise … this will determine what we are made of, however if we get down early the players on this team will start feeling sorry for themselves and quit.

  • kerry

    hey Patrick:

    what i was doing in 2005 doesnt matter. the bottomline is Shanahan refused to build a COMPLETE team. my god can none of you see that?!?!? all of you think putting Woodyard in and moving DJ to the middle is just gonna magically solve things? NO IT WONT!!

    did any of you hear what Shanahan said before the game when asked why he didnt bring in a franchise RB?? he said and i quote “all the injuries to his RB’s PROVED his system of NOT BRINGING IN A FRANCHISE RB WORKS?!?!?!?!? ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME?!?!?! that is the stupidest answer in the history of the NFL!! the “mastermind” said that. the coach all of you hail as some genius said that. all of you are saying a new defensive coordinator needs to be brought in….WRONG!! because Shanahan will still be in charge and still wont build a defense!! Shanahan refuses to build a big defensive line thinking speed and finesse will win out over strength. it hasnt and it wont. this guy needs to go. no good D-coordinator will work for this team because Shanahan sticks his nose in the defense and refuses to build it up. the only way things are gonna get fixed is if Shanahan goes. all Shanahan does is build just enough to not hit rock bottom, but wont do enough to take the next step and become a great team. if none of you can see that then you are blind! all of you think its everybody elses fault and it all lies with Shanahan. Shanahan keeps drafting these small guys and it doesnt work!! a defensive minded coach needs to be brought in. Jim Schwartz from Tennessee or Rob Ryan from Baltimore can get this team built up on the defensive side of the ball. but as long as Shanahan is there then nobody that has ANY credibility as a D-coordinator will come to this team. moving some players around wont solve anything! its time to get rid of the old regime and start over. how can none of you see this?!?!? ten years going on 11 with one playoff win. about to be three years without a playoff berth. what does it take to get rid of Shanahan?!?!?! he is the problem and he has no solution. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • precisiontint

    My frustration is high. So many reasons for knee jerk reactions. Your words may sting of truth. My mug however is full of Orange Crush. Icy. Ready to serve all non-believers.

    Shanny is here now. This is the team that will take the field with everything on the line. On the last weekend of the season. In prime time. Now.

    At the beginning of the season, I was ready for Shanny to go if the Broncos missed the playoffs. With all of the injuries (to one position), up and down play, and draft progress, I just can’t see handing the keys off to someone else. After next year, no doubt.

    Since he is here, he better come up with something good. All Game Long.

    All Ready!

  • mark

    No sense in piling on. The reality is this team is just not that good. Why should they be, they are young, very young and riddled with injuries. It’s ok, there’s still plenty to be happy about. The future is bright, even if next week isn’t.

  • broncoNM

    B shizzle- Dont take it personal. Everyone knows the chargers have one of the worst fan base. I have met one charger fan and it was a chick who liked them for their cute light blue jerseys.

  • B-shizzle

    I feel ya there! But there are idiots in every fan base as this blog proves time and time again!!!!! LOL !!!!! , but The Q will be rocking Sunday night and you know it! We get as loud as anyone!!!!!! And don’t start talking about female fans, cuz I think we know what fan base would win a BIKINI contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Homie just got his facts wrong and I was simply pointing them out! Plus I wanted to mention that S.F. game just for giggles so it would bring up horrific memories of a massive choke job!!!! And I didn’t hear any argument about my Cutler analogy! You must realize he is terrible!!!!!!! The guy has zero touch! Stokley was wide open!!! My ten year old son could have put it in his hands!!! Enjoy the winter out there!!!!!!!!!

  • BroncoFAN 2008

    Wow, a broncos blog, and all the Broncos hate each other. Ive payed out 2300 dollars for season tickets to watch us get beat . Guess what. San Diego deserves this alot more than we do. They lost 7 of their 8 games by less than a touchdown. We get blown out at home by 2-11 teams. GO BOLTS!!!

  • Chargers#1 Fan

    Jay Cutler made himself a fool when he said he was Better than John Elway. Im a Charger Fan big Time but when the Chargers were out of it back when John was playing I was always Rooting John Elway on when Denver made it 2 the playoffs. Im glad he got his Super Bowl Rings . Guess what Cutler gets rattled way to easy, just looked at what happend last year at San Diego on Christmas Eve. He is a CRY BABY. GO BOLTS!!!!! BRINGIN DOWN THE THUNDER!!!!!!!!

  • Flatlboy

    Im a huge Bronco fan and decided to post a few comments as I am disturbed at Jay Cutler’s lack of enthusiasm not only for the Broncos, but for the game. I watch every post interview on Broncos TV with him. His attitude to me is always like ” yeah if we win we win if not- oh well”. This guy has no passion and thats what wins games besides having a strong arm. Get rid of this guy if he doesnt want to be there. Am I wrong to feel this? Comments appreciated!