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Published on 12/08/2008 at Mon Dec 08 14:02.
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Peyton Hillis breaks for a touchdown in the first quarter of Sunday's game.

Peyton Hillis breaks for a touchdown in the first quarter of Sunday's game. (AP Photo)

Moments ago, during his Monday press conference, Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan confirmed the ESPN report that Peyton Hillis will be placed on Injured Reserve, ending his season. Hillis injured his hamstring in the second quarter of Sunday’s 24-17 Broncos win over the Chiefs.

Hillis is the fifth running back to be placed on Injured Reserve by the Broncos this season. With Selvin Young still reeling from a groin injury he suffered some two months ago, the Broncos will turn to Tatum Bell to take the bulk of the carries. P.J. Pope is another option, along with practice squadder Cory Boyd, whom Shanahan said the team would promote this week. Look for rookie LB/FB Spencer Larsen to be another possibility to fill the void, Shanahan said.

Hillis was voted both the NFL’s FedEx Ground Player of the Week and Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week just last week.

Hillis was so much fun to watch. For that reason, just as much as any other, I’m disappointed to report this news. For years, the media has said “Anyone can run in the Denver Broncos system.” That’s being put to the test this year, for certain.

  • mikebirty


  • ssc

    oof, punch in the gut

  • Matt

    Anyone know anything about Cory Byrd? Shanny said they are going to sign him from the practice squad.

  • Kyle

    Thanks Matt, I had forgotten about that.

  • Jonathan Douglas

    Rats! And I was all set to buy my #22 jersey this Holiday! I guess I’ll put it on layway until the 2009 season starts. :(

  • merc22

    cory bryd? i think hes goin to suck lol

  • Dakota fan


    I know Shanahan and Bobby T. probably won’t hear this, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t keep him around just to kick him back to the practice squad. This guy was the first bruiser RB we’ve had that isn’t currently in prison on a drug trafficking charge. Problem is: who do we choose from?

  • Sam P

    FU@&^*K!!! We are now on our 7th Tailback of the season. Are you kidding me?! What’s the word on Selvin?

  • Kyle

    Well see here, merc: His name is Cory BOYD, not Byrd. Now are you so convinced?

  • Arden

    Stephan Fatsis is next in line…

  • Truman

    Rest up Hillis, you know there’s a spot waiting for you when you get back. Hillis and Woodyard have brought some much needed toughness to a Denver team that really hasn’t been tough since Al Wilson left town.

  • T-Money

    Does anybody else know how to play football. It’s good money and I think there is a “HELP WANTED” sign out at dove valley

  • T-Money


  • Ian Henson


    Fatsis did receive a phone call this morning- haha!

    I think between Selvin Young, Tatum Bell and P.J. Pope the football Gods will have enough cannon fodder to hold them through the playoffs.

  • MIAbronco

    shanny better not pull his crap on hillis. hillis better be the starter next year or im becoming a raiders fan!!!

  • ssc

    fwiw (not much), espn has a pretty generous scouting report on boyd (6-1, 213lbs). usually espn/scouts throws in some generic criticism, but boyd gets off easy:

    “Possesses good height and size potential. Runs hard and with good pad-level. Shifty back that shows the ability to plant and quickly change directions to hit the cutback lane. Shows good vision as a runner and will find creases when available. Shows good initial burst to and through the hole. Very good balance and body control. Shows soft hands and an adequate feel for route running as an underneath receiver. Gives a good effort as a blocker and is strong enough to anchor versus blitzing LB’s. Comes from a very tough neighborhood in New Jersey and has shown tremendous resiliency in getting to where he is today. Continues to mature as both a player and a person.”

  • orangecrush74

    I am from Louisiana and a big SEC fan. I can tell you that C. Boyd is a player! I’m not sure what the knock on him was, but he is a load. Woodyard not drafted and Hillis 7th rd, these guys preformed just as I expect from seeing them in college. Scouts can’t judge heart! Looking forward to see what he can do.

    How about Josh Barrett! He played a great game!

  • merc22

    whos boyd!!!!! i never heard of him, is he a rookie? if not where did he play before?

  • Aerobroncos

    awww this is such a shame. the way Hillis ran the ball and how great his hands were….he was such a great addition to our team. Get better soon Hillis. I would love to see him back there next year for us. Even maybe as a slot guy or our spell back.

  • merc22

    well since young hasnt played since the browns game and its now week 15…i think we’ll do fine becuz larsen will be our FB and bell,young,pope will run well. And plus i dont think the running backs we have left dont like the singleback and shotgun running plays

  • merc22

    and having the orginal FB-RB formation will help us

  • ryan

    Most dangerous job in America= Bronco RB

  • jchase8410

    What is the record for most runningbacks injured in one season on a single team? I believe it is the 2008 Denver Broncos. The record for the most starting defenders in a season…has. To be the broncos. I’m kinda afraid just being a fan might be detrimental to my health. You can’t tell me that strength and conditioning has nothing to do with all these muscle injuries? Who is in charge of conditioning the players, because he needs to be the first one replaced. Ridiculous

  • merc22


  • matt

    Noooo! Dude i was enjoying the way he ran the ball. I seriously thought he might be the aswer to our backfield problem. This one hurts.