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Published on 12/08/2008 at Mon Dec 08 13:00.
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Dre Bly makes the crucial 4th down stop to keep the Broncos on top against Kansas City.

Dre Bly makes a crucial 4th down stop to keep the Broncos on top against Kansas City.

It’s time we give credit to those who deserve it. Lets be serious… who needs those stereotypical and generic awards that every website doles out towards the end of the season? Here at Bronco Talk you our dedicated readers get to help create these awards and decide the players that win them. I’ll start off with a few of my own awards and some nominations along with them. Then after reading this article your motivational level will be through the roof and you’ll want to make up your own awards and nominees. The rules are extremely similiar to create-a-caption, the best awards will be posted in a new article later on in the week. So get creative Bronco Nation!


Best Player who we give a hard time but still is awesome

  1. Dre’ Bly
  2. Jamie Winborn
  3. Matt Prater
  4. Karl Paymah
  5. Nate Webster

My Winner: Dre Bly

This one is hard because we give a lot of players a hard time. However, Bly gets it the worst for doing the most. I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never yelled something about trading him at the TV screen before. Dre has brought leadership to this insanely young defense. Everyone has noticed that players like Wesley Woodyard and Josh Bell are stepping up beyond belief and a good amount of that has came from working with leaders like Dre.


Best Player that potentially was bust but proved not to be

  1. Ryan Harris
  2. Chris Kuper
  3. Tatum Bell

My Winner: Ryan Harris

My vote goes to Ryan Harris. I remember at the begining of training camp he was going to be a guard but Chris Kuper broke his hand the very first play so it forced Harris into the RT position. Everyone was reporting that Harris was getting manhandled by John Engelberger and they were even trying out Tyler Polumbus for his position. Now look at him. even the media recognizes the Ryans at both ends.


Best Undrafted Rookie

  1. Brett Kern
  2. Wesley Woodyard
  3. Josh Bell

My Winner: Wesley Woodyard

We have been blessed this year with our rookies. After a deep contemplation my choice would be Wesley Woodyard. He has become a starter on this injury ridden and porous defense and has brought stability. Woodyard busts his butt off every second on that field and has tackled very famous backs in the backfield such as Michael Turner and Larry Johnson.


Most Hated of 2008

  1. Al Davis
  2. Philip Rivers
  3. Kansas City
  4. Ashley Lelie

My Winner: Al Davis

This is more personal and extremely opinionated of an award. Therefore my most hated of the four I labeled is none other than Mr. Davis. After several years of owning a team that entered the season only winning 19 games since their Super Bowl appareance he had that press conference where he named Tom Cable the new head coach. In that press conference he took jabs at Denver’s Super Bowl wins. I don’t take that lightly Mr. Davis… I don’t take that lightly at all.


Player you would least likely like to mess with

  1. Marcus Thomas
  2. D.J. Williams
  3. Jay Cutler
  4. Brandon Marshall

My Winner: Marcus Thomas

Marcus Thomas wins this for me. He is nearly 300 pounds and can do a backflip.


Most missed Bronco in the last 4 years (Excluding Rod Smith)

  1. Mike Anderson
  2. Gary Kubiak
  3. John Lynch
  4. Jason Elam
  5. Matt Lepsis
  6. Jake Plummer

My Winner: Gary Kubiak

Including Rod Smith into this would just have made it completely unfair. My choice is Gary Kubiak. He was such a good coordinator and I would do anything for reliabitlity at those jobs right now. A good chunk of Denver fans couldn’t even tell you who Rick Dennison is.


Player we kind of regret signing

  1. Niko Koutouvides
  2. Marlon McCree
  3. Marquand Manuel
  4. Dewayane Robertson
  5. Travis Henry

My Winner: Niko Koutouvides

Niko wins this one hands down in my eyes. He was supposed to come in and cause ruckus in the middle and now I’m not sure if he’ll get more tackles than letters in his name. I’m serious about that last statement, he has 12 total tackles on the year and 15 letters in his name. Slowik decided that Spencer Larsen was a better choice in the middle than him… and he was right.


Denver Fans, now is your turn. Lets hear your awards and your candidates… I’ll take the best and post them in a new article.

  • Kyle

    Nice post. Here’s mine:

    1. Player we give a hard time but is still awesome: Dre Bly
    2. Best not-a-bust: Ryan Harris / Eddie Royal (tie)
    3. Most hated: Philip Rivers (I can just laugh at Loony Al)
    4. Best Undrafted rookie: Woodyard by a landslide
    5. Player I don’t wanna mess with: Josh Shaw
    6. Most missed Bronco: Al Wilson (not listed)
    7. Regretful signing: Niko Koutouvides

  • Boisebroncoguy

    I think I agree with all of Kyle’s picks. I think I would add the player I am most recently bummed about losing – Peyton Hillis.

  • mikebirty

    My award is the Oh for the love of God please be fit for the first play off game:
    1. Champ Bailey
    2. Jay Cutler
    3. Ryan Clady
    4. Brandon Marshall
    5. DJ Williams

    If we’re going to beat Peyton Manning or Ray Lewis then we need all 5 of these to start but I if I could only pick one it’d have to be Jay. I’ve actually changed my mind since i started typing this sentence because its tough to pick just one. Clady and Champ are both up there but if Hackney’s starting in the playoffs then we’re packing up and going home.

    Only one I want to disagree with is that Bret Kern as the best undrafted rookie. I think he’s been awesome and if he had slightly better coverage on special teams we’d be looking at the best punt stats in the AFC.

    And I’m with Kyle, I’d pick Rivers over Al – laughing at the Raiders is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • DaveMoore

    Most important single play of the season…….so far!

    1. Jay’s 2 yard gun to Eddie Royal to win THAT game against SD
    2. DJ Williams flying through to stuff the Saints on 3rd and 1 before Martin ‘Big Honk’ Gramatica missed the FG
    3. Eddie Royal’s 93 yard catch and run against the Browns putting us back in the game and getting our season back on track in the process
    4. Ryan Clady (not a single play, but who cares!) shutting down sack machine John Abraham single-handedly
    5. Dre Bly tackling like a Champ to stop Tyler Thigpen a yard short on 4th down on Sunday.

    This is a tough one for me, I give serious consideration to Royal’s catch against the Browns, because that win has really given us momentum the second half of the season, BUT for a single combination of excitement, importance, and sticking it to the Chargers destroying their season, it has to be the two point conversion.

  • T-Money


  • T-Money to see details.

  • Triston27

    Kyle is right about Al Wilson. Our defense has been on that slippery downhill slope ever since Big Al was let go.

  • TD30isMVP

    Regretful signing: Are you guys kidding me, at least Niko is a class act, Travis Henry hands down (or up as the case may be) has to be the winner.
    Most missed: I agree with Al Wilson, man I loved that guy.

  • Kyle

    You know TD, you’re right. Henry’s a given – honestly, I didn’t see him on there the first go around. Just for THIS OFFSEASON signings, my most regrettable move is Boss Bailey.

    At least Niko is on special teams making plays. Winborn > Bailey at SAM.

  • hercules rockefeller

    Player we give a hard time but is still awesome: Winborn. Dre Bly is frickin’ terrible, man. Terrible.

    Best not-a-bust: Clady.

    Most hated: Former wideout uniform number 84. Landslide here. Al Davis is more comical than scary.

    Best Undrafted rookie: Woodyard. No one even comes close.

    Player I don’t wanna mess with: Any of them. I could probably take Prater, though.

    Most missed Bronco: Probably Elam.

    Regretful signing: How could it be anyone but Travis Henry?

  • ssc

    take drob off the “regretful signing” list. he would be on my “give a hard time but still is awesome” list. you’re right that bly wins that one, but you guys should actually WATCH drob. he gets doubled all the time and is a ROCK. yes, he’s not a passrusher, but he and thomas do a very good job anchoring the middle. i know everyone seems to love dumervil, but dumervil is now single-blocked all the time now thanks to drob and thomas, and is a liability on non-obvious-passing downs. drob is solid, if not glamorous.

  • Truman

    Best Broncos game of the season (still in progress):
    at Jets
    vs. Bucs
    at Falcons

    I would say, at Jets. Although the Denver game might have been seen as a trap game by some, the rookie-laden Broncos dominated every aspect of this game, only one week after the Jets had manhandled the Titans in TN.

    Best single play by a rookie:
    Spencer Larson special teams hit against the Chiefs:
    Eddie Royal TD reception against the Browns
    Eddie Royal TD reception against the Chiefs (week 14)
    Peyton Hillis 4th and 1 against the Browns

    I give the nod to Peyton Hillis. On a team in which there had been lots of finger pointing in past years, one quiet rookie let his play do the talking. Instant fan favorite.

  • MIAbronco

    how about SURVIVOR BACKFIELD out play, out last, avoid the IR. the winner gets a million dollar contract with another team after a productive season in the zone blocking scheme, BUT you must survive and not be voted (on to the IR) off

  • Michael


  • dbroncos

    Maybe we could start our own sports network because i was up until about 1:30 (EST), waiting about 4 hours and got nothing but Jets/Patriots/Steelers/etc highlights for all that time and got about 45 seconds of highlights from the Bronco/Chief game. And it isnt like it was a bad game, we were dont big and then came back to win. Needless to say i was disappointed.

  • jchase8410

    I’m so down with that idea dbroncos. I can’t get a broncos highlight out on the west coast to save my life. I already can’t watch the games, and the gamebreaks they showed every time the cheifs scored, and nothing for the broncos

  • Garrett Barnes

    Two problems. One Phillip Rivers over Al Davis. Two Travis Henry over Niko Koutovides. Easy.

  • Garrett Barnes

    Also, the one more wrong move and I swear you are going straight out of town:
    1. Marcus Thomas
    2. Andre Hall
    3. Brandon Marshall
    4. Daniel Graham
    5. Tatum Bell
    Winner: Thomas. All 5 of these guys have been known as off-field troubles. Graham and Hall have been charged and Hall was arrested for a misdemeanor when Graham got lucky and charges were dropped. Tatum Bell stole Cedric Bensons bags when he was a Lion, Thomas was arrested on marijuana charges in college, and was accused of carrying cocaine. Luckily he was innocent. Marshall I don’t need to go into. But Grahams, and Halls were too small, Bell hasn’t done anything bad to us yet, and Marshall is too good to get rid of. So Thomas is the lucky winner!

  • http://broncotalk Jeff

    I think Slowik deserves at least a nomination for most hated, who hasn’t used his name along with some colorful language in just about every game this year?

    How about College Player Most Dreamed About In a Broncos Uniform?
    1) Taylor Mays
    2) Rey however the hell you spell Maualuga
    3) Terrence “Mount” Cody
    4) Knowshon Moreno, Beanie Wells, or whatever RB of your choosing

    I got to go with Taylor Mays in a squeaker over Cody, anything that would get Marquand Manuel less playing time is something that I support 100%, plus hes got a nasty attitude that the d lacks sometimes. Having a massive DT would be awesome, but visions of the 2007 Sam Adams patented Belly Flop still haunt me.

  • Marv


  • Jeff

    Jeff – I would love to see Taylor Mays or William Moore drafted, either would be awesome and I can definitely see it happening.

  • jchase8410

    Most negative reader of


  • dbroncos

    1. Dre Bly – I havent heard much bad talk about him since Champ went out and i think he is stepping up.

    2. Ryan Harris – We all expected i think after last year he was a complete bust but i have been amazed with how he has stepped in this year.

    3. Wesley Woodyard – He has been incredible and i think earned a starting spot on this team. He has been a consistent player and is very versatile.

    4. Al Davis – I think that Kiffin had great potential so i am glad he is gone plus i figured he would be an extra attractive to his father and he probably could have talked him into coming to Oakland.

    5. Marcus Thomas – Biggest guy on the list, pretty straight forward to me.

    6. Mike Anderson – I stipulate this before the whole suspension thing. I liked his attitude and style of play.

    7. Niko Koutouvides – I think that i have to put him on this one because i havent heard his name at all and that is disappointing because the rest of contributed in some way.

  • Roy

    Least likely to mess with? Pittman. Seriously. He has them guns and a rap sheet to go with em. That dude is bad ass.

  • East

    Wow thanks for all the feedback everybody!

    – Roy you’re right I can’t believe I forgot Pittman.

    – Kyle you’re right too I forgot good ole Al Wilson.

    – MIAbronco thats a really good idea for a documentary haha. You should read the comments about Hillis being out for the year some of them are kind of funny.

    – dbroncos you’re really right I can’t stand people talking over and over about the Jets. They lost two in a row and they dont even focus on the teams that beat them. Thats a bit of the reason why I got into this gig (mainly Kyle’s good graces) is because I can’t stand watching all of those sports shows that forget about the other 85% of the league. However, if you get NFL Network you can watch AFC Playbook which covers the Broncos pretty well and LiveWire covers the whole NFL well too.

    Ok I need to stop responding to you all and save stuff to write about in the next post. I was very impressed with the creativity out there in Bronco country. Stay posted.

  • jdk.chem

    If a good chunk of “fans” don’t know who Rick Dennison is, I would be questioning what kind of fans they really are.

  • East

    Agreed jdk.chem… agreed.

  • BronxNY

    Interesting, I was just talking with somebody about when we started having a bad defense – it wasn’t just that Al Wilson left as somebody put it…I thought he had been showing signs of age for awhile. I actually thought it was when Darrent Williams died. RIP. We had this core nucleus of kids that I thought were really starting to get together in the system, and maybe we’d trade for draft some more DE or other D line talent…I know, I know, we got Dre Bly and ended out with Tatum bell anyway, but it was like all this optimism ran out the door.

    So my “what he hadn’t left…” awards to think abuot are
    1. Clinton Portis
    2. Darrent Williams
    3. Trevor Pryce
    4. John Lynch

    WInnner, Darrent Williams