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Published on 12/09/2008 at Tue Dec 09 08:48.
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Cory BoydThe Denver Broncos will promote rookie running back Cory Boyd from the practice squad this week. Peyton Hillis became the fifth Broncos RB to be placed on IR this season, so the Broncos are turning to Boyd to help Tatum Bell and P.J. Pope pick up the Broncos running game.

Boyd is 6-1, 218 lbs. and ran a 4.51 40-time at the combine. He was a seventh round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of South Carolina who reached an injury settlement with the team. Check out the Cory Boyd highlights below (extra hard-hitting highlight after the jump):

  • adam

    I’m getting the feeling that Boyd is another quality person (high character)…can anybody speak to that? I love getting to pull for all the young under-dogs…all the pressure is on Carolina on Sunday and thus I like our chances.

  • Kyle

    Uh… lol… actually… not so much. He’s a troublemaker, from all reports.

    Was suspended in college for a full year. Got in a fight with a Bucs teammate during the Rookie Symposium. Yeah, not a Boy Scout.

  • SivNiz

    good thing Shanny loves a project RB!

  • ken

    hit by number 4 Boyd was number 3 in the other clip, did he change numbers?

  • adam

    Funny, thanks for the correction. Guess I based too much on watching him kneel and pray in the end zone (lol…should have known better) and Hillis’ comments to him about!

  • Dakota fan

    Boyd doesn’t sound like a model citizen, and I know Shanahan has a reputation for thinking he can change the ways of his wayfaring children (Henry, Clarett, the IHOP fight guy whose name I can’t remember).

    But- who the hell else do we get? Week 16 of the NFL season doesn’t show a whole lot of quality individuals available. If Boyd turns out to be a turd, Kerry will be back on here screaming about how big an idiot Shanahan is (even though we’ve had a solid six TBs leading up to this latest signing).

    Funny thing- has anyone seen Kerry post an entry since the Broncos started having some success? Just wondering…

  • SoCal Den Fan

    No have not seen any post from him I wonder if he is waiting for us to lose so he can do some shanny bashing!

  • (stuck in) raiderland

    From what I’ve been lead to believe, Boyd has: 1. A pulse, 2. Some form of experience running a football, and 3. Nothing better to be doing. Under normal circumstances, you might ask for some additional qualifications. At this point, though, that’ll do for us.

  • Riverscanbl&wme

    The video was nice, I noticed he runs like a taller version of Mike Bell using the spin move a lot but he will be better with Bobby T’s coaching. That run agaist MTSU was sick.

  • robtink242

    yeh haven’t heard from Kerry in awhile. he might predict us losing cause we cant stop the run or some other BS. then start his fire shanny rituals.

  • Ian Henson

    Boyd’s back like, “Cooked crack!”

  • DJQuinn

    wow…im not going to lie, this guy looks pretty cool. He plays with some power… definately a fighter. Hopefully he’ll be able to do some things

  • Marv

    but look at his speed pj and bell will do just fine

  • broncoNM

    I think we should give pope some carries. He looked good against ATL. Our Short yardage game took a big hit when hillis went down. Im bummed about that. He was toting the rock well!

  • T-Money

    I like the looks of him but what scares me is that he looks like a Tatum Bell type of runner… meaning that he’s a sprinter not a power back. He dances a lot like LT which is not real good in out system. I was liking how Hillis was busting 7-15 yard gains right up the middle but once he was out of people to run over it was like he was lost and didn’t know what to do… Which is where this type of player could be great.

    Yards After Contact. That’s what scares me the most.

  • adam

    T-Money, with you on the sad loss of Hillis…that said if the video is any indication Boyd seems to do much better with contact than Bell. Plus, from what I’ve read of his college stat lines, he didn’t have a fumble in college, something that I think was the biggest reason for Tatum’s demise in Denver his first time through.

  • BronxNY

    T-bell was always a pansy up the middle, and a fumbler – whoever said that was right on. Good for a breakout change of pace, but doesn’t run bunched up like a wrecking ball(like Hllis). Same problem I had with Torain, the straight up guy – we want ppl who will just take the 4-5 yards that are there in our system every time so our play action works, and so we can convert 3rd and 3. if they break one, great, but never get hit for none yards.

    Man, I just found myself up missing ole unhappy CP #26, that was the only guy I had seen come through here with dancey feet, breakout speed and ran like a fist. Shutdown corner notwithstanding, CB is such a specialist and we never get any pressure these days anyway, I wonder how that trade would have looked this year (NOT that I regret having Champ at all, his body of work is unquestionable). sigh.

    I like the comment that nobody is giving us a chance against Carolina – early in the year when they were talking our “explosive” offense up, we stunk it up pretty good. Now nobody even gives us 30 seconds of airtime on any of the sportshows, I think we may surprise ppl again!

  • usc1489

    cory boyd is a great runner and has tremedous character. came from a rough neighborhood in NJ and turned his life around. He will give 100 percent every down

  • usc1489

    also yes he was Number 4 as a freshman and changed his number to 3 for the rest of his tenure at USC.

  • mike

    I like Clinton Portis but I got tired of his showboating and tendency to run down his coaches. He’s at again I see, making sarcastic comments about coach Zorn. Boyd was indeed, suspended for violating unspecified team rules.I hope he can shut his mouth, more or less, and just do his job. A good placefor him to start would be by watching Eddie Royal. This guy’s a pro, rookie or not.

  • Josh

    Whatever Cory Boyd did to deserve to be supsended for a year from USC’s football team, he was not a crybaby about it. He sat out a year and worked even harder to come back and do a good job the rest of his time here. How often does that happen? He’s a good guy. And, yes, he got in a fight at the rookie symposium, but he is NOT the type of guy to just start fighting with someone for no reason.

  • David

    About Cory Boyd. From the outside, its easy to think the man is a trouble maker but I am a NJ resident and also attened the Univ. of South Carolina and there is a lot more to Boyd than what the papers will tell you. He grew up in crime-riddled Orange New Jersey where he is lucky to have even made it out. He was suspended for the year at South Carolina for failing 2 drug tests for marijuana. From afar though, you were able to see Cory really grow up as a person. He plays hard, he doesn’t go down on first contact, and he has a lot of heart. Really, don’t be so quick to judge the kid, he comes from a VERY rough background.

  • Jeff

    Cory Boyd is all heart. The “attitude problem” or “character issues” are extremely blown out of proportion. He was the heart of the South Carolina team his last two years there & was pretty productive even though the offensive line in front of him was probably the worst in the SEC.

    He brings a dynamic skill set to the field, too. He’s great at picking up blitzes, is more quick than fast but has some great moves when given even a little bit of space, he hits holes quickly and is an excellent receiver out of the backfield.

    The scuffle with the fellow rookie was, by all accounts, nothing more than a push & a push back…as far as I’ve read, there wasn’t a punch thrown. Not to mention, it was with Aqib Taliq who is far more well known for being a punk and off-the-field issues than is Boyd.

    Bronco fans will be pleasantly surprised if Shanny does give him an opportunity to show what he can do; IMO, he’s a far more complete back than Tatum Bell (not that that is a real challenging thing to be) so they’d do well to give Boyd & S.Young the lion’s share of the touches against Carolina.

  • Fervis

    I’m a South Carolina fan, and I’ve got a soft spot for Cory Boyd unlike any player we’ve had in recent memory. As has been mentioned, this kid came from just about the worst possible family situation. He was suspended for a ‘violation of team rules’ at USC and had to sit for a year. Basically, he had every opportunity to give up, fail, and (a Mike Tyson would say) fade into bolivian. Instead, though, he worked his ass off and became the emotional leader of our football team. He played with as much heart, fire, and effort as any player I’ve ever seen. He definitely has behavior issues that flare up from time to time, but his character will make you proud. This kid is a fighter, for sure, and you will NEVER have another player who leaves it on the field like Cory Boyd. Ever.

  • Fervis

    And a link to give insight into the man …

  • zakeii

    Co is my lil cousin and the character issues are no issue. He decided a long time ago that God is good if you do the right thing and this is how he now lives life. Now his talent should not questioned. He is a very talented and versatile back. The only thing that kept him from being drafted higher was the off the field issues and his 40 time (4.5 ) If Denver gives him a chance he could be a bronco for a long time. No knock on any of the backs but all-around, he is the best back you have. Good luck CO we pray for you and eoither way you have already won.

  • Руслан

    Информация интересная. Спасибо. Хотелось бы только обновлений почаще

  • Jessi

    Cory is my big cousin and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. He has no “character issues” or anything like that. And I know he is not the type to fight somebody for no reason. He's not a cry baby like half the people in the NCAA or even the NFL. And he's VERY FAR from being a trouble maker, he's usually the one to try to keep people around him out of trouble.
    He doesn't have to be a model citizen, hell, who in this country actually IS a model citizen?? Cory Boyd is a good person, and one hell of a football player. No matter what he does in life or where he goes in the NFL, he's already made it. There are so many of us back home who are proud of him.